Correcting the Record on “Media Matters”

David Brock, founder of Correct the Record

Journalists and reporters have keenly noted that the Alt-Right has a strong presence on social media networks. One very important person to pick up on this has been David Brock, founder of a liberal media watchdog group called “Media Matters for America”.  A lot of you reading this may already have had run-ins with this organization, or some of Brock’s super PACs such as “Correct the Record”(CTR), most famous for shilling for Hillary Clinton (and against Donald Trump) on websites such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and even 4chan. CTR in particular used almost $10 million worth of resources during the 2016 election cycle alone.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the last venture of Mr. Brock we’ll be seeing. Through a recently leaked strategic media plan found here, we discovered his next moves to attack the right and most specifically the Alt-Right. He plans to do this through organizations under the umbrella of Media Matters, the most prominent being Shareblue, American Bridge, and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

Why This Matters to You

Their plan is four-pronged.

  • Media Matters has secured access to raw data from Facebook, Twitter, and “other social media sites (reddit)
  • American Bridge intends to become the “standard-bearer of opposition research”
  • CREW takes the place of CTR, shilling on social media to “stop misinformation and fake news
  • Shareblue, their digital media corporation, intends to become “the antidote to

They have also put in place “technology to automatically mine white nationalist message boards and alt-right communities for their archive”. These are exact excerpts from the leaked document. They have actively been looking to identify patterns and connections of “misinformation” and who is spreading it. If you thought that being on a list for the NSA was scary and overreaching, imagine the NSA actually hated you and was seeking out to destroy your existence. Here’s a quick rundown of each organization:

Media Matters has been working with Facebook in an effort to stop “fake news”, effectively giving them control of the narratives of any news story on the largest social media network. They now have a “detailed map of the constellation of [the] right-wing Facebook pages that had been the biggest purveyors of fake news-as well as insight into the food chain of fake news and how it was moving through the Facebook ecosystem”. When Google had to revise their terms of service of advertising, Media Matters was there with the “information necessary” to identify the worst offenders of “fake news”. Beyond Media Matters’ collusion with Google and Facebook, they plan to “silence dissent of Alt-Right social media that poison[s] our national discourse” and “punish and halt” them.

They have a budget of $13.4 million and a core staff of 81, and plan to train hundreds of thousands of individuals on how to identify “fake news” and Alt-Right “smears” in their social media networks and “equip” them with the tools to fight them on their own. The people they plan to recruit are already ill-equipped in their own rhetoric, but Media Matters is handing them extra tools to help remove Alt-Right opinions from the public sphere. This could potentially be one of the biggest problems we face as we’ve already seen prominent Alt-Right users being banned for next to nothing on major social media networks.

American Bridge is the Democratic epicenter of opposition research and “the most dominant player on the left” according to Time Magazine.  Another super PAC founded by Brock is creating a “Trump War Room” with 20,000 hours of video and audio footage to skim through. One of their goals is to make “running as a Republican candidate in the next four years painful.”

They will be targeting social media with, for example, visual guides to knock down Trump’s daily narrative. The tools the “War Room” will have at their fingertips include: Live-stream technology able to watch events nationally, 16 terabytes of fully-searchable video archives created by the firm that commercialized a DARPA development (containing both national and local footage), searchable with a “sound search” that skims footage without any pre-existing transcript, and just about all of the legislative history of lawmakers voting. Pretty much what you would imagine the NSA has but specialized to be able to create and propagate a political narrative within minutes. American Bridge’s budget is $14.7 million and is largely funded by George Soros (how lovely).

CREW is the 501c3 watchdog arm of the organization. They plan to act as the legal team of Media Matters and to expose any ethic crises within the Trump administration and specifically against Trump himself. They will monitor the “secret influence of powerful special interests on the Trump administration”, and afflict Trump with a “steady flow of damaging information, [and] new revelations”.

It will be interesting to see how long CREW keeps its 501c3 status while actively campaigning against a candidate who has filed to run in 2020, when 501c3s aren’t allowed to be biased towards or against any political candidates, but I suppose an ethics council would know better, right? CREW has a 2017 budget of $5.8 million and a staff of at least 38.

Shareblue is the digital attacker, in their own words. They plan to keep pushing the meme of Putin influencing Trump and Trump losing the popular vote/being the least popular POTUS (no longer true). They will also continue trying to tie Trump to white nationalists. Most hilarious in the leaked document, is their goal to “fight outrage fatigue”. They’re already demoralized about losing so often that they’re thinking ahead with plans to energize their team for upcoming uphill battles.

