Are Alt-Righters the SJWs of the Right?

As a right-libertarian who sympathizes strongly with the alt-right and has written for numerous alt-right sites, I’m getting pretty tired of being called a right-SJW.  Milo Yiannapolis was but the latest alt-light figure to speak in such terms against identitarianism. The same illogical argumentation has been cancerously spreading across the alt-light since Trump’s election – the alt-right are ‘basically right-wing SJWs’, as Infowars’ Editor at Large, Paul Joseph Watson, put it.

During his talk last month, at the University of Colorado, Milo declared, ‘The reality is, if you force everyone to play identity politics…you guys are gonna win and the left isn’t going to like it very much.’  Sounds good to me, but Milo suggested a ‘better way’: ‘The way to go is reminding them and yourselves that you should be aspiring to values and to ideas.’  Very egalitarian for someone who’s made a career of identifying the differences between men and women.

But, winning against the left isn’t all that sounds good to those who voted for Trump (precisely because he promised endless winning).  Being identitarian, rather than seeming antithetical to Western ‘values and ideas’ seems prerequisite to saving Western culture!  I’m a libertarian and it is impossible for me to ignore the need for homogeneity in order for a society to attain high trust, the socio-biological factors to successfully maintain the rule of law, and numerous other demographic issues ignored entirely by the left.  If we are asked to just stop winning at the promotion of corporatism and a more live and let live liberalism, such as before the Berlin Wall’s collapse, we’re simply being asked to be neocons with a civic nationalism streak.

Think about it – what’s the real difference between the alt-light and neocons other than the former being less open about their support for Israel?  Perhaps the neocons had looser morals re borders.  That being the case, from where do the alt-light get the gumption to accuse the alt-right of social justice warmongering?

According to the alt-light, accusing someone of being a cuck is the same mindless name-calling of the left, who have all manner of terms for heretics, e.g. racist, sexist.  Moreover, the alt-right distinguish people in terms of race in order to positively defend whites as the national majority, just as the left wish to discriminate against whites, using majority ‘white privilege’ as justification.  Thus, superficially, it seems as though they have a well-thought argument, but let’s scratch the surface.

Gavin McInnes is a notable alt-light figure.  As a writer for ProudBoy Magazine, I witnessed how, post-Trump’s election, there was an attempted purge of alt-right thinkers who had evidently outlived their pre-election usefulness.  The alt-light are of course perfectly happy to identify the hypocrisies of feminists and the LGBT(etc.) community, offending women and ‘transgenders’ on live television at any given opportunity.  But, when it comes to criticizing similar cultural Marxist tenets regarding ethnicity, they’re suddenly greatly concerned who might be offended.  Not to mention the outrage when hypocrisies surrounding Zionism are questioned.

Folks like alt-right artist, Emily Youcis, were the first to rock the boat and press the alt-light as to whether they were prepared to accept race realism as well as gender realism.  The alt-light have drawn their line in the sand – gender realism is edgy enough to appear cool and counter-cultural but when it comes to race realism, they are still virtue signalling zealots who dare not step outside the holy space of the mainstream Cathedral.

If they would simply remain silent on the matter or be honest, declaring that it would be too dangerous to comment, that they cannot handle the heat, it would be understandable, if disappointing.  Yet, they rather take sides with the left and, indeed, they behave like SJWs, openly punching right, swatting away the red pill publicly and seeking leftist approval by declaring themselves above identity and above discussion of ethnicity, demographics, genes etc.  What other word do we have for such behavior but the ever-apt ‘cuck’?  And, therefore, what communion hath the alt-right with the alt-light?

But why do the alt-light rage?  What is their motivation for halting their advance and shooting the alt-right in the back?  Greg Johnson of Counter Currents weighed in to suggest personal associations held the alt-light back:

‘It is easy to understand why the various Alt Light figures adopt [civic nationalism rather than ethnonationalism]. Gavin McInnes, for example, is married to an American Indian woman, so obviously he cannot embrace White Nationalism. Milo Yiannopolous is partly Jewish, so clearly he can’t get behind White Nationalism. Mike Cernovich has both affirmed and denied being Jewish, and he is married to a Persian woman, so he is not a good fit for White Nationalism, either. Paul Joseph Watson is allegedly married to an Asian woman; Stefan Molyneux is part Jewish; and so on.

Yet, Vox Day is part-Amerind and he seems to have no qualms with ethnonationalism; I personally know a number of alt-righters with spouses and other personal associations with people of different ethnicities, so this cannot be the chief factor to explain the alt-light’s motivations.  I rather suspect they reject certain red pills because they are more concerned with simply appearing edgy – just edgy enough to remain at the fringe of the leftist mainstream – and not concerned with the truth and the future of the West.  It is the same battle between self-interest and group-honour which rages within us all.

Nevertheless, the downfall of the mainstream in 2016 has been the result of an increasingly informed generation Z, and red pills continue to abound.  The alt-light can drop their truth-bombs in the mainstream; regardless of how relatively few they are, they continue to be useful.  But, so long as they side with the left, their truth-bombs land on their own platform.  Their nemesis is their obvious use of the same subversive tactics of the left.  Now, their scrutiny of the mainstream only serves to highlight their compromises.  For this reason, they will be found buried in the ruins of the left’s collapse.

Rik Storey
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  • Yes you guys are the same and do the same exact things that you speak out against when the left is doing it. What you don’t realize is that your “defence mechanisms” against the things the alt/far left does is you doing the same thing, just as “justified” reason because you dislike them and it fits your narritive. The far right sides of either side are the EXACT same

  • It’s not so complicated.

    The reason the ‘SJW’ phrase is associated with political and cultural racism is because they are both readily associated as ‘losers’.

    That’s why.

  • I am so happy to know there are people within the general libertarian philosophy who understand that sympathies with the alt-right aren’t necessarily bad. As an anarcho-capitalist who is becoming cognizant of the ethnic cleansing going in Europe by globalists, it is just good to know that I am not the only one who understands that individual liberty doesn’t have to come at the cost of identity and kin. 🙂

  • “Mike Cernovich has both affirmed and denied being Jewish, and he is married to a Persian woman…”

    Hello….anybody home??? That would be an ARYAN woman he is married to….

    • I’m sure Mike’s a jew if he thinks he’ll get an extra 5000 subscribers out of it. Otherwise, not that much. Baked’s taked down of him was funny, but I doubt it was right.

      His wife looks Persian (grrrrrr) who has bounced back w..a…y… too well from childbirth. Goddamn. There’s a reason children are usually born 2 year apart, when Mrs Brown was like that – trim but breast feed bouncy it was only a matter of time before she was pregnant again. That point would have been the second happiest in my life if she’d wanted our second. Instead it was the worst.

  • The alt-light is simply the Jews and their proxies outmaneuvering the nativist right on the path to the newly emerging power structure. Jews are crypsis parasites which go to great lengths to mimic the new host while abandoning the old one. Jews are hermit crabs looking for a new shell, Hellenists who will co-opt nearly all movements and then control them from the top down using the wider Jewish network. This is why total antisemitism is the only identitarianism which truly defines the interests of the “white”. This identity must be so pronounced that even a self-hating Jew cannot successfully make a cuckold of it. It is at this point the Jew will seek to make it a scapegoat, once again, using the wider Jewish network, unless at this point the Jew is made the scapegoat in a final sense.

    • “Total antisemitism” is ambiguous. The main thing is that non-Jewish whites need organizations and communities that are just for them. They need to be able to distinguish between their group interests and Jewish group interests. If Jews are always let into everything, then the ability to distinguish between Jewish and non-Jewish white group interests is compromised.

  • In this age of Trump, aka Literally Hitler(though one might say Ironically Hitler since he is surrounded by certain powerful Jews), we know lots of progs and globs are under extreme duress, mostly due to auto-fear-mongering that actually wants to believe in the very worst. This is the paradox of ultra-pessimism or the ‘black pill’. It has therapeutic value of certainty even as it portends doom. In some ways, it is easier to resign oneself to the worst possible scenario because it offers certainty. In contrast, an element of hope leads to anxiety that, maybe just maybe, the ‘good guys’ will win. Of course, hope also has therapeutic value, but it breeds anxiety because it keeps you rooting against all odds. In contrast, total pessimism may lead to doom-and-gloom mindset, but you don’t have to worry about losing anymore. You figure your side lost, and that’s that.

    And, extreme reaction offers the therapy of self-righteousness. If one believes that Trump is an a**hole with lots of bad ideas but some good & valid ideas, one cannot feel totally justified in his anti-Trump-ism. But if you say he is Hitler and devil incarnate, it makes YOU the noble hero or martyr. So, even though believing that Trump is Hitler and the devil himself is depressing and fearful, it also feels kinda good because your enemy is none other than Hitler Redux.

    Progs are esp going nuts because one of the dominant mode of Western Culture since the 60s(and even earlier) has been therapeutism. We no longer subscribe to a tragic and hardy view of life. No, the world must do things to cater to us, soothe us, hold our hands, be sensitive, offer us advice, assure us, listen to us, and etc. Such social mindset led to a culture of sensitivity and touchy-feely-goodiness. Granted, the effect has been uneven. After all, therapy requires some degree of catharsis. Some people have to cry out in pain that they are hurting, suffering, and etc. So, the groups that tend to be most vocal, articulate, demanding, creative, clever, and/or relentless in their hysterics have garnered the most sensitivity pokemon points.

    This has led to a paradoxical political culture where we are expected to be most sensitive toward certain groups that have become the least sensitive. We must be touchy-feely with those who are most touchy-meanie. So, blacks can howl like nuts about ‘black bodies’ and ‘black lives’. They can holler in political speeches, rap music, with gangster gunfire, and threats, BUT, such antics are not seen as hate or insensitivity. They are treated as cries of pain and pleas for help. It’s not blacks being rude or nasty or hostile or arrogant. No, it’s poor Negroes wailing in pain in search of catharsis from all that historical and social trauma. So, we must accommodate these poor babies. Jews and homos, and increasingly Muslims, are also very good at this. Howling, throwing tantrums, screaming, ranting, seething, hissing, and etc. Just listen to Tim Wise. Feminists are less good at this because women just don’t have the vocal power and aggressiveness of men and homos and Muslim nuts. Lesbians do it better because they have some manliness. But someone like Ashley Judd just comes across as inane yapping about her ‘nasty womanhood’ seeking catharsis in the age of pussy-grabbing Trump rapist. Black women are somewhat better at it cuz they are wilder and have louder voices, but black feminism isn’t really a thing. Black women generally just identify as black, and black culture is so sexualized — being called a ‘ho’ is a badge of honor — that black women and white feminists don’t really see eye to eye. When black women are about the pu**y, they gyrate their groins in lustful performance. When white women are about pu**y, they put on cute pink hats as a ‘statement’.

