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Tomi Lahren is well known as a rising star in “Conservative, Inc.”—an industry based on appealing to and selling out Middle Americans. But unlike past stars, she represents a new type of conservative, our type of conservatism. Rather than pushing “free-market principles” or endlessly explaining why tariffs are bad, à la Ben Shapiro and others, she focuses her firepower on race and nationalistic issues. This makes Lahren not just a Trumpist but an Alt-Right figurehead, whether she knows it or not.

Her critique of domestic terror organization BLM is one of the main reasons she is controversial, and when you spend an entire segment casually insulting minorities, you’re bound to run into some strong headwinds. But it is her beauty—as an Aryan avatar—that has made her something like an obsession among SJWs, who perhaps secretly hope they might “save” her.

During the inauguration of the God Emperor, when attendees at the “Deploraball” where being attacked by antifa, in another part of D.C., Lahren was being chased by BLM thugs.

Her work clearly has struck a chord with Blacks because they implicitly fear her narrative that BLM is nothing more than a violent Gimme-dat Machine, as was the civil-rights movement. Even Black celebrities like “Charlamagne” and others have tried to debate her, but have ultimately failed in suppressing her commitment to the pro-White values.

No, Lahren is not quite “one of us,” at least not in terms of expressed ideology. But ultimately, she is an enabler of Alt Right political ideals. By pushing hyper-partisan politics, she creates a sense of “outrage porn” among well minded evangelical types, who would think a young lady from Texas would be their brand of boot. She thus shifts the Overton window among the very type of people that safeguard the values that shape GOP candidates.


  • She’s right, but that’s not just BLM, that’s ALL blacks. That’s just their nature.

  • Couldn’t disagree more. She went on Bill Maher and regurgitated all the cuckservative talking points. Trying to convince the audience that the GOP has no problem with LGBT rights and she could barely handle that halfwit Trevor Noah in a debate when she went on his show. She’s a perfect example of an “acceptable right winger” to the left. Easy to mock and she will compromise her principles in the face of enough mockery just like Megan Kelly. She’s definitely not “our girl”

    • To be on Khazar media AT ALL you need to play the game – you need to give in “here” to give “there… its a over all fight that you fight for… I worked 2x with Pat Buchanan … IS he a “cluck”… He will do the same thing – fade on things that are not to important (LGBT rights) but hit hard on the other stuff – trust me, if Pat could talk straight and in full truth he is to the right of right…

  • Remember- cuckservatives have been calling black agitators “thugs” for decades. Yet, they aren’t with us on anything fundamental.

    • Conservatives are shills, system-loving whores by nature. That’s what they do. They maintain the status quo even if it’s ultimately against their own interests. Conservatives are like that bitch who always wants to get between two guys who have a legitimate reason to fight.

  • I can see how young conservative might get interested in Trumpism through Tomi. But damn, she is not very bright. Her argumentation and debate on Trevor Noah’s show was way more cucked than even Milo. I think the left senses cognitive dissonance and ideological weakness in her, which is why they are so quick to attack. I sent her staff a topic-by-topic critique of her interview with Noah and gave her advice from a right wing perspective. No reply. If these cucks aren’t willing to see the new political fault lines emerging, we’re going to have to let them burn.

    • Her mouth is bigger than her brain. She doesn’t connect the dots. She speaks out of turn and isn’t a deep thinker. However, all of that is forgiven because she’s beautiful and sexy. Women are privileged in that way. I mean, when you really think about it, if you remove sex appeal and reproduction, would you ever want to be around women? No. Men generally do everything better, even cooking.

    • LOL. That’s not going to happen anytime soon. Tomi is owned by Glenn Beck. Go watch her appearance on Trevor Noah’s show. See for yourself if she looks remotely on the path to Spencer.

    • In fact, she should get credit for choosing a North Euro male. She obviously has good racial instincts, much better than most men and women on the Alt Right I’m sure.

    • Loesch came out against Trump. Tomi did not. It matters because whatever flaws Trump has, Trump is a proxy for white nationalism.

  • Or whether she has ever dated a black man, as raised by “Frenchmen Charlamagne” – Lahren laughed. She played coy. But she did not deny that it has happened and did not deny that it could happen in the future.

    That response indicates she is a mud shark. I always asked goyles that question and if there was more than a millisecond of delayed thought- later probable bed wench and STD incubator. .

    • You do understand that Jew TMZ and media in general use gotcha journalism to sabotage people? So just because someone doesn’t take the bait and deny and talk about how they would only ever date a white man which would then fuel an anti-white campaign against them is not evidence that she is a mudshark.

      While disgusting to us, as we demand ideological purity, that she phrased it as “I won’t rule it out” to ever date a black guy implies she never has.

  • Not everyone has to be a true believer to further the cause. We can applaude the commentary we agree with a disavow the commentary we disagree with. That being said some people on Twitter dug into her accounts and she seems like a bar whore and possible Mudshark in her time off. Not someone you’d want your children to emulate.

    • Spencer associated and perhaps still associates with Jew Paul Gottfried. In fact, Gottfried coined or was the progenitor of the name alt(ernative) right.

      • Spencer has significant Jew blood in his background, not to mention he’s a multi-generational member of the rich race which is loyal to the Jew race, not us

    • I own a company – i am “friends” with “them” too… why ? IF not you go out of business … As my Spec Opp Nam buddy says … to live with the snakes you got to be a snake…

      • Fact is, we don’t need kazaar media so we don’t need to play their game. If playing their game means giving the store away well, that’s called moving deck chairs of a ship the Jews are sinking. The only folks that win are the political players. The goyim lose. Of course the Jew counts on the goyim thinking of himself first and therefore entering a playing field with all the rules written against him for the chance to be famous and is rarely disappointed

          • We grow not through their media but ours and when it comes time to enter their arena to play, we buck the number 1 rule for entry which says, if you wish to play, you must ignore the man behind the curtain while believing everything he claims reality to be. Then you can argue from that point
            In short, this is masonic politics, a politics programmed to keep the public ignorant, a politics that assures the ship will sink while those acting on stage moves deck chairs to stop the leak.
            We enter with a Hitlerian mindset and why do I say that? Because only Hitler named the problem consistently, boldly and accurately and it will take that to have a chance to solve the problem

  • I overall think she’s beneficial to our movement, but ultimately I don’t think she is one of us, unfortunately. I do like how much she triggers the shitlibs though.

    • When Alt Right can employee people and offer them a chance to make a living with our politics then you will see women like her on our side. Spencer for example comes from a wealthy family so he has no financial concerns.

  • You may very well be right. But I find her insipid and annoying. She’s one of these nobodies who’ve suddenly been thrusted info the limelight over the last couple of years or so. She gets loads of attention from thirsty bets-boys. I guess that’s the point.

    • she could be useful but she is moving the wrong lips. although sometimes dumb women need to hear it from a woman’s mouth though cause their punk husbands left em high and dry. counter propaganda

    • She doesn’t sound like a complete idiot when off teleprompter but I have no idea where she came from or what her true ideology is. She could be another megyn kelly and you would never know it. At least not yet anyway.

    • Most women are insipid. In fact, most people are insipid. But, we shouldn’t judge too harshly. We’re not exactly in a situation to be overly picky.

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