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Open Thread: Day Without Immigrants

Share your experiences here.

How was your life affected by the Day Without Immigrants? I sat around and wrote some blog posts like I did yesterday. I even managed to make my own taco salad for lunch. The point of this protest was to demonstrate my life wouldn’t be affected in the slightest way on the Day Without Immigrants. If they all disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn’t even notice they were gone.

Note: I made some YouTube videos on the Day Without Immigrants back in 2010.

Update: If you enjoy spicy food like I do, The Bald Chef has a great YouTube channel. Just watch his videos and learn how to make all the Mexican food you want from scratch.

Hunter Wallace
the authorHunter Wallace
Hunter Wallace is the founder and editor of OccidentalDissent.com


  • We don’t need immigrants to do those jobs. There are millions of able-bodied Americans on welfare, including white people. Simply kick them off welfare and they can pick the crops, mow the lawns, cut the sandwiches, work the meat-packing plants, etc.

  • Working retail I couldn’t enjoy the day free from immigrants but I’m pretty sure the immigrants in my area didn’t even no about this boycott. I work in a big box store and while it was slow it still had it’s share of immigrants in and out all day. One thing I have noticed is that for the most part different races come in different shifts during the day. There are literally peak times when you can expect Hispanics to show and then Muslims at another. Europeans are usually out in the mornings with a smattering of Asians throughout the day. I have even notice they unconsciously line up at the registers with their own kind.

    • “I have even notice they unconsciously line up at the registers with their own kind.” Jared Taylor says that when people have free choice, they naturally self-segregate. It is true!!

  • I work retail, so I see the degenerate horde every day, face to face.
    I noticed literally nothing, business was just as slow as yesterday. I think I saw a single White baby today, come to think of it.
    Didn’t even know this was going on until several hours after I got home.

    So as far as I can tell, they did literally nothing. Keep in mind, I live in an area where 98% of gas stations are owned and ran by Arab immigrants, so you literally cannot go 2 blocks straight without an immigrant owned business.
    They sure showed me how vital they are. I’ll never forget this.

      • I’m around the world-famous example of multiculturalism and Democrat-controlled bastion of inclusiveness and coexistence known as Detroit.
        2+ Gas stations at every remotely major intersection, and invariably owned by Saudi, Iraqi, and a few other sandholes.
        I’ve been to the Midwest, but never been further south than Ohio.

      • Hunter: I was very disappointed by Trump’s comments today on DACA. I am still waiting for him to rescind BO’s executive order. I think I am going to have a long wait. I smell amnesty coming. The blood is in the water. Megalodon is coming. I expect Trump to be gone by summer. +FD

  • My day without immigrants was peaceful and good. I live in a safe, clean Whiteopia where everything functions well and you can say hi to people as you take a walk. I have nothing against immigrants, as long as they remain a significant minority in this country and stop the violent crime and welfare dependence. Oh, and stop the anti-White bigotry. This is our country and we are not giving it away to anyone.

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