Cuck Life: I Let My Fat Girlfriend Have Sex With Other Men

So much progress

“WAKING up on a Saturday morning, Beatrice Gibbs takes one look at the naked stranger lying next to her before quickly putting on her clothes and leaving.

As the 22-year-old make-up artist walks home, she texts her boyfriend Adam Gillet to tell him she’s on her way back.

Beatrice feels no guilt as she walks through their front door – because Adam knows exactly where she has been and what she’s been doing.

The pair, who have been together for two years, have a one-sided open relationship.

Beatrice can sleep with who she wants, when she wants, despite Adam, 27, not having the same privileges …

“I tell Adam about the guys although I won’t go into detail about the actual sex. Adam is so caring to give me the freedom to do what I want — it makes me love him even more.

“I couldn’t handle it if he did the same to me and was with another girl. I would hate it. …”

This is the happy couple in the “free” relationship:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the “mainstream” culture in the United Kingdom. The British government is going to spend millions of dollars … fighting us. We’re the “extremists.” We’re ruining their great society where Beatrice is out at the bar cucking her boyfriend.

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  • Dude might as well cut his dick off and go trans…’re not a fucking man if you’re letting this shit happen

  • Rule #1 – Never, EVER direct link to a (((Media))) page. EVER.
    Rule #2 – Always archive pages and link to the archive.

    We want their ad revenue to drop.

  • The reason he lets her do this is that he feels bad for her for being fat. He thinks this will make her happy and confident. He is probably a hypersensitive who feels super super bad for her and desperately wants to help her feel better. In reality, she just needs to fix her attitude and body if she wants to stop being miserable. She has a gorgeous face, she just needs to drop the weight, and she will be a knockout.

    One of the fundamental differences between us and liberals is that liberals are (more often) hypersensitive fools.

  • Thelemites lmao! Look at the tattoo. Thelemites are up for anything kinky, because of their admiration for Crowley. Who really gives a shit if some guy masturbates to the thought of his wife have sex with other men – and look at him – I’m not suprised his wife has a roaming eye!

    • Is that what it is? I thought it was the star of David gone wrong. Or some sort of fucked up pentagram. You learn something new every day! And emblazoned across a rolly-polly belly no less, so sexy.

  • I clicked article because I noticed the symbol on the dude’s stomach. I used to be into Thelema until I realized how implicitly degenerate it is. Please forgive me white Jesus

  • This is shit-tier at best. Polyamory is popular in a few cities. Who fucking cares? I can tell you from having lived in some of the cities where it is common that it is almost never some cunt guy who lets his whore do whatever. Leftiss are crafty. They are just gaming feminism. I’ve met many devout socialist losers who start practicing polyamory simply because they can game foolish women into accepting their having multiple women at the same time. I had one whore begging me to “help” her get out of the life (put her whore ass up in one of my properties). I found it funny that she got played like the whore she is.
    This shit post that made is not represtative of reality. This guy is one cunt out of billions if his story has any veracity to it.
    You seem to have watched too much fetish porn. I am convinced that you are a regular subscriber to Blacked. It’s your fetish porn. You secretly get off on watching BBC pound white pussy. I will admit that I don’t like niggers.

    P.S. Your wife is fucking ugly. She looks like something that I would not let suck my dick if she was the last whore on the earth.

    • You are unintentionally hilarious, by the way. “Try hard” doesn’t begin to describe it. You’re an anonymous internet handle that shows up at a blog and tells everyone how you are superior to everyone else.

      People who are actually superior – people who really have multiple “properties” and multiple women to put in them – do not, as a rule, have a need to talk about it to a presumably hostile audience.

      The fact you have the need to “signal” so hard shows us that reality is the opposite of what you are telling us.

      You also write like a teenager.

      “I found it funny that she got played like the whore she is.”

      That is the way virgin teenage boys talk, not the way adult men – and certainly not womanizers – talk.

      You need to work on your spiel, it’s not convincing.

  • It’s just a stupid article. I expect more from this site than attempting to lambast the sex lives of others. Who gives a rat’s ass what these two doofuses are up to, or not up to. Got all your panties in a lather too. Idiots. Stick to topics that matter.

    • Highlighting degeneracy is a good way to redpill people, and it also reminds us why we oppose modernity. The mere fact that this appeared in a tabloid as an item of curiosity shows what’s wrong with our society. In a decent society the only reason this would be published would be to socially destroy the cuck. People in the altright risk ostracism, and yet these degenerates can sell their story without any professional consequences (and I’ve no doubt that they have faces less personal consequences than someone like Richard Spencer has).

