Nordstrom, T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, Belk Pull Ivanka Trump’s Brand

This is actually happening:

“Last week, employees at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls got very clear instructions about where to put signs for Ivanka Trump products: in the garbage.

The TJX Companies, the retailers’ parent company, told employees not to display Ivanka Trump merchandise separately and to throw away Ivanka Trump signs, according to a note to employees on Wednesday, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times.

“Effective immediately, please remove all Ivanka Trump merchandise from features and mix into the runs,” the note read. “Runs” refers to the normal clothing racks where the majority of products hang. “All Ivanka Trump signs should be discarded.” …”

We’ve reached the point where shopping has become politicized.

Remember the good old days? Just a few years ago, we were convinced that all Joe Six Pack cared about was watching the NFL and trips to the shopping mall. Now, sports and shopping have become increasingly politicized. The great American consumer culture is breaking up because of identity politics.

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  • The GOOD news ??? … Similar to Macy’s … Nordstrom, T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, and Belk are in a no-win situation.

  • The store is likely avoiding the politicization of their merchandise seeing as her father is the president and she works for the administration. Also, they may want to avoid having all their windows broken and merchandise destroyed by a bunch of faggots in masks if they see her signs in the middle of some retard rampage. Or maybe the CEO is another fucking Jew trying to get at Trump.

  • I have no sympathy for that filthy race traitor. I hope she gets ruined, although for different reasons than the left. No White man should be defending this whore.

    • This is an interesting topic for discussion/debate/contemplation really.

      On the one hand, yes, I truly & deeply do understand your point of view; particularly since she, a wealthy, powerful, & influential White woman, married a Jew, thus allowing yet another instance of what Jews have continuously done re White people: seeping in, infiltrating, embedding themselves inextricably & thereby gaining power & influence.

      On the other hand though, she is after all NOT “awake”: to her, Jews are probably just another type of “White” people. So thus, she isn’t knowingly betraying her race.

      So it’s an interesting thing to think about. It’s unlikely that there will be consensus about it.
      I’m pretty squarely 50/50 about it.
      Good food for thought though, even if folks are likely to have diverging opinions re it.

      • I think that argument holds sway if Kushner were some typical NY Jewish atheist who swims in a sea of liberal secularism where everyone’s ethnic background is an accident of birth and all are adherents to the religion of cosmopolitanism. But he’s an extremely ethnocentric and religious Jew to the point he required his gentile wife to convert to Orthodox Judaism and require their children grow up as ethnocentric Jews.

        I mean, one could imagine a white woman meeting some very Caucasian looking westernized, American accented Lebanese Christian boy who has a common English first name and indeterminate last name and thinking nothing of his Arabness. Now, if he were some robe wearing Bedouin whom she was required to convert to Islam, wear a bhurka and express her identity in an array of Arab lingo that would be a completely different story.

        Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are in the latter category. He’s not even a typical NY Jew, as bad as that would be.

        • Good points; his very specifically, explicitly JEWISHNESS isn’t the same as a Jew who looks & acts White.

          I still do think there’s the possibility that she nonetheless doesn’t realize that he’s not White.
          There’s the “Jewishness is a religion not a race” subterfuge that Jews & their sympathizers promote when convenient;
          there’s also the notion that Jewishness is a specific ethnicity within the White race, like Slavs or Nordics or etc: when I was a normie, this was what I thought.

          And of course, there is just the possibility that she DOES discern that he is different than her, but doesn’t understand why this is a big deal.
          Society, the media, etc, truly has impressed upon people this notion that interracialism & interculturalism is a great thing: that people who date/marry outside their race, convert to new religions, adopt some other culture as their own, etc, are special & open-minded, etc.
          Normies truly DON’T understand the deeper & further-reaching ramification of stuff like whether they marry within their race or outside it.
          Should they be regarded as traitorous when they miscegenate, if they don’t actually get it that they’re doing more than just being adventurous & “multi-cultural” in their choice of spouses?
          As before, I’m undecided in regard to that question, although I would feel differently re a Black-White union, because I think there IS a sense even among normies that there’s something edgy or potentially looked-down-on re that. They still no doubt don’t “get it” about why something like that isn’t a good thing, but there IS nevertheless a sense even among normies that it’s possibly a bad thing; hence epithets like “mudshark,” etc.

