Michael Flynn Has Resigned As National Security Adviser

I never paid any attention to this bullshit surrounding Michael Flynn.

I’m shocked and disappointed that Michael Flynn has resigned. It is a huge mistake to feed the beast. This is only going to encourage more vicious attacks on the Trump administration from the Lügenpresse. It shows weakness and it will embolden the enemy. Who cares what these people think? The vast majority of Trump supporters don’t care what conservative pundits think either.

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  • Flynn has had a target on his back for some time (remember, “not this time Jews.”). His views on Iran are problematic, but he seemed softer on the entire neo-con interventionist anti-Putin agenda. The problem is the entire US foreign policy/national security bench is thoroughly infected with neo-con/Zionist thinking. There aren’t any obvious choices for replacements who are in line with Trump’s thinking who have credibility & more importantly the ability to pass a security clearance. That is the veto card the “permanent state” actors use to filter out people who aren’t on board with the program. It may be that Flynn’s fatal sin was crossing the Pence/Kushner axis, but I hate giving the enemy a scalp, especially on their terms. Blood in the water attracts more sharks.

  • Flynn is a bit of a clown, but I am skeptical of those who see this as in any way a positive thing.

    His replacement may be more of a neo-con, not less.

    We can’t know what actually happened, but some stories suggest that the intelligence community pushed for Flynn to go and establishment cucks Priebus / Pence backed them. Meanwhile, Bannon was reluctant.

    Troubling if true. Remember, the deep state is against Trump, and establishment cucks are by no means firmly on his team. but will try and force him to be more of a normal Republican.

  • This may be politically bad for Trump, but it’s good for White America.

    Flynn is a neo-con, a Democrat, Obama’s appointee as head of the DIA, and was one of Likud’s allies attempting to escalate a conflict with Iran. With Flynn out of the picture, this likely means no war with Iran, something only Zionist Jews would be upset about.

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