OUTRAGEOUS: South African President Jacob Zuma Launches White Genocide

Editor’s Note: We need to start putting some serious pressure on the Trump administration over the South African Question.

We were right.

South Africa, the so-called “Rainbow Nation,” has always been for our community the definitive proof that the colorblind multiracial utopia pushed for so hard by the Left would prove to be a dystopia for the White minority. South Africa and Zimbabwe are examples of the future we DON’T want for our descendants. This is the reason why multiracial democracy ought be avoided:

“South African President Jacob Zuma pledged Thursday to break up white ownership of business and land to reduce inequality, in a State of the Nation address disrupted by a fistfight, walkouts and a release of pepper spray in the parliamentary chamber.

The speech, as well as the verbal and physical clashes inside the legislature, highlights increasingly fraught divisions over the future course of Africa’s most developed economy. Mr. Zuma’s focus on redistribution comes as his African National Congress party prepares to elect a new leader to succeed him in December and as he finds himself under growing pressure over corruption allegations. …

“Today we are starting a new chapter of radical socioeconomic transformation,” Mr. Zuma said, adding that 22 years after the end of apartheid “white households earn at least five times more than black households.”

Mr. Zuma said that his government would this year propose changes to the country’s competition rules to make it easier to “deconcentrate” high levels of ownership in certain sectors and open up the economy to black-owned businesses.

He also said that he planned to send back to Parliament a bill that will make it easier for authorities to redistribute land taken away from blacks during colonization, although white landowners will still receive market prices for any seized land.”


This is a declaration of war on the White community. It is the end of law and order. It is the end of property rights. It is the final nail in the coffin of multiracial democracy and the beginning of unshackled black supremacy. Soon, the result will be the decimation of civilization in South Africa. Look no further than Zimbabwe to see what is about to happen to South Africa.

South Africa has a “Toilet Valley”:

“It is a surreal, instructive sight.

On steep green hillside north of the windswept city of Port Elizabeth, hundreds of tiny brick cabins – each not much larger than a telephone booth – stretch out into the distance in neat rows.

“We call this place Toilet Valley,” said 36-year-old Suzanne Stoltz, opening her cabin door to reveal a solitary plastic toilet and a few bags of clothes that she’s stacked beside it to keep out of the rain.

The toilets – well over 1,000 in all – each sit on a larger slab of concrete, as if builders had started to erect proper homes, but lost interest early on. They are a vivid symbol of the failures of the local authorities here in Nelson Mandela Bay.


“It’s crazy. They tell us we’re going to get houses in three months’ time. But we’ve been waiting for three years,” said Ms Stoltz, a mother of three, who like her neighbours has built herself a small shack out of corrugated iron beside her toilet. Like many here, she has no job.

The same complaints – in varying permutations – echo across the surrounding townships.

Toilets without houses. Houses without water. Whole neighbourhoods without sewage pipes. Schools so overcrowded they’ve been closed down. Thousands of people dependent on a single tap in a muddy field.

In Port Elizabeth, whistleblowers have uncovered billions of rand that have either been misspent, stolen, or are simply lost.

We saw a depot holding two dozen expensive – and now rusting – Volvo buses, bought for the 2010 World Cup, which have been sitting idle ever since. …”

Misrule. Corruption. Violence. Poverty. Decline. Black Supremacy. These are the fruits of the “Rainbow Nation.” The fake news media doesn’t talk much about South Africa these days.

Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, is famous in South Africa for singing “Kill The Boer.” He seems to have been pushing the South African political spectrum toward its logical conclusion over the past few years. The moral of the story here is that someone always rules and in multiracial democracies it will be one race or the other.

Eugene Terre’Blanche was so right. If you are new to our movement and aren’t familiar with the martyrdom of Terre’Blanche, it was one of the signal events of the last decade.

Note: We all need to contact our representatives in Congress and tell them that we support the United States imposing sanctions on South Africa.

