Brett Stevens – Nihilism: Deconstructing Modernity

Brett Stevens writes on the topics of nihilism, deep ecology, nationalism and anti-work. He has been published at American Renaissance, RightOn, Alternative Right, Return Of Kings, Nihil and the blog where he serves as editor, His first book, Nihilism, was published via Numen Books in 2016.

Brett joins us for an enlightening conversation on nihilism, traditionalism, nationalism, and much more. We begin by talking about Brett’s ideological journey, which began with anarcho-capitalism and eventually led him to Neoreaction and the Alt-Right. Brett then tells us about his book, Nihilism. We learn that nihilism in this context doesn’t refer to an absence of values, but rather a philosophical process by which one discards all preconceived notions in order to discover the truth. This process, Brett explains, is rooted in realism, for it eschews emotional perspectives and concerns for arbitrary social norms. We then discuss consequentialism, which leads to a consideration of the role of violence in civilization. The first hour also delves into what we can learn from nature, the idea that all institutions are businesses, and the true meaning of collectivism.

In the members’ hour, we begin with a discussion on the true nature of the Left. Brett points out that the Left attacks those who disagree with it, whereas the Right only attacks in self-defense. We discuss the importance of realism, which Brett contrasts with perspectives rooted in concerns for what is considered socially acceptable at a particular point in time. We then switch gears to talk about the Alt-Right. Brett compares the Alt-Right to the mythic hero’s journey, and differentiates between people who are good at a specific set of modern skills and those who are able to obtain a more transcendent understanding of the universe. Later, we discuss transhumanism, which Brett argues is the contemporary Left’s answer to eugenics. The members’ hour contains discussing on a number of other topics, including futurism, traditionalism, and the Balkanization of America.

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  • The problem with Brett’s worldview is that it sound great on paper, but when actually implementing it, he has a host of issues that he has yet to figure out.

    For example, Brett has stated that HIS ideal American society would be a “network of kings who collaborate to rule under an Emperor who wages war, with a mesh of lesser aristocracy under that on down to lords at the local level who own most of the land…Most land would remain in its natural state, owned by the lords who alone could hunt on it, and mental defectives — you would recognize these as armchair neurotics, religious fanatics, liberals, criminals, solipsists, the insane and the retarded — would be exiled.”

    Let us critically examine his position.

    What are the inherent problems with creating and implementing this new system (monarchial form of government)? Who would consist of this monarchy and/or aristocracy? Who decides what sect of Christianity (e.g. fundamentalist, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist) would be “required”? How would atheists be dealt with? How would citizens be able to redress their grievances? How would dissent be dealt with by this new “elite”?

    Furthermore, how does one recognize “mental defectives”? What are the metrics involved? Who are deemed to be the “kings” and “lords”? Where is this location of exiles? What would be the response of “leaders” to the exiles if they opposed their designation?

    And, finally, are you an aristocrat? Why ought “We The People” be coerced to kow tow to your whims?

  • not sure how brett stevens alternate explanation of nihilism avoids the hubristic elevation of the self (to the level of something that can create its own values) he attributes to “fatalism”

    14 min: if him saying thou shalt not kill is a knock on the mosaic law then he should know its more like thou shalt not murder, which addresses the exceptions he seemed to have. there were plenty of justifiable killings self defense, etc.

    • Good question. Active nihilism of the type I endorse does not create values except as means to adaptation. It is a purely Darwinian/Nietzschean outlook. As a result, these are not arbitrary new values, but sensible analyses of the human condition elevated to the form of principle. This is the opposite of the Leftist idea of creating values based on humanistic preference.

      • thanks for your response. been reading anus stuff and your posts on the old relapse board for a long time.

        so life/the natural world is the standard we are adapting to? part of me likes this thinking, but i can help but see that this would lead to valuing simply “more life” over “quality of life” if that makes sense?

  • The only people connected with this site I can be sure of not being Jewish/Zionists are the Iranians lmao. But then all the readers here hate on them too. Spencer looks Jewish, Friberg most certainly is, Milo is a raving Jew, and there are legions of others. Isn’t it odd how a US white nationalist website is so conflicted between Iranian and Jewish supremacy. Stupid Americans, no wonder the rest of the world laughs at you.

    • That is plain ridiculous. I think you and Jordani (maybe you are one in the same?) need your own Iranian themed website and need to get out of our business. Why exactly are you here? We are White European peoples not Iranians here! Go back to Mordor!

