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On the evening of February 1st, 2017, the alt right subreddit was banned from Reddit. The alt-right community was shut down for violating the site’s terms of service, according to Reddit.

As one of the moderators at the subreddit, I would say we are pretty vigilant about trying to abide by Reddit’s terms of service by removing “hate” speech such as slurs or taking down material that is proliferating personal information of people i.e. “doxing.” In fact, we were purposely hyper-vigilant by having absurd warnings like NSFW tags on posts and an age restriction warning on the subreddit just to inform readers that they were entering a “dangerous” part of the internet.

The only incidence where our subreddit may have violated these terms of service was promoting the WeSearchr bounty that was looking to bring justice to the masked man who assaulted Richard Spencer, President of the National Policy Institute and Editor of Radix Journal and This would not be the first time someone has been removed from a social media platform for promoting WeSearchr. I should know because I was banned from Twitter for promoting that exact WeSearchr bounty. Twitter informed me I was taking part in “targeted harassment” and then had my appeal denied. Apparently, trying to identify a criminal is now considered “doxing” but I digress.

As one of the moderators of /r/altright, I believe this is just part of a greater political witch hunt that we have seen heating up over the years. The alt right movement is known for dabbling in various forms of thoughtcrime i.e. talking about race realism, ethno-nationalism and Jewish influence in society. The alt right movement has been growing exponentially over the past few years and exploded onto the mainstream political scene in 2016 during the Trump presidential campaign when Hillary Clinton gave a speech specifically denouncing the movement.

It is pretty apparent to me that this banning was nothing more than an attempt to censor our ideas from reaching more people. The alt right movement has been extremely successful at utilizing social media to grow their size and influence. It is clear that our political enemies feel threatened by us. In order to combat this new type of censorship that comes from our corporate elites, right-wingers will have to create their own platforms in which they can assure that their speech will not be silenced. However, they should not abandon attempting to fight the culture war on these platforms. It is an uphill battle but we must form these cyber beachheads in order to reach new people. We must create our own institutions and we must attempt to invade theirs as well.

For now, the alt right subreddit community will be re-grouping over on a platform dedicated to free speech known as Voat. You can find them at the subverse (their version of a subreddit) /v/identitarian. Voat will end up being a temporary home for the Alt Right subreddit. In the future, our new home will be here at the Forum.

Charles Lyons
the authorCharles Lyons
Charles Lyons is the Chief Administrative Officer of Arktos Media.


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    I had actually planned to nag you about creating such a thing. We really need it, now that TRS took their forum back behind the shed. Will you try to facilitate pool parties and local meetup groups?

  • You guys should make a chan instead of a regular forum. 4chan is total garbage and 8chan is run by faggots and retards who seem to want the site to fail. Anonymous shitposting and chan culture is more fun than regular forums imo.

    • Oh god no. Chans attract losers and trolls. The Alt Right needs to attract high quality White men and women. If you want to shitpost there are a million websites for that. Don’t stink up the real Alt Right movement with juvenile idiocy. You already have the Joshua Goldberg Kosher Nazi sites for that.

      • The chans are basically where all the memes come from and is ground zero for anything relevant in online culture that isn’t happy-go-lucky corporate faggot shit like the rest of social media. And being anonymous is more fun than having an e-identity. The only issue with 4chan and 8chan is, like I said, really shitty and incompetent leadership that appears often contemptuous of its users.

        • If the Chans are so great, why are they constantly trying to spread their faggotry on the serious forums such as this?

          Go start a chan with that 15 year old imageboard tech and attract the same set of losers the rest of them do. Have fun.

          The Alt Right is becoming a serious movement so either move out of mom’s basement and join the real world – or go back to posting anime hitler cats. It’s a free country.

          • There is literally nothing wrong with being a loser anime nazi troll living in mom’s basement.
            Disenfranchised white youth should be reached out to with compassion, not ridiculed with the cold snarky bitchiness and sociopathy that I expect from a leftist.

          • “Disenfranchised white youth should be reached out to with compassion, not ridiculed with the cold snarky bitchiness and sociopathy that I expect from a leftist.”

            Hipster Racist is Spergy and consequently lacks Empathy.

          • What do you mean? Judging by your comments, you don’t want it to become a serious movement. You attack the *only* two groups actually doing IRL organizing of regular guys: TRS and DS. Unless I am mistaken, there are no “radix” meet-up groups, there are no “altright.blogspot” meet-up groups. You need to lay off attacking people bro. Go write some more d-list porno.

          • So for you the only two groups you approve of are the ones that published the Jewish fake “Nazi” Joshua Goldberg? That’s interesting.

            I prefer a 100% White policy – no Jews. It just makes things easier that way.

          • Those are just the two groups I see you go after most – and, coincidentally I’m sure, they are the two most successful Alt Right operations. (((Pure coincidence)))! I’m not particularly attached to either of them, but they do good work. I like Brett Stevens at and Hunter Wallace at occidentaldissent. But seriously about the porno stuff you write, you’re a disgusting degenerate who would not be welcome in any IRL Alt Right group.

      • I actually agree with you about the chans, but hey, bro do you by any chance know of a blog where I could publish really bad porno stories? I have some really terrible amateur porno I would like people to read and am looking for a blog that publishes that kind of stuff. Do you know of any? Heuheuheu

          • Dude I only know you from Radix and a few other sites and you almost always say stupid things. You’re a cuckboi for Colin Liddell’s operation. The fact that you say DS and TRS are run by Jews is proof enough that you’re toxically moronic. The fact that you’re a degenerate that sits around writing pornography shows that you belong in the oven. I hope to run into you at a conference one of these days.

      • The very last thing I want to see is more idiots. They make everyone else look bad. Moderators deleting some of the comments would also be a step up (which is a massive hint to admin).

          • Here’s my homage to the man who coined the 14 Words, David Lane. Did you know that David Lane wrote spanking erotica? Yes – THAT David Lane. Every time they use the term “14/88” – they are referencing David Lane.


            Of course, it’s telling that Finkelstein and his three other handles are doing their best to attack credible and effective White men like Paul Ramsey and Colin Liddell (Liddell actually is an author here on and are now trying to disrupt the entire last few threads by trolling me, a humble fiction author and blogger.

            That’s really telling – the Joshua Goldberg faction is losing control of the pro-White movement, which is leaving them behind.

            So, it’s all good!

          • Oh there are a lot of people here with much more unusual erotic tastes than spanking. Don’t ask me how I know because you, and they, will all regret hearing the answer. Certainly we can’t judge people’s inherent public value by their private tastes.

          • Interesting how the Joshua Goldberg faction has spent all of their time trying to distract everyone from the actual issues on this thread and instead taken the opportunity to trash authors like Colin Liddell, pro-White figures like Paul Ramsey, and have even brought up my VERY successful experiment in introducing normal, non-political White women to the works of legendary White Nationalist David Lane, his 14 Words, and otherwise building an audience of woman readers.


            That is what the Joshua Goldberg faction can’t stand – breaking the pro-White movement out of the JIDF fake “Nazi” ghetto and getting normal, non-loser White people on board. To think, there are self-described WN “leaders” that admit they want to keep pro-White sentiments in a “subculture.” They are indistinguishable from anti-white Jews, which is why their websites all “just happen” to be run by Jews, people married to Jews, or otherwise publish Jews like Joshua Goldberg.

            The sex is of course just a distraction.

          • The lack of females in these areas definately is a problem…notice there are none here…unless they are all using pseudonyms of course. The ‘Manosphere’ types drive the women away with their hysterical screeching.

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