Margaret Sanger Never Said She Wanted to “Exterminate Blacks”

Hear about the birth control movement from an Alt-Right perspective.

Lana talks about Margaret Sanger and the true origins of Planned Parenthood, breaking apart the lie that Sanger was a racist, “like the Nazis.” If anything, Margaret Sanger was anti-White.

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  • I own two of Margaret Sanger’s books. Only a liar can read them and not say Margaret Sanger wasn’t a bitter racist.

  • Good work Lana! Anyone who argues that getting women birth control they very much want and desire, do not know what they are talking about. If anyone in this discussion calls you racist or a ‘genocidist’ – please come back to me. You did fantastic research and this is a great video. Thank you!

  • You are hopelessly trying to spin it in opposite direction, but the truth is that birth control IS a form of chemical sterilization (temporary and reversible, but still). In addition, with a help of willing black leaders their goal was to diminish black breeding. Now, how it’s not a form of genocide? If the same thing is done to whites, you scream genocide. And you are right. It is a form of genocide.

    • Blacks in America are not a true “gens” and white America has never attempted to exterminate blacks. The proof is slavers had an incentive to breed as many as possible, the anti-slavery people wanted them to be equal to whites and birth control measures allowed blacks access to medical procedures hitherto restricted to upper class economic groups. Around 500,000 blacks were transported to the 13
      Colonies and there now 45 million of them.

      No one is attempting to white out darkies. No one ever has.

  • She appears to have had a strong hatred for Christians who had large families. Not an ideological racist either.

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