Her Name Was Reagan Tokes

Her name was Reagan Tokes.

She was a 21-year-old White psychology student at Ohio State University. She was kidnapped, raped and murdered last Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio by Brian Golsby who is a convicted sex offender who was released from prison in November:

“COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The man accused of kidnapping and killing a 21-year-old Ohio State University student has now been charged with rape.

The additional charge against Brian Golsby, 29, was filed Saturday. …

According to a criminal complaint filed in Franklin County Municipal Court, Golsby admitted to kidnapping Reagan Tokes Wednesday night near the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Mt. Pleasant Avenue, as she was walking to her car from work. He forced her to withdraw $60 in cash from her Chase Bank account at an ATM. He then drove her to Scioto Grove Metro Park, where she was shot and killed according to court records. His DNA was recovered from a cigarette butt located in Tokes’ car.

Tokes’ body was found at the park on Thursday afternoon. …”

She was shot twice in the head. Her nude body was left in front of the entrance of a park.

“Tokes’ nude body was found Thursday near a park entrance in Grove City after she was last seen leaving work at a Columbus restaurant Wednesday night. She was then reported missing by her off-campus roommates and co-workers when she never made it home. …

Golsby registered as a sex offender after being released from prison. He pleaded guilty in Franklin County Common Pleas Court in Columbus to aggravated robbery and attempted rape charges in May 2011 and received a six-year sentence. In that case, Golsby raped a woman in front of her 2-year-old child, forced her to withdraw cash from an ATM and then robbed her apartment, FOX28 reported. …”

This is Brian Golsby.

I don’t like writing about these stories. It is bad for your soul to dwell on these crimes. I only do it because someone ought to remember the victims. These are “stories about race in America” that are typically buried by the Fake News outlets. Many years ago, I lost count of the number of times I had seen a daddy’s little angel like Reagan Tokes snatched, raped and murdered by a black male criminal.

Let me give you another example.

Her name was Lauren Burk. She was an 18-year-old college student at Auburn University. She was abducted and murdered on March 4, 2008 by Courtney Lockhart.

Courtney Lockhart abducted her in a parking lot on the Auburn campus and attempted to drive out into the countryside to rape her. After forcing Lauren Burk to take her clothes off, Lockhart shot her in the back with a .38-special bullet that tore through her lungs. Then he drove off and left her there to die as she suffocated to death on her own blood, looking up at the stars, on the side of the Shug Jordan Parkway just a few miles away from where I lived for years.

“Her father’s testimony was the most emotional of the day.

“She was 18 and had her whole life ahead of her,” James Burk said.

He talked about seeing his daughter’s dead body on a gurney, breaking down and kissing her on the forehead.

“They didn’t have to ask me if it was her — they knew from the look on my face,” Burk said. “She looked like an angel. I couldn’t believe it. She was a happy girl, a shining star. She lost her whole future.”

… Burk’s mother, Vivian Guerchon, cried openly in the front row of the gallery as witness Savannah Benford described Lauren gasping for breath and shaking as she lay face up in the road that night.”

This is Courtney Lockhart.

This is how it all transpired that night:

“After her catnap, Lauren prepared to leave for a study session with high school friend Michael De St. Aubin. The two planned to meet at the Ralph B. Draughon Library at 8:30 p.m. Minutes before she left, McQuade said the young couple argued about one of Lauren’s outfits. The couple would have spats, but always made up soon after, according to McQuade.

Lauren left McQuade and walked to her black 2001 Honda Civic, parked near the back of the lot beside a blue Jeep Grand Cherokee under the orange cast of street lamps.

“I see Lauren getting in her car,” Lockhart said. “She’s already got her door open. She is doing it so slow. When I saw Lauren, I hung up the phone and grabbed my gun and came up behind her. I told her to get the (expletive) in the car. And I asked her how much money she had.”

Faced with a gun, the freshman backed into her car and crawled into the front passenger seat. Lockhart climbed in with her.

“I was just sitting in the driver’s seat,” he said. “She didn’t say anything; she was just screaming … she finally calmed herself.”

