Steve Gern: Something To Think About

This video has gotten 44 million views on social media:

  • Frontierland

    Plain truth.

  • adopt from your local shelter

    Tomorrow’s headlines: “Neo Nazi White Supremacist Goes On Racist Rant”

  • Billy Brown

    thing people don’t see is this. they don’t come here to kill us. everyone one of them here means less resources for us in our homelands while they continue on as is in theirs. they are attacking us the second they step off the boat without using violence. rahowa is the only way. sooner we start the better. they need to be afraid to come here

  • MisatoKatsuragi

    I blame the liberal media. Their sowing of division will make our enemies bolder.

    Just what Soros wants

    • Dick Wallace

      Soros and Milo are going to f**k you right up the ass and there is nothing you can do about it.

      • Truly edifying. Thanks for raising the tone.

  • Dick Wallace

    Brad, are you the top or bottom when you and Richard hookup?

    • Dick Wallace

      Milo, admits that he is a bottom and claims Richard is gay. It is obvious that Milo thinks Richard is hot. I guess Richard is the top when he meets up with Milo? This is all so confusing. I guess you and Richard flip coins when it comes to matters such as these. Who knows? Very confusing! SAD!

      • Man of White Skin

        Keep on shilling, cuck boy.

  • Dick Wallace

    This roid head just figure this out? No wonder he’s a former enlisted soldier. Every war since WWII has been a sham. He’s been fighting for globalists his entire military and contracting career. $hithead!

    Anone who enlists in any branch of the armed foreces is globalist whore.

    • Dick Wallace

      The guy has bitch tits. These are the type of guys at the gym who only do bicep curls.

      • Dick Wallace

        He’s also an attention whore who is pretending to be surprised that this video went viral.

    • Man of White Skin

      1. Without a military you’re fucking screwed. Simple.

      2. I refuse to believe you could be this retarded, so you must be a troll.

  • Dick Wallace

    Soldiers are nothing but pawns for kikes, dykes, fags (sorry Richard and Milo), trannies, and globalists.

    • Man of White Skin

      >Critiques the very people who keep him safe on the basis that they are jew pawns
      >Apologises to a faggot jew who fucks niggers

      Get the fuck out of here.

  • Dick Wallace

    Thank god for more dead soldiers. godhatesfags dot com