      • Iranians are by and large very nice people and share some history with us europeans. However, these surastians, i mean, im sure they are honest and all. But their agenda aligns with the neocons. I do not like it. Iran as it is now has a far superior leadership to that of Europe. Removing that would just let in the globalists.

        • I have met some pretty nice Iranians too but if this website is somehow devoted to Iran I will soon stop visiting and I am sure many will follow suit. I also know a Zoroastrian who hates the Islamic regime (he was raised in the UK) but also believes that if the regime is overthrown Iran will be plundered and fall into even greater ruin.

          Again our movement is not about Iranians, Jews, Tibetians, Mongolians, etc…. except where they meddle in our destiny or it is of geopolitical interest to us. Jordani and company are acting just like the Jews here. Get out!

    • Friberg most certainly is.

      You must be one of those idiots who think that all names that end in “-berg” denote Jewishness.

      Who knew that the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic was a Jew?

    • Let us focus on a workable plan to escape civilization collapse. This is all we need to do.

      Neither Spencer nor Friberg look Jewish at all to me. Milo seems to be part Jewish. This however misses the point, which is that anyone who is helping us to escape civilization collapse is an ally.

  • Quoting the article:
    “‘Brett then tells us about his book, Nihilism. We learn that nihilism in this context doesn’t refer to an absence of values, but rather a philosophical process by which one discards all preconceived notions in order to discover the truth.’

    My answer:
    That goes way back to Buddhism, its concept that “Life is suffering” to the concept of the “illusion” (Maya) of what we take as reality to seeking the truth. This “philosophical process” is at least 2500 years old, extensively studied with massive documents on just “Dharma’ or loosely translated to “law” “Duty”, code of conduct, Code of ethics etc examples include but not limited
    Dharmachakra (Wheel of law)
    Dhammapadda (path of Law)
    Dharma Shastra (Treaties on law)
    Artha Shasta (Treaties on Diplomacy)
    Bhagavad Gita (Song of God)

    With a lot of European and German writers on this subject of Nihilism and Buddhism such as Max Muller.

    • Great observation. The Bhagavad-Gita, The Odyssey, The Aeneid, The Kalevala and the Eddas share a similar outlook in this regard, which we might regard as nascent Germanic Idealism (Kant, but mostly Schopenhauer, also influenced by the Upanishads). One might see this as the original Indo-European philosophy: that materiality is not cause, but effect, and that the zone of effect — like the realm of Plato’s forms — is much wider and idea-based than physicality.

  • “The right only attacks in self defence” Good grief, guess he’s never been to an NF rally, or seen the EDL smashing windows etc etc etc

  • I think the big difference between THEN and NOW is the way we deal with the elites.

    The great era of reform and progress happened when the Ruling Elites, the Wasps, came under scrutiny and criticism, mostly pointedly from Jews but also from ethnics, Catholics, and blacks.

    So, The Power came under pressure to reform and make things fairer for all citizens. And The Power back then didn’t shield its power or deny its power. Wasps fully admitted and even flaunted their power, and their prestige depended on how they managed this power. They knew they had the fire and were the tenders of the flames.

    In contrast, with the rise of the Jewish Elites, the tradition and practice of speaking truth to power has been perverted by various diversionary tactics.

    The narrative continues to be about ‘white privilege’ — and yes, whites still have lots of power — , but the main power is now held by Jews. However, Jews will not admit to the extent of their power and leverage, and all gentile(and ‘gender’) groups are afraid to confront Jews and demand accountability.

    Also, if Jews rule America, they effectively rule the world since US is the lone superpower.

    Because criticism of Jewish Power has been muted(or diverted to another group via Jewish control of narrative and discourse), we have disasters in finance, foreign policy, media, and academia whose true origins are hardly addressed. Nothing crucial is placed on the table for honest discussion of the real power.
    Instead, due to Jewish media control, we are made to fixate on ridiculous stuff like Aryan Nazi rapists at UVA or Putin as puppet-master of Trump. Even Trump, though ceaselessly attacked and reviled by the Jewish elites, pretends that the biggest threat to America is a handful of random of Muslim terrorists.

    Also, because Jews find Negroes and homos useful as allies against White/Christian power, their nastiness and problems are hardly discussed. So, let’s not talk about black crime and mayhem, which is a big problem in the US. Let’s not discuss the baleful influence of homos on our culture that is now an open puss of degeneracy, vanity, and indulgence.