Lauren handed Lockhart $200 in cash and begged him to leave.

In one of many contradictions that night, Lockhart said he didn’t want her money.

Lockhart’s intent at that moment was debated in his murder trial. Lockhart said he was looking for someone to rob and only wanted money, but refused to take the cash and leave. Throughout his interrogation by police, Lockhart said he never planned to have sex with the Marietta, Ga., teen — or shoot her.


As they left campus on College Street, Lockhart forced Lauren to take off her clothes.

He drove with one hand on the wheel, the other pointing a Rohm RG revolver at the terrified 18-year-old.

“I didn’t want her to do anything or make any crazy moves,” he said.

Lauren hesitated.

“At first, she wouldn’t take her clothes off,” Lockhart said. “Then she took her shirt off … then her bra.”

The black Honda two-door drove through the heart of Auburn past busy college bars, boutiques and downtown restaurants.

The Delta Gamma sorority member who loved Coldplay was naked by the time the Honda passed the Chevron gas station at the corner of North College Street and Glenn Avenue.

“She tried to talk me out of it,” Lockhart said. “She kept asking if I would shoot her.”

As they left the center of town, Lauren tried to reason with Lockhart.

“We were talking about how my life was over and how she could help me get a job,” Lockhart said. “ … She says she knows someone who can get me a job. I said I got a job; I don’t need a job.”

As Lockhart drove along Alabama Highway 147, De St. Aubin and McQuade began calling to check on Lauren.

McQuade’s call to make sure his girlfriend arrived at the library safely went unanswered.

Lockhart finally let Lauren answer her phone with instructions to make something up.

Lauren canceled her study session with De St. Aubin, saying she had forgotten about previous plans. She hung up abruptly.

“At the time, I didn’t think about it that much,” De St. Aubin said. “Looking back at the phone call — wow — I could have realized that something was up.”

At some point along the stretch of 147 between Farmville Baptist Church and U.S. Highway 280, Lockhart shot Lauren.

“I had the gun like this, and it just went off …” Lockhart said in the video. “I guess we were both shocked. She was screaming.”

The .38 caliber bullet entered the back of Lauren’s left shoulder, exiting through her upper right arm. Both her lungs had been pierced. The muzzle of the gun was inches from Lauren’s back.

Lockhart drove on as Lauren tumbled from the car, pulling over in the parking lot of the Baptist church about a quarter of a mile away.

Lauren was lying in the roadway as Marcus Ratliff drove his black Ford Explorer toward the intersection of 147 and 280. Lauren stumbled to her feet covered in “road rash” and with a fatal gunshot wound to her back. Adrian and Savannah Benford of Auburn passed a crying, naked young woman waving at them from the western shoulder of 147. Ratliff and the Benfords turned around to check on the strange scene they had passed. …”

I imagine what happened to Reagan Tokes was a lot like that, but worse.

That happened at Auburn which is my alma mater a few years after I graduated. Courtney Lockhart had Lauren Burk strip naked in her car in the middle of downtown Auburn. He drove past the Auburn University library where I spent countless nights doing research. He drove past all the bars, restaurants and gas stations that I patronized and the streets that I walked for years.

I can only wonder: is this incident going to leave a similar impression on some student or alumni at Ohio State? It becomes less abstract when it happens on your own doorstep.

Note: According to the SPLC, it is a “false narrative” to connect the dots between these “senseless acts of violence” which are completely random. These things just spontaneously happen for no reason at all in our society. Please don’t talk about black crime.

Hunter Wallace
the authorHunter Wallace
Hunter Wallace is the founder and editor of


  • I feel some sadness when I hear about this, but let’s be realistic, over this weekend, I have seen white Republicans and Trump supporters side with Antifa in their attitude that it is acceptable to do violence to white nationalists who don’t want the European race and culture in America to disappear. Hard for me to have sympathy for someone JUST because they have white skin, we have to be smarter than that, there is every chance, she could have been a pro-white genocide member of Antifa, just like the women who was run over at the protest.

  • The SPLC is clearly a force of great evil. The media does not report on the extent or horror of black on white crime, almost certainly because the SPLC and other organizations pressure them not to do so.

