Rush: The Democrat Party Is a Hate Group

It is good to see Rush talking about the -isms and -phobias:

“RUSH: The Democrat Party is a shrinking and dwindling hate group. That’s literally what they’ve become. You know, I remember the reason why I say that and why I think that this is an important point. Early in my career, when I was still learning about all this, when I was wet behind the ears and naive… Up until the time I started this radio show, nobody that knew me ever thought I was a hatemonger or a racist or homophobic or sexist or bigoted or any of that. Nobody. There wasn’t anybody.

Six months after being on the radio with this program, I’d become all of that. And I remember… I don’t want to mention names here because these people are still alive. …

George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump. Take your pick. They are hated; they are not opposed, and I wish an even bigger percentage of the American people would figure this out. The American people are running around thinking that all the hate and the racism and all these other isms are located on the Republican Party side. The Republican Party has bent over backwards not even criticizing Democrats in hopes that people wouldn’t think they’re what the Democrats say they are, while the Democrats go out and behave that way times ten all the time every day and never get called on it.

But they are the hate groups, they are the hate party, they are the people that literally thrive and subsist on it. And you can see it. You can see it in these protests. You can see it in these so-called acts of dissent, which are nothing more than riots. …”

The Democrats really do come at you with a dozen -isms and -phobias. Those are the things which make you a terrible person. In contrast, it makes them saints. They have a “conscience.”

Note: I’ve never been a talk radio listener. I might have to start tuning in.

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  • You are thinking of the far (regressive) left. Many democrats are very logical people. Just like the republican party is full of logical people it is the far far right who start expressing these radical ideas. As far as I see it, it is fine either way, I am all for free speech on all sides, but there is NO need to call all of one party a hate group. That is ignorant and you know it.

    • Riiiggghhttt.. Back to your Mom’s basement with you!!
      Oh, and NO UP VOTE for you. hahahaha

      If you hate White folks, just what are you doing here , beyatch?

      • ok calm down psycho. he is a neocon/cuckservative, has been for a decade at least. not all white r our friends and generic insult are for the left

  • Well, I used to reluctantly listen to talk radio when at work, and it was pretty damn boring. Unless you like hearing about taxes, and campaign finance reform (Rush), stupid little dogs, and Italian restaurants (Savage), or Reagan and Murka (Hannity) Day, after day. After day.

    Maybe that’s changing now. I might have to give it another listen. Maybe.

    • I’m self-employed so I listed to political talk all day as I work. Savage is about the only one I can tolerate- but I very MUCH PREFER a Southern Nationalist or Alt-Right podcast of one type or another.

  • They literally do thrive and feed upon fear and hatred. Look at everything they write and say: their entire vocabulary list is a shuffled loop of the same -ists and -phobes, literally defined by “hatred of x” and “irrational fear of x”. No one on this planet is as literally obsessed with fear and hatred as the common liberals and SJWs.
    They hit a 404 error if you call them Russophobic or Europhobic though; always a classic troll move and just grills them every time. Name one group with a greater, irrational fear of The Russians than the Democrats.

    • Nothing is more effective at demoralizing our enemy, than calling them Anti-White.
      It’s the Pro-White alternative to ‘racist’. Non-Whites pick up on it fairly quickly.

      My favorite is watching the wires cross after calling a White Person, Anti-White.
      (A White Anti-White or Anti-White White)

      Usually, there’s a deer in the headlights look as they try and process what you said.

      They think they have you, and will exclaim, “I am White”
      You reply, “I didn’t say you weren’t White, I said your Anti-White.”

      Enjoy watching them squirm.

      In one case, a White shit-lib co-worker (who married a Jewess), after calling him an Anti-White,
      told me.. I wasn’t White. (I’m Eastern & Southern European, not Northern European like he)

      In this instance, I got him to think racially… I laughed and called him a Nazi.
      I don’t know weather he was more pissed that I called him a Nazi, or pissed that I made him think racially.
      But, it was an amusing result I’d never seen.

      • “Usually, there’s a deer in the headlights look as they try and process what you said.”

        Yes, precisely. Anti-White is, of course, completely correct, but even lesser terms like “Russophobic” just outrright break the curcuits. It’s like the infamous 2-turn checkmate in Chess. They don’t even know wtf to do.

    • or just listen 5 minutes to the white hate of Liz “Princess Pocahontas” Warren. or look at the hate etched on that rat face of the jew, Chuck Schumer. these creatures are eaten alive by white hatred.

    • I am old enough to remember the Cold War and was deeply effected by the Pop Culture of the time (The Day After nuclear holocaust flick, Red Dawn, Tom Clancys Red Storm Rising.)

      My fear of the Soviets is dwarfed by the Democrats fear of Russians…

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