Hunter Wallace
the authorHunter Wallace
Hunter Wallace is the founder and editor of


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  • Why aren’t the whites of South Africa being considered as refugees to the U.S. I forgot their white. In todays world Whites are disposible

  • I think there are around 4 million whites in South Africa. Now here is a case where I favor mass immigration: give them refugee status and let them come here!

  • Whites are being systematically replaced…. I’d argue the clever tool of incrementalism has worked its magic and will continue on until people are redpilled out of their slumbers .. whites … ‘diversity builders’ are not your friends… if you hear someone saying ‘diversity’ immediately interrupt them and say ‘anti-white’ … until this fact is common knowledge…

  • Looks a Nightmare to me……

    Those are some Tough and Robust White People……

    ….to be able to Survive and Endure in that Country……

  • Visit the facebook page for “International Bar Association” for an update on this nation and its behaviour vis-a-vis international crimes against humanity… its important.. March 10, 2017 reads: IBA Executive Director Mark Ellis comments on South Africa cancelling exit from the International Criminal Court:
    ‘The South African Government’s decision to cancel its withdrawal from the International Criminal Court is a welcome reversal of its initial ill-advised and illegal pronouncement. Although the government will likely seek the necessary parliamentary approval to permanently withdraw from the ICC, there is now hope that members of parliament will rebuff that request and alternatively stand firm in support of the ICC and, subsequently, accountability for those who commit the most horrific atrocity crimes.
    South Africa should maintain its position in the international community as a country that strives for justice and the rule of law.’

  • The U.S., and other Western powers, should take all the white South African refugees who want to leave their country. We should park some large naval ships in South African ports, and invite all whites aboard, for transit to a better life. A lot of these whites will not have identity papers because the South African government “slow walks” issuance of such papers. We should accept the word of the whites about their identity. After all, Europe is taking Muslim refugees who do not have papers.

  • Nothing would please me more than the UK and USA give white South Africans ‘refugee’ status and myself and my children will be the first on the boat or plane. We are two single women and a child, we are intelligent and hard working, with diverse interests and talents, and have been supporting ourselves without state grants or maintenance. Although we carry on from day to day, the fears for our safety, the education of my grandson etc are now keeping us up at night. The only reason why we have not left yet is financial. To apply for emigration not only takes a lot of time but also costs a lot of money as does re-settlement. As we live independently we just do not have the resources to make this happen. We are vulnerable and cannot defend ourselves. We would love to re-locate to another country, one where we can speak the language and continue to work and live our lives in peace.

    • Two single women and a child? Where is the father? Are you degenerate lesbos?

      Where you speak the language? You can always learn a new language.

      • So, if Marcel Proust, Thomas Mann and Alan Turing were white South Africans, you would refuse them sanctuary because they were, “degenerate homos?”

          • Your anti-gay ideas are a poison that come from the Hebrew fairy tales of the Old Testament, and I suspect you are no fan of the Jews. No science supports the Old Testament ideas of homosexuality. The West became a great civilization based on logic, rationality and science.

          • Actually I currently work in an atheist, communist country in Asia with no Christian heritage to speak of and guess what? Homosexuality is outlawed. So, you can leave the Bible out of it. Homosexuality has always been frowned upon everywhere by everyone except degenerates. Fags are sickos and child molesters.

          • I oppose the extreme Gay agenda, but as a Gay man, I can assure you that most Gays do NOT want to have sex with anyone other than actual men.

      • Whoever you are, I do hope you are not American as your comment would put me off from even thinking of going there. No, we are not ‘lesbos’, my daughter and her son (my grandchild,) lives with me. The only reason why we would want to go to a country where we could speak the language is in order for us to WORK (or are you unfamiliar with the word?) We do not wish to be a burden to anybody and would thus like to work and support ourselves just like we have been doing in South Africa. As for speaking another language, I can speak three, how many can you speak? Oh, and I have two children and my husband passed away in 2007. And you know what, even if we were ‘lesbos’…even they deserve to stay safe and live the life they chose in peace. So in this case I think it is you who is the degenerate who cannot even read as I stated CLEARLY in my comment that we had concerns about our safety and my GRANDSON’s education….