    It’s physical vs cerebral.

    Anyway, the contradiction within therapeutic culture is plain to see. On the one hand, a therapeutic society is supposed to calm all of us, make us all nicer and more kindly and more sensitive and more in tune with the harmonious side of us that is under constant pressure by hectic modern life. But the very existence of therapy presupposes that some people or many people are suffering from something. And in order for them to be treated, they must pour our their trauma in cathartic fashion, and that is never a pleasant(or sensitive) process. (Those who demand sensitivity on our part don’t show any sensitivity to others since they are so wrapped up in their own pain, real or imagined.) It can range from BLM riots to feminist rape culture hysteria to Jewish fears of Trumpen-fuhrer to homo fears of Christo-fascists electrocuting homos to tranny granny trauma that they might not be allowed to wee wee in girls room to Muslims fretting that they won’t be allowed into the West to freeload on whites.. and maybe blow up a few things for Allah.

    Now, white people have gripes too, but therapeutism, as practiced in the West, is closely aligned with PC, and PC says certain groups have legit trauma while others don’t. So, those WITHOUT valid trauma license must be infinitely patient, sensitive, and receptive to those with valid trauma accreditation, such as Negroes, Jews, homos, feminists, illegal aliens, and even Muslims. (It’s telling that the Palestinian-American at Fort Hood was a therapist blind to his own rage, which others, esp whites, were expected to be sensitive to.) Over time, such an schema was bound to lead to some groups becoming spoiled crybabies while others became over-stressed babysitters. Catharsis is supposed to lead to healing. But under the current therapeutic regimen, it never does. If anything, the PC-favored-and-diagnosed groups keep going for one catharsis after another and after ad infinitum. Instead of seeking healing and resolution with the final catharsis, they just aim for the next one and then the next one. Instead of healing, they got more reeling. They’ve become addicted to the treatment and no longer care for the cure. After all, if they were to be declared cured, they would no longer get special preference and attention. It’s like some of the patients want to remain in the clinic in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST. In the real world, they are nothing. But in the ward, they get special treatment as people afflicted with problems. It’s like Fred G. Sanford’s heart attacks. A way for special attention.

    For a time, the special trauma was reserved for blacks and Jews. But then, homos got onboard. Homos being homo, they dramatized their trauma in more flamboyant ways. Every year, we must have massive homo parades as a kind of therapy for homos to feel ‘pride’ because they would be sooooo triggered and depressed otherwise, whoopity doo. And once this mutated into gender politics that suggested that the gender binary of ‘male’ and ‘female’ was all wrong, even perfectly normal kids began to wonder if, gee, they are really a mix of male, female, homo, and whatever than simply male or female. And once this mindset spread, even perfectly normal middle class kids who haven’t much to complain wanted something to complain about. It became the New Normal. So, maybe some affluent white kid in college might one day feel that he isn’t really male but ze-male or some such, and therefore in need of special consideration, safe space, and protection from potentially triggering micro-aggressions, like those who might laugh at the very notion of ze-male, xe-male, etc.

    And colleges is a a perfect place for such lunacies cuz high school is a depressing time for many. High school is where there are popular kids and unpopular kids. If you’re ‘unpopular’, you get no love and attention. But in college where ideology plays a bigger factor in social and academic life, someone who was a zero in high school could dye her hair green, take on some silly gender identity, and feel simultaneously oppressed and empowered, or empowered by invoking oppression. The OLEANNA factor. Colleges are more ideological because professors can create their own ideological agendas. In high schools, most teachers must just stick to teaching the basics of science and math and english. After it’s over, the students leave. But in colleges, professors are allowed to cook up some School of Thought. Also, if ALL students must leave high school after four yrs, many college students remain forever in the college environment by becoming professors, advisers, or some campus activist. In this sense, even though college is more advanced than high school, it does a poorer job of promoting maturation among the students. (For some, the relative lack of discipline leads to excessive partying and flunking out, something that was more difficult in highschool under the watchful eyes of parents.) High schools must turn freshmen into seniors ready for graduation. There is no post-high-school studies in high school. After 4 yrs, you must leave!! In contrast, college students can potentially stick around forever on campus. B.A, then M.A. then Ph.D then professorship, and etc. Indeed, a lot of professors are really little more than college-students with jobs.

    And if some college student enters a dumb dumb department(like in OLEANNA), he or she never needs to grow up. He or she can be stuck in college-radical mentality forever. Is it any wonder that some boomers who never left the academia still act like they’re 60s revolutionaries? Many colleges are the “parent’s basements” writ large and paid for by the government or rich donor class.

    So, we have the eternal catharsis syndrome among certain groups. Though conservatives complain that they are ignored and brushed aside, the positive side of such ‘neglect’ is they’ve come under greater pressure to grow up, be tough, and put away childish things. If a Jew, homo, Negro, feminist, or etc acts like a crybaby, he or she is pampered and doted on by society. But if a white conservative acts like that, he is told to shut up and grow up.

    But if white conservatives are the most mature and well-mannered people in America, shouldn’t they be the model for Jews, blacks, homos, and etc to emulate? But PC logic doesn’t work like that. White Conservatives need to grow up and man up because they are NOT deserving of pity and compassion. They must be made to carry the pail and mop up the floor. In contrast, certain other favored groups have every right to act like Helen Keller in THE MIRACLE WORKER, and it is up to OTHERS to clean up the mess, be it black riots, Wall Street meltdown, neocon war meltdown, feminist hysterics, AIDS epidemic, and etc.

    (Of course, the message of THE MIRACLE WORKER is the opposite of current therapeutism. We know that Helen Keller was born with a condition deserving of pity. BUT, the movie says that is no reason to indulge her or spoil her. What is needed is tough love that compels her to stop acting like the Regan in THE EXORCIST and try to learn something for a change. Pity is necessary precondition at times, but it mustn’t indulge the worst tendencies of the afflicted. After all, the mentor-figure Anne Sullivan suffered from eye problems herself, but she didn’t wallow in self-pity. She has tough Yankee work ethic, and did all she could to make herself useful in the world. In a sense, THE MIRACLE WORKER could be seen as Yankee vs Southerner thing. The Southerner, having lost the Civil War, was endlessly wallowing in self-pity, stuck in the past, and blind to new possibilities. His kind needed a good hard kick in the behind by a tough-minded Yankee. There used to be tough-minded Yankees, but what happened to them? Boston protestants are now just a bunch of silly homo-worshipers. The difference between Anne Sullivan and Nurses Ratched is Sullivan really wants her ‘patient’ to gain freedom through self-control whereas Ratched wants to keep the men castrated forever so that they’ll cling to the mother hen. She clips their wings so they can never fly away.)

    Anyway, the hysterics we’ve seen during and since the election owes something to the therapeutics that took over our culture. We have high schools that offer ‘counseling’ to students over something that happened far away. So, if an earthquake hits California, students in Massachusetts should be able to see a counselor if they feel ‘saddened’ by the event. And daytime talk shows like Donahue and Oprah popularized therapeutism nationwide even among the hoi polloi. Granted, just in case things get too mushy, there is Dr. Phil and Judge Judy to offers some reality-check balance. But to the extent hat Dr. Phil owes his success to Oprah, he won’t attack the belly of the beast.

    In the Current Year, political defeats take on psychological significance. It’s like Rachel Maddow rather deranged reaction to Trump’s win. Not only do these people feel that something is politically or socially wrong with America. There is something PSYCHICALLY wrong with America. It is like a demon-possessed nation. Therapeutism over the years have conditioned these people to believe their minds are in sync with history itself. The world exists to cater to their desires, will, dreams, hopes, and agendas. They deserve to win always not simply because they try harder but because it is psycho-cosmically ordained and just. And this mindset took greater hold with Obama’s victory. I mean Jewish and Homo power could even will a black guy to become president despite his funny name. He was Mr. Hope. And he could even push ‘gay marriage’ and trannies in the military with almost no opposition. Wish it and it comes true!! He won re-election, and even the GOP could only produce cucks. Even though Progs detested Bush II, his sheer ineptness and goofiness seemed to confirm their conviction that conservatives have no future. Also, the platform of Bush, Romney, and McCain was essentially Globalism Lite. So, all of history seemed to be heading in the direction as willed by the GLOB-PROG psychic will. It was as if what began as psychoanalysis became a kind of psychic network. History seemed to be in sync with Glob-Prog agenda, and nothing could stop it. The worst possible scenario would be Jeb Bush as president, but he wouldn’t be that triggering since he is Mr. Cuckaroo.

    But Trump happened. It was especially triggering since he was supposed to be a joke.

    Trumphenom was threatening to the GLOB-PROG for two reasons that were actually contradictory. On the one hand, Trumpism was anti-PC and anti-therapeutic. His style was tough and hard, blustery and saying it like it is. He seemed to enjoy triggering people.

    While the Proglob disliked this side of Trump, that wasn’t what they feared the most.

    What the Proglob really fears is that there is a counter-therapeutic element in Trumpism. They fear that he has awoken the side of White Politics that is calling for its own catharsis, and this is where the ‘literally Hitler’ fears enter into the fray.

    • It’s one thing for Trump to say that we all need to grow up and stop complaining and become good Americans. That is one part of Trumpism. But another side of Trumpism, subtly and sometimes not-so-subtly, plays on white resentment and suppressed white rage. Over the years, so much abuse, neglect, and humiliation has been heaped on White Americans that there is a potential for serious tremors in US and Europe. Such tremors in Russia of the 90s led to rise of nationalism. During the Obama yrs, the proglob media spared nothing in heaping abuse on GOP as dying old whitey party. The attitude among some globalist elites is that white power is just a beached whale or a piece of carcass that could be pissed on. The Newsweek cover of Obama the Conqueror was just one of the many. In sports, music, demographics, sex culture, education, and etc, whiteness, especially white maleness, seemed to be fading into wussy cuckhood. And so, anti-white abuse just piled on and on. And cucks like Bush, Romney, and McCain just took all the insults and beatings. Bill Maher even joked that Romney after defeat looked like a cucked husband. Of course, such abusers knew their remarks would be deeply wounding to many white Americans, but they didn’t care since they were so sure of their total and eternal victory. So, who cares if whites are angry? They no longer have the power, numbers, connections, and representation to do anything about it. Something like Trumpism was not supposed to happen. But it did. And now, the very people who’d been insulted, spat on, pissed on, and slapped have representation in Trump(at least somewhat). And because their humiliation went so far, could their anger be about to explode?

