Making Iran Great Again

The Iranian Renaissance is an organic, grassroots movement knit together by ideals drawn from the Gathas of Zarathustra, the precepts of great statesmen such as Cyrus and Anushiruwan, and the ethos of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh. With its vision of the reconstitution of Greater Iran, the Iranian Renaissance may be the contemporary cultural movement with the most revolutionary geopolitical significance for the future of the Middle East, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. Its triumph could also open the possibility of a deeply rooted and enduring alliance between Iran’s future regime and nationalist movements in Europe and North America.

Shahin Nejad
the authorShahin Nejad
Shahin Nejad is a petroleum engineer, a lecturer in history, and the author of several books including "Decline after the Summit" covering the collapse of Sassanid Iran after the 7th century Arab-Muslim invasion, and "The Political Philosophy of Aryan Imperium" which looks at the possibility of reviving ancient Persian concepts of sovereignty and statehood within Greater Iran. He is the leader of the Iranian Renaissance movement.


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  • Persians gave you Laws, Medicine, and Math. We have no need to want to assimilate with you whites. Keep it separate. Pure Persians are superior to you. No desire to mix with white trash and Arab Muslims.

  • This is false. The genetic make up persians has been shown to be fairly stable. The invading armies were small relative to vast nation state of Iran. The sasanid capital metropolice had something close to 1 million people. Arabs called it Madaen which means a “city of cities”. Iranians are a mixture of course but not Arabs or Mongols but Aryans and the native very ancient caucasian population of Iranian plateau and in the South West extending to Iraq. Elamites and Summerians were absorbed etc. So Iranians are nomadic Aryan, mixed with the first great world civilizations. The point is that even in ancient times, “persians” were such a mixture. Like Altright I think race is important as a main component of identity but language, civilization matter too and Iran is indeed the first Aryan empires and influential in what later became modern Europe. Altright has a “European” intelctual tilt and they do not apply the “one drop rule” not even Riech did with the Jews. They were the enemy in the broad sense but Germans gave Aryans with some Jewish blood citizenship. Imagine the horror in the South if 1/4 black was regarded white enough lol. They believe in esoteric eugenics and southern type “rednecks” would be disappointed if they are here expecting the raw racism they are used to.

  • oh shut up, Nejad and Jason Jorjani are brilliant, you are the idiot Chimp here. We need allies, take your redneck one drop rule somewhere else.

      • What I am is obvious from my comment interest. I am half Persian, half German American. An Aryan with a 160 IQ and a PhD in mathematics, MS in laser optics. You are a dumb redneck. Jason is here and I am here, if you don’t like it go somewhere else, I am sure there are plenty around your trailor. This site is not what you think.

          • My first name is the name of an Aryan tribe of Euro-Asia. See if you have at least the IQ of a Chimp and can guess it. It is really easy with that big hint + google. it is not an uncommon name…. whatever your name is, I think Trailer Chimp is a good one for you 😀

  • To some of the morons below: Ours is not a redneck American movement with a one drop rule; it is much larger than you think. You do not understand anything about importance of Iranian people; Reich did. The only people of Western Asia exempt from nuremberg racial laws and no they knew how Iranians looked like, they also understood their place in racial and civilizational development of Aryan people. We begin
    with major pieces and then apply Eugenics and Jason J. for example is far supprior to you. I am actually disgusted by people like you undermining our strategic vision. And it is our vision, as you can see here, Jason is a leader of our movement and you are just a moron making stupid comments. We know what we are doing, think some more and get with the program. Start or join some redneck one drop movement, they are plenty; stop whining here.

  • Comments on internet published pieces are seldom areas of profound insight, however they do provide a window to at least one group of readership. Whether that group is 10% of readership or substantially more, any piece of writing addressing the race of Iranians – which is undoubtedly and of no ethnographic question as Caucasian – there is an almost inevitable regurgitation of misinformation and argumentative commentary on questioning Iranian racial credentials. While many Iranians and non-Iranians alike assign the same reaction as an article on France provoking “French aren’t white” comments – certain individuals feel the need to disprove the often absurd and often completely fictional claims of conjecture littering comments.

