Federica Mogherini: the EU Minister for White Genocide

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini speaks with media in a joint press conference with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran, Iran, Tuesday, July 28, 2015. Iran's foreign minister says "high-level" talks will soon be launched with the European Union following a nuclear agreement reached with world powers earlier this month. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)

It is almost impossible to have a career in mainstream politics if one has the merest hint of involvement with far-right politics. Sadly the same cannot be said for those with a history of far-left politics, even when the involvement is substantial and relatively continuous. This is why Europeans now have to be subjected to the vile comments of Federica Mogherini, the current High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, basically the EU’s foreign minister.

Mogherini was in the news recently, after making a speech revealing her genocidal hatred for her own people and her desire to flood her native continent with Third World detritus in opposition to the wishes of the European people, who, whenever the question is put to them directly, overwhelmingly support a strong stance on immigration.

Speaking at a meeting on the migrant crisis in Malta, the Mediterranean island that is in the front line of the migrant invasion, Mogherini said:

“I believe Europeans should understand that we need migration for our economies and for our welfare systems, with the current demographic trend we have to be sustainable.”

Yes, that’s right – all those Somali drug gangs are going to pay for your pensions, so get with the plan, White man.

She also slammed European countries trying to protect their populations, saying that their stance was “based on confrontation, instead of cooperation; on building walls, instead of building partnerships; on closures and bans, rather than dialogue,” then added:

“Let me be totally clear from the very beginning: Europe does not and will not close its doors. Also because – and as an Italian I think I can say it loud – we Europeans have been migrants ourselves up to few years ago.”

See, those Sub-Saharan Africans with IQs of around 70, who practice genital mutilation, and those Arabs with an ancestral hatred for Europe going back centuries, who conveniently left all their women at home, they are just like us. They’ll fit right into our societies, if only we’ll let them. In fact, they’ll be far better Europeans than we are.

Mogherini then played the Left’s main card, guilt-tripping Whites by using their altruism and moral decency against them:

“Every day, every single day, people still die on the route; those we see at sea, those we do not see in the desert [in Africa]. Each one of those lives is one too many and we can save them, protect them; prevent these dangerous journeys only if we manage together.”

Actually, the reason so many migrants are dying is because people like Mogherini are providing the incentives of a Europe, where they can live on welfare and, yes, sexually assault our women with relative impunity. That is what is driving so many of them to risk their lives to reach the European ferry service that plucks them out of the sea in their thousands each month. The blood of any of them that happen to die in this relatively smooth operation should be where it belongs – on the hands of Mogherini and her ilk

It is racist to refuse.

But just who is this Mogherini person anyway, this hatchet-faced blond who is suddenly Europe’s foreign minister and telling us that we should hand over our continent to a Camp of the Saints future? It is revealing to have a closer look.

Now 43 years old, she is the daughter of a mediocre movie director, so it could be said she is from a rather privileged background. At the age of 15 she joined the Italian Communist Party – yes the same movement directly responsible for 100 million deaths in the 20th century, but apparently no obstacle to a career in mainstream politics in modern Europe.

After the Italian Communist Party dropped itself into the “dustbin of history” in 1996, she joined the Democrats of the Left, a new party made up of the detritus of the old Left, including Communists like her. This party then merged with another small party – the more centrist Democracy is Freedom Party – to become the Democratic Party (DP) in 2007.

Essentially what we see here is an attempt to trick the voters by mixing toxic Leftism in with other, more acceptable “political flavors” and then rebranding the package with the colors of a fake centrist party – effectively political subprime sold on to an unsuspecting public. This strategy worked surprisingly well, however, with the DP becoming one of the big parties in Italy, and part of the large coalition of “Center Left” parties in the EU Parliament, which includes the likes of the UK Labour Party. But rather than “Center Left,” it would be more accurate to describe most of the parties in this coalition as pro-globalist, hard left Cultural Marxists.

It was through the influence of this powerful bloc that Mogherini, a de facto ex-Communist and now a “demographic extremist” supporting genocidal racial replacement, was able to wangle the job as the EU’s foreign policy chief. In this respect she joins Angela Merkel, another female ex-Communist, in the work of trying to destroy Europe. The only difference is that unlike the childless Merkel, Mogherini has two young daughters, who will grow up to “enjoy” the results of the Europe that their mother is creating.