  • Good chance she was a mudshark. Just scroll through her Twitter photos and you’ll see black guys everywhere. So why should I be mad she’s dead? She wanted diversity and she got it. At a minimum, there isn’t another Obama or Kaepernick to worry about.

  • Thank you Hunter for writing this up and sharing these story’s. Our people must know the truth… No matter how hard it is to swallow.

  • White men need to learn to never back down to niggers even if it costs you your life. Do not go looking for trouble, but if you are in a situation where your life is at stake you should fight to the death if necesary.
    Also, if you live in city that would rather you be a victim of violence than allow you to defend yourself, then you should relocate. I moved to Texas not knowning what to expect (grew up in CT) and I love it! There’s lots of transplants here, and I now have lots of guns after being repressed for so long.

  • Looking through her Twitter account, I see numerous examples of her embracing black [lack of] culture and bashing right-wing people.

    And again and again, you see that the parents of these murdered White kids go out of their way to denounce the White racists that “exploit” the rape and murder of their children.

    That means that not even their children being raped and murdered is enough to wake them up to the dangers of black, “Hispanic” (Amerind/Mestizo), and Muslim violence.

    White people have been so brainwashed by anti-racist ideology that they’d rather be raped and murdered than support racial segregation.

    It’s that realization that always depresses me. It seems like waking up enough White people to make a difference in the world is an impossible dream that will never become a reality.

  • She was too friendly with negroes. There’s a photo in the Colin Flaherty video that shows her in a bar with two black guys, a cucked white guy and three girlfriends. Probably didn’t see them as they are but rather as they are portrayed in the media. It should be publicized as a lesson to all white women to avoid blacks. There is nothing to be gained from being acquaintances.

  • We are condemned to live with those animals in the same country. Condemned. Except for rudimentary English skills these animals have nothing in common with us, nothing.

  • violent criminals of any race are bad and I am sure the next white person that does similar will be sure to be noted by Hunter….not
    you guys live for complaining about other goy so you can pretend the Jew didn’t create this mess

    • We post stories and news like this for multiple reasons. Number 1, the MSM voraciously eats up any White-on-Black crime it can find, imaginary or otherwise, so there’s no physical need or benefit to us parroting.
      Number 2, in antithesis, these are precisely the stories buried by MSM. Think of the kidnapping in Chicago recently; it was outright ignored by the media, and they were very aware of it. The Alt-Right is the only reason those animals saw their cage, and the reason the innocent watched in disgust of what is being hidden from them.
      Number 3, we’re very aware of the hook-nosed parasite that is the source of these symptoms. They too, will meet their final prison. Carthage was a mere example of what happens when the White man has had enough and fucking snaps.

          • you do not have to be onboard with it but question, do you really think the powers that be will change because you complain?

            I would submit TPTB rule through a fake democracy which is an actual tyranny and is international in scope.and their plans to disinherit all that don’t qualify for Jewish privilege is clear.
            My point is, how do you think a good black man will take being forced to consume anti-black sterotype propaganda from this site? Well, he will leave knowing he is the enemy which therefore makes us the enemy of him in his mind.

            I am not saying bridges can be easily built, but they can’t be built through constant denigration due to skin color. Do you want life to return to your white dominant heritage? Form allies and don’t create unnecessary enemies that could be allies.

            It’s not about race, it’s about awareness which does not stop at the white only border if you want to solve this problem

          • jsigur, I’ve been reading and following your comments and share some of the same concerns about the so-called ‘alt-right’ or whatever you call it.

            It is overwhelmingly pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist and I find this quite repellent. Jews and Zionists are the greatest haters of Whites and Europeans regardless of what they claim.

            And don’t get me started with Donald Trump and his address at AIPAC. I feel WW3 is around the corner, his family is entirely Judaized and I’m frankly sickened by how many WNs, Alt-Right Whites, etc, are behind him. The JEW-S-A wants a war against Iran and it will be using ALL Media to ensure this.

