Patriot Peer – Connecting the Silent Majority

Martin Sellner is an identitarian activist in Austria. Martin is launching a new social networking application for identitarians, right-wingers and patriots called Patriot Peer. Kickstarter for the application can be found here. NOTE: The project’s Kickstarter was shut down but they have a new way to raise funds found here.

Martin Sellner
the authorMartin Sellner
Martin is an identitarian activist, blogger and Co-Leader of the Identitarian Movement in Austria.


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  • The outrage! Great lulz! You know why people like us that could help your movement do not like you?

    1. You are stupid white trash, and you make us look bad.

    2. Someone on here tried to insult me by stating that I am a race traiter because they feel that I think that class determines who I think is of the most worth to society.

    3. I had not consciously felt that way, but after reflecting upon that statement I feel that is a fine assessment. I am fine with it. I grew up in a diverse area. Everyone had one thing in common. We all had money. Thus, people were orderly and followed law.

    In the past whites, were always the innovators with money. This is all changing. White people will always have their place at the higher levels in society, but there will continue to be more and more diversity. This technological innovation will lead to great discoveries in STEM areas. We elites will continue to enrich ourselves, and you poor white trash will continue to grow angrier and eventually become the niggers of society.

    We will keep our cities liberal and full of prosperity, innovation,arts, great health care, ans safe communities. You deplorables can have the leftovers. 🙂

  • There must be a way to sue organizations like Kickstarter, Twitter, etc. but no one every bothers to try. You can bet if Kickstarter suspended a BLM project, ACLU lawyers would be all over it.

  • Here is proof that there is no real Leftist power anymore.

    Voltaire once said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    If the Left really rules America, how come it is fair game to criticize, condemn, mock, and vilify Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Bakunin, Emma Goldman & anarchists, Castro, Che(even though he is revered by many, one’s career isn’t damaged by attacking him), Tito, Ceucescu, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Gramsci, Eurgene Debs, Pete Seeger, Abbie Hoffman, Bill Ayers, and etc.

    You can say whatever you want about such people. Some will agree, some will disagree, but you will not be fired, blacklisted, or destroyed.

    If the Left really rules, why would this be?

    Now, what would happen if you name the Jewish Capitalists as the real holders of power?

    What would happen if you name the Jewish oligarchic corporatists who control most of media?

    What would happen if you said Jews are prominent in the vice industry of gambling?

    What would happen if you named the Jewish capitalists in music industry that made so much money by spreading garbage?

    What would happen if you said Jewish warhawks were largely responsible for the disasters in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine?

    And what would happen if you were question the MLK mythology and cult?

    What would happen if you were to make fun of homos and trannies?

    Now, keep in mind that blacks and homos are favored by Jews as their main allies.

    (Some say the US is not a pro-minority nation, but it’s still permissible to criticize, impugn, and vilify Chinese, Iranians, Muslims, Mexicans, Hindus, and etc. Trump was hard on China, Iran, Muslims, and Mexicans, and he got some flak over it but not enough to destroy him. Now, imagine what would have happened if he’d said such things about blacks, Africa, homos, Jews, and Israel? American politics isn’t necessarily pro-minority. If it is, it should favor Palestinian-Americans just as much as Jewish-Americans. Actually, since there are fewer Palestinian-Americans than Jewish-Americans, the US, being pro-minority, should favor Palestinians over Jews in America. In reality, it is AIPAC that draws all the politicians. America is about Pro-Power, and since Jews have the Power and since Jews are a minority, it creates the false impression that the US is a minority-supremacist nation. But WHICH minority? Jews would like for us think that all minorities are represented equally in the US, but do Eskimos, Hawaiians, Guatemalans, Vietnamese, and etc. have the kind of power & protection that the Jewish minority has? Do we see politicians and powerbrokers flock to such minorities for funds and favors?)

    So, what does it about the real power in America? So many ‘conservatives’ say the Left controls America. But in fact, an American can badmouth all true bonafide leftist leaders and thinkers(everyone from Lenin to Sartre). However, if an American were to badmouth Sheldon Adelson as a sick demented Zionist capitalist oligarch who wants to nuke Iran, he would be blacklisted by the most of the media. (If one must criticize Adelson, it has to be in generic terms of him a top donor to the likes of Romney. One mustn’t discuss his zealous and maniacal views rooted in Zionist-supremacism. You can criticize his money but not the mentality that determines the use of that money.) Isn’t it rather amusing how the so-called Liberals denounce the GOP for being ‘extreme’ but overlook the main reason for such extremism? It’s because the GOP relies on Zionist lunatics like Adelson who thinks Iran should be nuked to be taught a lesson. Even Liberal Media overlook this fact. Also, it’s interesting that the Liberal Media are more outraged by Trump’s peace offer to Russia than Trump’s hawkish rhetoric toward Iran. I thought Liberals were the Doves.