  • Jarod

    Hopefully some brave goy puts a round through her communist skull.

    • Billy Brown

      just another talking head. it will not change the power balance. we need our demographics back. they need to be afraid on a massive scale. a clean death for one old lady will do nothing

    • Abcdedcba

      Not only will that martyr her, she will be replaced by one of thousands of Eurocrats with the same beliefs.

    • Middernacht

      I’ve long since lost any pity for these people and not a tear would be even close to being shed.

      However you should realise that whilst death threats to the POTUS are something the left does every afternoon when they get out of bed, people on the right can’t take the same luxury for granted. Especially in Europe, they’ll arrest you for any vague threat as long as it even slightly implies it’s targeted at the left.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Vile creature. She’s begging to be hanged.

  • Abcdedcba

    Nothing unusual about her speech. It’s exactly what we expect from the globalist autogenocidal elite.

  • Joseph Curwen

    The explications for the actions of this bitch are simple: 1) ethnomasochism and 2) deeply in her mind she wants to be the slave of a strong male withing a patriarchal society.

    • MetalQuintessence

      That comment is solid gold. x)

  • echoprinter

    “pro-globalist, hard left Cultural Marxist” well said. 🙂

  • craicher

    43? Looks like she is 63!

    • Betraying your people is the new smoking. It’s cheap in the short term, ages the body, and becomes exponentially more expensive with time.

  • BoboBell

    Perhaps she believes it is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    “Let me be totally clear from the very beginning: Europe does not and will not close its doors. Also because – and as an Italian I think I can say it loud – we Europeans have been migrants ourselves up to few years ago.”

    Yeah, they were imperialist invaders into non-white lands, but then non-whites rose up and said GO HOME, and so, the Europeans came home.

    Just as non-whites had the right to send white invaders packing, white people in white nations have the right to repel non-white invaders.

    End of discussion. If this traitor Italian bitch LOVES non-whites, I suggest she go live in Africa or Middle East. If being a ‘migrant’ is so cool, I suggest migrate out of Europe. Good riddance too.

    • Lucy Lipinska

      Well said, Ms Gubbler Chechenova.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    I’m all for bridges. Bridges to send the invaders back to their nations.

    I’m for walls to protect the West from invaders and I’m for bridges to send the invaders back to their lands of origin.

  • Atlantic Monthly is making a big stink about Moldbug, and NYT is making a bigger stink about Evola. But how did Alt Right become a household name?

    In truth, most people never heard of the Alt Right.

    If Alt Right became a household name, it is due to the media. Spencer himself admitted he felt like was getting nowhere.

    But in 2016, the media in cahoots with the Hillary campaign has a brilliant idea. It would exaggerate the power of the Alt Right, associate it with Trump — Hillary’s speech had been planned long beforehand — , and Trump would be smeared as ‘nazi’. He would lose for sure, especially as he’d be associated with Duke too.

    But in this age of trolling, the Trump side used ‘basketful of deplorables’ as a badge of honor. Also, Alt Right was too obscure and ideologically varied to pigeonhole as ‘neo-nazi’. The most the media could squeeze out in that regard was ‘heilgate’ AFTER the election.

    So, it wasn’t Moldbug and Evola that made Alt Right known worldwide. It was the media that miscalculated in hyping a fringe movement as a SPECTER HAUNTING THE WORLD.

    But of course, the media were never much for self-reflection. They unwittingly played the role of John Reed and Edgar Snow. Now, Reed and Snow were sympathetic to the radical movements they covered(and Reed was a communist himself), whereas the media meant to harm Trump and Alt Right. But they just ended up providing free publicity to a movement that had once been limited to a corner of the internet.

    They did for Alt Right what NYT did for Castro. Unwittingly but effectively just the same. Lame Media turned Alt Right into the ‘les enfants terribles’ of politics.

  • Killshot

    Hi Colin Liddell, love your work!

    As I understand it, white genocide is language that is deliberately over the top so as to trigger curiosity and interest. It shouldn’t be used all the time.

    When you’re not trolling but providing information, please consider using the non-hysterical equivalent: demographic eradication.

    Demographic eradication is our grievance and the essence of our message. It is important to be able to articulate our position to multiple audiences. We can’t be trolling everyone non stop.

    Thank you for your time.