      Though Trump is nothing like Hitler, the dangerous thing about Hitler was he was both anti-therapeutic and ultra-therapeutic. On the one hand, he mocked the Jewish psychobabble and exhorted the Germans to be heroic, manly, tough, and hardy. But his brand of ultra-nationalist trimphalism was a kind of massive collective therapy to cleanse the nation of psychic demons that were most potently represented in the figure of the Jew. Hitler played on the themes of Germanic heroism, but there was also an element of Germanic victim-ism and trauma-ism. Germany had suffered the great ‘wrong’ of defeat in WWI(by the stab-in-the-back), economic hardships, and cultural degradation. So, it was a time for the German catharsis to purge all that is bad to make way for a new healthy orderly society. His vision wasn’t merely socio-economic but sorcerer-psychological. He promised the magic cure to heal the German body and soul and to ‘make Germany great again’. To a physically and psychologically wounded people, therapeutism has great appeal. And part of Hitler’s appeal was that his oratory had a cathartic effect for the German masses who felt so lost and disoriented. It’s like Ossie Davis said of Malcolm X that, whatever his faults, X made black men feel like a MAN.

      On some level, the globalists must know that many white Americans have suffered both physically and ‘psychically’ since the end of the Cold War. There is White Death. But there is also cultural degradation. During the Great Depression, many Americans suffered, but the moral culture remained intact and served as spiritual insurance through hard times. Most Americans had moral fiber and national character.

      But the sheer vulgarity and venality of pop culture since the 60s(much of it owing to Negro and homo influences), the spread of drug culture, the breakdown of family, and decline of church compounded the problems of economics. After all, even with rust-belt towns in the age of globalism, no one need to worry about starving in America. Everyone is assured of food, clothing, roof over head, and even free medicine.

      Also, plenty of white people did very well under globalism, especially if they had elite professional skills and lived in cities. But, the moral and cultural degradation of America had rendered many white Americans vulnerable to socio-economic upheavals. Imagine if Ma Joad had a ring in her nose and if Pa Joad had an ass tattoo and smoked meth in THE GRAPES OF WRATH, and the entire family’s idea of culture is watching Jerry Springer and Family Guy. Imagine if the mama in RAISIN IN THE SUN watches TV all day, cares mostly about fancy fingernails, and watches twerking biatches in music videos. There goes the culture. Real culture is insurance against bad economic times. Lose the culture, and there is nothing to hold people together hard times. Beyonce’s songs and latest gossip about Miley Cyrus aren’t going to give you direction when things are down. And it’s not going to keep a family together. We now live in the Planet of the Apes of Wrath.

      So, there’s a lot of messed up white folks too. They too are angry, confused, and in search of catharsis. But for so long, there were told that they are NOT deserving of sensitivity, hearing, consideration, and etc because they got ‘white privilege’ or because they are ‘racist’ or ‘homophobic’, in which case they deserve to suffer in misery, as the likes of Tim Wise keeps reminding them.

      In some ways, the Proglob fear of Trumpism suggest that they know of their role in the humiliation of the white middle class and working class. After all, it is the guilty party that most fears the reckoning. Japanese and Germans were fearful as WWII wore on because they knew they’d caused so much harm to other nations. So, it just made them more desperate in their war effort and violence. If the proglog did nothing wrong to white Americans, they have nothing to fear. But their nervous fear is sign that they know that they’ve been responsible in the deracination and de-industrialization of much of America. So, when Trump’s inauguration speech said something about the forgotten Americans, the proglob got cold feet. Trump said many Americans lost out while some in the big cities got everything. Who would those fortunate people be? The globalist elites fear nationalism because the targets are them.

      Now, Trump’s power has been greatly exaggerated. Washington DC is wall to wall Democratic. Deep State is hostile to him. All the globalist centers of power in NY, SF, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and etc are against him. He hasn’t all that much room to maneuver. But the Proglob fear that he has tapped into something beyond politics. Not just an idea or -ism but an -ality, a psychological state. An -ism is abstract and dry. It exists in the mind. A sentiment can be soft and sappy, like Jeb Bush’s love for illegal aliens or George W. Bush cwying over Kanye West saying he doesn’t like black people. Goo.

      In contrast, Trumpism seems to have tapped into something in the white racial psyche, a convergence of ideas, fears, hopes, rage, hatred, and love based on something deeper and more ancient than theories, propositions, constitution, or even tradition. Psyche is the home of the warrior, poet, prophet, lover, hero, hunter, creator, destroyer. It is both lower and higher than any law, ideal, or tradition. It is both more animal and more spiritual than merely ‘human’. It is the source of greatest inspiration and greatest dangers.

      Trump himself is essentially a brash philistine and has no clue why the Proglob hate him so much. He sees himself as a blowhard(he knows it) civic nationalist who is trying to restore some order in the globalist disorder. But his enemies, especially among the globalist intellectuals, sense in Trumpism an implication of something much grander and darker. Trump doesn’t know what he has awakened.

      This awakened hero, giant, or monster may take on greater vitality and learn to walk on its own two legs. Or, maybe it can be killed in the crib while it is opening its eyes and learning to walk under Trump’s protection. But the important thing is his enemies, especially the intellectual types, know that Trumpism isn’t just about white politics or economics. It has something to do with white psyche, a consciousness that is bigger than any set of rules, ideals, or laws. Trump doesn’t know this, but his style manifests it. The connection between his words and his emotions are fast and furious. The ‘psychic’ connection between the public man and personal feelings is too apparent for anyone to miss. This is so different from other GOP candidates whose every word had little to do with their ‘temperaments’ paved over with PC cement many times over.

      Trump brought back white emotions back to politics, but it’s more than that. After all, even John McCain has been known to ‘lost it’ and get angry. It’s really about where the emotions come from. With someone like McCain, it’s just personal ego losing control. With Trump, the emotions connect with the deeper well of what a lot of white patriots are feeling. And this is what the Proglob fear most. It’s not so much that many Trump supporters may agree with certain policies of Trump, which would be a political issue. Rather, there seems to be a groundswell of shared feelings that go deeper than politics. It is a kind of feeling that Jews feel among each other. Blacks feel it too in their shared sense of blood and history. But whites have been told that they mustn’t have any such ‘atavistic’ feelings since whites are historically guilty(and therefore undeserving of tribal unity) and innately prone to bring about another holocaust if they don’t expunge themselves of the white soul.

      Trumpism is also deeply disturbing and troubling to white gentile opponents of Trump because, over the years, they invested so much time and energy into expunging their own sinful whiteness to be ‘inclusive’ and merge wicked whiteness with the superior nobility of other races. This wasn’t easy since the natural tendency of most people is to feel closer to their own kind. But because PC told them it was the righteous thing, white progs did everything to raise their children to be un-white, embrace non-whites, worship homos, celebrate the Other, atone for various historical sins, and etc. They went against their own nature to become Good People. Sure, they had to hear anti-white slurs and insults from Jews, blacks, browns, and others, but they taught themselves to laugh along and ho-de-do since evil whiteness must be mocked.

      They went along with the sanctimonious homilies of CucKen Burns. They raised their kids to believe that Degrassie Tyson is the greatest scientific genius of all time.

      Also, since no one can take too much abuse, the white progs have crafted a clever way to redirect most of the anti-white invective toward the ‘deplorables’. That way, they could be on the side of anti-white PC and Diversity while rigging them so that most of the slings and arrows would be lobbed at conservatives and other ‘racists’. So, if blacks at HAMILTON bashed whites, the ‘good whites’ could flatter themselves that they are with the noble blacks, and the REAL TARGET is the ‘bad whites’ who still cling to Bibles and guns. They were offered Political Dispensation IF they collaborated with the right side of history against the ‘racists’ and ‘deplorables’.

      White progs did all that, and they thought they too had a seat at the Globo-Diversity Table. Since they are ‘good whites’, there’s no reason to punish them as much as the ‘bad whites’ who must be the ones to be removed to make more room for Diversity.

      But Trump’s presidency messed up this narrative, especially since unapologetic Trump turned the tables on the globalists and said YOU GUYS ARE THE ONES WITH PRIVILEGE WHO’VE BEEN HOGGING EVERYTHING while American citizens, white and black, have been shunted to the sidelines in a game rigged to favor the urban elites and invasive immigrant masses.

    • Progs are esp going nuts because one of the dominant mode of Western Culture since the 60s(and even earlier) has been therapeutism. We no longer subscribe to a tragic and hardy view of life.

      The Alt-Right’s implicitly tragic view of man got me interested in it. I would like to see this brought out more explicitly to contrast the Alt-Right’s mature, adult world view with the childish utopianism our elites want us to believe.

  • Speaking of McInnes it’s bizarre watching him these days. He’s repeatedly stated how he’s not interested in Israel and now his Twitter profile lists that God forsaken stretch of desert as one of his causes. He’s pro ‘free speech’ but only if it isn’t boring now and only if you don’t talk about Jews too much. He’s also constantly tweeting about how Russia is our enemy because they aren’t into ‘freedom’ enough.

    Like you said, it’s just neoconservatism. It isn’t an alternative to anything.

  • Ashke-Nazis (Ashkenazi Jews) are the New Nazis in the globalist world order. They want New War with Russia & supremacist domination.

  • We are told that we can’t send illegal aliens back to their native countries because it would tear them apart from family and friends in America.

    Okay… then we can’t allow any more immigration since it would tear the arrivals from their families, relatives, friends, and countrymen in the home countries. What an unconscionable act of violence to uproot them and resettle them in America so far from their nations, families, relatives, friends, and countrymen. We can’t have that! It would be too traumatic.

    We must keep them intact with their families and friends by ensuring that they stay in their homelands and not come to America where they will be surrounded by strangers in a strange land.

  • What is often denounced as ‘antisemitism’ is really ‘anti-semito-supremacism’.