    • Have any church groups in the West reached out? I have family who give generously to Christian missions in Africa, and Latin America. These missions are more welfare programs than Christian indoctrination. Seems like individual Christian congregations might be willing to help more than their higher up assemblies.

  • To all our international friends, Afrikaners do not want to emigrate if I want I could emigrate to NZ or AUS. I choose not to and that include 2.7 million Afrikaners living in SA.That does not mean that we do not want any help, we appreciate any international support for our cause, but you have to remember that we have built a civilisation in the south point of Africa with our own unique culture and language, which we won’t just give it up. What we do require is that the international community support our civic and cultural groups in SA which tries to ensure our survival in SA, which we are currently doing without any support, read the following article to get a sense of what Afrikaners are doing to ensure their survival in SA, by establishing a parallel state in SA.

    • The idea that you can live at all, let alone live a quality life, surrounded by hostile, envious, rapacious blacks, seems far-fetched. Realistically, the West can not offer you military protection while you are in South Africa.

    • “What we do require is that the international community support our civic and cultural groups in SA which tries to ensure our survival in SA”. In other words, we refuse to leave an untenable situation but we want you to pay our way out of it through “aid”. Frankly, I’m tired of the U.S. picking up everyone else’s defense bill. To quote a recent Hollywood movie about race… GET OUT.

  • The White folks in SA are screwed in a big way.

    I’m a proud White American lady and would be willing to ‘marry’ a White SA women with children to get at least one family out of that black hell hole. Does anyone know if it is legal/possible to just ‘marry’ a poor White lady to get her and her kids out of there?

    The clock is ticking, as we have seen with blacks, they will starve themselves to death for the ‘fun’ of killing White folks…

  • Why O why, did the SA’s give AWAY their country, a country that could’ve told the rest of the world to fugg off, self sufficient and left to trade with rest of Africa. They KNEW what might happen to them, once they handed over to the Mandelites.

    • we did not give away anything, it was forced giveaway by none other that western whites. the west pushed us over the edge, who sanctioned us? USA and Europe fell in line with USA. yes, whites killed us, blacks are just doing the dirty work but WHITES are the pilots of this genocide. the sad news is that the same fate now faces USA and Europe. the invasion is already in full swing. how ironic that whites killed whites for the blacks and now the blacks will take over USA and Europe. you whites were their tools and now it is time to melt down those used tools

      • The Yids. Its all you need to know. Of course they still have their gold and diamond mines but hey, who is looking, and there is always the oven story and the poor little 6 million innocents turned to ash.

    • Ask your once president Bill Clinton… He and his liberal friends turned the whole world against us, we had no choice, either give it away or fight the whole world in a war…. Since we all know America likes war and attacking sovereign countries.

    • Please be aware of scams, the only organisation in South Africa helping poor whites is: please remeber most of the whites in SA is Afrikaans thus it’s easy to see the fakes from the real. I’m Afrikaans and South African.

  • Yeah, because killing the kulaks worked out so well before…

    We’ve seen this movie already. Hope they realize what’s coming before it’s too late

  • We need to develop ethno-weapons that target people with negroid and semitic genes. Problem solved. The Israelis already have them.

  • The absolutely worst thing about the White discrimination and ethnic cleansing in South Africa is that this is a MODEL for the USA! Democracy and voting power do not seem to work anymore. The first few weeks of Trump’s presidency have clearly demonstrated that the anti-White element is committed to total annihilation of anything European, Caucasian or White. Totally. Whether we want or not, ready or not, our survival will depend on our ability, and only on our ability, to defend our God Given survival rights through armed resistance.

    • It’s interesting how we are asked to submit to diversity and non-white rule over and over again around the world, and it always, always, ends in our slaughter and dispossession. Never again!