    Alt Right portal:

  • Flick Yoli

    Open Borders = Mass Graves

  • Y Finkelstein

    There is no need for millions of low wage, unskilled immigrants in an economy that is increasingly automatized. The immigrants will have no jobs and wind up on the dole. How many Doner Kebab stands do you need?

    • craicher

      Imagine how boring London would be without a kebab shop on every corner. And how would you get your phone fixed without a ratty phone repair/dealer/money laundering shop on every corner? And where would our heroin come from without our Muslim dealers?

    • Lawrence

      In my country, the state pays companies if they hire unskilled asylum seekers. So now companies fire the host population and get free workers instead, paid for by the state with the taxes deducted from those of the host population still not replaced. I have no words. We have been turned into human lemmingoids. But for the companies its a sweet deal, and for the politicians too. They get to signal till their buttholes tingle, and their descendants will get the bill. I am so incredibly ashamed of my fellow europeans; we are the most ruthlesly selfish generation ever to exist, selling our very own children for the chance of signalling and not being called racists and anti semites. We are the smallest of individuals and unworthy of the inheritance we were bestowed. I am so ready to sign up for a real struggle now. When will the real thing finally break out?! I hope I wont be to old to do my part then. When will the swedes break the spell. When will the german wake up. When will the french want to make France french again? Will it ever happen for real? Are the white race with its thousand year struggle for glory and greatness to be disapeared like a fart in the wind? How is it possible?! Is it a nightmare?

      • Y Finkelstein

        Are you in Sweden?

        • Lawrence


  • rick rage

    keep the list growing. put this creature’s name high up on the list. judgement day approacheth. a fair trial. a fair conviction. a fair noose. we will not forget.

    • Mac Tírë

      A fair trial? This is war. She is a traitor. She gets a bullet in the back of her head.

  • Eric May

    I miss Oriana Fallaci

  • Lawrence Drake

    Federica Mogherini is a commie. Although it seems ridiculous to assert that people on welfare will “save” welfare, she’s not entirely wrong. The welfare state has an incentive to expand its client base. From the perspective of these catlady communists a useless bum is a better immigrant than a brain surgeon. A bum is more likely to become a client of the state and vote for further redistribution of wealth.

    • Adolf Shekelgrubber

      No, they’re just thinking a couple of generations down the line – the children will become productive Germans. Of course that’s stupid – probably none of the migrants will have the brains or temperament to keep Germany going. And, in those couple generations when work, if exists at all, is ever more brainful, more low-talent people is exactly what you /don’t/ want. I can only think they’ve realized their mistake and just refuse to admit it (or the banker masters won’t let them), are true believers that with enough SWPL love the immigrants will turn into SWPLs despite the counter-evidence of the Turks, or else they really are Jewed, and intent on destroying Europe.

  • Exiles these maniacs to kebabland. Without any resources. Just the clothes they walk in. See how long they will survive.

  • Marathon-Youth

    The European Union is a Jewish created Frankenstein. It is their “Goyem”. a Jewish mythological creature created with mud in order to protect the Jews during a time of crisis. In this case “Jewish Protection” seem to translate to attacks on European Gentiles.

    Quoting Mogherini:

    “I believe Europeans should understand that we need migration for our economies and for our welfare systems, with the current demographic trend we have to be sustainable.”

    Using that argument Europe should have held to her colonial lands and in this day and age a good deal of the cheap hard labor can be outsourced without the need of the cheap labor coming into Europe.

    Then there is the ‘Trump effect’ where “outsourcing of labor and jobs” could also mean moving them to parts of Europe with plenty of a cheap workforce, and where costs are less. That can be found in smaller town and country sides across Western and especially Eastern Europe We are talking of a European population of around 770 million (almost a billion not counting European Russia)

    As far as refugees and crisis around the world any power can help them out including Europe but help these refugees in their parts of the world and do not make Europe. America. Australia the dumping ground for the unending misery of the remaining 6 odd Billion of our 7.5 Billion world population.

    America maybe a “nation of immigrants” but only to a limit and that does not apply to Europe.

  • Fred

    Mogherini is a brainwashed trash who justifies her existence through the career in Brussels. No principles, whatsoever. The posterity will rebel and curse this trash for centuries. Merkel will also have the destiny of Gorbachev who is cursed by anyone and everyone from the Soviet Union.