            I suspect a lot of the “fake news” “alternative media” is Jewish controlled opposition much as the Jewish-MSM is. I read and sometimes comment when I feel on the “fake news” sites. But I have to admit I can’t help but that Jews have their tentacles everywhere, including these “fake news” MSM.

            I really don’t know who to believe, but do believe we’re being set up for WW3. And by we, I mean Europeans and Whites.

            What I’ve noticed is at some sites, if you comment about Jews, then if you continue commenting about Jews and exposing Jewish subversion or activity, funny things start happening to your disqus account. Maybe it’s just me. I tend not to have time to comment so much, but when I do, I want to get straight to it.

            But if somebody were to look at my commenting, they would think all I do is obsess over Jews. Which isn’t exactly wrong, since Jews and Zionists (Jew or gentile) are the ones who are manipulating the Western goyim with their divide-and-politics, order-out-of-chaos politics, divide and conquer mentality, etc.

            As an example, I made a comment about the Jewish-initiated African and Islamic migration into the EU at Blacklisted News. A day or so later, I made a comment about the repellent Jew Sarah Silverman at BLN. This is a “fake news” outlet according to the establishment Jew-media. My comments went straight to pending.

            I then noticed another outlet which I prefer commenting at – Information Liberation – posted a similar story about the Satanic Sarah Silverman. I find this site much less restrictive and have never been censored there, as at BLN (this wasn’t the first time).

            I have the suspicion BLN saw I made similar comments at Information Liberation and then released my comments to make me appear like I’m an unhinged anti-Jew Christian fanatic. I don’t care if this is how it looks; I know we differ on religion and that you see Christians and Muslims as Jewish tools and we disagree.

            I know most Christians are conquered by Jews and – believe me – it has crossed my mind more than once to abandon my faith out of the institutional Judaization. The Jews are currently trying to use the West as a means to conquer and/or turn the Muslim world into a pro-Zionist, pro-Jewish part of humanity.

            There’s so much more I can comment about. I especially share your concern about attempts to de-Islamize Iran and return it to “Zoroastrianism” as this is the neo-con Jew/ Christian Zionist plan. I really fell ZOG-USA, ZOG-UK as the leading Zio-Jew forces in the world will be starting another war for the Jews against Iran.

            Honestly, I don’t trust any media or any institution anymore. And this is why the West is invariably going to the path of no return. And yes, it’s because of the Jews.

            Now having said this – and it does smack of nihilism, which I sometimes sense you may fall into, though maybe it’s just realism that nobody wants to admit to –

            What I’m absolutely convinced of is the Allied victory powers, by allying with Jewish Bolshevism and WW2, have essentially caused the current death of Europeans and Whites. And whatever remains of the West is being used as further human fodder for the Jews against Iran.

            At times, I would be a liar to say I don’t admire the Islamic opposition to Jews in a way that the West has capitulated to the Jews.

            Sorry for raising all these concerns with you, but you appear to be a deep thinker. I haven’t read your blog and perhaps you’ve answered some of these concerns there. (Yes, I do admire the enemy of Jewish Bolshevism; national socialism, we agree there.)

            Finally, going back to your thoughts about faith. You see Christianity and Islam as Jew psy-ops. However, don’t you think Jews themselves have played a role in dismantling what used to be Christendom or European Christian or White Christian civilization? Further, Jews like Sam Harris (and his co-ethnics and (un)witting goys), ‘new atheists’ are aggressively anti-Christian more than anything else.

            There are Jews who are pagans. Theology and religion are some of my interests. There was a group of Jewish women I used to follow who were pagan Jewish witches and referred to themselves as “Jewitches.”

            If you think a return to Nordic paganism or Germanic paganism is the answer (and please don’t take this as proselytism in the slightest, that isn’t my intention at all), don’t you think Jews would be just fine with that? Is there anything anti-Jewish about this neo-paganism? If there’s anything Jews are anti- , it would be Christianity which started off as the anti-Jew religion.