    Anti-Semito-Supremites oppose Jewish supremacist abuses.

  • Horseshoe theory is legit in some senses. Both the far left and far right are extremely intolerant of other opinions, refuse to see things in shades of grey, and believe that silencing your opponents is OK as long as they’re the ones doing the silencing (or executing, depending on the situation)

    • Ridiculous.

      Muh Horseshoe Theory is an attack used by cucks to excuse their cowardice and milquetoast ideology.

      The Alt-Cucks claim that SJWs and the Alt-Right are the same, and hope that less-intelligent people won’t notice that they’re comparing our war-tactics instead of our goals and ideology.

      It’s like claiming that a policeman and a bank-robber are the same because they both use extreme violence, and guns, in a shootout with one another.

      “Both the far left and far right are extremely intolerant of other opinions, refuse to see things in shades of grey”

      Stop being a fagg0t. — This is a war for the survival of the White race.

      One side will win, and one side will lose.

      And we intend to win — by any means necessary.

      • Its not a perfect analogy. It comes a lot from the old communist/fascist divide. Both had state run economies, both were led by violent totalitarian militaristic dictators (hitler and stalin) who killed millions. The only difference is that the Nazis used racial justification when they conquered people and the Communists used political ideology.

  • SJWs try to destroy the lives of the people they disagree with. They seek to deny heretics their livelihood and drive them into poverty. I am not aware of anyone in the alt right trying to do any such thing to anyone on the left.

  • Jews claim to be worried about low-birthrates in modern first world nations of the West and the East.

    Well then, how come Jews don’t recommend the Read-and-Breed Strategy for nations with low birthrates?

    Jews say they are so concerned about European and Asian nations with low birthrates. What is to be done? Jews say these nations should invite in tons of foreigners to become ‘new Germans’ and ‘new Japanese’, even to the point of demographically eclipsing the original native population. Jews say the original populations should go the way of indigenous Hawaiians in Hawaii that is now mostly white and yellow.

    But Israel has had success with demographic stability. If anything, it has increased Jewish numbers with birthrate alone.

    How did Israel do this? The government has funded the Jewish scholar Talmudic ‘brahmanic’ class to devote their lives to spiritual-cultural study, preservation of heritage, and family creation. After all, the only way to preserve the heritage of history and culture is by having future generations to inherit them. Sacred texts, art works, architecture, and cultural treasures mean nothing on their own. They only have meaning in relation to people who receive, value, and identify with them.

    If the world were devoid of people, what would all the world’s arts, books, musics, and museums be worth? Nothing. Culture only has meaning to those who inherit and appreciate them. So, in order to preserve Jewish heritage, Jewish lineage must also be preserved and continued. There has to be future Jews in healthy numbers in Israel to inherit the culture & treasures and keep them meaningful and viable across time.

    And Israel, though an advanced first world nation, has managed birthrates at not only replacement level but growth level. How did Jews do this?

    Read-and-Breed Strategy that lent prestige to the Talmudic class of scholars. They were allowed to devote their lives to study, culture, and family-formation. Since they were valued as patriots and standard-bearers of blood and culture, they were incentivized to have families. So, Jewish numbers in Israel has remained healthy.

    Well, if this works for Israel, it should work for other nations. Jews should tell European and East Asian nations that they too should create a prestigious class of national-scholars devoted to study, culture, heritage, spirituality, and family. And they should be funded by the government since they are standard-bearers and torch-bearers of history, culture, and national lineage. So, even if many secular professional Germans are not having kids or just one kid per family, a German ‘brahmin’ national scholar could have 6 or 7 children. Some will follow in the footsteps of their father but some can later take up professional jobs in the secular field. It’s like some kids of Talmudic parents in Israel become secular and become scientists, lawyers, engineers, and etc. But the thing is the current system of Read-and-Breed works for Israel.

    Another great thing about the Read-and-Breed Strategy is that Israel will have real Jews in the future who will appreciate Jewish identity and culture. In contrast, there is no guarantee that foreign newcomers to Europe or Japan will want to really assimilate and appreciate the native cultures there.

    Anyway, if Jews are indeed so caring and concerned about nations with low birthrates and want to give sound advice, why not share their successful formula of Read-and-Breed?

    Just think. Suppose there are 10 Germans. Suppose 2 don’t marry, 3 marry and have 2 kids each, and 4 marry and have 1 kid each. So, those 9 together don’t produce replacement level. But suppose the 10th German is designated as a national scholar devoted to culture and family. Suppose he has 6 kids. That will balance things out.

    So, nations with low-birth-rates should create a brahmanic class to be funded by state. And their lives would be devoted to culture, patriotism, and family. That way, even if ‘secular’ countrymen don’t have enough kids, these ‘brahmanics’ will make up for the loss. And their kids will be raised with a strong sense of history, culture, and heritage.

  • SJWism is aggression of losers that uses a moral-political framework to act out against winners. It is the politicization of pathologies. The alt right on the other hand is existential politics. Any attempt to equate SJWism and altright politics is mendacity, ignorance, or very bad thinking.

  • PC and Culture of Sensitivity are destroying history and identity.

    In the past, parents were happy to make kids spend time with grandparents. They felt as one people united by history, culture, and values, often around a religion that had been passed down for centuries, even millennia. Even though there were social changes, the continuities and shared values were more important and powerful in forging a sense of unity among grandparents, parents, and grandchildren.

    But there’s been a breakdown of values, loss(or de-legitimization) of certain historical narratives, and fading of faith. So, the only thing that matters is the fashion of the Current Year. And being in tune with the latest PC is the ticket to one’s self-esteem, righteousness, careerism, and being associated with the right kind of people. Since grandparents generally have different outlooks, values, and perspectives from whatever prevails in the Current Year, they are seen as toxic people around kids. What if they say something that is seemed SO WRONG about race, sex/gender, homosexuality, foreigners, illegals, spirituality, etc. What if something they say can be deemed ‘intolerant’, ‘un-inclusive’, ‘racist’, ‘homophobic’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘sexist’, ‘patriarchal’, ‘tranny-phobic’, ‘triggering’, ‘micro-aggressive’, or etc? Why, it’d be like passing Evil Germs to white kids who are unfortunately born ‘racist’ to begin with. Since white children are born ‘racist’, parents must do everything to make them ‘progressive’. So, if you keep them around old people with the wrong values, their innate and inborn ‘racism’ may become even more entrenched.

    So, white parents are now very wary about having their kids around the grandparents. Grandparents must be warned not to say lots of things. Or, the kids are told that grandparents are senile or infected with evil thoughts because they were of the bad old pre-PC era. Thus, kids are told to tolerate grandparents, not respect them.

    For many young parents, even the idea that their parents might oppose ‘gay marriage’ is deeply offensive and horrifying.

    It used to be that culture was understood as a passing of the torch across generations.

    Whatever differences existed among the old and young, what they had in common was more important.

    The Current Year way is to put out the past fire as useless, hopeless, & dangerous, and just hook up to some electric grid providing the latest juice of PC to every home. It’s called the TV and electronica. Kids should identify with TV ads featuring Magic Negroes and homo ‘parents’ than with their own grandparents and ancestors.

    It used to be that Liberalism meant to possess core values & convictions AND also have an open mind. Now, it means the total absence of core values & convictions and just mindless conforming to whatever happens to be correct in the Current Year.

    Liberalism used to mean understanding the value of morality, marriage, & family AND acknowledging that some people, such as homos, are born different and have different tendencies. A right kind of balance.

    But now, Liberals must surrender any core values about morality, marriage, & family if the Current Year says they must support ‘gay marriage’ and celebrate homomania to be Good People. Liberalism is now the willingness to abandon EVERYTHING for whatever is newly deemed as the Correct Way.

    Liberals might argue that ‘inclusion’ and ‘tolerance’ are core values, but they are not. Those are attitudes. In proper doses, they can be useful and healthy, but they don’t offer truth, meaning, and judgement that is necessary for any real value.

    After all, it’s one thing for a scientist to be open to various theories. But such openness isn’t the truth itself. It is merely a path to truth. To arrive at the truth, one must ultimately choose the right one and reject the false ones.

    So, something like tolerance is useful in making us ponder matters. But it doesn’t tell us what is right or wrong. It just says we should be open to various options and try different things to arrive at the Good.

    In the end, we must arrive at judgement, and that is how real core values and meanings are realized. And that calls for definitions and exclusion.

    Any system can use the mode of inclusion to ponder what and who should be included. So many questions need to be answered: What kind of students should be included? What kind of curriculum should be included? Should Harvard teach physics and chemistry? How about Pokemon as art?

    In the end, however, the final judgement must opt for exclusion of what doesn’t belong. If a college accepts everyone and allows any curriculum, what kind of college is that?

    Inclusion is merely a means to arrive at the more perfect exclusion.

    A chef should ponder all ingredients, but he must arrive at the right ones for his recipe for a certain dish.

  • I have been on the Far-Right for far longer than the Alt-Right has been
    even a thing, but I have to say… the Alt-Light (or Alt-Lite) are a
    bunch of sellouts.
    Part of me however has the exact same opinion about the genuine Alt-Right as well tho…

  • Relax and let the Left do the work. They are so busy making ‘Nazis’ out of everyone to the right of Yvette Felarca that normies are joining us in droves.

  • I fail to see how the Alt-Right are some kind of righty SJWs. The Alt-Light, like Milo, do seem to have some SJW tendencies.
    As noted toward the end of this piece, it is bizarre how many in the Alt-Right are married to non-white or Middle eastern women. After seeing a bit of his videos, i am just glad that Paul Joseph Watson is actually married to a woman!
    Multiculturalism is Neo-Babelism. Tell that to your Christian friends, and send them to my piece on it.

    • Paul Joseph Watson never was alt right, he’s alt light. Some people in the infowars crowd started calling themselves “alt right” to simply mean “dissident right”, I don’t think they even understood what the term means. Likewise Steve Bannon did say that he wanted Breitbart to be a platform for the alt right, when actually that news site is populist conservative and strongly pro-Zionist. So nowadays every lefty is calling Bannon a white nationalist which he certainly is not.

      It is just barely acceptable in polite society to acknowledge that men and women are different. It is still forbidden to acknowledge that races are, even though by many parameters the races are as different as the sexes.