  • Adolphin ++

    This is why women shouldn’t be allowed to become politicians.

    • Adolf Shekelgrubber

      Especially childless ones.

  • Marcus

    In general, the migrants aren’t leaving their wives at home. We must remember that they are coming from polygamous societies where the wealthiest men take all the women, leaving a large cohort of eternal bachelors in each generation (until Europe invited them in, that is).

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    The West needs to be aware of what might be called The SympaTHING.

    In the opening of John Carpenter’s movie, a ‘dog’ runs from Norwegians in the copter and arrives at the US base. The Americans see a poor dog fleeing from crazed Norwegians and kill the Norwegian and save the dog. They take pity on the poor creature… that turns out to be The Thing.

    So, their sympathy for the canine thing or Sympathing turns out to be their undoing. Some invaders come at you straight ahead. It’s like when Mongols invaded China, Persia, and Russia. They came as invaders, so it was kill or be killed. But some invaders come under a guise.

    And it is under the guise as Pitiful Creatures that they gain a foothold. In a way, wolves turned into dogs by attaching themselves to humans. Humans had seen wolves as enemies, but some wolves came to be allowed into the human tribe. But it worked out well for both groups since dogs want to serve humans, not take over.

    In contrast, the Thing seeks dominance. So, it cannot show its true face and comes at the humans like a real dog in search of refuge and sanctuary. It is only a pretend-dog, a vermin in dog’s skin.

    Some races tend to be more servile than others. Some races tend to be more domineering than others either intellectually, economically, physically, or sexually.

    If they come as obvious invaders, your only option is to fight them.

    In the original THE THING by Howard Hawks, the invader is walking-killer-carrot, and you know it was a bad guy.

    But in the Carpenter movie, the Thing is very deceptive. It shifts forms. It can take on the form of a nice doggy or a fellow human. And it seeks dominance in this deceptive c

    sneaky manner.

    The attack on the West comes in two SympaThings: viral and physical, and they are interrelated.

    The viral attack is PC and Pop Culture. It infects and colonizes white minds.

    The physical attack is mass invasion, especially from Africa(and Muslim world in the case of EU) and India as its population keeps growing and its government intends to ship out 100s of millions. It invades and colonizes white lands.

    The viral sympathing infiltrates white minds in the form of PC that’s supposedly for love and against hate. So, it weakens and destroys the healthy survivalist and vitalist instincts of the white soul. White people should naturally want to defend whiteness and white culture. But PC sympathing makes white minds see whiteness as diseased, especially if whites value whiteness as thing of heritage, beauty, and identity.

    But the fact is human nature seeks something to identify with and be loyal to. Human nature has an element of tribalism. So, how can white human nature be fulfilled if whites aren’t allowed to identify with other whites. Human nature craves something to identify with. PC viruses messes with their minds and makes them identify with non-whites. Just like dogs identify with humans against other animals(even fellow canines), PC makes whites become like dogs to GLOB master against other whites. PC fills whites with viral sympathing for non-whites as ‘poor helpless victims of whites’. PC also fills whites with the notion that whites are oppressive and ‘privileged’. So, in order for a white person to be good, one must protect poor non-whites from evil whites.

    Thus, identifying with whites and fighting for white interests is seen as evil, whereas supporting non-whites against Evil Whites is seen a noble. The mentality isn’t much different from the idea of good whites fighting Evil Nazi Whites in WWII. No wonder that the GLOP declared fatwa on Trump supporters as ‘nazis’ who must be punched.

    It’s like the Swedish Movie where the good heroic kid sides with a Jewish-looking kid against blonde ‘aryan’ looking Swedish kids. It’s like the Swedish vampire movie where a gypsy-like vampire girl forms a bond with a good Swedish boy against bad ‘aryan’ bully boys. So, whiteness can only be good in protecting non-white or less-white against the shining ‘aryan’ white’. (Though GIRL WITH DRAGON ASS TATTOO is about all whites, the freakery of the heroine makes her an honorary non-white.)

