Antifas: Yvette Felarca on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Tucker Carlson asked Yvette Felarca, national organizer of “By Any Means Necessary,” if she would beat up one of her middle school students for spreading fascist propaganda:

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  • I have a friend who is a school teacher for the same grades but in Massachusetts- if my friend was involved with this kind of activity her job would be gone – why is this woman still employed?

    • She is in California, dear, that is why. No other state would put up with a teacher of this ilk. She is a disgrace and I would not let her within three miles of my children. California has a different set of behavioral norms than most states. She would be shut up in two minutes if she tried that crap in Iowa.

  • She teaches Grade 7/8 Humanities at MLKJr in Berkely. I’ve sent an e-mail urging them to fire her as she is clealy emotionally unhinged and see’s no problem resorting to violence to silence her political opponents. There is a wealth of footage online of her engaging in violence and stating she has every intention of continuing to do so. I urge you to send e-mails as well. If they get drowned in hate mail about her they will be forced to acknowledge it.

    • She clearly is not wrapped too tight. Don’t they have psychological testing for teacher who exhibit bizarre behavior? She is just a short person acting out like a badass and like someone said on one of the threads, the first time she spits out a tooth, her behavior might conform to normal – maybe, but with her, I doubt it. She is just a bizarre human being who should NOT be in charge of teaching children.

    • She is Filipino so she probably is about 4 feet 10 inches on tiptoes. But she makes up what she lacks in height with her biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig, disgusting mouth.

  • The law firm is politically connected to every major Democratic party
    constituency – unions, illegal “immigrants,” pro-abortion, LGBTs, and
    all the rest. This isn’t just a typical law firm – it’s a political

    And a political operation, tied directly to the
    Democratic party, that is the attorney of record for one of the most
    infamous Antifas leading a gang of thugs that has been engaging in
    political terrorism against pro-Whites and regular “Alt Lite” Trump

    So it’s not just a bunch of “radical leftists” – it’s the
    Democratic party itself running the show. And connect a few more dots
    and I’ll wager it will tie all the way back to a shitty little country
    in the Middle East.

    How many dots? Not many I’m guessing.

  • Bah, this conversation all seemed to be intended to give publicity to a certain person. M… this, M… that and so on. Tucker should have focused on the attitudes of “anti-fascists” toward all “fascists” and advocated for the right of every member of the alt-right to speak without interference – not state things like “M… doesn’t do that”.

  • Felarca played the idiots like a fiddle. She was already lawyered up, and likely had one of her collaborators pose as a “Neo-Nazi” and threaten schoolchildren in a bid to get sympathy for her Antifa activities.

    As we warned over and over again, you’re dealing with a professional outfit that is funded by Israeli Zionist Jews and protected by a network of Jew lawyers. It may be fun to pose as tough guys and “take it to MUH STREETS” but that is exactly what they are hoping you will do.

    What they don’t want you to do is to expose their lawyers and their Israeli funders – because that would actually break the network. It’s not the expendable street trash you need to worry about – it’s the lawyers and their Israeli backers.

    Yet again, we predicted everything that would happen, and like /pol/ – we are always right.

    Here, I’ll even give y’all a head start: Felarca’s attorney:

    Ronald Cruz

    Lawyer & Organizer with BAMN

    San Francisco Bay Area

    Scheff, Washington, & Driver

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