2017 American Renaissance Conference

American Renaissance has announced their conference taking place on July 28 – 30, 2017, near Nashville, Tennessee.

Speakers include Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Sam Dickson and Tara McCarthy.

Registration is now open.

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  • I will lead the alt-right in the future! Richard Spencer does not have a viable plan or the means to ensure a great future for European Americans.

  • I should take control of American Renaissance because I am far superior to your fag god Richard Spencer. I have advanced degrees from elite universities that are actually useful in advancing our cause.
    Richard Spencer is an internet shitlord.

    • Also, do we really need a more extreme version of Milo. Richard, you can be a member, but you should not be in a position of leadership. This applies to all homosexuals and liberal arts people.

  • I guess it’s fine that’s all boomers, but does it have to be the same boomers? Everyone they listed has done great work, but I’d like to see Steve Sailer, Kevin Michael Grace even Vox or Molyneux at one of these things. There’s is a lot of great material that’s neither altright nor altlight, but still accepts race realism. Taylor needs to start building those bridges if he wants to stay relevant.

  • It’s time for Jared Taylor’s annual “everybody’s huwyte except blacks” conference! Not that the media or left wing really care. AmRem is like a retirement home for cranky old white guys. Nobody cares.

      • I’m on-board Spencer’s train, so naturally I’ll rail against those who counter signal him. HeilGate sorted the wheat from the chaff.

    • The Alt-Right formed because we all know that multiculturalism is a
      non-starter, and we all want to get back to relative homogeneity so that
      political discourse can continue as it has for centuries. If you really think everyone on the alt-right agrees with you on every point then you clearly don’t know enough about your own ideas to realize the full scope of what would come after race realism. For Jared it’s probably moderate libertarianism while it could be any number of other possibilities for anyone else. Point being that once we establish a secure future for ourselves, which is something everyone at AmRen wants to do, we will once again have a functioning nation and will still have to decide how to organize ourselves from there.

    • Well, last year’s conference featured a twenty two year old speaker from Latvia, and this year’s confab promises an address from the youthful Tara McCarthy. So I guess AmRen isn’t entirely “a retirement home for cranky old white guys.”

    • Last year, AmRen had a massive influx of young people from the alt right movement. About half of those in attendance were older folks but the other half was people under the age of 35, many in their early 20s. I expect a repeat this year.

    • Are you seriously using the ‘old white men’ lefty meme to attack American Renaissance (or ‘Remaissance’, as you apparently call it)? Will you also be denouncing the conference’s unbearable whiteness?

    • Amren doesn’t discuss the JQ and Jews have actually spoken at Amren.

      But Amren serves its purpose. I would say its Intellectual red pilling.

      I won’t attack Taylor because he was pretty much doing it alone along with David Duke in the 90s.

      Amren is important as a waystation. I think people get involved start buying Trumpism/Buchananite Populism, then go to the next step which is Amren, then they finally come to Alt Right ethno nationalism.

      • I know they do good work but Taylor has signaled against Spencer and those who discuss Jews. No need to signal or punch right. Just shut up and ignore is all we ask them to do

        • I saw one print comment about Heilgate from Taylor, that’s it. No constant virtue signalling and disavowing like RamzPaul. Overall, Taylor is a positive for the movement.

        • Chairman Mao said let 1000 Flowers boom. What Taylor and Amren do is different than the Daily Stormer. Anglin is like National Enquirer, the supermarket tabloid of White Nationalism that grabs your attention. Amren is like Reader’s Digest, staid and skews older, more intellectual. They both serve a purpose.

          • Chairman Mao used that slogan in order to bring his political opponents out into the open. “The Great Helmsman” was hardly a proponent of pluralism or ideological heterogeneity.

  • Brimelow, Taylor, Dickson, all great speakers. But get a younger speaker like Spencer, Greg Johnson, or Hunter Wallace.

  • Why is Jared Taylor having a Conference with coat and tie dress code in the sweltering Southern heat? Why not have it in April?

    • Yeah, I was about to say something about that, but I assumed there were scheduling issues that prevented them from doing it in April like they’ve done in the past. The hottest 2-3 week stretch is late July, early August.

    • That is extremely generous of you. I would love to attend, but I would have to go by myself, which isn’t an option.

    • It’s mostly in the news category. It doesn’t show up on the frontpage for some reason, gotta click news manually.

      • Yeah, but even that is almost all Hunter Wallace. He’s good, but I thought there would be more writers when the site started.

  • Are AmRen conferences where fashy older guys like RamZPaul go to pick up young Alt-Right women?

    Asking for a friend. Please advise.

    • No, Alt Right conferences are where older guys like RamzCuck bring their Jewish lady friends.

      I douubt RamzCuck shows up at AmRen again, because he’s “disavowed” White Nationalism.

      • Oh look, it’s yet another Joshua Goldberg bitching because Paul Ramsey and Colin Liddel outed their JIDF run fake “Nazi” scam.

        Ramsey was right – the “14/88” IS a cult. Thankfully, the real White Nationalist movement, along with the larger Alt Right, is growing out of the JIDF ghetto – and we see the Joshua Goldberg Kosher “Nazis” freaking out now that they are exposed.