    *There is also the Wild Thing, a false promise of liberation via the exoticism-eroticism of the Other. All well-functioning social orders require restraint, discipline, self-control, and civility. The West didn’t rise by people acting like baboons. But such order makes people feel ‘repressed’, and this makes them easily drawn to the Wild Thing of easy pleasure. This is the hook of rap and hip-hop culture. It makes white folks feel free to be acting like wilder blacks. Whites feel ‘liberated’ from their lame white restraints. But once culture takes on this false freedom, social order falls apart. Such is the freedom of beasts, not of men. And consider how the Chinese fell for opium as promise of easy paradise. It seemed to be liberating from the daily grind, but it only made things worse. Such false freedoms only chain the ‘liberated’ to beastly animalism or euphoric castles in the sky.

    In a way, the sympathing is a replay with what happened with renegade Jews. Judaism was supposed to be about Jews sticking together and struggling for Jewish interests, but Jesus, Disciples, and St. Paul were renegade Jews who urged Jews to open up to gentiles and share God with them. In the end, it didn’t work with most Jews, but this idea did spread to Romans who, as Christians, developed a broader sense of fellow humanity.

    Anyway, the viral sympathing of PC works in tandem with physical sympathing. After all, what we call ‘reality’ is largely shaped by how our minds have been conditioned and programmed. Those raised with particularism will tend to be more suspicious of outsiders whereas those raised with universalism will tend to be more trusting of outsiders(even if ignorant of their true nature and intentions).

    Without PC viral sympathing infecting white minds, white people would see mass immigration, migration, and invasion for what they are: demographic war and imperialism. And they would take decisive action to stem the tide.

    BUT, the PC viral sympathing in their minds fools them into seeing the masses of foreigners as ‘poor huddled masses yearning to be free’, as objects of pity. Poor poor things. And if you honestly and coldly see them for what they really are, as physical sympathings meant to trick you, then the PC sympathing works on your emotions to make you feel no-good, cold-hearted, and nasty.

    And of course, the invaders know the trick as well. They know that their ticket to the West is playing the role of ‘poor huddled masses’. Especially in this age of viral memes and internet communication, Africans and Muslims know what cards they need up their sleeves to be allowed in. So, when ‘Syrians’ became the object of special pity, every Muslim claimed to be ‘Syrian’. And Africans know all about EU refugee policy. So, they purposely ‘endanger’ the boat in the middle of the sea so that soft-hearted and soft-headed(minds turned to mush by PC) Europeans drag them to safe harbor and allow them to run free all across Europe. And even though the invaders are playing whites for fools, so many whites with PC viral sympathing coursing their veins just LOVE playing the role of noble whitey saving all those poor poor ‘helpless’ people who, btw, purposely endangered themselves for the express purpose of fooling and sucking on whitey. It’s like a drug. They love to smoke the Hopium. They love to snort the Cuckaine.

    Viral sympathing softens whites minds for the invasion of physical sympathing.

    The invaders are sympathings because they know their entry into the rich West depends on their pulling heart-strings of gulliberal whites and cuck-roach christians whose only virtue-signaling card left is ‘we care about refugees’.

    So, even those who are coming just for free stuff, better life, and sexual opportunities speak the rhetoric of ‘huddled masses’.

    That superbowl commercial was classic sympathing. Look at poor woman and daughter. They have NO HOPE in Mexico. (I wonder why. If Mexicans are so wonderful, why don’t they do something to fix up their own nation so that people will want to stay?) Their only hope is to come to America. But BAD WHITES built a wall. They got no sympathy. But a goody goody white came along and built a door to let them in. Sympathing.

    Never mind that there are tons of nasty browns in California rioting and attacking whites. Never mind all the brown power violence against whites and even Mexican-americans who supported Trump. The commercial just gives us a mother and child, oh boo hoo hoo. This PC is now promoted even by corporate capitalism. And guess who controls advertising to sucker all the morons out there?

    It’s like in Kubrick films. Every system seeks invulnerability. It seeks to protect itself and project its power. But every system has a soft spot, usually a blind spot. White folks built something great, rich, and powerful in North America and Europe. White folks have all the power and wealth necessary to protect their own systems. They have so much power that they can conquer much of the world if they really wanted to.

    But the rise of the West owed to a culture of trust, decency, and rule of law. These advantages were meant to apply to white people in defense of the white realm(and they did tremendous good for whites), but goodness has a universal aspect to it, so the GLOB made white people feel soft-hearted and guilty for having all this Good Stuff and Wonderful System for themselves.