      While the distinction between alt right and alt light is important to both those of us in the alt right and those in the alt light, the left makes no distinction between the two. All the venom they apply to us gets applied to the alt light too. They are convinced we have a white nationalist in the White House.

    • “Toward the end of this piece, it is bizarre how many in the Alt-Right are married to non-white or Middle eastern women.”

      None of those people mentioned have ever been in the Alt-Right.

      They’re all degenerate, Cultural-Libertarians. — Except for Molyneux,

  • There’s a lot of talk about resisting the invasion of Muslims to the West.

    But, isn’t it a bit too late to talk about resisting Submission to Muslims?

    After all, the West has already submitted to Zionist-globalism, Afromania, Homomania, and Feminist Castration.

    The West had once been virile and militant in its stand against Islam. So, how did it become so defenseless now? Because all-powerful Muslims suddenly smashed the gates of Vienna in the Current Year? NO. It is because the alien forces that already dominate the West — financially, culturally, intellectually, or morally(think of the Mandela Myth in the West) — have decided to let the Muslims in. The forces that already dominate the West may not like Islam, but they fear Western resistance against Islam because such might lead to return of Western pride and virility that may then throw off other yokes as well. When a people fend off or defeat one enemy, it gives them confidence to take on more enemies. (When non-whites subjects of the British Empire served in the Imperial military to defeat the Germans and the Japanese, they returned home with the confidence to then resist and overthrow British power itself. Ironically, their service under the British gave them the confidence to eventually defy the British. Even though they’d served to fight the enemies of the British Empire, they realized they could fight.)

    Muslims are arriving in huge numbers because the gates have been raised from the inside. And why did Western folks do this? Because they’ve already SUBMITTED to Zionist-globalism, Afromania, homomania, & feminist castration and take orders from PC.

    Fixation on Muslims misses the point. Muslims are late-comers and train-hoppers in this historical trajectory. They are not the ones with the power forcing the West to submit. If the West regained its senses, it would easily push out all these pesky Muslims. If a small and relatively weak nation like Hungary can build walls to keep out Muslims, so can all of EU. But why won’t they? Because they’ve submitted to the GLOB(globalist power).

    In our time, Western folks worrying about submission to Islam is like slaves worrying about submitting to a new master. Suppose there are white slaves who serve their Jewish master, black master, homo master, and feminist master. Then, suppose the masters decide to bring over a Muslim and make him master over white slaves too. Suppose white slaves raise a stink about having to submit to this Muslim-who-would-also-be-master. White slaves say they want to remain free. But if they prize freedom so much, why did they already submit to Jewish master, black master, homo master, and feminist master? What is one more master? Also, the Muslim doesn’t have the power to force himself to be master. He is being enabled by the other masters that the whites are ALREADY serving.

    If anything, to the extent that Muslims are defiant against Jews, homos, feminists, and blacks, maybe whites should learn a few things from them.

    Besides, Islam isn’t about making the world submit to Muslims. It is about mankind submitting to Allah, their name for God. But then, isn’t Christianity also about submission to God?

    I don’t like Islam, but in some ways, it is freer than secular ideologies that require us to submit to human authority. Secularism says that certain peoples should have supreme power: communists, ‘Aryans’, Jews, blacks, feminists, homos, etc. Certain peoples, based on ideology or identity, should rule over others. Jewish secularists think Jews should rule over mankind.

    Islam says that all humans should submit to the higher authority of God. It says there is a power and truth higher than anything human, political, ideological, and PC.

    Islam is troublesome because it has too many archaic laws and decrees carried over from Arabic medievalism, but Muslims at least worship something higher than the fads & fashions of the Current Year. Also, Mosques don’t allow homo symbols. In contrast, so many christian churches have surrendered/submitted to the Anno Sodomini.

    It is not enough for white folks to say, “We will not serve the Muslim master.” They must say, “We will serve NO master. We will serve ourselves, our people, and our heritage.”

    As long as white folks slavishly and cuckishly serve the GLOB, the likes of Soros will ask, “If you love being my slave, what’s the big deal about being slave to my overseer as well?” These Muslims and other non-whites are little more than overseers used by the Glob to keep the white race enslaved mentally and morally.

    So, if whites want to be free, they need to liberate themselves from the Glob first and foremost.

  • This is like saying that we shouldn’t engage in white identity politics because that will help the left divide people by race. The Jewish-controlled mainstream conservative establishment has been playing these dualistic mind games with their audience for decades. They give their audience two options, the “good” cuckservative option, and the “bad” leftist option. They keep the audience focused on the “bad” side, which distracts the audience from noticing that the supposed “good” side is also controlled.

  • Milo is a Homosexual Negro loving Lunatic. He has had more blacks screw him in every which way than most black women. How did he enter this article?

    • OI like your comment. I agree that Milo should not be considered part of the Alt-Right, or anything conservative. I cannot image him wanting to leave his Negro perverted friends and become a queer WN, and I am not quite sure why WNs would want a queer guy speaking up for them. There are enough sexually normal white males that we do not need pervs like Milo to speak for our people.

      • Hello Joe
        a bit of back ground to my comment:
        I live in a small mostly white one stop light town (over 95% white with less than 5% black) and I live in a nationally registered historic structure aka 1840 which was occupied both by the Confederate and Union armies. One room served as a triage for the Confederate soldiers. Yes so old and historic.
        -Today went to my neighbors shop. By the time I came out there was a massive black parade. This town never hosted such a parade. Boom boxes, rap music, and the entire “downtown” was crammed with blacks. That was alright but the boom box music was unbearable. I turned on 1930’s German marching music really loud.
        -I was also taking on a few liberals on the issue of Trump, nationalism, the liberal media.
        -Then I saw 2 Milo videos where in both the host brought up his sexual orientation and his racial preference. the 2nd one 2 supposedly prominent blacks told Milo to F off. Milo muttered something about his black boyfriend but never told them that they were being obnoxiously rude to him
        -Then a friend reminded me of an exchange where Milo talks about how much black D. he has had. That was overload time.
        -I read the article in the Alternative Right with those pictures of White women and their black babies before I came to this article. That led to my comment.

  • According to the alt-light, accusing someone of being a cuck is the same
    mindless name-calling of the left, who have all manner of terms for
    heretics, e.g. racist, sexist.

    Well, this criticism is accurate as far as it goes, but it doesn’t go very far. Of course, there is a sort of racial justice warrior faction of the Alt Right who have their own buzzwords like “cuck,” degenerate,” and “autistic.” And they use these terms so loosely that all they really mean at this point is, ‘I don’t like that.’ But just as the Left is a lot more than SJWs, the Alt Right is a lot more than racial justice warriors. I’m sure these alt light idiots think they’re being cute, but their argument is completely disingenuous.

  • Alt Righters are White patriots. SJWs are brainwashed pawns of (((our oldest enemy.)))

    Horeshoe theory is idiotic because this is not a moral-political struggle, it’s a biological-racial one.

    Saying that alt righters are right wing SJWs is like saying the Spartans were just Greek versions of Persian Immortals. It doesn’t make sense.

  • Unlike the SJWs , the Alt-Right doesn’t have the full support and resources of the UN, Goldman Sachs, and the Fortune 500 corporate oligarchs , AIPAC / World Jewish Congress,, George Soros, the 57 nation Islamic OIC, and the entire Western managerial elite , the mainstream media, Western academia, and Antifa behind them.
    When’s the last time somebody got sucker punched, imprisoned, fired from their job and had their careers and lives ruined for being an SJW ?
    Nto exactly identical twins , what ?

  • Alt-Righters are no more the SJWs of the Right than capitalism is the exact opposite extreme of communism , conservatism is the exact opposite extreme of cultural marxism, or that the Republican party is the exact opposite extreme of the Democrat party.
    They are not. These are false dichotomies, paradigms and false opposites.
    The Alt-Right / WNs is are much the SJWs of the Right as an apple is the opposite of an orange or a cat is the opposite of a dog.
    The Alt-Lite should remember that those who play around in the middle of the road are likely to get run over.
    When it comes to our very survival and the future of our children being the stakes at play, total committment is no vice and moderation is no virtue.

  • I’ve heard this molyneux is part Jewish from Greg Johnson before. I can find no evidence of this. Does anyone have idea where this came from?

  • While many on the ‘right’ worry about Mooslims, here’s a much bigger danger that people dare not address because our Neo-religions revolve around the cult of MLK and Mandela and other Magic Negroes and because of worship of Negroes in sports and music.

    France has allowed in lots of black Africans. Blacks are more muscular, stronger, and more aggressive. They routinely beat up and prey on weaker whites. They not only dominate French sports but take over streets and beat up & rob white people.

    We see the same patterns in Australia. And just like blacks attack and rob not only whites but other non-black groups in America, they do the SAME thing in Europe.

    Because of the spiritual-and-sensual fetish for the black in the West, white folks will not confront the true nature of the threat posed by blacks. They just go on and on about Mooslims. But Mooslims didn’t fill white minds with suicidal PC. Whites did it to themselves.

    Of course, while black guys are kicking white boys’ butts as in the video above, white girls are turned on by Negro power and want to have black babies since they look upon white males as losers. Long ago, whites did everything to suppress Jack-Johnsonism because they correctly saw it as a threat to white males and white civilization. They instinctively realized that races are not equal, and that social equality would lead to black boys whupping white boys AND white girls going with winner negroes and feeling contempt for loser whites. Thus, white civilization would fall because NO civilization can survive if the women lose respect for their men.

    Anyway, when we consider the combination of African birthrates and African immigration to France, it looks like the goose is cooked.

    But the main obsession of the West is worshiping homos and trannies along with Negroes.

      • Gubbler Chechenova
        Andrea Ostrov Letania
        Patria Matria
        Alt-Right Studies
        Pity of Peace?

        This f***ing guy never shuts up about the supposed physical and sexual superiority of the negro. And with the sheer volume of TL;DR posting content he produces across multiple Alt-Right websites, I guarantee he is on somebody’s payroll. He’s clearly writing comments for 8-10 hours a day minimum.

    • Blacks are only winners in sports and rap music. They do not have the skills to compete in a modern economy. Only 3.6% of Microsoft employees are black. If whites and Asians were teleported, en masse, to another planet, the black population would fall into the stone age. The white women I see dating black men are generally obese, unattractive losers on the white marriage market.

      • But a lot of whites are now working class or poor. And they have no morals and have wild sex. So, lots of young white girls go with black guys for easy thrills and get knocked up with black babies who are then adopted by white Christian families while the black boys and white girls fool around some more.