    We know why politics and media work like this. It’s not about ‘left’ vs ‘right’ or ‘liberal’ vs ‘conservative’. It is really about Jewish Globalist Dominance. Jews, neocon ‘right’ or globo-‘left’, hate Russia because its brand of white gentile nationalism is an obstacle to Jewish supremacist domination. Now, Current Russia is nice to Jews, and Jews can make all the money they want. But that isn’t enough for Jews. Jews want total control of media, government, narrative, everything. If Jews say Russia must have homo parades and ‘gay marriage’, Russia better bend over because its saying NO means that it is defiant to the Jewish supremacist agenda of using homomania as proxy to undermine and destroy all gentile nationalism rooted in identity and moral righteousness.

    Russia doesn’t allow that, and that is what pisses off Jews. For Jews, the New Antisemitism is defined as denying them the supremacist ‘right’ to control other nations. Classic antisemitism used to mean denying Jews equal rights under the law. The New Antisemitism means Jews are denied the right to gain dominance over others and dictate terms.

    So, that is why Jews hate any idea of good relations with Russia. But Jews don’t mind Trump’s irresponsible anti-Iran rhetoric since it serves Zionist interest. So, if Trump were to say, “We shouldn’t go to war with Russia; we should be friends” and “We should get ready to bomb, destroy, and even nuke Iran”, the ‘liberal’ media would be more alarmed by the Peace-with-Russia statement. Which groups controls the media? ‘Liberals’, really? Do Muslim ‘liberals’ agree with Jewish ‘liberals’?

    Anyway, we need to do away with the fiction that Left rules anything. They don’t. We have Jewish Supremacist rule hiding behind the label of the ‘Left’. But the US is a nation where it’s totally permissible to attack real leftist ideas and leaders but suicidal if anyone dares to discuss the power of super-capitalist Jewish oligarchs. Some ‘leftism’!

    We need to discuss the power of the Glob.

  • Some people think Jewish support of Muslim immigration will backfire on them because Muslims hate Jews.

    But is that really true?

    If all Muslims/Arabs coming to the US were Palestinians, that might be the case.

    BUT most Muslims are not Palestinians and don’t care about the Palestinian issue.

    What do Pakistani Muslims, Indian Muslims, Iranian Muslims, Syrian Muslims, Iraqi Muslims, Afghani Muslims, Somali Muslims, Indonesian Muslims, Egyptian Muslims, Turkish Muslims, and etc really care about Palestinians?

    It’s like expecting Japanese-Americans to care about China or Tibet cuz they’re all Asians.

    It’s like expecting Mexican-Americans to care about Cubans cuz they are both ‘Hispanic’.

    They don’t.

    The main priority of most Muslims who wanna come to the US is easy entry. If they realize that Jews are their main allies in this agenda, they will form an alliance with Jews. They won’t give a crap about Palestinians and Israel. (A few will and may commit terrorism, but most won’t. And even most who do sympathize with Palestinians won’t lift a finger since their alliance with Jewish Power is what really counts in bringing more Muslim relatives to the US.) If Jews can form an alliance with American Muslims(most of whom are NOT Palestinian and whose main priority is easy access to the US), then this Jewish-Muslim alliance will actually undermine the Palestinian cause. Jews in America will say, “Look, we are wonderful friends with most Muslims, and we are both agreed on more immigration.” And if Muslim-Americans must choose between alliance with Jews & more immigration AND alliance with Palestinians & less immigration(as Jews might support Muslim immigration restrictions out of fear), they will opt for the former. Muslims mainly care about their own family, clan, and tribe. The fact is most Muslims are NOT Palestinians. Even though they don’t like Israel, Palestinians meaning NOTHING to them.

    Also, most Muslims who want come to the US have negative feelings toward fellow Muslims in their nations of origin. Shias who come to the US hate the Sunnis, and vice versa. Syrians who come to the US hate Assad and Alawi elite rule. Almost all Iranians in the US hate the current regime in Iran. Likewise, the Vietnamese refugees after the war were not Viet Cong out to attack Americans but people who hated communist Viets and saw the US as their savior. They turned out to be useful collaborators of the US when US reopened ties with Vietnam.

    Even as they maintain their Muslim ways, they feel safer in the secular West than in their own homelands that are so corrupt and brutal, even among Muslims.

    Just like Pilgrims were Christians who fled other Christians who persecuted them in Europe, Muslims coming to the West often feel persecuted, wronged, or oppressed by other Muslims who rule the Middle East. As such, they may make good allies with Jews.

    • Muslims hate jews only in their own countries. Muslims do not hate jews in the US or Europe because they do not care about those places since it’s not their homeland. Instead jews and muslims work together to undermine white societies.

      There is also solidarity among muslims. To say that Iraqis or Iranians do not care about Palestinians is not true. They are certainly against jews in Israel but they are not against jews in the US and Europe due to different circumstances. Same reason jews seem to love muslims in the US but then completely hate their guts in the middle east.

      And yes, even Hispanics show solidarity with each other for the most part and so do Europeans. I am not German but I care about Germany more than I care about some place in Africa since we are both European. Even for whites who aren’t alt-right like me, most will not give a shit if some terrorist attack happens in Africa but will act like it’s the worst tragedy ever if it happens some place in Europe.

