CNN Interviews Nathan Damigo

Understandably, Nathan clearly gets annoyed by the Narrative that CNN is pushing:

Note: President Trump was on television a few minutes ago slamming the lying, dishonest media at his press conference. He downgraded CNN to very fake news.

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  • I like how the CNN reporter used the white people do something art project as something from the altright.

    Shows how much research they do

  • I mean, this nasty bitch is completely hostile and has no professional integrity. This is an interrogation, not an interview. I really think we should just stop talking to the press and focus on taking our message straight to our audience. Cernovich and PJW are faggots, but I do think they’re right about that.

    I spit out my beer laughing at the end when that Jewish “hate group” expert popped onscreen. Of course!

  • Nathan is brave allowing the world to know where he attends school. Leftists these days are psychotic and capable of anything. Nathan, I hope you’re armed at all times, even at class.

  • Oh wow – can you believe it?! He’s a WHITE NATIONALIST!!! Whites shouldn’t be allowed to be proud of who they are! Everyone else can, but Whites have to just commit suicide!

  • Jew media claims Damigo wishes to make “white domination” more appealing. Damigo is focussing on white only arguments and this makes him an easy target. I believe changing the argument to the fact of Jewish domination and privilege over anything whites are coming close to obtaining will put the Jews on the defensive as well as enable temporary collaboration with other goy races and religions

    • All in good time. Jews own the mass media and they are not going to permit the JQ to be aired publicly on their watch. Not only that, voices which speak honestly about the JQ are being silenced on all social media. Notice how even though Nathan’s message was extremely mild, he was called a “natzee” by the Jewish interviewer and the “anti-racism” expert.
      At this point we must gain strength and slowly develop non-Jewed major media platforms as well as non-Jewed social media and fundraising platforms for our people. That is going to take some time, patience and hard work.

  • I am consistently impressed with Nathan’s excellent interview skills. He is smart, he is articulate and he handled an incredibly hostile interview situation with grace, sincerity and intelligence. I suspect he has benefited from media training. With regards to him being “soft” in the interview, there is a good reason for that. Put yourself in the shoes of Mr or Ms average White “normie”. They might be feeling some unconscious anxiety about being a White person these days but it is likely they are still very brainwashed by anti-White propaganda. If he had responded to the female interviewer with anger or any type of harsh attitude, normies watching would have been turned off. As it was, he handled every tough question she threw at him (even when she dredged up his jail sentence) with ease. The sum total is that he spoke OUR ideas clearly, calmly and persuasively on national TV. When you look at it this way, CNN just gave Identity Evropa some amazing free publicity.

    • I see no benefit to basically enabling them to target your words, remove all that works extremely well for you but bad for them, then tell you what to think about the target, in this case Damigo. Let’s face it. If he had blown the interviewer away, it would have been edited out or the whole thing canned. Not sure why whites subject themselves to these kinds of clear disadvantages

      • I handle IE applications, and I can assure you that many applicants find out about us through news stories.

        Many people are coming to Alt-Right conclusions without knowing about the Alt-Right. As such, we should be broadcasting our message wherever we can.

        • Yes, I accept the fact that altright is Jew media friendly. I have a different focus that precludes concern about impressing idiots or ppl blind to their own tyranny, which has more to do with harnessing those that do to a pure cause with out subversion embedded
          Keep up the good work

      • Try to see this from a broader strategic standpoint, instead of from an altRight standpoint. CNN is a major media outlet. A year ago they would not have even considered interviewing Nathan. The fact that he is important enough for CNN to want to interview him is a huge win.
        Yes, she was shitty and nasty to him.
        Yes, she portrayed everything in a very biased way.
        Now, let’s consider the positives. Nathan, a smart, young well spoken altRight person was just interviewed on CNN. His words & ideas are going out to a huge audience. There is no down-side here.

  • I stopped watching when she said “they are dropping the hard-line Nazi rhetoric to make the idea of white domination more appealing to more people.” She apparently views race-conscious whites as being like dangerous animals who have escaped from their cages. This woman has a Jewish surname, by the way.

  • That bitch needs a good dicking and a removal from any position where she has a platform to share her foolish thoughts.

  • Eww, what a prostitute of an interviewer. I think Damigo could have pursued a harder line against her. Like 1.5 minutes in, he lets her get away with the claim that “billions of people” are in agreement about some definition of “racism” and condemning him/us. I would have pointed out that passive acceptance of something isn’t actually embracing it – and that many of the non-whites who are supposedly “against racism” according to her actually kill their neighbours based on bloodlines, like we saw in Rwanda for example.

    I almost throw up listening to that slimy reporter woman. I mean, you can tell perfectly well that she’d sell herself to any regime under the sun.

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