    The “White race” is a contemporary term for descendants of Indo-Europeans, believed to originate in and around the Black and Caspian sea regions. Three hundred years ago, Indo-European was a term synonymous with the word Aryan used to describe this group and the language families they brought across the Eurasian steppes and to the majority of Europe. In fact the word Iranian and Aryan were used interchangeably in 19th century literature on ethnography and linguistics. The term “Caucasian” is related to this concept in that the white descendants of the above identified group were believed to originate in the Caucasus mountains. Joseph Meyer famously created one of the first maps indicating the distribution and ethnicities of these peoples which he clearly labeled groups “Arier.”

    The Ariosophy movement that influenced theorists of the Third Reich, known widely for the Thule Society, g ave the association of Nordic identity with the Aryan. These concepts in literature are less than 150 years old. After the fall of the Third Reich, a deliberate effort was created to make not only the German political theory that fueled the regime, but all philosophies related to it previously as chauvinistic and absurd as possible. Western historians emphasized and encouraged the association of the word Aryan, frequently presented in quotes to imply a fiction, with the Nordic phenotypes of light hair and light eyes. As a direct appeal to superficial identification of race by phenotype, and a greater insecurity of the vast majority of Whites who have either brown hair or brown eyes (as dominant genes), an intentional campaign of illegitimacy was put forth to forever profane the word Aryan from glory ever again. The various camps and groups which encouraged this doctrine should be self-evident to the reader. Contrary to popular and accepted historical accounts, Aryans were not by any means restricted to Northern Europe or the Nordic phenotype and Iran on multiple occasions in the Third Reich was identified as an unsurprisingly Aryan nation.

    The inevitable backlash of “white nationalism” that grew in North America and Europe intentionally appropriated the Nordic phenotypical ideal, and gladly adopted the term in celebration of Nordicism to propel a defense of the very subject of historical attack. Both sides of this campaign delivered into the psyche of the 20th and 21st century the associative mechanism of not only the term Aryan but the motivations and character of any individual invoking such a provocative and discomfort inducing subject.
    In contrast, for literally two thousand years the word Aryan was a definitive and synonymous term for not only Iranians but any number of descendants of Iranian-speaking tribes inhabiting Eurasia and Eastern Europe, most directly the Scythians. In 20th century Iran, there was nothing chauvinistic, nationalistic or racialist about the word Aryan, as it was the commonly known and accepted name of Iranian ancestors. It is then no surprise that to this day, Iranians, and descendants of Iranian immigrants who chose not to live under the barbarism of Iran’s present regime, identify with both its historical and often 20th century ideological associations.

    To finally address a baseless attack, is the assertion that whatever Iranians may have been at one point in history, they can no longer be considered the same people – which we can prove simply by looking at them and seeing how dissimilar they look to a typical Swedish citizen. The logical shortcomings almost seem too obvious to warrant explanation. Firstly, the presupposition that a “true” Aryan typified Nordic phenotypes creates a false point of reference. While Nordic Europeans have historical and cultural links to the Indo-Europeans, there is nothing to indicate that the more Nordic in appearance a people, the closer they are as a direct descendent of the Indo-Europeans or Proto-Indo-Europeans. In and around the time when Darius the Great famously declared and inscribed himself to be “an Aryan, having Aryan lineage,” we see innumerable depictions of Iranians on stone, artwork and pottery – all of which look remarkably similar to present day Iranians.

    Geographically, the Iranian plateau sits a latitude more south than any other nation in the European continent. For this physical reason alone, it would be nearly inexplicable if Iranians did not have darker features than Europeans living in northern climates.

    Lastly, the Persians were one of several ethnic groups that made up Greater Iran. There is absolutely nothing to indicate the Persians were any more or less Aryan than the other groups, namely the Medes, Parthians or any number of Scythians that populated the Caucasus or Eurasian steppes. A false comparison of Persians vs non-Persians has become further noise in the signal, largely the work of misinformed forum users and millennials who have propagated this fabrication. This has resulted in assigning an incorrect veneration of the Persian Iranian against the non-Persian Iranian, and absurd claims of “Iranians were Persians once…” Anyone remotely familiar with Iranian history can tell you Iranians always called their nation Iran. During the Third Reich, overtures were made by Germany celebrating Aryan lineage of Iran and the synonymous adjectives Iranian and Aryan as further persuasion to join the Axis Powers. The British Empire then deliberately referred to Iran as Persia to distance this connection. Any further disassociation between Persians and Iranians in the contemporary era is the work of individuals who read more forums than books.