      • NO! I’m from the U.S. MUZZYS here hate all that are not their “religion ” They lie they try to kill us and now their invading our political system… Don’t believe the lies!
        There are patriots like me in the millions here! We will resist the the MUZZYS as invaders.

  • Excellent – a step in the right direction. We should be supporting these sort of initiatives – because this is the New New Media. The early days of the internet saw the White men who invented all this technology have it swiped away because the Jew press gave favorable coverage to Jewish-run internet properties (like Google, Facebook, and Amazon) while trashing White (and Asian) owned properties, like Microsoft, WordPress, Yahoo, and MySpace.

    If I had a budget, I’d do an academic study on the mainstream media coverage of the “internet revolution” of the late 90s to the late 2000s – I believe there was a significant bias toward positive coverage of Jewish run companies and negative attacks on non-Jewish owned companies.

    The Occidental Observer published a few articles about how the Jew Larry Summers conspired with the Jew Mark Zuckerberg to essentially steal the social network from the Winklevoss twins – Summers is on record making blatantly racist statements against the Winklevoss twins and engaging in overt anti-White stereotyping about them. At the beginning of Facebook, their major competitor, MySpace, suffered a massive slew of negative media stories – they even ran blatantly anti-black stories calling MySpace a “ghetto” and suggesting that all the White people were moving to Facebook.

    It was really, really blatant, but all but unremarked upon.

    Things are changing and Whites have a second chance to right the ship. Vox Day has turned the tables on the Jew-run Wikipedia with his new site. is a credible competitor to the Jew owned (and CIA funded) I’m not too sure about and I’m not even sure if Twitter is Jew owned or not, but the anti-white bias of Twitter is obvious.

    There are some promising competitors to Youtube coming up, with vastly superior technology, and Peer to Peer is a game changer.

    Also Whites need to make sure to keep ahead of the newest Blockchain technology (it’s in the same vein as Bitcoin) which has the potential to completely revolutionize the monetary and financial systems.

    The trick is, however, to not make these new platforms ghettos and circle jerks. You need to make them general interests – like – but subtly, behind the scenes, tilt the platform in our favor. Make sure you cover crap like celebrities and give more favorable coverage to the non-anti-White characters and stories.

    Look at the CIA’s attempt at penetrating Cuba with ZunZuneo – it seems to have ultimately failed but the strategy is solid. You use the general interest stuff to cast a wide net, and then insert your agenda in the middle of it.

    • is awesome. It has a ‘Big Tent’ of Rightist types on there.

      ‘Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom’

      Gab has a good mix of Twitter & Reddit type features and has recently added accounts from World Net Daily (brining in more Movement Conservative types) and VDARE!

    • I don’t agree with the whole “subtly tilting things in our favor behind the scenes” idea because isn’t that the reason why liberalism is so out of control now? It’s a slippery slope that leads to extremism. I say offering a platform with ZERO bias is always the best option. Just my two cents.

  • Kickstarter just suspended it. Looks like you need to use alt right friendly platforms if you want to build alt right friendly platforms: (vs twitter) (vs wikipedia) (vs mozilla) (vs kickstarter)

  • He’s gonna have a hard time with the Apple store. Gab keeps getting rejected because of the social network’s content. Never mind that I’ve seen countless headless human corpses and abused animals on twitter and not Gab, but, you know. Censorship. All the power to him, I look forward to this project.

  • Great video, great message and congratulations Martin Sellner. Austria is one of the most oppressed nations when it comes to Austrians, their history, pride and culture. Free speech on so many subjects (such as WW2, Jews ) are forbidden, massive censorship on refugees, illegals, non Europeans in Austrian media.

    Only proves how brave Mr. Sellner is. He is also using high tech (Cell phone and internet) to galvanize a movement in Austria, and from there, across the Western world, bypassing the traditional methods of control (media censorship, laws, government etc). Looking forward to “Patriot Peer”

    • He needs a push in the right direction though. His English videos seem to be good, but in his German videos you can see a pattern most of the time: First 2/3rds of the video are good, but during the last 1/3rd he starts to spread stuff that contradicts the first part. That’s because he is a fan of Dugins 4th political theory, which in my opinion, is cucked civic-nationalism mixed with globalistic liberalism (ethnopluralism). Martin Sellner rejects the term nationalism, he doesn’t mention race realism and he denies the JQ in an alt-light-style. Nevertheless, his project here is still great, since we can use it to redpill the more moderate patriots.

      • I suspect part of the reason why European identitarians appear a bit cucked to us is that Europeans are actually put in jail if they publicly speak anything deemed “racist”. It is possible they are beiung very careful about what they say publicly due to antiWhite “hate speech” laws.

        • I myself am from Germany. And no, you don’t get thrown into jail when saying something “racist” (or rather racialist). However, when saying something about the JQ, you get imprisoned. So that’s why I suggest to my friends and fellow nationalists to simply shut up about it, don’t even mention it. But Sellner outright denies its existence. Not the most strategic option in my opinion.

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