    • No, the true enemy without equal are Jews. Period. Blacks have zero power. The only power is given by Jewish influences

  • Also – please don’t call it “gender realism” – it’s sex realism. Gender is a grammatical concept, sex is a biological concept.

    Sex realism – the anti-feminist and “manosphere” type stuff – was useful because neither women nor men ever really believed it – even hard core feminists only paid lip service to the nonsensical idea that “men and women are the same except for their plumbing” or “gender is a social construct.”

    Everybody knows males and females – there are plenty of White people that have never actually had any experience with non-Whites. So sex realism was the thin end of the wedge – and it worked.

  • Frankly the “Alt Right” is just a such a broad and ill-defined label it’s difficult to make generalizations – that is part of the label’s power.

    There is most certainly a Social Justice Warrior faction on the “Alt Right” – just look at how any criticism of certain LARPy tendencies are met with cries of “don’t punch to the right!” and “cuck!” Sort of like how the trannies scream and cry when people say they are just playacting, there are the historical fetishists that scream and cry when people point out they aren’t “real” they are just LARPing.

    I prefer the term “White Nationalist” or even Spencer’s preferred “Identitarianism” but they don’t roll off of the tongue as easily as “Alt Right.”

    It’s probably useful to keep the term somewhat hazy and have a wide tent. At the end of the day, goofballs like Milo can take some of the heat while attacking the anti-White left – when people are serious about things they will find their way into White Nationalism/Identitarianism proper.

    • You are such a fag supporter. Milo is disgusting. He’s an ugly, Greek, British citizen who likes black dick.

    • If we didn’t have purity spirals or LARPy tendencies, the jews would take over the movement in a heartbeat, as they did with every previous right wing movement in America. Swastikas and SS imagery are absolutely necessary.

        • I’m not kidding. Disavow National Socialism and the jew WILL take over your movement. Evidence: every conservative and right wing organization since WW2.

          Look at how much influence the alt right has gained with NS imagery.

          For all intents and purposes, there has been no neo-Nazi movement since Rockwell, so that point is moot.

          • You people have a 60 year record of failure. Internet trolling is not a “victory.” There has been a “neo-Nazi” movement since Rockwell and it’s been completely managed by Jews.

            The Jews already “took over” the “National Socialist” movement and – as we can see with recent events – the internet troll “neo-Nazi” movement is no different.

            You think that “Nazi” imagery is some sort of magical totem against Jewish subversion but obviously that is false. That is idiotic superstition.

          • Hipster Racist

            You’re a D&C shill. — Everyone knows it. — And everyone hates you.

            The only thing you ever do is attack the segments of the Alt-Right that are having the most success in recruiting the masses and repelling infiltrators.

            You attack every winning tactic we use. And you push for a “big-tent” which, everyone knows, would lead to an immediate co-option of our movement by our enemies.

            You’re also a degenerate pornographer — as your website will attest.

            You’re the enemy of the Alt-Right and White Nationalism.

            We see you, Chaim.

      • You know, I think I will go along with that. Jews are fanatically tenacious in the face of defeat ( a survival tactic, no? ) so let’s counter with sperginess. Stuff em, this is is OUR survival.

  • Here is proof that there is no real Leftist power anymore.

    Voltaire once said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    If the Left really rules America, how come it is fair game to criticize, condemn, mock, and vilify Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Bakunin, Emma Goldman & anarchists, Castro, Che(even though he is revered by many, one’s career isn’t damaged by attacking him), Tito, Ceucescu, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Gramsci, Eurgene Debs, Pete Seeger, Abbie Hoffman, Bill Ayers, and etc.

    You can say whatever you want about such people. Some will agree, some will disagree, but you will not be fired, blacklisted, or destroyed.

    If the Left really rules, why would this be?

    Now, what would happen if you name the Jewish Capitalists as the real holders of power?

    What would happen if you name the Jewish oligarchic corporatists who control most of media?

    What would happen if you said Jews are prominent in the vice industry of gambling?

    What would happen if you named the Jewish capitalists in music industry that made so much money by spreading garbage?

    What would happen if you said Jewish warhawks were largely responsible for the disasters in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine?

    And what would happen if you were question the MLK mythology and cult?

    What would happen if you were to make fun of homos and trannies?

    Now, keep in mind that blacks and homos are favored by Jews as their main allies.

    (Some say the US is not a pro-minority nation, but it’s still permissible to criticize, impugn, and vilify Chinese, Iranians, Muslims, Mexicans, Hindus, and etc. Trump was hard on China, Iran, Muslims, and Mexicans, and he got some flak over it but not enough to destroy him. Now, imagine what would have happened if he’d said such things about blacks, Africa, homos, Jews, and Israel? American politics isn’t necessarily pro-minority. If it is, it should favor Palestinian-Americans just as much as Jewish-Americans. Actually, since there are fewer Palestinian-Americans than Jewish-Americans, the US, being pro-minority, should favor Palestinians over Jews in America. In reality, it is AIPAC that draws all the politicians. America is about Pro-Power, and since Jews have the Power and since Jews are a minority, it creates the false impression that the US is a minority-supremacist nation. But WHICH minority? Jews would like for us think that all minorities are represented equally in the US, but do Eskimos, Hawaiians, Guatemalans, Vietnamese, and etc. have the kind of power & protection that the Jewish minority has? Do we see politicians and powerbrokers flock to such minorities for funds and favors?)

    So, what does it about the real power in America? So many ‘conservatives’ say the Left controls America. But in fact, an American can badmouth all true bonafide leftist leaders and thinkers(everyone from Lenin to Sartre). However, if an American were to badmouth Sheldon Adelson as a sick demented Zionist capitalist oligarch who wants to nuke Iran, he would be blacklisted by the most of the media. (If one must criticize Adelson, it has to be in generic terms of him a top donor to the likes of Romney. One mustn’t discuss his zealous and maniacal views rooted in Zionist-supremacism. You can criticize his money but not the mentality that determines the use of that money.) Isn’t it rather amusing how the so-called Liberals denounce the GOP for being ‘extreme’ but overlook the main reason for such extremism? It’s because the GOP relies on Zionist lunatics like Adelson who thinks Iran should be nuked to be taught a lesson. Even Liberal Media overlook this fact. Also, it’s interesting that the Liberal Media are more outraged by Trump’s peace offer to Russia than Trump’s hawkish rhetoric toward Iran. I thought Liberals were the Doves.

    We know why politics and media work like this. It’s not about ‘left’ vs ‘right’ or ‘liberal’ vs ‘conservative’. It is really about Jewish Globalist Dominance. Jews, neocon ‘right’ or globo-’left’, hate Russia because its brand of white gentile nationalism is an obstacle to Jewish supremacist domination. Now, Current Russia is nice to Jews, and Jews can make all the money they want. But that isn’t enough for Jews. Jews want total control of media, government, narrative, everything. If Jews say Russia must have homo parades and ‘gay marriage’, Russia better bend over because its saying NO means that it is defiant to the Jewish supremacist agenda of using homomania as proxy to undermine and destroy all gentile nationalism rooted in identity and moral righteousness.

    Russia doesn’t allow that, and that is what pisses off Jews. For Jews, the New Antisemitism is defined as denying them the supremacist ‘right’ to control other nations. Classic antisemitism used to mean denying Jews equal rights under the law. The New Antisemitism means Jews are denied the right to gain dominance over others and dictate terms.

    So, that is why Jews hate any idea of good relations with Russia. But Jews don’t mind Trump’s irresponsible anti-Iran rhetoric since it serves Zionist interest. So, if Trump were to say, “We shouldn’t go to war with Russia; we should be friends” and “We should get ready to bomb, destroy, and even nuke Iran”, the ‘liberal’ media would be more alarmed by the Peace-with-Russia statement. Which groups controls the media? ‘Liberals’, really? Do Muslim ‘liberals’ agree with Jewish ‘liberals’?

    Anyway, we need to do away with the fiction that Left rules anything. They don’t. We have Jewish Supremacist rule hiding behind the label of the ‘Left’. But the US is a nation where it’s totally permissible to attack real leftist ideas and leaders but suicidal if anyone dares to discuss the power of super-capitalist Jewish oligarchs. Some ‘leftism’!

    We need to discuss the power of the Glob.

    • I’ve pointed out the false bravado of attacking the Federal Reserve System as an institution, assuming you steer away from the fact that an Israeli banker runs it along with so-called “American” Jews. Ron Paul has made a career of this, yet no one has sucker-punched him, thrown him in jail, banned him from entering certain countries, rioted and burned property at his public appearances and so forth. Our elites just don’t feel vulnerable through criticism of the central banking system, and Ron Paul and other libertarians know this. Their criticisms just bounce off the Fed and don’t result in inconvenience to their comfortable lives.

      • American nationalists are still the most feared army in the world. they cant throw people away for speech, it will make libertarians into radicals. they wish they could but cant yet, its too risky for them at this point. 1 misstep and its over for them

    • “If the Left really rules America, how come it is fair game to criticize,
      condemn, mock, and vilify Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Bakunin, Emma
      Goldman & anarchists, Castro, Che(even though he is revered by many,
      one’s career isn’t damaged by attacking him), Tito, Ceucescu, Mao, Ho
      Chi Minh, Gramsci, Eurgene Debs, Pete Seeger, Abbie Hoffman, Bill Ayers,
      and etc.”

      As if these animals are ever attacked or mocked by the establishment. Marx is portrayed as a great jewish truth-teller. Lenin and Trotsky are portrayed as courageous revolutionaries fighting for “the workers.” Stalin is portrayed as the guy who helped Amerikwa destroy le ebil Nazis. Emma Goldman is portrayed as a strong warrior womyn. Castro and Che are seen as courageous opponents of le ebil American imperialism. Pete Seeger is portrayed as a musical genius. Hoffman and Ayers are portrayed as cool, hip, rockstar leftists radicals.

      • The thing is, you can bash them and insult them. It won’t get you fired.

        But say something about some rich Zionist Jewish capitalist.. and you’re toast.

        • As I pointed out above, you can attack the Federal Reserve all you want with impunity as long as you avoid the JQ. But complain that largely unaccountable Jews run it, including an Israeli banker named Stanley Fischer, and then you get into trouble.

