Paris In Flames

If you haven’t heard the news by now, the suburbs of Paris have been in flames for over a week, and now the rioting and looting is spilling over into Paris itself:

“Tear-gas was used by police as rioting that originated in the suburbs spilled into the French capital around the Barbes Metro station, close to Gare du Nord.

It follows the alleged rape of a young black man, named only as Theo, by French police.

Protesters started fires and smashed windows, while there were reports of riot police being attacked and shops looted. …

President Francois Hollande, who has visited Theo, has appealed for calm. …”

The feckless Socialist president François Hollande “has appealed for calm.” As previously noted here, Hollande was hovering around a 4 percent approval rating last fall. The Paris riots appear to be the work of refugees, immigrants and our friends the black clad antifas.

Naturally, this provides great optics for Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign:

“French presidential candidate and anti-mass migration Front National leader Marine Le Pen has slammed the French government claiming it has become “paralysed”.

The Paris riots, which began over a week ago, have left a wave of destruction on the streets of Paris with cars burned and local shops smashed by gangs in the heavily migrant-populated suburbs of the Seine-Saint-Denis region. The continued rioting has earned the ire of the Front National leader who has accused the government of silence and inaction in the face of the violence in a statement.

“The forces of order are targeted by bands of scoundrels,” Le Pen said and noted that nothing has so far dissuaded the roaming gangs from continuing to commit acts of violence. Calling the situation “a shame for France” on the international stage, Le Pen said, “The government is silent. A silence that reflects both its cowardice and its impotence.” …”

The streets are bursting with the spirit of liberty.

The scenes of disorder in France are reminiscent of President Trump’s successful campaign which took place in the backdrop of Ferguson, Baltimore, Orlando, San Bernardino, Dallas, Milwaukee, and Charlotte. This bodes well for the European Spring.

Note: As the antifas like to chant, “this is what democracy looks like!” Ordinary folks look at their violence and mayhem and conclude authoritarianism is the way to go.

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  • If immigrants in America committed such acts and attacked Americans, the Americans would shoot them down like the dogs they are. Many Americans are avid shooters/hunters and 100 such Americans would wipe out a thousand such lawless immigrants. The MSM would feature stories of “The Evil White Man and his GUNS!!” on all their faux news programs. The immigrants would be portrayed as innocent, gentle giants who wouldn’t harm a flea while the EVIL WHITE MAN would be portrayed as….well, an EVIL WHITE MAN.

  • Never went to Paris .. heard they were snobby towards foreigners .. this is sad though to see a city ruining itself over politically correct brainwashing …. why are people so worried about the opinion of other’s when it comes to rejecting scruffy deviant imports?

  • Likely it is a lie perpetrated by the Muslims. Let’s find out more about this. BUT THE FRENCH HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO LET THE MUSLIMS AND AFRICANS INTO THEIR COUNTRY TO DISRUPT IT AND BRING ON CRIME SPREES. Civilized nations should stop letting in any peoples from the third world unless they are educated and have something to offer their country. They are learning the hard way and I hope we don’t have to learn that way again (recall teh San Bernardino and Florida murders of Americans).

  • Muslims swarmed into Europe to mooch on the welfare and rape the white women. Now, because of an isolated (alleged) incident, they are outraged! Muslims believe they deserve even better treatment! They want more from the government!

  • Muslims have committed rape on a mass scale all over Europe, but when just one of their own is (allegedly) assaulted, they go on a rampage.

    • Le Pen is mightier than the sword! /badpun
      Can’t wait to see how well the Russians hack the French election. They did it to America, literally flawless, zero evidence.

    • she is openly ‘anti communitarian’ .. God knows if she can win .. everyone is a minion to the clusterfuck these days .. almost everyone .. can’t seem to escape it .. whether its rotary, churches, ‘community groups’ or what have you go alongs to get alongs..

