Blonde in the Belly of the Beast is a conservative millennial who speaks out against feminism, globalism, Islam and government corruption. Blondie visits Germany and shares her thoughts on multiculturalism and the migrant crisis.

  • stan788

    At this point, there’s only one thing that can save Germany. — And everyone knows it.

    • Aurelius

      youre right… we need more green open spaces

      • Adolphin ++

        Green open spaces are racist!

        • Sally Anne

          only if you capitalize the word green

      • Sally Anne

        the latests are ‘commons’ or ‘coworking’ spaces.. they have fun things like group meals and ‘hackerthons’ .. I’m enjoying observing them realize their utopian dreams funded by capitalists they hate…

        • Aurelius

          youre talking in riddles, but I like it.

          • sorry… we anti-communitarians are definitely odd … my apologies…

      • haha

    • Merick Kaner

      I played football in that stadium.

    • MartinA

      Why cant you restrict you bloody larping to the enemies sites? Why do you have to litter friendly sites too? How about showing other people some respect?

      • What did he say that was wrong?

    • You blonde friend slurs NAZIs like Hitler

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Nice. We need fewer diagnoses, more final solutions.

    • Pedro Alfonsinho

      this girl not even is white ,your features are very mixed ;weird mouth and lips , flat nose , mongolized skull, mongolized eyes etc… she look like a jew woman.

      • Marathon-Youth

        Saw your comment. Ethnic European features vary greatly. examples
        -Irish look different from English and Scottish
        -Just in Italy people from Sicily, southern Italy to Northern Italy look different
        -There is a range of features just among the Mediterranean nations
        -Same holds true among the Scandinavian nations
        -Same hold true of the many regions of Eastern Europe and into Russia

        If you use the generic American white features that is what is mixed.

        • Pedro Alfonsinho

          first:Most of Sicilians and Eastern Europeans are not even Europeans.
          second:This girl is not white. Your facial features are mixed / coarse. Have refined features.
          Probably she is Jewish, like most altright.

      • pgg804

        She looks like an Aryan to me. A beautiful blonde. She would have fit in with these nice girls. Just to make things clear. That is intended as a compliment.

        • slurs NAZIs at the 20 second mark- demonizes all ISLAM. the religion that was quiet as a mouse before Israel stole their land

        • Pedro Alfonsinho

          beautiful blonde?LOL she not even is white. she look like a mestiza/hispanic.

      • she’s got a fake 23 and me to handle that

  • Pioneer American

    Red Dawn, some pretty smart guys, did a ‘race war tour’ in the summer of 2016: — articles, photo essays and podcasts

    Podcasts: — sweden — malmo, sweden — Italy — on the island of Lesbos I think, talking to refugees — little bit in Germany

    I may have missed some.

  • Black Sun Rising

    Kebab needs to be removed though any and all means available

  • pgg804

    My parents were German and I think I’m familiar with German culture, although during my life I’ve only vacationed in Germany, so I really haven’t spent much time there.

    But I believe Blondie has it right. I visited Berlin twice in 2016 and the last time I was in Germany was in 1988, in Munich. I remember Munich as a clean and beautiful city, as I think all West German cities were at that time. I liked some parts of Berlin last year, but I thought it was filthy in places, particularly public transit stations. One in particular was littered with cigarette butts. Berlin is not a clean city by German standards and I do think the immigrants are a big reason for this, but not the only reason.

    According to what I’ve been told and read, decades ago people did not throw trash, including cigarette butts on the ground. When someone had to put a cigarette out, they walked over to the garbage and put it out. Germany used to be more orderly and clean than it is today. Decades ago (but you might have to go back to the 60’s or earlier) people obeyed laws and what was expected, even much more than today. If someone was going to illegally walk across the street when a light was red (for pedestrians) another person would point out they were breaking the law. I expect that never would have worked in the US, but Germany was an exceptionally orderly and clean country.