    What matters for Iranian racial identity is not “acceptance” into European nationalist communities. At the present time, European, North American and Australian communities are fighting massive waves of immigration from countries where Islam is the dominant religion. Rightly so, these nationalist communities are fearful for their culture and demographic fabric being threatened by a religious group that is historically notorious for integrating poorly in foreign lands. On the contrary, they seek to convert the lands in which they occupy to their own backward way of life.

    Through great tragedy, Iran is in the category of these nations. Similar to Albania and Bosnia, even if racial awareness is achieved by other nations on shared ancestral origins, the defensive mechanism to assign Iranians to the out-group will be predictable. This is not unlike the historical reflex of Western and Central Europeans towards individuals from Slavic speaking countries one hundred years prior.

    • You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still pig. That swarthy mongrels with an avg IQ of 85 should have any connections with white people is preposterous. You belong in the black lives matters forum where you can talk jive and listen to hip hop.

    • Stig, that was a long winded attempt at trying to prove Iranians are Aryans. For us European and European descended people Aryan means White not Brown. The Hindus also claim to be Aryans. I think it is clear and undeniable that the original Aryan peoples were White in the European sense of the word and our understanding of it and that these people mixed with non-Aryan non-White people in Iran and India. To deny that is to deny reality.

      So Iranains and Hindus can call themselves Aryan all they want. But they are not and never will be what we understand as White/European. That is the point. They are not, were not and never will be one of us. So, they should get out of our business.

      • 0r an even better way to look at it would be the pre-Columbian peoples of North America. They were conquered by White Europeans, aka Aryans, and had the White man’s language (Indo-European aka Aryan) forced upon them and eventually many of the Aryan ways of life were adopted such as use of the horse and domestic animals such as the cow.

        Are the pre-Columbian people now White or European or Aryan? While many if not most have some White European blood, obviously no.

        The same scenario happened in Iran and India and other places East thousands of years ago. The White conquerors were not able to maintain a separate race and eventually disappeared into the dark masses. Leaving behind their languages and aspects of their culture.

    • As for Scythians. Take a look at Sythian artifacts and tell me do you see depicted a European phenotype or a muddy Iranian of today? Does the Scythian resemble a Stig or an Ali? It would be like saying the American negro is an Aryan (implying White) because of some distant White blood. It reminds me of Central American students I once had who made fierce claims to be Spanish yet they looked like pure Indians. Maybe one of 16 ancestors was Spanish and the rest native Indian. I feel sorry for such confused people but sympathy does not make them one of us.

      And to unmuddy the waters, comparing Iranians to Latin Europeans or comparing German attitudes to Slavic peoples is irrelevant. Yes the Spanish are not Swedes. We all know and accept that. That is why we believe in nations and borders; that is, also within Europe and the greater White world. Sweden for the Swedes and Poland for the Poles. Whether or not the Germans consider the Slavs to be inferior is of little importance to the greater White world. Those are tribal conflicts and as long as each tribe has his nation it is of little importance. You’re trying to bring a swarthy, hairy, hooked nose foreign people into our world. They are not one of the tribes or nations and never will be.

    • Throw not thy pearls before swine. Your comment is written for an audience with a median IQ a couple SDs above this site’s median. Props for writing that out though. I largely concur. Iranians are obviously racially distinct from Europeans but the genetic distance is easily exaggerated. I personally don’t care for all the Perso-centric articles on here but I just ignore them instead of throwing a tantrum like so many butthurt stormtards.

      • The tantrum is because people are worried the alt right is being used as a platform to sell the idea of invading yet another Middle Eastern country. This guy Nejad has clearly been spending his whole life fantasizing about toppling the Ayatollahs and reinstalling the Shah. Optically the lecture feels like a 1990s Chalabi speech telling Americans what a great idea it would be to invade Iraq.