  • I know far more about Franco than any of you, and I can tell you that the French do not care about you. You should definitely not be concerned with their problems.
    Go try to gain French citizenship. It will not happen. They do not have a system like Canada where you can easily gain permanent residency if you speak English, have a college degree, and have the means to support yourself until you can find employment. As a permanent resident, you receive health care. After four years, you are eligible for citizenship (Canadian passport, petnsion, etc.).
    France throws English speakers in with niggers and sand niggers even if you speak fluent French, have an education or skill, and the desire to become French.
    Bottom Line: France did this to themselves. They deserve every bit of trouble that they are receiving.
    America has the same bastardized immigration system, so I suppose we deserve to suffer as well. For too long the corporate interests have supported illegal immigration to increase their profits.
    Take a look at the shithole Springdale, AR. I had the misfortune of traveling through that mexican infested wasteland. Fuck you Tyson family! They bus illegals in Mexico straight past the border on coach busses to work in the poultry processing facilities. A previously white community is now another little mexico. Faayetteville is shit too because of Tyson.
    The pigs…. exuse me police allow the spics to drive without insurance and cause terrible accidents and kill innocent people because they are owned by the Tyson shitbirts.

    • Fuck you Tyson, Fuck You Springdale, Fuck You Fayetteville. Looking the other way is no different than committing the crime yourself. In this instance, you earned the pig label you redneck motherfuckers.

      • It’s almost like having a group of people whose idea of assorting people based on financial “merit” is a bad thing.

    • Why does France’s immigration system matter here? They are under no obligation to let anyone in. All the Canadian system has done is turn Canadian cities Asian, which it will do everywhere it is implemented.

      France’s problem is precisely that it is too lax on immigration. Having more white westerners there wouldn’t help their situation, especially ones who aren’t joined to the French through marriage or other relation and are simply economic immigrants, or are otherwise rootless cosmopolitans shopping for better digs. Factually the white communist agitators who are always riling up the migrants into activism aren’t French and are only present in France because they can’t be excluded due to EU membership.

      • What the fuck do you not understand? France’s migrant population primarily of: african niggers and sand niggers. Both groups are muslims. Both groups do not work, refuse to assimilate, and are bankrupting the French social services and health care systems that were set up for the French.

        As a result of these cock suckers, France put in place very stringent rules regarding immigration and citizenship. So, if someone such as myself who speaks fluent French, holds two degrees in engineering, and has a desire to assimilate and contribute to the French community and economy I cannot do so. Yes, I can work for an American corporation in France and live in France, but at the end of my career I would still not be a citizen. I would still have to file income taxes in France and tthe United States for the rest of my life. Think about it. If I go work for General Electric in France and I never return to America, I still am considered an American citizen for life. The United Shits of America is the only contry in the world that I know of that essentiall owns its citizens even when they have zero ties to the country. Libya used to have the same policy. So, the United States and Libya are/were in agreement that people who leave the country are required by federal law to file income taxes even if they have gained citizenship in another country. Most people just tell the U.S. to fuck off because they are not receiving any of the benefits from the tax they would be paying. Only a shit country would do such a thing. Russia and China do not even have these policies. Most people are ignorant of this too, but you can go talk to your CPA about it if you do not trust me. Yes, you can exempt a certain amount of income, but if you make more than the exemtion you pay taxes in two countries and you are essentiall having to check in with you owner ever year. Fuck that. So remember that when are putting the “Amerca Love It or Leave It” sticker on your pickup truck. Life is more complicated than a bumper sticker slogan.

        Yes, we can renounce our citizenship, but you have to get anally probed and pay exit taxes and all sorts of other bullshit that no other country in the world requires.

        The dumb fucking idiot policies they have enacted that keep people like me out and let the african niggers and sand niggers in because they are so-called refugees are only serving to fuck France over. Get it?

        They could allow people who are eager to contribute culturally and economically by having a merit based system that gives points for: speaking French, having an advanced education in a STEM field, high earners, and are young enough to contribute for a long time before needing any medical services or pensions.

        • “They could allow people who are eager to contribute culturally and economically by having a merit based system that gives points for: speaking French, having an advanced education in a STEM field, high earners, and are young enough to contribute for a long time before needing any medical services or pensions.”

          Your anger management issues aside, all that is going to result in is massive Asian immigration, as Hermes said. You really want France to end up like Canada, with Vancouver a Chinese city and the Canadian Defence Minister a raghead wearing Sikh?

          Both immigration systems suck and European countries should only take White immigrants and a FEW non-Whites as part of academic exchanges at the Universities.

        • So basically you are an itinerant merchant who thinks you should have special rules for your kind allowing inclusion into other people’s ingroup? That your financial “benefit” to France should allow for you to shop for a new ethnic wardrobe?

