Redlining, Ghetto Merchants, and Ghetto Experiences

Right-Libertarian Universe is a YouTuber who comes from both an Alt Right and Anarcho-Capitalist perspective. In this video, he talks about redlining and race.

Right-Libertarian Universe
Where the Alt Right meets Anarcho-Capitalism


  • You ask me, this guy isn’t worth putting on here. He’s not smart enough, he just blathers. I see you’ve made him a member. Too bad.

  • As I see it there are at least 2 kinds of “Ghettos” (maybe more). The poor inner city Ghetto is addressed in the you tube and familiar to us. The other is the “China town”. In every aspect they are “self imposed” Ghettos of Chinese who have sequested themselves from the rest of the city.

    “China Towns” across America are successful, generally well managed, and are tourist attractions. Inner city Ghettos (to Barrios) are mis- managed, crime ridden failures where most do not enter.

    Outside of making money is managing it. That plays a large role whether banks would lend. A person making 100 thousand dollars but has such a high debt due to mismanagement of his earnings will be treated in the same manner of a person making 20 thousand dollars with less debt.

    Money management is also a big factor between inner city Ghettos and the so called “China towns”. There is a lot of money in inner city Ghettos but for all the wrong reasons

      • Was the Venetian Ghetto not a Ghetto? Chinatowns, barrios, and the old Jewish ghettos are all the same in a critical way- they’re foreign outposts allowed to fester inside your city, because they’re seen as beneficial by the ruling classes.

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