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Steve Gern: Something To Think About

This video has gotten 44 million views on social media:


Feels good, sounds good. “U.S. immigration authorities arrested hundreds of undocumented immigrants in at least a half-dozen states ...

The White Supremacy of Ingesting Whole Milk

I’m dying … WTF is this? “At the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City on ...

Elliot Abrams REJECTED By President Trump

This is a relief. There had been talk that Elliot Abrams was going to be “Trump’s neocon.” In ...

Winning: Guadalupe Garcia de Rayo’s Deportation

This is awesome. Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos was an illegal alien who had been here for twenty years. ...

The Atlantic: What Is Neoreaction?

Rosie Gray writes in The Atlantic: “White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has been in contact via intermediaries ...

Dutch “Deplorables”: How Mass Migration is Viewed in the Netherlands

Joost Niemöller is a Dutch journalist with a long-standing career in that country’s media. He faces severe censorship ...

Who’s Afraid of Julius Evola? The New York Times

The New York Times in a profile behind the thought of President Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon highlighted a thinker ...