        • At least Kushner submits to the authority of the God Emperor, and his example might make other Jews realize that they have to adapt to the New Order of Affairs now if they want their lives in this country to stay tenable. The GE has started to restore man’s natural hierarchy.

          • The myth of the good jew again? It was Kushner who got Lewandowski fired. Jews and shitlibs are counting on Kushner to subvert Trump specifically because he’s a hyper-kike.

            “Every Jew is our enemy in this historic struggle, regardless of whether he vegetates in a Polish ghetto or carries on his parasitic existence in Berlin or Hamburg or blows the trumpets of war in New York or Washington.” -J.G.

          • Unfortunately I think the Grima Wormtongue role is actually the normal order of affairs for Jews.

        • We probably should make some allowances for marginal people who want to throw in their lot with white nationalists, like that racially mixed white/Iranian guy who wants us to accept the Iranians as white Europeans’ cousins. The better quality Iranians could see the value of something like Derbyshire’s Arctic Alliance as a strategy to maintain advanced civilizations fit to live in on this planet.

          • I accept that there are edge cases, and in border regions, trading ports, et cetera there always have been. I don’t really care if someone has a little non-white DNA somewhere in the woodpile. I do find value in Jorjani’s contributions, and even for people like Master Chim whose non-white ancestry is more visible in his features. If I were calling the shots in the ordering of a future ethnostate I would give that particular quadroon a pass. I assume European ethnostates would take harder stances more in accord with their traditional nature. I would personally take a much harder stance on Jews than other races however.

            The goal for me is separation of ourselves and true breeding populations of non-whites so as to make the probability of such pairings very low. Society from there can decide how urgent a concern a stevedore’s daughter being seduced and impregnated by a foreign sailor actually is. In our current state of insecurity it is understandable the degree to which we see individual cases as emblematic of an overall dire threat. Some of us already live in the future and view the present in that context. It’s easy to bloodlessly look at photos and footage of some past war, but experiencing the events in real time is a completely different experience.

        • Kushner is a finance heeb whose family are major democrat donors. WTF are you talking about?

          This is exactly why the alt right will fail. It’s not serious about the race issue and it refuses to accept that Whites are jews are enemies.

          Ivanka’s offspring are going to be our enemies in the future. This is a fact.

          • You should probably reread my post.

            We are discussing the reality of many Jews passing for white and most bluepilled people considering Jews white. I’m saying why that doesn’t apply to Kushner who is not even a typical NYC finance heeb but an extremely ethnocentric Jew who plays up his deliberate alienness unlike most American Jews who engage in crypsis. Orthodox Jews stick out even in NYC, and while Kushner doesn’t wear the costume you couldn’t get to know him intimately without realizing he’s a member of another tribe.

            I’m saying that Ivanka is not some bluepilled normalfag who married some white-looking and white-presenting cosmopolitan Jew whose ethnic identity was submerged in the morass of NYC’s vague leftism wherein implicit expressions of Jewish ethnic identity are just part of local culture. Kushner’s expressions of ethnic identity are quite explicit which is a hurdle Ivanka would have been confronted with and decided to become a member of that tribe.

            A typical Jew marrying a typical gentile doesn’t result in either giving up anything about themselves in their own self-conception. That isn’t an endorsement, just a statement of fact. It is not the facts of Ivanka’s marriage though.

            The Alt-Right may ‘lose’ but it will be because of the preponderance of people with no theory of mind who cannot empathize to a sufficient degree to be able to communicate to those white people who are not like themselves. The ones who can only be magnetic to similar elements and repulsive to others, in which their aren’t enough of the former in sufficient quality to overcome the latter.

          • How is a jew who who’s involved in finance, whose father is a white collar criminal, whose family are democrat donors and jewish hyper-nationalists, in any way untypical? That’s what they’re all like. And there is some crypsis with Kushner in terms of him not wearing the traditional heeb stuff most orthodox do.

      • It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t realize she’s a race traitor. Young White women who look up to her will think that it’s okay to not only marry a kike, but spit on the religions their parents raised them in and covert to judaism. Ivanka is a whore and deserves no defense from us. She made a conscious decision to join the enemy and give her womb to them. That is unforgivable.

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