Channel 4 Takes On The Alt-Right

My thoughts:

1.) The interviews with the young men and women in the UK who identify with the Alt-Right are largely an accurate representation of the faces behind the Pepes on Twitter.

2.) I like the contrast in the photo above. I would say it reflects the perversion, the self-hatred and exhaustion of modern liberalism. It’s now about replacing the European peoples in their ancestral homelands. This is why the liberal world order has lost its legitimacy.

3.) I think I have seen Angela Nagle before in a video with Michael Tracey. Hey Angela, if you want to talk to the hardcore of the Alt-Right, send me an email one day.

4.) Of all the peoples of British ancestry, we White Southerners are the least cucked! Why is this black women in the UK? Doesn’t she have her own country in Africa?

5.) Jack Buckby did a pretty good job. He’s fighting on more difficult cultural terrain than us.

I hope Channel 4 keeps putting that black face on national television. Let that be the face of modern liberalism in the UK. Every time it is on TV we will make new converts.

Hunter Wallace
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  • Whilst discussing the black IQ question the self righteous black thing actually pronounced the P in Pseudoscience.
    Point proven methinks?!

  • Holy Christ, Buckby, you prostrated yourself. “You have the same right to be here as I do.” Like FUCK she does. Being born in a place doesn’t confer the right to live there. For example, if my parents had been travelling through Germany and I had been born there, I would not have been granted citizenship.

    Note that she never gave you credit for it, either. Stop cucking, stop kissing ass. Come to play or don’t come at all. Jesus.

  • If you’re going to make a news segment about the Alt-Right, it’s probably a good idea to interview people who are actually in the Alt-Right.

    These people were Cultural Libertarians, civic nationalists, and a paleocon.

    Simply claiming that you want to “save Western Civilization” doesn’t make you Alt-Right. — Even neo-cons make that claim.

    And, Trump hats and Pepe masks don’t make you Alt-Right either.

    It’s pretty simple…

    If you’re not an Ethno-Nationalist, and you’re not Red-Pilled on the JQ — then you’re not Alt-Right.

    These two positions are adamantine and non-negotiable.

  • I like the journalist claiming there’s no science behind IQ studies!
    Also like how they jump cut from Murray/Hernstein to Hitler.

  • The guy in the studio is hardly “alt-right”. The key points being missed here that they would not have been able to assail are:

    1.) A nation has always been a group of people with common ancestry, culture and history. The geographic ambit they inhabit is irrelevant with respect to membership therein as is the state apparatus that happens to govern them. Being born on the landmass that happens to house most of the “Polish” today does not make you Polish, anymore than I become an Igbo for being born in Nigeria.

    2.) The question is no longer about “are black people allowed to live in Europe”, since it has become superseded by “do ethnic Europeans have a right to continue to be a majority in their regional and continental homeland”. If they say no, then just hit them with the “well then why do you cry about the fate of the American Indians?” card.

    Discussing the alt-right terms of the two propositions outlined above would have won the day. Honestly, this is not rocket science. I can only imagine they chose one of the least eloquent and intelligent among us to perpetuate their straw man.

  • Hunter, on your point about whose the least ‘cucked’ I’d disagree and suggest the Australians (the most British of all the colonies) are by the standards of the Left the most racist.. meaning the least cucked of all.

  • The shegroid is right. It is all about race. And the left is very open about that. Meanwhile alt-lite folks still want to pretend that race doesn’t matter.

    Pathetic how she was saying “you were in my country so I have the right to ne in yours.” and he responded with “I think you’ve got every right to live here.”

  • The gibbering she-boon was highly entertaining. But the cuck they picked to debate her was just an embarrassment. When she was all, “low black IQ is discredited 18th century pseudoscience, science has proved we’re all equal!”, a much better response would have been, “Sorry cupcake, equality is early 20th-century pseudoscience pushed by Marxists driven by an ideological agenda, the science is in fact quite clear and unambiguous that human biodiversity is quite real.”

    The “libertarian” kid is a much better face for the movement: calm, controlled, articulate, cleancut, and unwilling to cuck when challenged.

  • “… I think it’s absolutely despicable that you can sit here and basically spout these things, that basically infringe on the rights of other people to just exist in society.”
    Saying “White people and White culture also deserve to exist on this planet” infringes on the right of other people to exist, and our movement is about how black people have no IQ’s.
    Oh and we’re just like ISIS. We throw gays off buildings, bomb hospitals, and mow down crowds of people in outdoor shopping malls with trucks, gang-rape physically disabled women in wheelchairs, and smear our own feces onto our bodies to run past police units in the Chunnel to discourage them from tackling us while illegally crossing the border.
    Disclaimer: all non-quoted text above this disclaimer is called “sarcasm”.
    Ahhh the propoganda smells almost as bad as the person I quoted.
    The guy comparing Mohammud to Hitler was great. To us, it’s insulting to The Führer, one of the greatest men ever to live. To everyone that isn’t us, he just punched 1.6+ billion people right in the nads. You could feel the interviewer emotionally and physically cringe off screen. The literal trigger warning in the beginning.

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