One of their content-aggregation plans is to build an algorithm that specifically designed to amplify negative content for Trump and deliver positive content to bolster the resistance, such as video propaganda. Another funny note from this is their admission that Democrats “often struggle to convey facts that can be easily understood”. They’re aware of the mental gymnastics needed to make their ideas more palatable! They also plan to fund “grassroots organizations” to make them seem more authentic, and to put more funds into investigative journalism to help work against the current republicans and the Alt-Right.

Shareblue is one of the few for-profit organizations under the Media Matters umbrella. They plan to money not just by sponsored content, but by “having subscribers pay a fee to participate in a twitter-like environment, free from Alt-Right trolls and harassment”. Take a minute to absorb that. Not only did the “Anime Nazis” completely ruin their fun on Twitter despite constant banning; they’re attempting to create a literal special snowflake echo chamber free of any dissent.

Shareblue has a budget at $2 million, and 18 total staff including six full-time content producers. They are looking to sink $3 million more into this to get a digital director to develop/execute social media strategies.

The Good News

We found out about their plans before them. We’re already able to outmaneuver their constant shutting down of our use of social media. Many of their plans to stop Trump have already been halted by his refiling for election in 2020, due to the laws described above. And they’re very, very bad at pushing digital content because their message no longer resonates with anyone that has critical thinking ability. The only thing they have going for them is the cooperation of Facebook/Google/Reddit/etc which most could have guessed was going to happen anyways. Stay vigilant, and know that we are winning.

Shawn McCaffrey
the authorShawn McCaffrey
Shawn McCaffrey is an Identity Evropa activist


  • My head is about to EXPLODE after reading this. Google is all ready messing with me. I am subscribed to the daily White House email letter. It goes to my spam folder every time. Yet EVERY other email newsletter that I have opted into or subscribed to comes to my inbox.

    God I feel so overwhelmed and defeated. My children are going to be minorities in there own country. I have talked to old liberal friends that are of the media matters type. They say they are smart and have lots of money and funding sources to pull this off and eliminate the alt right.

    This is fucking war man.

  • Good reporting Shawn.

    I’m not too worried by all this. Progressivism already had complete narrative saturation and the AltRight grew and Trump got elected. What more can they do?

    White people are now asking basic questions like: Why should we flood the United States with third worlders?

    Progressives have lost the ability to even argue their positions.

    • Agreed. And Brock is a fucking kook.

      Jan 26th Daily Beast article on David Brock:

      “Many in the party—Clinton loyalists, Obama veterans, and Bernie supporters alike—talk about the man not as a sought-after ally in the fight against Trumpism, but as a nuisance and a hanger-on, overseeing a colossal waste of cash. And former employees say that he has hurt the cause…..

      Brock bragged early last year that his team had assembled a mountain of damning oppo that could “knock Trump Tower down to the sub-basement.” But Trump Tower still stands, and Brock’s groups failed to help Clinton to victory….

      “I met with him a couple times—he’s fucking weird,” a former Obama administration official, who also requested anonymity, told The Daily Beast. “I felt like I was meeting Mugatu from Zoolander… I don’t know what the fuck [Brock’s network] did besides raise a ton of money, and I don’t think the after-action report on 2016 says we need more David Brock. Probably the opposite is true.”

      • Hillbots on Twitter are what Brock and CTR did. There are tons of Hillary CTR bot accounts that went silent in late October and November.

  • They are very afraid and will do anything including asassination to regain power. We must eliminate this dangerous enemy by any means necessary

  • Why are jews so against people on the right viewing and sharing news that isn’t {{{filtered}}} through double speak and outright lies? Hey jews your grip on mass hypnosis via MSM is slipping!

  • Damn, that sounds frightening. We do have many hundreds, if not thousands, of devoted trolls that will provide a counter on social media. The question is, to what extent will they be able to censor us?

    Tough times ahead. Let’s just keep in mind what it is we’re fighting for.

    First they ignore you
    then they ridicule you
    [we are here]
    then they fight you
    and then you win.

  • It’s time for the Alt-Right to professionalize.

    Drop the anime-nazi-nerd act and start dot-coms and alternative social media properties. There’s no reason that we can’t run intel operations on them. In fact, we have an advantage because the anti-whites don’t feel the need to hide behind anonymous internet handles – plenty of the anti-white network is right out in the open.

    What you want to do is connect the dots between the street trash of the “anti-fa,” the crazed open anti-whites and the handlers behind the scenes, the Jewish Zionists that run the networks and provide funding and legal coverage, and their direct connection to the Democratic party itself and their online media properties.

    Vox Day already pioneered such an operation with Unfortunately, too many people on the Alt Right are still playing footsie with the Joshua Goldberg JIDF Costume Clown Troll faction and waste their time playing internet jerk-off, posing as “hard core” Anime Nazis and the like.