  • I am really disappointed in this article Hunter. Your work is usually top notch, but Zuma is a big enemy of the ((())). The ANC was (((their))) vehicle and Mandela was (((their))) puppet. Zuma ripped the party from under their grasp and turned away from Pax Judea towards alliances with China/Russia. The failure of South Africa is not his fault. The genocide of whites was already 50% complete by 2009 when he took power.

      • Unlike you I have lived in SA; the genocide is already complete Hunter. The Boer/Portuguese and Anglo SA will never recover from the process that was started by Kissinger in the 1980s. I mention the conflict between Zuma and the ((())), because it affects our race elsewhere in the world.

        • Afrikaners never surrender, the genocide is not yet complete, it has only started, we are not Zimbabwe and have a unique culture and language which will take more than a 50million kaffers to destroy.

          • You can go to prison for 10 years for calling someone a “kaffer”. That sounds like surrender to me Boet.

          • Even if you carved out territory and build a wall, who would help you? Who would trade with you? It would be politically incorrect. The jews would not allow it.

            You are screwed. The faster you realize it and get out of there the better. If Australia and NZ are willing to accept you, you had better take the offer.

  • Sanctions against SA for anti-white actions are unthinkable in the current paradigm because whites officially cannot be victims as a racial group.

    The left obviously never wanted equality. The left is Scar and whites are Mufasa.

  • why would you stay in SA if youre white? just let the incompetent corrupt ANC etc sell out to the chinese, it’s their plan all along

  • There are 4.5 million whites in South Africa. The situation there is no longer tenable for them: they’re vastly outnumbered, and in severe danger of being genocided by the bloodthirsty hominids the Marxists forced them to play make-believe were human. They need to get out. If the US were to extend refugee status to white South Africans, out of recognition of the pre-genocidal situation and racial discrimination they face there, 4.5 million new white citizens would go a long way towards rebalancing the American ethnic composition, especially since their racial stock is primarily Anglo-Germanic. Send them to the Southwest, and they’d leaven things nicely against La Raza.

    • 4.5 million new whites could do nicely as a replacement for the “hard working” illegals Trump is going to deport.

      • By Marxists you mean Jews.

        Joe Slovo, an Eastern European Jew (Litvak), organized the ANC. It was Jews and mongrels that organized the blacks against Whites.

      • ‘diversity builders’ come in all colours and creeds… don’t get stuck in that trap .. they’re often indoctrinated in universities but not always… they’re called communitarians and they love to describe themselves as ‘inclusive community builders’ .. they’re also using the title ‘social entrepreneurs’ .. ‘social enterprisers’ .. this is hand-in-glove with NGOs .. funded non-profits and churches…. I’ve also connected the Rotary in to these schemes and churches … ‘marxist’ is a term we need to abandon because it isn’t correct in this day and age..

    • It would do virtually nothing. Based on 2010 census, It might, if you took EVERY white in SA increase the NHW population from 64% to 65% (ie, take us all the way back from 2017 to 2015 based on race trends)

      The ONLY way of rebuilding white America is through more white babies. Moving whites from one part of the world to the other is just a pacebo.

      Even if you took all of white south africa (most of whom choose to go Aus/NZ/UK/Canada anyway for cultural reasons), millions of poor ukrainians, ceded the alien majority states like Hawaii, California & the border counties to Mexico, AND shoved all the illegals in the US in California before doing it, you’d still only be back to low 70s % NHW, ie how it was in the 90s, when the invasion was already critical.

      Again. The only way is birth rates. Until they are well above replacement level, nothing else matters. Incentivize whites to have at least 3 kids, ideally 4, or accept we will be outbred.

    • Arm the Whites.
      Execute the traitors.
      Destroy food and water supplies to blacks.

      The blacks will be forced to leave or die. No food or water and they’re gone.

      • I really sincerely hope it doesn’t come down to that, but perhaps, if war does break out, we will have to make a formal policy of cutting off all charitable assistance. If we start drawing up the arrangements now, and making our efforts publicly visible, it may serve as sufficient deterrent to prevent us from actually having to do it.