    Today this is not the case to the same degree, certainly in Berlin. And no one will tell someone else not to cross the street. Germany has let in millions of non-Germans that have become citizens and they’ve been in Germany for decades, including their offspring. These people came from countries with different cultures and habits. At the same the new, liberal Germany, or at least many Germans seem to like graffiti and I think they associate too much order and cleanliness with “fascism” or “Nazism”, which is strictly verboten today. And when a German citizen sees someone else throw a cigarette onto the street, or a few people, he loses the incentive to put it out in the trash. Filth spreads.

    And when you talk to a 25 year old German, they know nothing of German culture from the 1960’s or earlier. Judging by Berlin, German standards of cleanliness in public places have changed drastically since then.

    • Merick Kaner

      Oh BS. Its contingent upon the parents just as it is anywhere. A Country under occupation for 70 years is no country; its a fucking vassal state. I suspect you and your parents are cultural Marxists. BUT It must just be my SS ancestors signaling.

      • pgg804

        I don’t know where you got that idea. My parents were proud and patriotic and none of us have ever been Cultural Marxists. I agree with you when you say 70 years of occupation has had a terribly negative affect on Germany.

        • Merick Kaner

          Fine. I go often. You over generalize. Perhaps you go to the wrong areas. Have a nice day.

  • stan788

    Banner in Germany:

    “Adolf, where are you? — Europe needs you!”

    The fire rises.

    • Einar von Vielen

      That’s definitely not in Germany

      • WR_the_realist

        I’m sure if that was in Germany the person who put it up would be arrested very quickly. The thought police are in full force in Germany.

        • Blondie says NAZIs are extreme

        • Einar von Vielen

          You don’t even need a thought police in Germany to get arrested for such signs as this is forbidden by law. But my statement was relating to the street conditions, it looks more like belorussia or romania.

    • Not if Blondie can help it

  • Ryan

    Being an attractive blonde she sure has some cajunas goin over there after what we been hearin.

    • haha, yea, really dangerous at least that’s what the Jewspapers say

    • not with Jewish privilege she doesn’t

  • ThomasER916

    “value systems”

    These nebulous terms lose meaning every second.


    From race and ethnicity comes culture. DNA tests are the deciding factor on who is and isn’t European.

  • Man of White Skin
  • Riopel

    It’s not a migrant crisis, it’s an invasion. Never use the enemy’s terms.

    • MartinA

      The enemy tend to use the term “refugee”, no?

  • Marathon-Youth

    Unless Germany gets out of the EU the decay will spread and become so entrenched it cannot be easily reversed without extermination or deportation or both.

    England came to her senses, and “Brexited” out of the EU. Now it is a matter of time for British Nationalism to role up the red carpet, close the door to this invasion and push British values and English ethnicsm.

    France may follow if Le Pen wins and FREXIT herself out of the EU. Germany needs to do the same . A good deal of decay took place in the 60 years the EU has ruled Germany.

  • MartinA

    Thank you for an interesting perspective. And I wish you will have a pleasent stay here in Sweden. My guess is that you will be attending Identitarian Idea. Lots of interesting and good people are going there. Make sure to get a guide from the people you know there, makes the visit alot more rewarding.

    Swedes by and large are not as helpful and nice as germans except those you know personally. Partly because we are a bit shy and reserved and avoid aproaching strangers, we didnt do the transition from rural to urban all that well. And partly because our culture is even more broken than that of the Germans. Extreme centralization, wellfare state and social democratic corporate state devastated our culture.

  • Sally Anne

    Beautiful lady … stay safe.

  • Dick Wallace

    She’s definitely not caucasian.

    • craicher

      Obviously White/European but also obviously a fake blond. I mean, you seem like a nice lady and are also quite attractive, but this is why we don’t need you or ANY woman in our movement. Women have their nature and they cannot help it, so there is no malice or demand that they change. But we, thinking White men, cannot allow them to be our spokesmen. They are VAIN. They are SELFISH. It is their NATURE. It cannot be changed!!!

      All thinking White men must confront this. I like Lana, I like Le Pen, but they are symbolic of our complete downfall and annihilation. Women belong in the kitchen; barefoot, pregnant and chained to the stove.

      • craicher

        correction. We need you and women in our movement in supporting roles but not as spoeksmen/leaders. That is what I meant.