        • Funny, RamzCuck “disavowed” White Nationalism, so it looks like he can’t be part of any White Nationalist movement. Carry on with your nutty conspiracy theories that all of us who don’t like Boomer Cucks are Jewish Agents. I actually am a Jew, in fact.

          • You sound awfully upset that RamZPaul exposed your fake Kosher “Nazi” act. Paul Ramsey is a 100% pro-White Nationalist and has never “cucked” on the Jewish problem.

            Which is why kosher fake “Nazis” like your pal Joshua Goldberg are always attacking him.


            The gig is up, Finkelstein, you’ve been exposed! Better tell Richard Cohen of the $PLC he’ll need to hire more astro-turfers!

          • RamzCuck Personally disavowed White Nationalism and the Alt Right after Heilgate. He’s free to go be a Civic Nationalist with figures like Cernovich. Why you’re such a loser defending someone who disavows your own movement is beyond me.

            I’m such a good Jew, why I even got the attention of the NY Times! My mom Miriam would be proud if she were still alive.


          • Finkelstein, your lies about Alt Right and Nationalist figures are noted – just understand that your D&C tactics aren’t working anymore. Your Jewish buddies like Joshua Goldberg and Mrs. Enoch have been exposed.

            We’re winning, and you’re losing. Ha ha!

          • Hey, look who was in the NYT! Your buddy RamzCuck! He even disavowed WN and the Alt Right. No lies! Straight from the horses’ mouth.


            “Paul Ramsey, a blogger and retired computer programmer in Oklahoma, generally follows an alt-right ideology, though he said he did not believe in a white ethno-state. (snip)

            Those salutes confirmed his fears, Mr. Ramsey said, and he is now disassociating from the alt-right movement, even though he understands that Mr. Spencer may believe in a big-tent, all-publicity-is-good philosophy.”

            Doesn’t believe in a White ethno state, why exactly do you support RamzCuck?

          • I see your buddies at the NYT are spreading lies about Alt Right figures again! It’s apparently not working.

            So keep your whining – Paul Ramsey and Colin Liddell are getting more popular every day!

          • I don’t have any issue with Liddell.

            Paul Ramsey’s lame Youtube videos are littered with hostile comments and down votes, because he disavowed White Nationalism. These aren’t lies, it is clear as day in the article I linked.

          • “I’m such a good Jew, why I even got the attention of the NY Times!”

            That’s telling – of course the NYT gives publicity to false opposition, like Joshua Goldberg and his Jewish kosher “Nazi” friends. So that is no surprise.

            Of course, it’s not working. But I’m sure the NYT will keeping trying!

          • I guess Spencer is “controlled opposition” too, since he’s been in the NY Times alot.

            Sorry, but I can’t help you with your Autism.

          • Why do you keep attacking everyone on the Alt Right, from Spencer, to Ramsey, to Liddell, and everyone else? Just like your buddies in the Joshua Goldberg faction always do.

            It’s not working Finkelstein – White Nationalism and the Alt Right have gone mainstream, and your clown act isn’t working anymore.


          • I haven’t attacked Spencer or Liddell. Quit imaging things in your mind.

            Why do you defend RamzCuck?

          • “Stop your crazy conspiracy theories”

            How about you stop accusing people of being Mossad plants because they attack some Boomer Cuck Youtuber who disavowed White Nationalism that you’re enamored with?

          • Ramz Paul and Colin Liddell are not Alt Right. Ramz Paul has DENOUNCED white nationalism and Colin Liddell runs an obscure Alt-lite blog with from Japan. Those two are not Alt-Right.

          • Colin Liddell run a blog titled “the founding site of the Alt Right” – and RamZPaul is a NATIONALIST – who is White. He is 100% pro-White and never shies away from pointing out the Jew problem.

            He doesn’t mince words about the Jewish-run fake “Nazi” movement – which is apparently why you spend virtually all your time attacking him, and Liddell, and me (for some odd reason) and your partners spent the last two years attacking Spencer and NPI too, until just a few months ago.

            It must REALLY burn you that your fake “Nazi” groups – and the clown show at places like TY – are being eclipsed by actual White Nationalists.

            I can understand why you set your profile to private – you can’t stand by your own words (and the words in your dozens of other handles likely.)


    • They don’t need to hire security in Tennessee because the AntiFa has essentially no presence there. Plus, AmRen doesn’t attract the Joshua Goldberg/JIDF/Fake “Nazi” faction anyway so it’s all good.

          • Tim Wise is the Jew Moneybags, of course he doesn’t do any real protesting. He has to swindle the Goyim so he can live in his 99 percent White neighbourhood.

          • I just remember reading a few years back that Tim Wise lived in a White neighborhood in Nashville, I believe.

        • No, the last AmRen conference attracted a half dozen antifa, however they were not wearing masks and did little to disrupt the event because Tennessee people are armed – and everyone knows it – thus Black Bloc antifas don’t go around sucker punching people. Plus they are simply thin on the ground there in general.

          AmRen was disrupted by Antifa when it met in Washington DC – that is in fact why they hold the events in Tennessee now.

