Donald Trump Changes The Immigration Situation

From The Anonymous Conservative

Migrating from a fire, into a frying pan:

Wendy no longer worries that when her sons leave the apartment in the morning, they may never make it to school. Memories of the gangs that haunted their lives in Honduras are slowly receding into the past.

The family fled its home last year after gang members tried to recruit the boys, threatening them with death if they did not join. They received asylum in Mexico, making them among the country’s newest residents…

The United States has long been the dream destination for many Latin American migrants, whether fleeing poverty, political unrest, natural disaster or violence. But now a growing number of migrants are putting down roots in Mexico, legally or illegally, instead of using it as a thruway to the United States…

In recent weeks, yet another factor has begun to weigh on some northbound migrants: President Trump. Even if all the details of his recent policy declarations on immigration have not yet permeated the migration grapevine, his longstanding promises to restrict immigration have fueled a growing perception among migrants that the United States is becoming far less hospitable to immigrants, documented and undocumented alike.

“Here, at least, the people like you, they help you,” said Josué, 31, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras staying at Casa del Migrante, a migrant shelter here in Saltillo. “Why would you want to go to a country that doesn’t like you?”

There was a Mexican illegal a while back who bit a piece of his roommate off when they argued over President Trump. That is how freaked out he was over the thought of going back to Mexico. When I heard about that, I thought how Mexico must be bad. Imagine what Honduras is like, if it makes Mexico look like a paradise.

The interesting part is, notice how sensitive the r-strategist migrant is to images of attitudes in lands they are thinking of migrating to. If I wanted to go somewhere, I’d go. I would almost expect the population to be hostile, and I would operate on arrival as if they were. But not r-strategists. They need total ease, and complete assurance of safety and happiness at the very outset. The slightest imagery of hardship and they are put off.

Just as liberals get amygdala hijacked at any image of out-grouping, r-strategists migrants who see images of a nation hostile to them will change plans, and instead try to migrate to somewhere that is more friendly.

That inability to tolerate adversity and aggressive conflict is a trait of the r-selected migrant, just as it is a trait of the liberal political ideologue. When the right begins to fight back aggressively against leftist violence, the leftist movement will evaporate, just as r-strategist migrants flee their lands at the first sign of hardship and aggression.

It is instructive to the right-leaning ideologue that creating images of hostility to migrants will help to dissuade r-strategist immigration before it happens. It also points out the powerful effects we are probably seeing now, as images of heavily armed ICE agents grabbing up migrants are being broadcast throughout the world.

Let the leftists cherry pick cases to publicize and whine about, because in foreign countries, potential migrants are deciding that the trip is not worth the effort. The more that the cases the media picks emphasize some innocent woman who wasn’t hurting anyone, and the more the media tries to make the actions seem unfair and arbitrary, the more the migrants overseas will conclude that they will be a target – and conclude they are best off staying home.

With President Trump, the winning never stops.

Anonymous Conservative
The Anonymous Conservative is a blogger and author of The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics and Dealing with Narcissists.


  • As a kid in the UK we used to make racist jokes about the French, how they stunk of garlic and bio and did not have good personal hygiene, greasy hair, unwashed etc. They were also a very arrogant, racist people, who despised the British. My British uncle moved there in the 70’s and married a French woman and it took him about 15 years to be accepted, he was only accepted after becoming fluent in French and completely adopting all of their mannerisms, when he came back to the UK he acted like a frog waving his arms around and acting like a superior c-u-n-t. How times have changed. The French culture is being completely crushed, I won’t be shedding a tear for them, maybe the NGO’s and third world charity organisations can start helping them out with personal hygiene education and how it prevents diseases, if it was bad in the 70’s, god knows what it is like now, I think the only reason Paris stinks of P I S S, is to cover the stink of their own body odor.

  • What we need is a satirical sitcom called Down in the Trumps.

    It would be about the hysteria, meltdown, nuttery, panic, paranoia, and lunacy of the progs, Jewish globalists, feminists, Muslims, etc. in the Trump era.

    It can be funnier than ALL IN THE FAMILY. And we wouldn’t even need to invent much since real life people are supplying all the craziness. Just represent them as they are unfolding before our eyes.

    Imagine a family where the father is someone like Apatow, mother is someone like Meryl Streep, uncle is someone like Michael Moore, grandpa is someone like Soros and grandma is someone like Hillary, and kids are like Lena Dunham, Shia Lagoof, Miley Cyrus. And the school teachers are like Joy Behar, Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow, Sarah Silverman, and etc. And the neighbors are like Robert Deniro, Paul Schrader, Ashley Judd, and etc. And the town mayor is someone like Joe Biden.

    The topics for episodes: intersectionality of muslims and feminists, rape culture, KKK sightings, Haven Monahan comes to town, homo parades and BLM and Muslim pride and Israel pride all on same day, pussy hatters, etc.

    Actually, a reality TV show with all these people together would do the trick.

    And for extra fun, let’s say there is a Trump supporter in town who happens to be Ruuuuuuussian. Think of the rumors among townfolks about this suspicious Ruuuuuuuussian.

  • One more point on American refugees in our history and that is our civil war (1861-1865). I quote:
    “Refugees during the Civil War”
    -“Virginia possessed the largest number of the estimated 200,000 Southerners who fled their homes during the American Civil War (1861–1865). There were three broad classes of refugees in Virginia during the war—slaves, white Unionists and other dissidents, and Confederates—although historians have tended to focus only on Confederates”

    My comment: They went through hell and did not have a choice. they faced every kind of problem including discrimination, hunger, homelessness, dispossession etc. and we may face internal refugees fleeing problems from one part of the US to another.

    Time liberals learned that this is no cake walk and nothing is guaranteed to refugees coming to our shores from another nation.

  • Refugees flee from something. That includes Americans fleeing a natural disaster such as the Loma Prieta earthquake or the Katrina/Rita Hurricane or older cases such as the Great Dust Bowl.

    Many were accepted in other parts of the US, many were not. The “Oakies” from Oklahamo fleeing to California faced all kinds of discrimination. They had no choice. Same with American “refugees” fleeing the disaster of Katrina/Rita or the Loma Prieta Earthquake. Many simply ate “humble pie’ where ever they went. Many were welcome.

    That is what a refugee is. they seldom have a choice.
    Refugees fleeing some kind of horror from their homeland do not get to choose which land they get to go, not the US or Europe. They are supposed to go to the nearest safe nation and even then they cannot expect a wonderful life.

    Immigrants go to a place of choosing. Immigrants today choose which nation they wish to go mainly based on their education and need in the new nation. Unlike a refugee immigrants generally like the new nation and culture or they would not have gone to that nation.

  • That’s a very good point that I haven’t seen anywhere else – that the /media highlighting the nice people who’ve been here forever getting pulled notwithstanding/, is very discouraging to prospectives. Let’s hope he goes after visa overstayers who are highly productive, in tech, finance, wherever, too. Illegality being, as lefties rightly sense, a fig leaf for “We don’t want you here”. And now, “… and we’re not afraid to do something about it”.

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