        • I don’t think removing the ayatollahs from power should be something the US spends much effort on, but it would be nice if Iran was purged of its more theocratic elements. I don’t think reinstalling the Pavlavi dynasty to power to the only alternative.

          • Well…my advice to you: go hang out at the online forums of the neocons. You’re not going to get a sympathetic ear here. Staying out of Middle Eastern affairs is a unifying theme in the alt right.

    • Iranians are Aryan. I don’t doubt it. But the alt right is a revival of pan-European nationalism. Iran isn’t in Europe. It’s that simple.

  • the Iranian Renaissance may be the contemporary cultural movement with the most revolutionary geopolitical significance for the future of the Middle East, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.

    It’s hard to think of a worthier focus of attention for European identitarians.

  • so u want to fight the whole world at once? u want to be hostile towards Israel’s greatest enemy? have fun bro, I only want to crush those that want to take what we have

  • The Persian community in exile must have a lot of money, and they’ve purchased the alt right. No other way to explain what’s happening here. They remind me a lot of the Iraqi community in exile in the 90s, delusionally thinking that a revolution was about to break out in the homeland (whose mass-culture they actually had very little contact with) and all they needed was a spark.

    A few months ago I’d have predicted all sorts of ways the alt right might go down, but I never would have predicted something like this!

    On the plus side, I kind of like Jorjani, he’s quite interesting. But what he has to say isn’t of any direct relevance to European nationalism.

    Spencer and Palmgren both like him too. I think both are intellectually dissatisfied with the identifier “white,” and so they’ve opted for “Aryan,” which leads naturally enough to Iran. But they shouldn’t have opted for “Aryan” in the first place.

    • Richard will lose all influence in the Alt Right if cucking for neo-con Iranian opposition is going to be a regular thing moving forward.

      • Europeans are Europeans. It’s true they have prehistoric roots in the Asian steppe; but they also have prehistoric roots in the Middle East, as well as within Europe itself. I’ve always thought Aryanism was a dead end for the movement — the defining feature of Western culture is what happened during the past 1000 years, not what happened 5000 years ago.

        Persian culture’s connection to the West goes through medieval Constantinople, not through prehistoric Scythia.

  • No, I am a distinctly different entity to Jorjani and have no connections at all to the Middle East – there are many other Aryan countries. There is nothing more dear to my heart than random (and incorrect) racial insults from an anonymous Disqus user with a fake name and no profile picture. As I said earlier, this website is largely devoted to trolling more than it is any serious discussion – your comment merely proves my point.

    • clearly you are a mongrel. Let’s not mince words. We don’t want mongrels like you in our space. I mean, I know mongrels and I don’t dislike them because they are half breeds, but they (you) have no place in our world. Go away!

      • Is your IQ lower than your vocabulary? My poor deluded friend, I am paler than white and your inference that my presence in this thread somehow entails that I am other than European, is at best, extraordinarily impaired logic. Your rabidity suggests that you are indeed a troll, probaby one from antifascist action, planted here to make the website appear ridiculously stupid. After all, the easiest way to frame people for Nazism is to plant bogus racist comments and accusations on blogs.

        • It’s like the yids 2.0! Same logic, same accusations. Like an older guy I know married to a Thai (I don’t approve) says his wife would say “same, same, but different.”

          Listen up darkie, we don’t need you in our business. We don’t care how pale you think your skin is. Your an alien interloper.

          Get your own wedsite. You could call it

          • I see – getting called an informant/plant/vegetable is quite routine for you then? Is it not ironic that the Iranians here speak better English than you? No wonder you don’t want them here – they will expose your perfidious butchery of the English language!! What could be more embarrassing for a virulent xenophobe than being beaten at grammar by the foreigners you despise in your own language? Here, let me help me out with this – I shall make it simple so you can understand – “I….AM…B-R-I-T-I-S-H.” Also, the Iranians are smarter than you.

          • This website has suddenly taken a direction that the previous audience is NOT interested in.