          So if you come into France and make the French more money then they can afford more sandniggers because the problem is they cost too much money? The problem is that they refuse to assimilate? It seems this is the best thing about them as otherwise it would perpetuate the illusion that anyone can be French.

          So I’m assuming you are fine with the Asians in Canada because they are “assimilating” (whatever that means as we can obviously tell they aren’t Canadian) and not overburdening socialist schemes (but are driving down wages and driving up costs)?

      • Your word: “Factually the white communist agitators who are always riling up the migrants into activism aren’t French and are only present in France
        because they can’t be excluded due to EU membership.”

        You just made that shit statement up thinking that the niggers in France need the assistance of communist agitators because projecting what happens in America upon a situation that is completely differnt in France.

        It’s not just niggers either. It’s also sand niggers who do not want to assimilate and cooperate with the French authorities.

        From the above article: “ars burned and local shops smashed by gangs in the heavily migrant-populated suburbs of the Seine-Saint-Denis region”

        Facutally, you do not know what the fuck you are talking about. ISIS (sand niggers) perpetrated the attacks in Paris last year. The French have been having problems with niggers and sand niggers for many decades. They have bankrupted the previouslly excellent health and social services. These savages move to France with nothing to offer where they live in public ghettos and drain services the same way the American niggers have done for decades.

        You only know enough to be dangerous. Fucking moron. Do some research before you go spouting off about something you clearly know nothing about. I would like to beat the fuck out of you and canoe you.

        The fact is there are many Americans who are very eager to move to France and contribute rather than leech, but since France only alllows migrants or other Euro Zone trash to enter the country they are doing themselves in.

        I know several dozen people who are all high-income, myself included, who would gladly relocate to France and contribute rather than leech and destroy, but France does not have a merit based system of immigration.

        • Calais is absolutely full of commies from the EU acting as free lance social workers and haranguing the local institutions. The primary vector of grievance mongering is absolutely Leftists on the ground, who I’m sure are backed by people like (((yourself))). We don’t need an American example of brown people being kept in check by a good whip hand as we have the example in Muslim countries among their own kind. The extent to which Muslim countries are afflicted by “spontaneous” Muslim violence is the extent to which the secular authority is at odds to Imam rabble rousers, or is being interfered with by western governments playing the same game. Saudi Arabia has the most radical and religious Muslims but is not afflicted with the problems of that population because they have a clue as how to rule over Muslims and are in cahoots with the west to have as free of a whip hand as is needed.

          I know several dozen people who are all high-income, myself included, who would gladly relocate to France and contribute rather than leech and destroy

          And you’ll form a little expat community of non-natives, from all over the globe separate from French society, full of fucking Jews of course politicking for your Davos Man culture in France. Suddenly having the French fighting Africans and Arabs instead of looking at your own activities will seem like not such a bad scenario. Ideally you and people like you would be relocated somewhere half-way between the US and France.

        • Why would being a faggot matter to you? So long as some faggot earns enough money then he can do what he wants and no boundaries should apply, right? He has “earned” it with his meritorious shekel grubbing and fags often make good shekel grubbers. It’s the thing that will give them free flowing access to young boys well into their old age, presumably not unlike your fantasy of being balls deep in French ingenue’s based on your “merit”.

          I mean if one earns enough money then why shouldn’t they be allowed to shop for a new gender and we’ll all just pretend they are girls? I mean they have “assimilated” into Girl Culture at that point. They speak Girl and are paying their taxes. What is the difference between your belief in your right to LARP as another nationality so long as you can afford it and being a tranny? I’ll give you a hint: absolutely nothing.

          The hilarious thing is that France actually has a pretty standard naturalization process. You obviously got bounced during the interview process which is perfunctory.

      • They bought whatever shit chicken subsitute was being sold at shit-mart? Their fish is brought in from china and full of toxins.

      • Brad, I would really like to have a face-to-face meeting with you. You would have to sign a realease. You can even bring a weapon I expect it. I will not. I expect anyone in your shit-tier state to cheat. Y’all are a bunch of white trash inbreds who only care about football. Sad! A footbal school full of niggers that sucks at everything. Are they still lgraduating illerates down there?

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