The Great Draining Begins: Trump Purges State Department’s 7th Floor ‘Shadow Government’

Tillerson just fired most of the State Department’s 7th floor, which is known in Washington as the “Shadow Government.” Article originally appeared at Russia Insider

CBS is reporting that Tillerson is handing out pink slips like candy, specifically to the State Department’s “7th floor”:


Why is this significant? Because the “7th floor” is known as the home to powerful, high-ranking State Department officials who did everything in their power to shield Hillary Clinton from justice. As the NY Post reported last October:

The FBI also released the summary of an interview that revealed a cabal at State that oversaw the email release — a “powerful group of very high-ranking STATE officials that some referred to as ‘The 7th Floor Group’ or as ‘The Shadow Government.’ This group met every Wednesday afternoon to discuss . . . everything CLINTON-related to FOIA/Congressional inquiries.”

Imagine officials high in the George W. Bush administration calling themelves “the Shadow Government” as they oversaw a supposedly nonpartisan release of documents that could sink the White House hopes of its former boss.

You can bet this is part of Trump’s counter-offensive, now that he realizes how many Beltway snakes are out to get him.

The great draining begins.

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  • I hope he posted guards and refused entry by those employees. There computers and hard copy files need to be scoured.

  • I have my doubts Trump initial intentions were to “drain the swamp” but the way the old guard neocons and demagogues are attacking him. He might just start really breaking stuff.

    • I’m also convinced that Trump was going to slowly walk back a lot of his rhetoric and campaign promises once he was officially in office. I think he really expected to be able to “negotiate” his way onto a nonpartisan playing field, where media, Democrats and the Republicans who’ve opposed him would lessen their vitriol if Trump met them halfway on some issues. But having a hyper-hostile media and officials within the government being more aggressive toward Trump will only make him more aggressive in his response to them.

  • Instead of just firing them they should be investigated for obstruction of justice for shielding Hillary Clinton from justice. Otherwise, these ex-employees will soon find employment somewhere else in the Deep State.

    • Jimmy Carter fired half the CIA because of that whole JFK/RFK thing. They just went “private” for a while, interfered with the Iran hostage situation, and wormed their way into the Reagan administration via George W. Bush, and bam, they were back in charge.

      They have their own banks, their own import/export companies (*cough*) their own Army, Navy, and even their own Air Force.

      I wish Trump luck – he’s going to need it.

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