      • This type of article appearing in a tabloid just proves that website and ezines need “eyeballs” and controversy to make money. It’s no business of yours (or mine) whether or not people are monogamous or poly. For the record, most poly couples allow for both partners to enjoy relations with other consenting adults outside of the primary relationship. This is not degeneracy. People have been up to quirky sexual antics for thousands of years. Hello? The Romans? It’s our right, as civilization builders to enjoy our human proclivities, delicious food and any form enjoyment we choose. It’s our birthright. I cry bullshit that has published a sample story portraying a couple where the guy is continually cucked by a fat chick. It’s pretty lame. I have no admiration for this couple but why should they face personal consequences? The fact that Richard is possibly enduring some sort of exile at the moment for his opinions sucks, as well.

        Are you saying that this article is shedding light on a salient issue, that the altright needs to take a stand on and oppose? Lame. So lame.

        • Lighten up, Frances. Both the cuck and the sow chose to do a spread for a tabloid, they wanted the attention – we’re just giving it to them.

          Besides, how do you know what “most poly couples” do? Did you do a survey?

          Oh, that’s right, people in the “poly community” WILL NOT SHUT UP about their sex lives and take every chance they get to blather on about it, despite no one wanting to hear it.

          If we didn’t know about your sex life, we wouldn’t be able to judge you now would we?

        • ‘People have been up to quirky sexual antics for thousands of years. Hello? The Romans? It’s our right, as civilization builders to enjoy our human proclivities, delicious food and any form enjoyment we choose. It’s our birthright.’

          I suppose it’s our birthright to enjoy ourselves, but I would disagree what we should permit people to enjoy themselves in any way they choose. Morality is important and should come before enjoyment. The Romans were not nearly as sexually licentious as most think. Caesar was mocked for having been sexually submissive to Nicomedes IV. Male effeminacy was condemned. My own Germanic ancestors were even more socially conservative, and according to Tacitus anyone who committed adultery was totally ostracised from the community. Sexual licentiousness IS something we should make a point of opposing. The sexual revolution and focus on casual sex and sexual freedom rather than marriage is part of what is killing our society. As Black Pigeon Speaks has explained in a series of videos titled ‘Why Women DESTROY NATIONS * / CIVILIZATIONS’, monogamy is essential to any civilization. People who attack the morality of society (or what’s left of it) by spreading their perversity around absolutely should face consequences; in the form of legal repercussions (adultery is still a crime is several US states, and ought to be across the West) or social penalties in the form of ostracism.

          • Kings (especially European ones) enjoyed a variety of sexual partners. Why do you think that is/was?

            Also, Richard Spencer looks like he is on the road to divorce from his wife, is this considered immoral, as well? Is divorce a form of modernity? Not too long ago, divorce was considered abomination.

            Having children out of wedlock with no prospects financially or otherwise does seem like the downfall of many communities and I am by no means a fan. But this is consenting adults that as far as I can tell, are not overwhelming the system with low IQ offspring. I guess I just do not find the behavior in the article immoral and I think that issues like these are a distraction. I also do not think monogamy is essential to any civilization. I just don’t. The people in poly communities are not lying to each other about their partners, I actually see monogamous couples doing that. Men that are in relationships craving to tap someone different often times take to matters into their own hands and stray, I often think they would have been way happier had they found a poly wife. I see a lot of miserable men in the world, wishing they had more interesting and exciting lives.

            I appreciate your thoughtfulness and articulate expression regarding the matter.

          • Polygamy by the most powerful men is the natural state of things – but one of the things that makes European culture unique is that the Church actually tried to enforce monogamy even among the most powerful men – and they were often somewhat successful. This had a genetic impact on European populations and it is one of the things that makes us different than the Orientals, Arabs, Indians, and Africans.

            You know what else is natural? Slavery. Rape. Murder. STDs. But no one promotes those things.

            Monogamy and patriarchy are essential to society. Sure, we know people will never live up to the ideal – but we need it as an ideal, something that most people practice or at least aspire to. There are always going to be outliers, and as long as they aren’t promoting degeneracy people will tend to look the other way.

            As far as “poly communities” go … is building a community around sexual promiscuity really such a good idea? If all your “community” is based around is recreational, sterile sex, does that really even count as a “community?”

            Brooklyn hipsters reenacting “Shortbus” does not a “community” make.

            youtube (dot)com/watch?v=H8A1dwEhSMY

            I’ll never understand why kinksters always want to form a “community” based on some sexual practice. It’s bizarre. Husbands and wives have been doing kinky stuff since forever, they never needed to join a “community” to do it – their “community” was based on their family, friends, neighbors and coworkers – not whatever slightly unusual thing they may like to do in bed.

          • In your case, I promote your acquireing HIV via a hot load of Richard Spencer’s semen right up your ass.

  • I thought cucks were the republican/conservative element who are just clueless to the idea of our demography and who are willing to sell their mother to be promoted. The people in the article are just fucking losers and trash.