          • The AmRen with few sad Antifa was before Trump was President. Shit is obviously different now. These Black Bloc Antifa take car rides together to our events. Maybe they will show up, maybe they won’t, but Jared Taylor should be prepared.

          • Have you ever been to Tennessee? With a name like “Finkelstein” I’m guessing no. I wouldn’t worry about it, White men in Tennessee are heavily armed. AmRen was actually attacked by AntiFa during the Obama administration, long before Trump. That’s why they moved to Tennessee in fact.

            White men in Tennessee are always prepared.

          • Why are you arguing with me about the need for paid security? Yeah, using armed Alt Right attendees to fight off AntiFa would be great optics.

          • You’re right, another reason Taylor holds his Conference at a State park. State police are there. Let them do their job.

          • I’m not “arguing” with you. I don’t “argue” with Joshua Goldberg fans. I’m simply setting the record straight about AmRen since you are purposefully spreading falsehoods about their history.

          • You’re an autistic moron who gets into it with every Alt Right writer and fills the comments sections with petty diatribes.

            Its not that hard to understand that things are different now that Trump is President, and enhanced security is a good idea. Expecting Amren to run like it did in 2015 is asking for trouble. I’m sure Taylor understands this.

      • Gavin McInnes was attacked by antifa. Antifa laid siege to a college campus to keep a gay Jew who is sexually obsessed with black men from speaking. I find it very hard to believe that AmRen is not going to be a target.

        • AmRen was a target of the anti-fa two years running, once the year before Obama and the first year Obama was in office.

          In the first case there were not only physical attacks, but literal terrorists threats from Israelis. The second time – in North Carolina – antifa was assisted by local assets of the Obama administration.

          That is why AmRen now holds their conference in Tennessee. For the last two or three years, AmRen has held a conference and all the antifa was able to do is send out a few extremely unattractive weirdos who held up some signs for a half an hour or so and went home (you should watch Paul Ramsey’s hilarious trolling of them.)

          Antifa can’t do anything serious in Tennessee because, first, the majority of White men in Tennessee are armed – unlike anyone other than the police in Washington DC. And also because AmRen now holds their conferences in public facilities.

          This has all been heavily covered in the pro-White blogosphere for the last decade.

          Of course the Antifa would like to attack AmRen, but AmRen learned their lesson and took steps. There are legitimate criticisms of Jared Taylor’s approach – he’s far to welcoming of Jews for my tastes – but the fact that AmRen tends to attract a higher quality audience than other pro-White gatherings is another reason they have been successful for the last few years.

          • You make a very good point, but antifa seem to have gone berserk since Trump’s election. They tried to disrupt the NPI conference, and they sprayed a foul-smelling liquid and I think someone got punched, but it was restrained compared to what happened to Richard Spencer at the inauguration. Don’t expect them to think out their plans.

            Hopefully, the police will arrest them, rather than just stand back and watch like they did at Berkeley. But if the police do not intervene, and antifa goes on a rampage like they did at Berkeley or at the inauguration it would be much better to have private security deal with it. I suspect that private security is much better equipped to handle this than armed conference goers are.

          • Spencer needs private security – not armed LARPers, no doubt. AmRen is a different story, but if they want to hire security, of course they should But likely Antifa isn’t going to do much in Tennessee. Tennessee is not Washington DC.

            Antifa has actually been somewhat muted lately. It’s just nothing compared to what they have done in the UK and Europe, and it’s not even particularly an escalation of what they have done in the past. Really – AmRen ten years ago had Israeli terrorists calling in bomb threats to the homes of hotel employees. Spencer getting sucker punched sucked, of course, and I hope whoever did it is caught and arrested. But it ain’t international terrorism like Antifa was engaged in ten years ago.

            I wish people would wise up – Antifa is an Israeli run Jewish terrorist network. Most of them are just street trash, but the organizers are serious.

            Of course, there are too many who post on the Alt Right sites that are of the same ethnic background as the Antifa terrorists, which is why they are always giving people really, really bad advice while posing as “hardcore Nazis” and calling people “cucks.”

            Don’t believe the hype.

            The way to deal with Antifa is mostly through lawyers and lawsuits and close cooperation with the police (the police generally despise the Antifa street trash and would likely be very helpful if you approach them the right way.)

        • Perhaps people do not realize this, but AmRen has been holding conferences since the 1990s, if not earlier. They used to have their conference broadcast on C-SPAN.

          I’ve been writing about AmRen and Antifa since the Bush administration, so perhaps I sometimes forget that last year was the first time the younger crowd had ever had any experience with Antifa.

          Another reason the younger crowd should listen to the experience of older people who have been through all of this before.

          Just after the anti-fa attack on the last NPI conference, and before the cowardly sucker punch attack on Spencer, those of us who have successfully infiltrated the antifa, and even had some of them prosecuted and arrested in the past, gave some advice on how to deal with them:

          The tough guy posturing from the Usual Suspects is, of course, playing right into their hands. The way to deal with them is not the way Negroes deal with opposition, but instead by leveraging White IQ and time preference – and even a bit of deception.

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