          • I left the AltRight years ago because ALL the articles that ever appeared revolved around race in America, or weird gender issues/sexual disorders which also only exist in America. I even wrote for the AltRight a few times myself, but decided to leave and write elsewhere. Perhaps if the other readers don’t like the content, they need to up their own game and write something themselves? I haven’t seen a well written article on European Nationalism on this site, and can’t remember seeing any on the previous websites. Certainly there was Dugin, but he just wants to make ‘Russia Great Again’ – but nothing even vaguely comparable from America. For the most part, the USA seems to excel at Pepe memes, but beyond that….nothing….just the sound of chirping crickets….

          • Correction: “*You’re an alien interloper*.” Looking forward to reading *your* new ‘wedsite’.

          • Iran is an Aryan beast of a nation. And it snows like hell there. The Persians are a glorious peoples that tower over most Swamp Nigger Europeans. Not all but most.

    • and what are the “many other aryan. countries?”

      Please, go back to mudville. We don’t dislike you, we just don’t want you in our world. Goodbye half breed.

  • This rubbish belongs in a black lives matter forum. Why are these muslim sandniggers allowed to post this badly written filth here?

  • Maybe we can get the Indians to do a video next? After all our Indo-Aryan buddies under the BJP are doing rather well currently, much better than Iran (still Muslim) never mind Europe (swamped with Muslims) or the USA (*cough*)

    • Tell me Simon in London, would you be at all interested in meeting a fellow alt-righter (more alt-lite) in real life? I’d understand if not, but I would like to get a sort of coffee house discussion circle started. Here is my blog if you are interested:

  • Who gives a shit about Iran? I certainly don’t. Why is this here? Making Iran great again has nothing to do with the alt-right, or at least shouldn’t. I wish them all the best, really, but this is why we fail over and over again. We try to be nice and cooperate with non-whites. Why can’t we just advocate for ourselves for once?

  • It is a little suspicious that TRS was killed around the same time as this site came along, but Enoch was ALWAYS a lying Jew lover. At some point it was going to implode regardless of what Spencer was doing. If anything, he was trying to save the movement by building this site. The truth is, it’s just a disjointed, bullshit movement that can’t focus or stabilize. At some point in the future, a better alternative will come along for whites.

    Will keep hanging out here for now.

  • He’s clearly an equal partner but I doubt the ppl behind the decision are visible to you or I. Jorjani was invited to NPI. Someone wants him to be there

  • alt-right would call itself white nationalist if it was but it doesn’t and is trying to be included in the republican party. I think it’s more accurate to say you are a white nationalist

    • Alt right thinking leads to ethno-nationalism.

      Therefore I suppose you could say that alt-right thinking by an Iranian would lead to a form of Iranian ethno-nationalism.

      Almost all of the significant thinkers on the alt right, or who the alt right cite as influences were European men.

      Therefore I see WN as a key part of the alt-right.

      • We are fighting a globalist agenda. Getting a few laws passed in a few countries ain’t gonna solve your problems. Take for example Hitler. He did great but globally, he was outmatched. By the way, 1939, WaS THE TIME TO REMOVE the Jews but through mind control, the Hitler was evil lie was sold, while the true murderers, the bolsheviks, got a pass because they were Jewish run.

        You won’t be able to get your full identity back till you remove the Jews. The way whites talk disparagingly about other races, and I assume some of those are Jewish provocateurs, they are actually telling the rest of the world, with their open disdain, that whites are the enemy and the Jews then go put their arms around their hurt feels and tell them Richard Spencer should be shot.

        Possibly quit giving them ammo? Make sense?

        Also, this supposed Islamic threat is mostly a cointelpro caper, which means it’s a Jew caper. If you end up just fighting Islam, you will do so for Jews

        I see no harm with Jorjani lobbying for his cause and apparently other higher ups don’t either. Mind you, I have claimed that his Jew omissioned case is currently lacking in my eyes.