          The God Emperor needs to declare America’s independence from Israel when he secures a tighter grip on power. Israel treats the United States as an overseas colony it can extract resources from at will, and it blatantly sends colonial administrators here like Fischer to oversee its interests. This has got to stop as an important first step in restoring America’s sovereignty.

  • There are number of white nationalist who are zealots who will not tolerate any kind of mixed race or even association with jews or people of other races. It’s understandable why many of the “alt-light” figures would not want to associate with those people. The zealots who want 100% white nationalism and will not tolerate any amount of racial diversity and are very quick to throw anyone under the bus who doesn’t pass their purity test. These people are a cancer in that I believe they drive more people away than they bring in and ultimately hurt the cause more than they help it.

    America is probably never going to be 100% white and you know what I’m not asking for that. All I’m asking is that we don’t make whites a minority in their own countries and that we acknowledge some race realist facts such as black crime. This does not mean that I believe all black people are bad, I know from experience that this is not true. On an individual level I can like and even enjoy the company of someone who is black if they are smart, well-mannered and friendly. But when you have a city that is majority black it seems almost inevitable that crime and violence is going to go up in that city. It doesn’t cause me any cognitive dissonance to judge someone individually but to also recognize overall group behavior.

    • The one drop rule is one of our proudest American traditions and has been quite effective in keeping White America white.

      The Spaniards were not ignorant of race, but endlessly classified the various combinations that arose in their empire. But ultimately they took a tolerant attitude towards miscegenation.

      And look at Latin America now.

      • The one drop rule is retarded because by that standard Richard Spencer is NOT white.You don’t want to become too liberal but you also don’t want to become too extreme the other way either. It’s a difficult balancing act for sure but one that needs to be maintained for the sake of sanity.

        • You don’t understand the one drop rule.

          It’s based on “one drop” of recent admixture with non-Europeans, not little percentages on a genetic test that may literally date back to the initial peopling of Europe.

          Does Richard Spencer have four wholly European grandparents?

          • I stand corrected. Nonetheless, I am not against people of mixed race being here. I am not going to seriously argue for a complete culling of non-whites to be removed from the US. That is what I would consider extreme white nationalism and is off putting and frankly retarded at this point and time simply given the circumstances we are faced with. I completely understand why people like Sargon and others would completely disregard that type of thinking. I would hope to get people to not support white genocide without going full “let’s get rid of everyone not deemed white” or start treating them like second class citizens.

          • You should think about what you’re saying.

            The majority of births in the United States are to non-whites. Even with Trump, Whites in the United States will become a minority within our lifetimes… I won’t even be that old by the time it happens.

            Race is real and it matters. If whites can’t find it within themselves to practice endogamy, then in the upcoming majority non-white environment, white people will diminish in number, replaced by mixed race people. And their white civilization will vanish along with them, replaced by a Latin America style mixed race civilization.

            What the future holds politically is unclear. But as White Nationalists, we’ll continue to work to secure the future of our White European people and their White European children.

            Mestizos, Mulattoes, Hapas, etc. can work towards their own interests. But it would be pathological altruism for us to devote our White Nationalist movement to working on behalf of non-whites.

          • no one is 100% white anymore and we haven’t been for years and there is NOTHING wrong with that

          • u rather put off the one drop zealots who will fight and die with us to preserve what whites fought and worked for the last 3000 years cause you don’t want to be too extreme? people lost sisters and kids to these nigs jews and mudskins, they want their land back and their vengeance. u r welcome to fight for whatever you want, I stand with whites. I don’t hate anyone other than jews who see me and cattle but we will have a white country for white people or good luck killing us. we are already at war for our right to exist

      • Realistically the One Drop Rule only came up when there was a need for a formal ruling in who could inherit. Up until that point mulattoes were judged by the law of appearance which is ultimately all that will ever matter for the common man. The One Drop rule is really evidence of a critical mass of mixing where property disputes for people who were off-white were common enough that a rule for all such people would be enforced rather than the arbitrary dictates of a particular judge. We see this absurdity in Brazil where mulattoes go before a council to determine their race and twins who go before different judges getting assigned to different races.

        In Latin America the problem is really a self-perpetuating mixed population. The critical mass was properly reached and so people who had off-white children had some place for them to go in society. In the US such mixed people were still largely sui generis and so there was still a barrier for entry. White people who had non-white children were generally a bad lot who couldn’t control their lust, or were otherwise egotistical enough to not care overly much about their bastards. In Latin America the system paved way for a larger swath of kind-hearted whites to mix and seek out a decent life for their non-white offspring.

        All in all I don’t think this was policy though. Even if whites as a group become more ‘racist’ as our countries become less white more mixing is going to happen as off-white self-perpetuating demographics emerge and these specific mixes take on a context for their belonging within society. I think the One Drop Rule only “worked” in the past because most mulattoes look so much like the black parent that they obviously were black and didn’t constitute some third, intermediary group. It wasn’t policy, it was circumstance. Controlling the environment by separating is the only real bulwark against mixing. The Spanish stance on mixing was bad but really the issue was the absolute numbers of Indios present among a white minority. In the North America whites were never the minority. When or if we are the minority here there will be a lot more mixing regardless of any rules which may be imposed.

        • There was a large population of mixed people in the United States, specifically Mulattoes, however they were pushed into the black group, and mixed into the black population.

          They were NOT, in the vast, vast majority of cases, mixed into the white population.

        • Unfortunately we’re going to be the minority (or close to it) real soon, so unless whites choose to practice endogamy (marriage within the group), they will turn into a mixed Latin American style population quite quickly.

          See below about pushing the offspring into the out-group.

    • The ´” Alt-Lite ” have adopted the very same cuckservative civic nationalism abstract / idea / proposition nation as the Blank Slate Theory´anti-White Cult Marxian Left, because they would rather loose their country than be called a
      ” racist “.
      The Ált-Lite has adopted the ” values ” clap trap of the globalist elite. This meaning that they support the notion that a society can be rooted in nothing deeper than a series of intellectual abstractions and vaguarities handed down by diktat from above , rather than a society that is rooted in having evolved organically over a long period of time and that shares the bonds of a common ancestry, kinship, history, legends, mythology, heroes, literature, customs, arts song and common folk memories.
      The fault in your argument and the Alt-Lite is that you do not recognise that there is no such thing as a beneficial or acceptable amount of poison.
      Poison ( ancestral balkanisation = diversity ) is always a destructive ´poison for any society, regardless of the amount.
      The wicked and sociopathic campaign that has been waged against Whites for the last 50 years is so relentless and extreme in its nature that our very existence as a peoples is in question , so that we cannot afford the luxury of the kind of delicate sensitivites and having you cake and eating it wobbling all over the place that your comment expresses
      The Alt-Lite is mainstream proposition nation cuckservatism tarted up in a new dress.

      • I think intellectually we are all involved in a balancing act and I agree that many in the “alt-lite” are tipping too far to the left in which they sometimes act completely unconcerned about the falling white demographic being replaced by non-white foreigners. Mass immigration and white genocide which is being promoted by the jewish media is a real problem that must be addressed and fought, and those not willing to do so are not going to be great allies. At the same time there are many in the alt-right who push too far the other way with purity spiraling and outright hostility to anyone who does not meet their standards 100%. Making demands that are frankly impossible and alienating to most given the circumstances many of us born and raised into. I don’t think you are going to have any success getting rid of all diversity in America, at least now would not be the time to argue for it. It would make more sense to utilize any one with sympathies for Europeans than to reject them completely with extreme zealotry.

    • “These people are a cancer in that I believe they drive more people away
      than they bring in and ultimately hurt the cause more than they help it.”

      So, we should have no purists in the movement then, yeah? Just a bunch of people who are lukewarm, and willing to compromise on the issue of race? Are you paying attention at all to what is going on in the world right now? Do you have any clue what is about to happen to whites if they don’t wake up pronto? I really don’t think the “long slow decline” scenario, or the “Brazilification” scenario are the most likely. You have a (((hostile elite))) that has clearly displayed intent to wipe out the white race, and you have hordes of ideologically radicalized “POCs” marching and rioting in the streets all over the West, saying “give us your house, your money, we need that shit”, crying for the end of “White Supremacy”. Once the demographic tipping point is reached, the end will probably be swift and violent. The intent is clearly there. The strongest and smartest will be isolated and ganged up on first to eliminate the natural leadership. Many whites are simply too cucked/weak/brainwashed to fight back in any way. Many useful idiot whites will help the jews and the colored hordes murder the EBIL WAYCISTS, before their cute, cuddly pets turn on them and give them the reward they so richly and justly deserve. Any survivors will be facing some form of slavery, whether increasingly odious debt-slavery and economic peonage, sex-slavery/forced interracial marriage for the women, or being shipped off as chattel to some third-world hellhole.

      No, my friend, we desperately need more “purists”, not fewer. And if you are fine associating with jews, you clearly haven’t studied them closely enough. They could most accurately be described as the spiritual, cultural antithesis of the White race. I was friends with many before I woke up. Knowing what I know now, and looking back on my life taking stock of those “friendships”, I came to the realization that each one damaged me in some way. Some minor, some major. Whether there was conscious intent in all the cases, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just instinct for them. But knowing what I know now I would not be at all surprised if they had malicious intent, because it’s blatantly clear that their elite strata has malicious intent towards us. They are extremely dangerous psychologically and spiritually, and you don’t know which ones are the “good jews” and which ones aren’t. Explain to me how you can tell the difference. You know, they will do anything, say anything, assume any identity just to gain your trust and infiltrate. You know that spies are a real thing, right? You know that other “POC’S” currently in the West could be foreign spies, terrorist sleeper cells, etc., right?

      Here is your appropriate circle of trust, in descending order:

      1. White people who are explicitly pro-white
      2. “Normie” white conservatives/Trump supporters
      3. “Moderate” white liberals (not radical SJW/Feminist/Homomaniac types)

      Now within that circle of trust, realize that you need to approach each group differently, with increasing degrees of caution and coded language. And also realize, that within those groups you STILL might be dealing with a spy/infiltrator/traitor, or just a brainwashed idiot who will “tattle” on you for thinking naughty thoughts.

      Now, back to hardcore racial purists in the movement. Is it necessary or constructive to adopt outward signs of “Nazism”? Probably not. Is it useful and healthy for whites to come to the realization that we have been lied to about many things, including certain major historical events that provide a certain minority group with enormous psychological leverage over us? Definitely. Be an “iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove”. You should be hardcore in your loyalty to your people and in your intent to win this fight. All your actions, thoughts, and choices should be directed toward that end. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be a self-defeating idiot or a boor.