    If we are to have another golden age of reform and rising accountability, we need to deal with The Power. The Power is essentially Jewish and Globalist. It will be good for everyone to have a honest discussion of who has the power and what is being done with that power.
    It’s like a doctor has to be honest with his patient if he is to really treat the disease. There are good things about Jewish power, but when all Jews circle the wagons and pretend to be underdogs even as overdogs, things will just get worse because good Jews will have decided to stick with the bad ones out of tribal loyalty all the while attacking white patriots for their ‘racist’ tribalism.

    Immigration Issue just obfuscates the discussion we must have because increased Diversity serves as Diversion from Crisis of The Power. It just creates tensions among diverse goyim that are manipulated by the GLOB that sits on top.

    What the Alt Right must do is do what St. Paul did with his epistles. He wrote a series of letters to his rivals, enemies, and possible allies/converts.

    Alt Right and Antifa may disagree on core vision, but surely both are about addressing the Issue of Power. Alt Right must inform Antifa that the Real Power is with Jewish Globalists of Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and etc. Antifa and such ilk are completely deluded if they think ‘nazis’ have power in America.
    If Antifa wants to be a real rebel against the Power, they are fighting the wrong people. If anything, they are unwitting Procuck who are being manipulated by the likes of Soros.

    • Good points, but the Power is with the People: the voters. And the voters make terrible decisions (almost; hail Trump!) every time. The solution is to get away from this insane democracy.

  • Brett Stevens is a weird philo-semite who routinely describes Jews as “fellow nationalists”. He has been doing this for decades. Sad to see him published here.

    • Well aren’t they? Sure, we don’t need them in our countries but isn’t it paranoid to assume that they are all George Soros?

      • Read the Gospel of St. John 8:44 … all you need to know abut the jew.
        P.S. they all hate all white people .. we (white people, which maybe isn’t YOU) are the children of Esau, the one who Momma’s Boy Isreal stole the birthright and father’s blessing from, remember.

      • Sad but true. Richarad will likely learn that a dox dump is a lot more harmful than mean words or a black eye.

    • In this interview I heard nothing of the sort. I heard a call for hierarchy and the hilarious comment of deporting all leftist to Brazil. Was a great interview.

      • You may not have heard anything of the sort in this interview but on his website he and guest posters routinely cuck for the chosenites. One of the posters (not Stevens) refered to Europeans as failed Jews.
        Brett Stevens should always have ((( ))) around his name.

        • I haven’t read his website but in the interview he calls for ethnically homogeneous nations and the deportation of leftists. The deportation (or war against them he also flirts with) would surely decimate the Jews in America most of whom are leftist. And an ethnically pure state would exclude them from our nations. Both sound like wonderful ideas to me. Even if he has the wrong idea on the Rubensteins tribe the interview on its own merits was very good and useful to our cause. He made some excellent points.

          @WP I’m not sure what is alt-light about calling for war against the left, their deportation (even if tongue in cheek) and ethically pure nations.

          • This is the nature of nationalism, which is a strong position: each nation is defined by its founding group only.

            That means everyone else has to go, but it’s not necessarily a “race war” scenario, rather a shift in policy as happens on a regular basis in politics. It is for this reason that I argue for reparations-with-repatriation for all who are not Western European.

        • How do we cuck for the Jews? I write about nationalism for all groups, and how anti-Semitism will destroy the West because it lets the real villains off the hook, namely equality, solipsism, democracy, etc.

          The only people who seem to oppose that view are those who secretly want to cling to the prole mob rule of democracy. If you are pro-democracy, you will definitely be offended by my opinions.

    • Stevens believes in pan-nationalism – which means each nation deserves its own identity and land, including Israel. I understand his perspective here – but 1) Palestine keeps geeting subsumed by Israel gradually and 2) the Jews already have America anyway. So really, they have three countries. Nonetheless, Brett is closer to a conservative standpoint and has not succombed to the rabid and vapid ‘Sturmfag’ mindset…i.e. he prfers ideas that might actually work inside of wistful nostalgia for shiny black boots and armbands. Nazism failed, get over it.

      • Nazism failed in my view because it did not get far enough from the modern paradigm. The only way out of that paradigm is to stop playing the football match style identity politics of democracy, and to go to real identity politics, which means each nation is defined by its founding ethnic group and that group only. This solves all problems caused by diversity and can be done without undue violence, insanity, chaos, etc. like the last two world wars.

    • I believe I refer to nationalist Jews as “fellow nationalists” and have pointed out the role of Israel in debunking the taboo on nationalism. After all, Palestinians are the Mexicans of Israel. I have always endorsed strong nationalism and cooperation with any other nationalist groups, regardless of origin, to achieve this. It is baffling that anyone would oppose this.

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