    Granted, non-whites could take the good ideas from the West and build their own good societies along those principles, but most seem incapable. Such failure might indicate that non-whites aren’t as good as whites in intelligence, values, and/or organization. But such conclusion would be ‘racist’. So, the only explanation must be the rest of the world is poor because of past western imperialism, and therefore, white worlds owe it to the rest of the world to open their gates to the poor creatures deserving of sympathy. But in fact, them creatures are really invaders looking for good stuff. And if you let some in, it doesn’t end there. They want their relatives to come too, and more and more. In the end, the invaders turn out to be the sympathing.

    But even when that is well-known, many whites still welcome the sympathing(despite knowing of its hostile intent) since they’ve been inculcated with so much self-loathing that they see the demise of the white world as a ‘good thing’, a deserved punishment.

    PS. A million-dollar movie idea would be E.Thing. When THE THING was released, it was overshadowed by E.T. But over the years, people don’t much care about E.T. whereas THE THING gained cult status. So, maybe a new movie can combine E.T. and THE THING into E.Thing. The story would have E.T. arriving on earth and befriending people.. but actually turning out to be Thing. It’d be cuddly and gory at the same time.

  • Consider the Hate Paradox. People naturally want to destroy their object of hate. They want to eradicate and exterminate it, BUT if their sense of self-worth and moral identity are entwined with this object of their hate, they want the object to go on existing in order to be exterminated and eradicated. It’s like Zeno’s Paradox with the tortoise. The crusade is for total obliteration, but somehow, the thing never gets entirely eradicated since the radical hater needs it to keep existing to justify his moral existence. (Even if it is totally eradicated in the material world, it lives on in the mental realm in the form of shadows.)

    Some people hate something and would hardly miss it if it were gone. If someone hates rats, roaches, and lice, and if they were go away, he’d be fine with their absence. His sense of moral worth is not invested in hating them critters. He just hates them for spreading filth. So, if they’re gone forever, good riddance.

    But some objects of hate are like a moral drug. Hating them makes you feel soooooo good. It’s like the moral high that Christians got from hating and hunting witches. Christians were committed to getting rid of all witches… but their lives would actually be empty in a world without witches since hunting witches makes their lives feel justified. So, this leads to the Hate Paradox where they do want to exterminate something so much that they want it to go on existing for them to exterminate.

    And this passion is bigger on the Left than on the Right. The Right is less about higher(utopian and impossible) ideals than about what is real and tangible: blood and soil.

    The Left is intoxicated with vision of ‘better society’, and that means it defines itself mainly in opposition.

    A rightist-conservative society without leftists and radicals(eradicated or expelled) may not miss them. It would be content with self-containment.

    But a leftist society without rightist enemies to hunt and eradicate would feel empty. So, when all the real rightists are eradicated, it has to look for more. And if rightist vermin cannot be found, they must be hallucinated into existence, like KKK at Oberlin or Republicans as ‘new nazis’. Or the left may even turn on other leftists(deemed not radical enough) as ‘capitalist roaders’. This is why purges were far more extensive in leftist orders than in rightist ones. It’s just the part of leftist ideological DNA. It’s rabid. Totally get rid of them… forever. But how can it be forever if they are to be eradicated?

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  • I see Joshua Goldberg’s JIDF buddies from the (((DS))) and (((TRS))) are out in full force, “punching to the right” and trying to use “Divide and Conquer” tactics on the Alt-Right. They use their throw-away anonymous accounts so no one can look at their long record of trying to split the Alt Right and turn it into a Jewish-run (((Hollywood Nazi))) joke.

    Ah well, they have been increasingly exposed lately so you can understand why they are lashing out.

  • Not only is the demographic displacement of Europeans a shame and destructive to them and to western civilization, it is an affront to God. Multiculturalism is Neo-Babelism.

  • Newfoundlander

    Despite the insistence of the EU elite, multiculturalism is not the future of Europe; it is a dead man walking. Anti-multiculti parties are growing massively throughout Western Europe, and Eastern Europe refuses to join in the EU’s extremist demographic replacement plan. For people like her there is no future.

  • Mailinated

    Why is this the only article that shows up on the frontpage? Lots of posts on the news category, but none of them shows up above this one when browsing via

  • angrywhiteman

    If these invaders are so good for Europe’s economy, why can’t they stay home and be better for their own?

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