    • Although it would be a big undertaking, I think it is feasible to organize a Boer exodus to America (an idea that has been in the community for a long time, although has never garnered any government commitment). Currently, the U.S. holds over 50% of the land in the Western part of the country (that’s 50%). That land (which admittedly is not necessarily prime farm land but rather ranching land) could be offered to in some amount to each Boer family, or settlement in White western towns, etc… Since the U.S. has no official language laws, maintenance of Afrikaaner in their communities and local media could be a stated target goal. It’s an idea, although I’m curious what Boers think of the idea.

      • as a follow up; what makes the Boer community attractive to us, beyond the fact that they are our brothers and are suffering, is that – as a community – they are already red pilled and woke. They’re worth whatever effort we need to make.

      • Any land the feds “own” has been stolen. They have and never had any Constitutional right to appropriate or steal ANY lands. They have their federal buildings but THAT’S IT.

      • Dude, you seriously think our betters would let this happen for even one moment? Who do you think marked these people for death long before the ANC took power?

      • Have some of them go to Europe as well to counter attack the assault on white men’s root territory. Everywhere else whites are to be considered land captors of an original population’s territory, not so here. There is a racial war to come, unfortunately.

      • We do have a shortage of farmers in this country, as I have noticed when looking over the hundreds of listings on of agricultural land for only $1000 or so an acre in many places. I wonder if it might not be best for everyone if we created a special visa program specifically for farmers, including South African farmers?

    • They don’t need to be declared refugees. All they need to do is buy a plane ticket, come here and then file for political asylum. But they don’t want to, because everything they own is tied up in South Africa and it’s not easily liquidated.

  • No Democrat will ever support sanctions on South Africa, even if they start sending whites into gas chambers. Very few Republicans will either, since any Republican who does will be called a white supremacist and a racist, and that is worse than death for most Republicans.

    For a while black South Africans will continue to live off the material, social, and political capital created by whites. But as they push out the whites they will destroy that capital and will soon return to the typical sub-Saharan level of black existence. When this happens they will blame their poverty on white colonization.

  • Should I remind the author that Europeans colonized Africa. So if Europeans want their countries to be only for them, is it not fair for Africans to only want their kind to live on their continent? Obviously the leftists and cucks would never agree to trade non-Europeans immigrants for the Europeans still living in Africa.

    • Let me complicate this by giving the South African line that they got here around the same time that the cattle-herding Bantu people arrived from the north. The South African Cape was already inhabited, but by bushmen that neither side cares about and which have pretty much died out of the area :/

      But you could argue a few ways, and say that when whites gave up power in 1993(4?) everyone agreed to a multi-culti paradise that included whites. That would be a legal argument. A realtalk argument would be that RSA will go to s* when whites leave, like Zimbabwe did. It’s already on the way, a couple of summers ago rolling electricity blackouts were a thing – I haven’t checked whether that’s still the case.

      But you’re right, blacks have to go through it and see for themselves. The West could totally do with some based South African blood anyway – but for some stupid reason it’s hard for them to get in, I guess because it looks racist.

      • yes good point. not many people realise only the very rare bushman can claim to be an original people in south Africa so theirs no moral argument there for the blacks. we shouldn’t get to hung up on moral issues anyway because nobody’s going to concede a moral argument and then leave. it will be won as always by a natural struggle. i support staying and fighting in S.A. A few extra whites somewhere else isnt going to make a difference. in fact they will probably just end up cucked. white south Africans have the most precious thing of all. a white identity. they understand the meaning and consequences of race in a very real way. thats why i think they can win. in fact it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there are still whites in S.A. long after many other white country’s are gone.

    • The claim that the entire continent belongs to a specific tribe of Sub-Saharan Africans who aren’t even native to the part of the continent in question is quite expansive.

      • Africa is a Negriod continent for the most part. This excludes northern Africa. Europe a Caucasiod continent. This is hardly an expansive or false claim. All I was suggesting is that if Europeans want non europeans to leave their continent, than it is fair for Africans to want the same. I don’t see a race exchange happening anytime soon though.