        Even if he puts out three articles a week, that does not keep others from posting and skip over them if his cause isn’t your cause. I would also give the site some slack during the changeover process or get out and open your own site to support the cause. I have my site going on it’s fourth year

  • Has Spencer ever clarified where he is going with this Iran stuff? If so, he should make it more public. If not, he’s got some ‘splainin to do.

    a) Iranians are not Europeans and they never have been, regardless of their phenotype, admixture or lack thereof. They’re a West Asian people with their own genetic interests, distinct from those of Europeans. There may be some similarities, but there are real and measurable differences, and **lots** of evolution separating us.

    b) Any attempt by Iranians to glom onto, confuse or claim the mantle of “White European” should be regarded as an attack; an attempt to conflate our identity and genetic interests with theirs. You don’t reward attacks with cooperation.

    c) I have no interest in attempts to change Iran’s culture. Not only is it none of my business, but it is far too close to themes brought up by neo-conservative writers on the subject of Iran, where they want it to reform it to bring it in line with (((Western liberalism))). The West is thoroughly jewed and in no position to impose (((our values))) on others. Additionally, White Nationalists benefit from the fact that different peoples have different cultures and prefer to live separately. Reduced cultural barriers do not necessarily serve our interests.

    d) The Alt-Right base opposes war with Iran, not because Iranians are “white”, but for the same reason we opposed war in brown countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria; because America is deeply jewed, and incapable of conducting a pro-white foreign policy. You won’t trick us into supporting regime change in Iran.

    PS: It kind of looks like the Alt-Right as a project is winding down, or being re-tooled to serve some new agenda. Actual White European Nationalists will need to start coming up some new grass roots projects to fill this vacuum.

    • It should be noted that Israel has engaged in cultural warfare of this sort before:

      >Christians in the Holy Land: Don’t Call Us Arabs
      >Long identified as part of the country’s minority Arab population,
      Israel’s Christian community has recently begun asserting its own unique
      identity—one that is deeply tied to the Jewish State of Israel. Meet
      the Arameans.

      Divide and conquer Arabs by encouraging Christian Arabs to adopt some new, LARPY, pre-Islamic identity. These Arameans will serve in the IDF.

      >The Religion that the Iranian Mullahs Fear Most

      >Over the past few decades, Iran has seen a revival in the native
      religion that predates Islam—something that the ayatollahs desperately
      want to suppress.

      >Among the leaders of this information revolution is Dr. Shahin Nezhad,
      an academic who specializes in ancient Iran. Nezhad and a group of
      scholars and cultural activists are the founders of the Persian
      Renaissance Foundation, the main backer of the Iranian Renaissance Movement, which produces content aimed specifically at audiences in Iran.

      Divide and conquer Iran by promoting LARPY pre-Islamic identity among Iranians? The Mullahs hate it, I wonder how Israel feels about it?

      • I suspect you are right on the money. Even if Spencer or whoever is not aware of what they are doing. Leave us out of it.

    • If Trump tries to invades Iran, we (the alt-right) must oppose it. It seems a little too coincidental that the alt-right is getting this Iranian renaissance pitch while Trump is adopting a warlike stance towards Iran. Why is Trump conciliatory towards Assad and bellicose towards the Iranian regime? This seems incoherent.

    • Ours is not a redneck American movement with a one drop rule; it is much larger than you think. You do not understand anything about importance of Iranian people; Reich did. The only people of Western Asia exempt from nuremberg racial laws and no they knew how Iranians looked like, they also understood their place in racial and civilizational development of Aryan people. We begin
      with major pieces and then apply Eugenics and Jason Jorjano for example is far supprior to you. I am actually disgusted by people like you undermining our strategic vision. And it is our vision, as you can see here, Jason is a leader of our movement and you are just a moron making stupid comments. We know what we are doing, think some more and get with the program.

      • You act like only whites matter. So you are against the Immigrant situation? Do you empathize with the Indian situation when they were invaded in 1600 in AMERICA? I will assume you will say you don’t. So my question stands, are all non-whites goy? Are their rights irrelevant when they come up against white rights?
        TO finish, the problem is Jewish subversion which utilizes all non-Jews to undermine the world and those that are ignorant of it’s existent and thus serve the Jew

    • Yes, but that common enemy doesn’t mean we have to allow other groups to take advantage of us.