    Meanwhile, the anti-white left has a serious outfit with a professional public relations arm.

    Time to up our game.

    • It’s highly questionable that any such organizations would be able to be run without fantastic amounts of capital. Things are the way they are for a reason. Any such organization would be open to basically continuous lawsuits and they would probably stick given the absurd legal framework surrounding tax exempt status.

      Why don’t you do this personally instead of simply talking at other people to make it happen?

      • The capital needed for an online media start up has never been less. There is virtually no threat of lawsuits – there is no civil liability, what would anyone sue over?

        I am, in fact, in the process of creating just such start ups. Part of the process is of course to the popularize the idea by speaking to other people.

        Your concern is noted, however.

        • We wish you all the luck in the world. Sadly, your record shows that you will probably only use your platform to attack other White Nationalists.

        • I assumed you meant an actual platform and not a wiki, which we’ve already got plenty of. If you are forming a corporation or a non-profit they absolutely can be sued.

          This issue with a White Nationalist twitter is it would require enough employees so as to be held to CRA standards in which case exposing non-white employees to racist content would probably land you in court from being sued by those employees.

          Knowing you you’d also be in court for libel as well.

          • ” in which case exposing non-white employees to racist content would probably land you in court”

            If that was actually the case than virtually every ISP and online media platform, including sites like WordPress or Disqus, would be constantly in court being sued by employees for being “exposed” to “racist content.”

            But of course that isn’t the case, fortunately.

          • It’s discretionary, which is the problem. It’s ultimately going to be up to a Judge rather an ex-employee has standing and if the employer is liable or not. There are basically no standards of evidence for what qualifies as illegal hiring practices either, so be prepared to be subjected to that as soon as Sessions isn’t running the DoJ (which is wishful thinking on my part; for all I know Sessions will still be willing to take people like us to task). I mean Obama’s DoJ was suing physics tutoring firms that weren’t black enough, because you know out of work black physics majors are so abundant that not hiring any is evidence of discrimination.

            Facebook runs a digital marketplace that is used to sell weapons to ISIS. Are you confident that you can do the same thing and not face repercussions? It’s obviously not the case that you could. The popular social media platforms run in contravention of the law at the discretion of the courts and LE to not do anything about their criminality. They get away with basically everything shy of murder as a gentleman’s agreement. You could start your own youtube but when a user uploads copyrighted content you’ll be faced with worse than a DMCA take down notice. That is if your platform pisses off the wrong people, which is to say if you are at all successful. It is anarcho-tyranny.

            The issue is also not user generated content but being exposed to corporate culture, which is what I was talking about. Disqus isn’t owned and staffed by public bigots pushing for global genocide but legally obligated to engage in ‘equal opportunity’ hiring practices. One of your employees just has to make a claim. What do you feel your odds are in court versus a malicious ex-employee claiming they were racially abused by someone who is publicly racist and whose business model is publicly pro-white activism? You might be able to win but I’m skeptical.

            Really the first thing that needs to be worked on is WN Paypal/Patreon anyway, and not any social media platform. This is actually the stopgap right now for independent organization, and it is an enterprise that at origination would probably be subject to stringent Title VII requirements.

            It’s not that no one has ever thought about these things or is too lazy. It’s that there is actually enormous financial risk involved and it is incredibly difficult to raise capital. Now is probably the best time because of Trump but who knows what 2020-2024 is going to look like right now for a traditional business model subjected to every law and regulation which are designed basically to keep people like us out of the market and to arbitrarily stifle competition.

            I do wish you good luck though. I hope to be proven wrong. I try to empathize with my enemies so I can know what they will do. I just know what I would do if I was them with their resources, but perhaps I give them too much credit.

          • Has Red Ice been sued? Regnery Foundation? Bitcoin is becoming more mainstream.

            Maybe I’ll just get a Jewish girlfriend, that seems to be popular among ostensibly pro-white sites.

    • Dude everywhere you go you just shill for Colin Liddell/AmRen factions of the Alt Right. Literally every comment board you go to you attack other Alt Righters because you disagree with their methods. You’re just like Colin: you don’t contribute *anything* positive to the movement; you only criticize others, tell us we should hate them and then you try to run them out of the movement. Just give it up dude. You’re not going to run us out of our own movement – and alas we will not run you out either. All the adults in the room have accepted this realty – except you and Colin and Liddell. Why can’t you two be team players?

    • I don’t understand what you’re LarpIng about… alt right are outsiders by definition. You wont get left wingers in trouble with the left wing establishment for being left wing. And any alternate social media project would just be a lame echo chamber. The war is being fought over the normies and normies aren’t going to join your racist site

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