        • The indigenous population of southern Africa are not Negroids any more than north Africa. The claim you are making is not akin to “Europe for Europeans” but “Europe for the Celts”, or pick whatever broad ethnic group you want.

          The Negroid race, Bantus inhabits a band in central Africa from what is typically called ‘west Africa’ through the Congo onto the east coast, which was a migratory process that took almost 2000 years. The Bantus running up the east coast are interbred with the indigenous north east Africans who are only partially Negroid today.

          This narrative of “Africa for Negroids” is so reductive you might as well say it belongs to ‘people of color’. Most of Africa is not what we in the west would call “black” and certainly not in terms of any meritorious contribution to the continent as a whole which are entirely centered in north Africa. To the extent that there are teeming masses of blacks on that continent is to the extent that they are being facilitated to breed on a scale never before possible as a result of Western policy.

          South Africa is black because farmers and ranchers cultivated the land, and cities were built there by whites. Blacks have the same ‘right’ to South Africa that Pakistanis do to England and are present in either place based upon similar conditions. They are economic migrants from abroad who arrived due to temporal short sighted leadership. The policies of a weak generation is not a death pact for an entire nation of people and no one who want to pretend this is the case should be taken seriously.

          A simple ‘population swap’ would not be “fair” in the slightest as that scenario would be done at our expense, leaving them with the fruits of our labor and the entire scenario engendered essentially under the color of terror. A fair arrangement would be leaving Africa in the state in which whites found it, and this undertaking be done at the expense of the Africans themselves by whatever means that could be extracted.

          Now, that’s never going to happen and the world isn’t even slightly fair. What you describe isn’t fairness though. It’s equality, it’s parity. Treating unequal things equally is the opposite of fair.

          • You may want to reconsider your definition of Negroid if you think only Bantu speaking Africans are Negroids.

            The fact remains that sub-Saharan Africa was never a Caucasian land. Just as Europe was never a Negroid land. It is not a difficult concept to grasp.

    • that would be fine but what happened to South Africans after development [whites work] was a deliberate push to bring in blacks from all over Africa… that’s forced and not natural and its also ignoring the good that whites did for that region as far as getting people into civilization [from huts] .. as usual .. most people want to say .. “whites shouldn’t be there anyway…” .. they’re been there since the 1600s.. same in Nova Scotia Canada.. people ignore real facts and selectively decide about things with no facts…. I’ve been wondering when the Alt Right website will cover how white the Maritimes in Canada are and how they are being targetting with ‘muslim refugees’ and Chinese immigration [mass immigration] to the tune of 10,000 Chinese millionaires on tiny Prince Edward Island which has around 150,000 white population..

  • South Africa already had “Black Economic Empowerment” which is basically Affirmative Action on steroids. South Africa is the perfect example that as America becomes more “diverse” the onerous laws which attempt to mandate parity will only become worse. When whites are a minority in the US we will get Civil Rights Act 2.0. There will never be a scenario in which it is determined we no longer “need” Affirmative Action no matter how few whites are left.

    • exactly – South Africa has already “redistributed land” and “compensated farmers” and the result is disastrous. The fact that some Whites have remained successful in S.A. simply chafes the situation.

        • You’re not getting it. South Africa didn’t really start out black, and certainly not Zulu/Bantu. The blacks now running SA arrived at the same time as the whites, and were actually the ones who genocided the actual native South African blacks.

        • When the Dutch arrived in S. Africa it was inhabited by Bushmen and Hotentots. These people were almost completely exterminated by the Europeans AND also by the Bantu speaking Blacks which are today the majority of Blacks in S.Africa. So the current Blacks in S.Africa are not the aboriginal population of the place. In fact many of them are decended from people who have been in S. Africa for less time than the Dutch. On top of that, it was the ancestors of the Boers who built the civilization the Blacks are enjoying. But don’t worry, in about 10 years the country will resemble Zimbabwe. I wonder who the savages will blame?

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