      Japanese people are welcome to help us fight Jewish power, but they are not welcome to pretend to be European or to come to our countries in large numbers and live there.

      Same for Iranians

        • So he did, but they were never considered to be White Europeans. Allies of color are fine, but not to be confused with our people.

          • Hardly.

            Nothing could be more fundamental to the project of White European Survival than maintaining a firm understanding of who we are.

            It’s entirely possible for White European Nationalists to cooperate fruitfully with other Nationalists… but that cooperation must be based on honesty and an understanding that we’re different groups, with different interests, interests that may or may not overlap.

            In this case, Europeans simply have little to gain and much to lose from a war against Islam in Iran.

            Jews on the other hand, stand to benefit.

          • actually that cooperation specified as you would have it, is irrelevant to removing Jewish power. The threat to whiteness is a Jew threat and will dissipate when the Jew threat is removed

            As far as Islam in Iran. The enemy is the Jew, why are we fighting in Iran when they are holding off the Jew?
            Jorjani comes from power connection to the Shah so his ideological case may simply boil down to wanting back what they once had.
            That has to be addressed and why war with Iran is good for whites and bad for Jews

            Jorjani has to address the Jew problem-question as well. For instance he wrote an article detailing the evils of the koran. Never a word one about the Talmud?
            Jewish power is a reality now, the threat of Islam predisposes that Jews aren’t on the inside for if they were, that too boils down to a Jewish threat, and their danger is intellectual . It hasn’t happened.
            They wouldn’t be in Europe without Jews. All these riots are a huge Jewish psyop pushing forced ethnic clash in the service to Jewish globalism

            and remember, even the best of Jews is a Jewish gatekeeper, in all likelihood

      • Why would many Japanese want to live in our niggerfied, kiked society? Are you nuts? Japan has many problems but living standards are high and it is very safe, very clean, very orderly and the people have a stong sense of national unity. Why would they want to come to live in this shithole country?

  • I do think it is a mistake to post this speech without a written translation below. Few will make it through the guys poor English to the end. What I did hear was pretty much Jorjani with a boring delivery. I personally am willing to give Jorjani a chance to address why this Iranian advocacy is not going to be good for Jews and why he thinks Islam is a greater threat than the reality of Jewish world dominance that is causing these wars and the immigration problems

  • neocons pray for the death of Israel? the Neo-con claim that Iran does is just war hoopla. Jews want a global empire and need to destroy the place to get it

    • I THINK he is referring to, and it how has a “daily” offshoot. The core kinda-sorta inherited the original AltRight site when Richard shut it down.

      The Phases of Richard Spencer:

      RS 1.0 – PaleoConervative phase: editor at American Conservative and Taki Mag
      RS 2.0 – Alt RIght startup phase: big tent, sort of chaotic messaging, too much Jack Donovan
      RS 3.0 – Radix Journal Phase, NPI: more focused and intellectual, French New Right connections, ends with Heilgate
      RS 4.0 – redux. Too much Iranians are the real Aryans.

  • It should be obvious to even the most dunderheaded Trumpfag what the alt right really is at this point: milquetoast kosher nationalism concealing a rancid neocon core. All those dumb God-Emperor memes, here a cuck, there a cuck, everywhere a cuck cuck – and to what end? Muh Iran, muh road to Persia. We tried to warn you but you wouldn’t listen. You poor suckers are supporting war with Iran. And thanks for insulting and degrading real American nationalism as found in the Bill of Rights – totally disgusting.

  • What is the symbol of the “Iranian Renaissance”?

    The Birth of the European Renaissance took place in the Italian city of Florence and the symbol of that “rebirth” was the construction of the Duomo. The construction of the Duomo was the first attempt to build a dome using Roman techniques…. about a thousand years after the fall of the Roman Empire in 444 AD

    • Uhm, no, Eastern Roman Empire had these domes , medieval Serbia and Bulgaria too, although technique has borrowed from ERE.

      • Got your message
        The Byzantine Empire was not part of the Renaissance which started in Florence Italy. The monument that is given credit for the Renaissance is the Duomo in Florence
        My question: is there a similar symbol to represent any renaissance in Iran?

