Who’s Afraid of Julius Evola? The New York Times

The New York Times in a profile behind the thought of President Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon highlighted a thinker near and dear to many Alt Righters: Julius Evola.

From the article:

Those trying to divine the roots of Stephen K. Bannon’s dark and at times apocalyptic worldview have repeatedly combed over a speech that Mr. Bannon, President Trump’s ideological guru, made in 2014 to a Vatican conference, where he expounded on Islam, populism and capitalism.

But for all the examination of those remarks, a passing reference by Mr. Bannon to an esoteric Italian philosopher has gone little noticed…

“The fact that Bannon even knows Evola is significant,” said Mark Sedgwick, a leading scholar of Traditionalists at Aarhus University in Denmark.

Evola, who died in 1974, wrote on everything from Eastern religions to the metaphysics of sex to alchemy. But he is best known as a leading proponent of Traditionalism, a worldview popular in far-right and alternative religious circles that believes progress and equality are poisonous illusions.

Evola became a darling of Italian Fascists, and Italy’s post-Fascist terrorists of the 1960s and 1970s looked to him as a spiritual and intellectual godfather.

They called themselves Children of the Sun after Evola’s vision of a bourgeoisie-smashing new order that he called the Solar Civilization…

More important for the current American administration, Evola also caught on in the United States with leaders of the alt-right movement, which Mr. Bannon nurtured as the head of Breitbart News and then helped harness for Mr. Trump.

“Julius Evola is one of the most fascinating men of the 20th century,” said Richard Spencer, the white nationalist leader who is a top figure in the alt-right movement, which has attracted white supremacists, racists and anti-immigrant elements.

In the days after the election, Mr. Spencer led a Washington alt-right conference in chants of “Hail Trump!” But he also invoked Evola’s idea of a prehistoric and pre-Christian spirituality — referring to the awakening of whites, whom he called the Children of the Sun.

Of course no American article on right wing ideas would be complete without a Russian conspiracy, The Times goes on to link Bannon, Evola, and Alexander Dugin.

As Mr. Bannon expounded on the intellectual motivations of the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, he mentioned “Julius Evola and different writers of the early 20th century who are really the supporters of what’s called the Traditionalist movement, which really eventually metastasized into Italian Fascism.”…

As Mr. Bannon suggested in his speech, Mr. Putin’s most influential thinker is Aleksandr Dugin, the ultranationalist Russian Traditionalist and anti-liberal writer sometimes called “Putin’s Rasputin.”

An intellectual descendant of Evola, Mr. Dugin has called for a “genuine, true, radically revolutionary, and consistent fascist fascism” and advocated a geography-based theory of “Eurasianism” — which has provided a philosophical framework for Mr. Putin’s expansionism and meddling in Western European politics.

Mr. Dugin sees European Traditionalists as needing Russia, and Mr. Putin, to defend them from the onslaught of Western liberal democracy, individual liberty, and materialism — all Evolian bête noirs…

We can’t say we don’t live in interesting times; past is prologue and the future is now!

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“Julius Evola is one of the most fascinating men of the 20th century,” said Richard Spencer, the white nationalist leader who is a top figure in the alt-right movement, which has attracted white supremacists, racists and anti-immigrant elements.

NT Times again trying to associate anyone who opposes White dispossession and replacement as “racists and White supremacists”.


And behold, a journalist who had never read any Evola consulted wikipedia to randomly insert Evola into a politcal smear and create a bizarre ‘Russian Conspiracy Theory’ that does not exist.


Bannon is the closest we’ve had to “our guy” since Andrew Jackson.

Joseph Curwen

I sometimes think that his rabid pro Israel stance is just a facade.

Mark Citadel

And with that… Evola becomes the Saul Alinsky of the next 8 years.


One can hope!!!!

Bantz Henriksen

Shows how basic bitch these NYT cunts are. Critiques of liberalism and individualism, oy vey! It’s as if a non-liberal right has existed for centuries or something!


Putin much more influenced by Ivan Ilyin than Dugin, but then journey wouldn’t be able to indulge in the whole “oooooo rasputin!” thing.



autocorrect feh


Ilyin is dead.

Putin can read everything Ilyin wrote 1,000 times, but Ilyin cannot advise Putin on current affairs.

Laguna Beach Fogey

Alt-Right intersectionality: Fascist Children of the Sun, German Wandervogel, nude bodybuilders, California surfers.

Johnny Fash

Surf the Kali Yuga.


“We, the Judeo-Christian West,”

There’s no “we” in that, porky.

Let’s not forget than Breitbart was conceived in Israel.

Ed Edgerton

Fix the title. It should be who’s, not whose.

Johnny Fash

“My principles are only those that, before the French Revolution, every well-born person considered sane and normal.”
― Julius Evola

Albionic American

The fact that we can longer talk about “well-born” people in mixed company shows why white people have just given up on trying to control more and more areas of their lives. Egalitarianism removes incentives to try to better one’s lot in life, while a white hierarchy offers people standards to live up to, and it rewards the individuals who succeed in doing so.