        • Don’t get hung up on dogmas. We need talented ppl willing to acknowledge the Jewish q and not distract from it

      • We don’t need fake goy real Jews or goy that serve Jews

    • Blonde in Belly of the Beast

      Hey fuckwit, I made a video w/ my 23andMe results.

      • VK Clark outing as a Jew proves “23 and me” means fuck all, fake blonde

      • blondie, three questions. Was Hitler evil
        DO you believe in holocaustianity
        why did you ignore the Jewish dominance of cultural marxism
        also, which Jews were behind 911

    • Someone got the Jew mad

  • WR_the_realist

    Blonde in the Belly of the Beast did her 23andme thing and determined that she is 99.9% European — British first, French & German second, then Scandinavian, Sardinian, and other European. 0.1% is Asian or American Indian. She is conservative enough to have been interviewed by Red Ice. She’s also Jewish, belying Richard Spencer’s claim that Jews can’t be white. She’s whiter than half the people posting at Stormfront. Yes, too many Jews are neocons, libtards, or far-lefttards but I have no problem with the Jews who aren’t.

    • What evidence is there that BBB is Jewish?

      • WR_the_realist

        She has said so herself. Listen to her interview with Red Ice.

        • Blonde in Belly of the Beast

          Um, I most certainly didn’t and am not.

          • WR_the_realist

            I stand corrected. I rechecked the Red Ice site and realized that I remembered a different interview with another blond woman. You are right, you never claimed to be Jewish.

          • give us a detailed bio

          • Why did you feel the need to put out a 23 and me? That’s a typical way to fake goy authenticity
            Promoted by a Jew gold site, the Daily Coin, quick glance search says shes been around for 8 months and was born a grown-up

          • Jews like that infiltrate, thus need family background etc

          • Why do you ignore the Jewish problem and only focus on Muslims? Is that your assignment as an actual Jewess?

        • Red Ice is a haven for Jews

      • What evidence is there that she isn’t?

      • MW – you do understand that our movement is one infiltrated nightmare. Leaders must prove authenticity and tbh, elitists, giving their word they can be trusted don’t get it

      • Why did you feel the need to put out a 23 and me, blondie? That’s a typical way to fake goy authenticity
        Promoted by a Jew gold site, the Daily Coin, quick glance search says shes been around for 8 months and was born a grown-up

        Protect your peer MW, isn’t that what ya’ll do?

  • SO Muslims are evil and Jews aren’t a problem. Is she a Jew. Something tells me we will never get to really know her

    • haha, she advocates no loyalty to the US. How does she feel about Israel? I bet I know- smells like a neo-con Jew infiltrating your movement goy, with your leaders acquiescence or on the sligh, that is the question
      psst, remove the Jews from power, all her list of issues are solved
      accepts the OCT on Nazi-ism by skirting the issue, add to that holocaustianity promoter, if not prove me wrong

      • by the way, that’s fake, Jew blonde hair, haha. When Jews come into your movement and promote anti-Islam, ask if she’s related to Pam Geller and wonder why they do it and they just so happen to never mention any serious issues with Jewish conspiracy! Fancy that!

        You need Patreon sites to fund your world tours?

  • Well, A quick look over her resume, she was born in August , 2016 and immediately promoted all over the web as the Next new thing. Now, in 6 months, she has made it to I see no name except “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast” , an expert familiarity with using fund me operations so she can travel the world and point out how evil Islam is and how inconsequential Jews are.

    She hangs out on what looks to be a Jew website promoting the heavy usage of gold and bit coin and all the standard Jewish preoccupations. The site is Islamophobic as well

    From all this, I assume blondie is a cyber robot who doesn’t actually exist except on Jew majek videos that make her appear to. She has no name and we are to take her word because a Jew op, 23 and me, vouches for her Aryan heritage.

    Like I said elsewhere, VK Clark had a 23 and me that claimed minute Ash-kinazie. It now looks if that was a total fabrication meaning because some one flaunts a piece of paper saying 23 and me, it means fuck all if you know nothing else about them beyond that

    We don’t have times to play games and offer blind trust. Validate yourself

  • thankyou,

  • Drew T Cowan

    yes I lived in Germany for a few years while in the U.S. Air Force and I can attest to some of the issues facing her today…