        • Well you know there is one popular narrative in the west, that Arabs kept ancient knowledge, and if there wasn’t Muslims, no renaissance. And no, it’s Eastern Roman Empire that kept it ( i mean look at time when Islam is made, if Christians were really wanted to destroy all knowledge they had like 3 centuries to do it, i’m counting from moment when Christianity become official religion, and even from fall of Rome, more then enough time). So renaissance is kickstarted from ERE, plus eastern Europe didn’t really needed it.
          “renaissance in Iran”- today? probably not, i don’t have idea frankly, only thing that i heard from some Kurdish guy is that among Kurds, Zoroaster is becoming popular again( apparently in Turkey), i saw also some reports about it, but i think whole story is overblown.
          And considering that Kurds are like Persians kind of, that’s probably closest thing to it, but no not in Iran.

          • Both the Eastern Roman empire and the Persian empire. Particular in the late period Sasanind were pulling ahead of Romans in serveral fields. Medicine for sure.

  • I think some people that have been leading this internet revolution are getting big boy gigs. more people need to step up. plus they are just getting started here, who knows what the plan is. daily stormer and rt cover pretty much everything and its good to have this cause we know they would let us know if anything big happens

  • I have the opposite perspective – too much bovine nationalism. How many posts does one need about race? Nothing new is being said, just endless posts on what some black man or immigrant did in a county far, far away – which may or may not be ‘fake news’. Much of it is like the bleating of victims and ‘liberal snowflakes’ rather tham anything heroic. I would rather see something different than more of people whinging how they are oppressed by being white and male…especially when the afflication is purely imagining! These political movements all fail because of pandering to the oppressed whiners and encouraging a negative mindset!

  • Perhaps he needs to start promoting his material on the Aryan Empire conspiracy sites instead of this website, which seems to be largely American WNs, trolls, plebs, and chandala. I don’t like anyone’s chances of squeezing a millimeter of soma out of these guys. I’m actually just here for the material on Aryan Empires and the trolls…the racial crap and Frump bores me to death and beyond.

    • The genetic makeup of Britian has changed very little over the last 2000 years, despite multiple invasions, just as an example. I’m not saying anyone who is not 100% White should be excluded from the Alt-right. I’m just focused on the situation in our countries and that should always be our primary issue.

      • That is because the people doing the invading for the most part have been of Germanic stock- Jutes, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Normans. But if you go back 3000 years the genetic makeup of British Isles has changed. Anyway we are on the same page.
        I think it is a good habit to stop using colors to describe people. White is not a race, neither is Yellow, Black nor Red. Caucasian/Caucasoid, Aryan if talking about IE Caucasians. Skin color is not a good indicator of race. Bone structure is much better. I understand your point about keeping this site focused on alt-right issues only, but I suspect the organizers of want to broaden their audience and get more nationalists of all compatible backgrounds here. I don’t know if it will work though.

      • it’s a global takeover which means all local identities are to be undermined. It must be a global resistance even if you wish to end with a nationalistic result

        • I have no problem with that. Like I said, I’m just focused on our own problems, which are many and great at the moment.

          • right, and the Jews wants you only worrying about your problems. While you do that, he will be whispering to the black and brown that your isolated segregated self is his problem. Then he’ll come over and tell you the black is your problem (Dailystormer TRS, etc) The Jew is everybody’s friend which really means he’s everybody’s enemy

    • Before you feign to speak for a movement first define it. Thus far there has not been a description of the alt right that people in and out of said movement can agree upon.

      • It’s not controversial to suggests that the Alt-Right is a movement that advocates for White European identity and interests

        Iranians are their own separate thing, not a part of that, not a part of Europe.

      • Whatever the alt-right means it doesn’t mean “Aryan Nationalism” or “White nationalism + Iranian Nationalism (and maybe later a bit of Indian Nationalsim because Arktos and Frijberg have some Indian contacts)”

    • The complainers are spoiled little brats who haven’t a clue about making anything happen and love throwing stones. What, the website has been up for three weeks and now the sky is falling? Grow up and make your own site if you can do better guys

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