            These are just my thoughts for what they are worth. I don’t do blogging like so many people do. Nor social media. My national government already tracks a lot of our online material, as all governments do around the world. It’s just a matter of degree, though I feel the West is becoming more and more Bolshevik by the day, not just socialist-lite but actually Communist. And it’s been 100 years since the Jewish “Russian” revolution…

            It is not hard to become paranoid and distrust everything as a Jew psy-op or Jewish controlled opposition and perhaps that’s also what I’m trying to convey here. Sorry for the long comment. And I really hope this isn’t moderated and you receive this comment.

          • Well, to respond to a few things. Cudos to for being a beacon towards free speech, or this is how it seems to me. I was expecting to have been banned by now.
            Christianity started out as fake anti-Jewish, pushed by Jews to subvert pagan Rome. Christianity was originally a Jewish cult

            The best I understand, Christianity was too successful as a goy op and Jews had to psyop the protestant reformation against the catholic church to divide everyone up and re judaize as much of christianity as possible.

            This challenging of the church then enabled the liberalist revolutions that totally freed the Jews from goyim restraints and has led to the problems we have today

            WW II was basically the NWO against Hitler and co. White people chose the wrong side for that, unfortunately and why I say we should be focussing on Jewish overwhelming power as opposed to pining for once had white power which should have been corrected in WW II had we not listened to our Jewish brainwashers
            . This will be received better by more people for all ppl are tyrannized by Jewry. At various times, some more than others. Modestly improving white circumstances as a goal is like shuffling deck chairs on a sinking ship and trying to grab the chair with the most padding
            Love the response and may post it on my site, if that’s ok

          • it almost seems as if the police are only there to stop the German people from fixing the problem themselves.

          • Sir, I had nothing to do withit but I can state unequivacably, it won’t be rectified until the Jews are relocated to the Pale of Settlement where they belong

  • She tweeted:

    “It’s pathetic the govt is okay with spending billions on a wall, but GOD FORBID there’s options for affordable and accessible healthcare”

    Which only makes the whole thing more sad.

    Women will oppose any kind of protective masculine leadership, even though it’s in their own best interest. They’ll do so out of well-meaning feminine instincts, that instead of applying to children they try to apply to nations. It hasn’t worked anywhere and it never will.

    • IMO, the definition of a “daddy’s little angel” murder is a White girl who isn’t thinking about race, who has probably grown up in a safe environment, who is going about her life … and then, is just suddenly snatched, raped and murdered by one of these thugs.

      • For the most part, I agree with your assessment of this victim. Short North is a somewhat trendy area near the OSU campus that is undergoing gentrification, but there are pockets of violent nigger communities nearby. This poor soul was young and likely had no idea that there were so many savages nearby.
        When I was working on my advanced degree last year, there were incidents like this that occurred all the time. There were trusting young women that had always lived in sheltered, encave communities growing up and they were being robbed, raped, and killed frequently. Male students were getting approached from behind, struck with pipes, and robbed. Right before I graduated,there was an incident where a young white couple was attacked in their home hear campus. Three niggers broke into their home, struck the husband in the head with a hammer (permanent brain damage), beat and gang raped his 8 month pregnant wife (miscarriage), and robbed them of their valuables.
        The local media refused to release photos or the race of three perpetrators until AFTER they were convicted of the crime. After I finished my studies, I moved away from the area because of the city’s lax attitude toward black crime and their discrimination against gun owners.

  • Daily Stormer totally dropped the ball on this one, this article should’ve been front and center when you pulled up that website for the past few days

  • Fucking animals.

    Give him a double-lung shot and see if he drops like a deer and drowns in his own blood. American prisons are over-crowded, and bullets are cheap. That .38SPL he killed her with is about 38 cents American.
    They commit a crime like that, there’s no use keeping them caged. They’re never going to fit back into society; the crime alone proves they were never fit in the first place.

    • Exactly violent criminals need to killed immediately once convicted, hopefully the Overton window shifts towards us on this issue

      • A trend of white men forcing their way into courtrooms and butchering these savages would make the point to the public. The government wouldn’t get the hint and white cops would just double the security to protect the beasts. As great as it would be to see animals treated like animals, the number of dead cops, judges, lawyers, and attendees would get old really fast.

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