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Virtue of the West is a podcast co-hosted by Brittany Pettibone and Tara McCarthy and is dedicated to helping you reconnect with the traditional values that once made Western Civilization great. In this episode they interview Tommy Robinson to talk about the Islamification of the United Kingdom.

Tara McCarthy
the authorTara McCarthy
Tara McCarthy is the host of Reality Calls, a podcast dedicated to making Western Civilization great again. Tara is also the co-host of the show, Virtue of the West.


  • Around the 10min mark you get to see why Tommy Robinson is useless. He starts preaching from the Bible of Multiculturalism and Diversity. We already have several examples of multiracial countries, notably Brazil and Mexico. They’re permanently disfunctional.

  • they all promote trump , i have to wonder if the whole (((alt right))) thing is a jew OP to elect trump and get support for trump and for israel, which i have felt all along, and trump appointing all these ehigh level kikes just confirm it for me


    ” Enoch was the man responsible for “heilgate” by throwing up the Roman salute for the MSM cameras at NPI(The organizers of NPI would have to have known his identity. Richard Spencer and anyone else involved.
    ).So we have the man largely responsible for rallying the “alt right” around the Trump campaign, and then the same man is responsible for giving justification for Trump disavowing them.”

    “Note: The name ‘Pejnovic’ has a diaspora in 20 countries around the world and has its highest concentration in Zagreb, Gospic and Klenovac, Croatia. It is found in small numbers in Peru, the United States and the Russian Federation. ‘Peinovich’ is a Russian-Jhewish variant that found its way into the diaspora of the United States and Argentina.”

    “Of particular significance is Peinovich’s relationship to Kyle Bristow. Bristow is the Executive Director of Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc., an Alt-Right organisation that advocates on behalf of Alt-Right figures and coordinates legal services for them. Peinovich joined its board of directors on 11 December 2016, joining five lawyers, and law student, and a journalist who were already on the board of directors there. I presume they too might like everyone to believe that they didn’t notice anything?×910.png
    Always keep the context in mind: “Mike Enoch” had no problem putting OTHER PEOPLE at risk when he ran to the front of the stage at the NPI conference, posed for the cameras, and did a “Sieg Heil.” Later on in a podcast he and his collaborators encouraged others to use the “Roman Salute” in public as a symbol of defiance.
    But of course “Mike Enoch” doesn’t eat his own dogfood – he wants YOU to be a “neo-Nazi” in public, while he goes to great lengths to hide his own identity, his Jewish wife, his multi-racial family, and his job at a New York City publishing company.

    And when he is caught, and his own identity and career are at stake – he denies everything – he throws his fellow TRS people under the bus, and begs the Jewish media like to cover for him
    Another one of key significance is Peinovich’s connection to Andrew ‘Weev’ Auerenheimer. Weev is the person who basically did a significant amount of work on the TRS website in order to ‘secure’ it. At some point between 2014 and 2017, the Paypal donations on that site were deactivated and only the Bitcoin donations remained. If Weev was the one who implemented that change, did he not notice the email address linked to their Paypal account was a glaring giveaway about who Mike Enoch really is? But if he did notice the disturbing truth, why did he not alert anyone? Many people could speculate.”

    expong (((Weev))), the master web-technician of TRS and the Daily Stormer.

  • Tommy robson/ EDL :

    mortgage fraud case re Robinson (he’s used at least four aliases) involved several people including an estate agent (named Rothschild!), all of whom were convicted and the sum involved was Pounds 500,000. Not an insignificant amount, with funds changing hands on the same day amongst these people. TR entered the US on a false passport (yes, it’s illegal) ostensibly to attend a rally. I’ve a nice bridge in Brooklyn to sell you if you believe his story. He is not against the destruction of England through immigration/invasion, he’s all in favour of multiculturalism, and a staunch ally of Israel (for whom Britain under its present partly jewish PM and previous PM, has been fighting wars to assist Israel in its Greater Israel project to destabilise the Middle East and remove its original Christian peoples). He joined he most transparent of all islamic fronts, the Quillam Foundation (outed over five years ago!). At the very least he is a tool of the false ‘counter jihad movement’ (also outed by several sources years ago, especially the background funders and US NGO supporters). I saw a piece up recently at GoV featuring Gavin Bobby, originally presented as the force behind an org that would help prevent mosques being built in Britain. They haven’t had a case since 2011, ever since Bobby gave a speech supporting Israel. If this all sounds negative, it’s because there is no real active movement, and these fronts (EDL and Pegida being the best known) are wasting the time, energy, monies and good intentions of thousands of genuinely concerned people. It is callous, ruthless and ultimately not intended to get anywhere.


    “Five Sentenced for Mortgage Fraud” (his ‘real’ name, Stephen Lennon, is used in the article)

    “Further associate members of the group went on to purchase properties with deposits on occasions provided by Lennon and with mortgages fraudulently brokered by Rothschild”.

    Obviously, apart from his own case for which he was charged and found guilty, SL/TR, etc, was involved in various fraudulent mortgage deals.

  • Tommy’s wrong about multiculturalism. Islam is the problem and so is multiculturalism. Do you ever wonder why hip-hop, rap & grime music have such power these days in the music industries? It’s not some global conspiracy, it’s simply because people want to listen to that trash – believe it or not – and the reason for that is that black (ghetto) culture is seen to be more masculine, violent, confrontational and ultimately the dominant culture. There’s nobody to really blame for this. It’s just nature. Cultures clash and fight implicitly against one another for the top spot and the only real way to resolve this problem is to remove non-whites from white countries.

  • Tommy Robinson is even more of a multiculturist, multi-racialist cuck than Paul Joseph Watson and Gavin McInnes.

    Everyone already knows that Muslims are third-world savages, and that Islam is incompatible with the West.

    But, Muslim invaders are the symptom, not the disease.

    The disease is a different, hostile, barbaric tribe. — Jews.

    Everyone in the Alt-Right knows that it was the Jews who opened our gates to the alien hordes in order to destroy every, White, Christian Nation.

    If someone keeps filling your house with poisonous snakes, it’s useless to spend your time talking about how terrible poisonous snakes are. — You solve the problem by attacking the person who’s filling your house with snakes.

    If every Muslim vanished tomorrow, Western Civilization would still be on the road to destruction.

    If every Jew vanished tomorrow, Western Civilization would rapidly make a full recovery.

    • Robinson has spoken out against immigration generally fairly recently but he seems unable or unwilling to commit to it or to go the whole hog and delve into who’s behind it all, probably because he’s got people like Pam Geller in his ear. And in his defence, he’s persecuted by the state enough as it is, if he started naming the jew as well it could be extremely costly for him.
      It’s a shame, if he came over to our way of thinking he’d be a real asset I think.

    • EDL is Just a Pro Homo, Pro Multik-kulti, Jewish Front. REAL british Nationalist Stand for the PRESERVATION of British/Saxon/Celtic Values, Culture, and Ethnicity. But the Kosher clowns in the EDL just don’t value that, and just want to make this whole struggle a Jewish vs Muzzie issue, while at the same time holding hands with their Rainbow coalition.

  • Excellent interview. Tommy Robinson is always great, but these intelligent, principled young woman are a great, new addition.

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