      • The violence at the inauguration & UC Berkley should be salient reminders that a Haitian Revolution-type event is very possible.

        I would like to see the Jews go to Israel and the Mexicans go back. Hopefully that will be enough to ensure the safety of the Historic American Majority.

    • We’re at war.

      The Alt-Right has non-White allies. — But it’s not ideal. Non-Whites have their own agenda.

      Avoid making friends with non-Whites. — It will cloud your objectivity regarding race.

      And, most importantly…

      Alt-Right Rule #1: No Jews Allowed in the Alt-Right.


  • “Milo Yiannopolous is partly Jewish, so clearly he can’t get behind White Nationalism. Mike Cernovich has both affirmed and denied being Jewish, and he is married to a Persian woman, so he is not a good fit for White Nationalism, either. Paul Joseph Watson is allegedly married to an Asian woman; Stefan Molyneux is part Jewish; and so on.”

    There’s a Jewish continuum that has to do with both genes and identity. By what is probably strategic interbreeding, Jews take on the form of the host society, and by the same token convince certain goys that they are in fact Jewish, although the Jewish ancestry in question is minimal or nil. When these not-actually-Jews reject Jewish destruction techniques (marxism/cultural Marxism) they use their rumored Jewish ancestry to shield themselves from criticism.

    So figures like Cernovich, Molyneux and even Milo are not really Jewish. The claim is a convenient device to protect themselves from criticism. Similarly, Vox Day isn’t an Indian. White appearance, white identity, white brain/thinking style…. Even Andrew Breitbart bears this out. His approach to politics probably had a lot to with the knowledge that he was Irish, not Jewish.

    As far as nonwhite girlfriends & wives. We’ve been under hardcore social engineering for a few generations. Our women have been ruined, so a lot of guys resorted to cheap imports before they knew the score. Getting with an E Asian or other type of nonwhite is not evidence of race denialism…just mistakes that these poor guys are now stuck with.

  • Despite the romantic nonsense about the waywardness of the human heart in matters of love, interracial marriage needs to go into decline. As Millennial Woes points out, this practice produces lost children who have a void where an identity would have gone. These lost children try to fill this void with alcohol, drugs, sexual hedonism and radical politics, only to discover that these substitutes don’t work.

    So many of these lost children have become public figures lately that we can see their pathology writ large. One of them even became America’s president a few years ago, and a damaging one at that as he tried to use his power to work out his frustrations and resentments on white America.

    • Millennial Woes is being safe. Mulattoes are not “lost children”. Mulattoes are anti-White. The long history of Mulattoes clearly illustrates that most are raised by Whites and end up hating White people. Obama and Kaepernick were raised in affluence. They were abandoned by Negroes and given more opportunities than Whites will ever have. Nevertheless, they openly militate against Whites.

      Go back into history and you’ll find Mulattoes doing the same thing in Jamaica and Haiti. They eagerly sided with Negroes and destroyed what could have been island paradises. A Mulatto murdered the PM of South Africa to end Apartheid. So even if you make them citizens and invite them into your country, the Mulattos will murder you.

    • Babies can recognize their own mothers. Them being handled by other women apparently results in elevated stress hormones, and being handled by their mothers increased bonding hormones. They have no object permanence in the first several months and can only make these distinctions between mother and other in the moment. The hindbrain can perform some complex function which differentiates a mother from a random woman. It might seem obvious but the mechanism by which this happens is through the senses and not some psychic bond. That enormously powerful subconscious brain knows its’ own kind and can recognize others like itself through sensory input basically from birth.

      If a white woman gives birth to a mulatto via a purely African father it would not be as related to her as any random member of her race. It will probably have none of her broad features, if any at all and probably different hardwired olfactory cues. Given the preponderance of dominant African genes, does that woman’s child recognize her as its’ mother? Will she even smell right to her own infant? I strongly suspect not and that almost all mulattoes are basically orphans, at least in terms of their early hormonal development. From the perspective of an infant’s primal brain these white people have killed its’ family and kidnapped it.

    • Good News: Miscegenation is nowhere near as popular as our enemies want it to be. Especially amongst Whites. Forget the Telli.

      • According to a Pew study, seven percent of Americans have multiracial backgrounds:

        Which doesn’t sound like much at first. You have to understand the trend to see how this can get out of control, and quickly.

        From the Pew study:

        The share of multiracial babies has risen from 1% in 1970 to 10% in 2013. And with interracial marriages also on the rise, demographers expect this rapid growth to continue, if not quicken, in the decades to come.

    • That said, it’s clear that inter-racial marriages have nothing but numerous problems and troubles, and the kids are utter fucking messes.

      • Except for the fact that this day EVERY marriage is an interracial marriage and if we irradiated it we would go extinct

    • Mulattoes are just genetic defects. Those two races do not have compatible behavioral genes.

      Other races seem to mix consistently well without ill effects. I am not sure about all the combos.

  • “The alt-light have drawn their line in the sand – gender realism is edgy enough to appear cool and counter-cultural but when it comes to race realism, they are still virtue signalling zealots who dare not step outside the holy space of the mainstream Cathedral.”

    My understanding is that Alt-Lighters do this to keep their sexual options open. It’s far easier to land a non-White girl than it is to land a White one (I’ve noticed that Asian women, in particular, have a strong attraction toward White men), and ignoring the racial question allows one to feel comfortable with his easily-obtained non-White bedmate.

    • This is a general problem with millennial males. They are so sex starved the idea of arranging society in such a way that would reduce sexual choice for anyone is seen as abhorrent. It’s misplaced sympathy. Their overriding source of anguish is lack of sensual affection and so they wouldn’t wish such a thing on slags or fags even though the feeling isn’t mutual and arguably the current arrangement of total license is actually what has put them out in the cuck shed.

      I know straight white males in their early 30s who parrot Sargon of Akkad like talking points on feminism and probably haven’t had sexual contact with another person in more than a decade. They do the typical white thing which is look at their own situation, universalize it and render up a packaged abstraction which those unlike themselves will never want. They are trapped in the illusion of most of their associates being other low sexual market value white males so everyone they know and respect is buying what they are selling.

      The real problem with the “alt-lite” is that it isn’t actually advocating for anything and is just getting out in front of a marketable demographic and as such isn’t actually capable of being an effective force for change. The opinions of the “alt-lite” are just the opinions of most millennial white males parroted back at them. No one is carrying anything they learned out into the world or altering their behavior because what they are experiencing is advertising for a product meant for them, which is something they rarely experience in modernity.

      The “alt-lite” has all of the political potential of a commercial for a demographically tailored television show. Bread and circuses are by design not mechanisms for change. The pre-packaged talking points which are familiar and validating of pre-conceived notions of a mainstream and artificially outre target demographic is a feature not a bug.

      For all of the disavowals of “identity politics” I’m reminded of the dead end of black political activism in the inability of any black activist to speak to any topic which isn’t emotionally gratifying to the desired audience. No ability to address internal flaws or properly identify external enemies. They both have the same hyper focus on picking fights with groups that are a source of conflict in their personal lives but aren’t much more in control of the status quo than either blacks activists or the alt-lite themselves. They have both been sold on an inverse pyramid structure of how society actually works where lower middle class white yobs or their blue-haired feminist black sheep are a wellspring of social change and political capital versus the reality of them being some client group used individually as mamluks and as a group for propaganda. These people have no power in and of themselves in the status quo.

      It’s the To Kill a Mockingbird model of society wherein institutional rot is sourced in the opinions of the denizens of tin shacks. To the alt-lite another character from central casting, the blue-haired feminist is inserted in the place of the toothless yokel in this same narrative.

      • arguably the current arrangement of total license is actually what has put them out in the cuck shed.

        why do you think that?

        I know straight white males in their early 30s who parrot Sargon of Akkad like talking points on feminism and probably haven’t had sexual contact with another person in more than a decade. They do the typical white thing which is look at their own situation, universalize it and render up a packaged abstraction which those unlike themselves will never want. They are trapped in the illusion of most of their associates being other low sexual market value white males so everyone they know and respect is buying what they are selling.

        Duh. Its not just a white thing. Chads that get laid dont waste their time attacking feminists online, they fuck them instead

    • You know right libertarians are just aristocratic Traditionalists who believe in the rule of law. We’re basically Evolean and therefore a solid part of the alt right. Not all alt righters have to believe Prussian socialism is THE ideal. Traditionalists look back at least to the Holy Roman Empire.

    • Embracing race realism and White identity & embracing authoritarianism and inferior (socialist) economic systems do not need to be linked. They’re completely separate.

      Where Alt Right promotes the former I’m in. The latter I’m out.

  • This is the most inaccurate article on this website. Writer of this article is total cuck, he even calls Gavin Mclnnes an “Alt-right” figure. No we are not Neocons. We are no the SJWS of the right. We are against wars.
    What is this article is all about anyway? It doesn’t make any sense, i mean what’s the point of this article?? Give bad press for alt right? Make alt right look less cool? I’m going back to You guys are boring, alt right is not.

    • Have you even read the article?

      It shows how not the Alt-right are SJW-like, but instead the Alt-light. Also, the author didn’t call McInnes “alt-right”, but “alt-light”. And that’s exactly what he is, what the whole alt-light is – a bunch of spineless, coward cucks, who are too fearful to mention the JQ or even the race-question. Instead, they side with leftists, not necessarily with the SJWs, but the more “moderate” leftists, which, on YouTube, are represented by the so-called “sceptic community” – for example Sargon of Akkad, who is displayed in that meme above. When watching their videos, you may think that they fully disagree with the typical SJWs, yet in reality it’s more of a rather aesthetic disagreement, because essentially they agree on every elemental question. And they’re the ones calling us “SJWs of the right” all the time as they try to divide the right by that.

    • See the comment below, I think you completely misunderstood the thrust of the article. You’re agreeing with my central point.

    • You misread the article.

      The author is arguing AGAINST the charge that the Alt-Right are the SJWs of the right.

      But, you’re absolutely right about The Daily Stormer.

      It’s obviously the best Alt-Right website. — And, deservedly, the most popular.

    • yes but you do the exact same regressive and degenerate things that the far left does, just with your own (right sided) spin on it

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