  • I don’t understand situations like this. He’s not a stud but he could easily get a way better looking woman who didn’t sleep around.

    • He likes it, that’s why. When a guy goes to a dominatrix to be humiliated and beat up do you ask the question: Why doesn’t he find a woman that will treat him nice? Because he doesn’t want to be treated nice! He gets off on this shit. And some guys like fat girls. They may be a minority but they exist.

    • He probably can’t get another woman much less a better one. Understand that he probably spent years and years looking for a woman of this quality. She’s getting routine attention from much more attractive men. What is the situation for women who aren’t so ugly and fat? Those women will find a better class of man to cuck.

      • Yeah from the proportions of his face he looks like he has some kind of syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome maybe, and this is probably as good as it gets for him. Is this post testing our mettle as alt-right shit posters? I don’t see the connection other than they are white.

  • That guy is gross. He has very creepy eyes. Both of them are disgusting. Oh, and I bet she cucks him with black men! Huge fat White women go to bars and nightclubs to get picked up by black men. For some reason, black men are eager to sleep with obese White women. I knew a 400 pound White woman who bragged about going to clubs and being picked up by black men.

  •, your headquarters for White Nationalism and Kinky Fetish News. It’s like a mix between Stormfront and!

    I blame myself.

    “this is the “mainstream” culture in the United Kingdom.”

    Except – it’s not. It’s not “mainstream” at all, which is why they publish stuff like this in the tabloid press – so the women who read these articles can tsk-tsk at the fat sow and her loser boyfriend.

    You realize the “sex tips” in Cosmo are basically parody, right? No one would actually do that stuff. It’s a form of porn – just like this story.

    • This isn’t even softcore porn in Japan you know, tis weak like the cuck that can’t even satiate his own meatbag. Indisputably degenerate and intolerable in a civilized society, yes, but I wouldn’t call it “kinky” until someone bleeds.

        • You are wrong! It is big time a way of life for many, many people, especially in cosmopolitan areas. People communicate and rarely get hurt if it is done right. The community is smart, communicative, open-minded people. No harm is done.

          • “Yourhighness” huh? We’ll see about that.


            Cuckqueaning – like D/s – is far more popular and they only gave it a label to associate it with the fringes. Dommes are just women who haven’t found the right top yet. Here’s a riddle: Q: how do you know a woman is a hard charging, ball busting feminist in the boardroom, but loves to be dominated in the bedroom?

            A: Don’t worry, she’ll tell you.

            “Communicate, communicate, communicate!” You people are more PC than the worst SJWs on campus. Don’t worry, you can find a way to communicate non-verbally…

          • What community? A community is an extension of a family. A family means children. Having children means not waving your genitalia around for the village to sniff at. Or if you do, you are a criminal parent.

            We don’t want these modern ideas of community, We are this, we are that. We are wiccans, we are pagans, we are homos, we are trannies, bla, bla, bla….

            No we want real community and society and nations.

            Yourhighness sounds pretty low to me. About low enough to lick a..

          • Yourhighness sits high above you! Exhalted and sublime!

            No, seriously, seeing people on the intellectual vanguard getting distracted by puritanical & distracting issues is a little disappointing, for sure. We have much work to do and this stuff gets us nowhere.

            I’m going to practice what I preach and leave this thread as I fear I have been sucked it into it as well – which tells us a lot. Please focus your energies on better issues than irrelevant crap like this article, designed to evoke irrational emotions.

            We’re better than this

      • The only person I know in real life who brags openly about being in a polyamorous relationship is an insane leftist, radical feminist woman. She is an extremely broken human being. She is also now near her mid 30s and gaining weight, and she has lost whatever youthful cuteness she used to have. Of course, she is childless. She has left a trail of disaster behind her wherever she goes.

    • He’s drawing a comparison between what is being promoted as Normal vs what is being labeled as Extreme in popular culture. While it may not be “mainstream” in practice, it is a “mainstream” as an acceptable concept.

      In my opinion, that is the point.

      • I understand the point. I’m simply saying this is not being “promoted as normal.” Quite the opposite – it’s being shown so the women who read tabloids can point, laugh, and make jokes about the fat pig and her loser boyfriend. The audience are Mean Girls who feel better about themselves because they are not fat pigs and their boyfriends are not cucked losers.

        Since the audience for these sorts of stories are women, not men, it has a sheen of “non-judgementalism” but just read between the lines – both the man and the woman here are being ruthlessly mocked.

    • A mildly intelligent person will recognize the above story as parody. Unfortunately most people are not even mildly intelligent.

      People wind up actually doing that stuff. Monkey see, monkey do.

    • She’s much prettier than Rosie, just needs to hit the gym. Too bad she’s a slutty selfish skank.

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