#BoycottNetflix: Netflix To Launch “Dear White People” Show

Personally, I have never had Netflix, so there is nothing for me to boycott. If you are a Netflix subscriber though, you should be aware of this new show.

Note: Deplorables are launching a boycott until it is cancelled.

Hunter Wallace
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  • In the USA we sure are lucky. Our Forefathers made our system go ‘slow’.

    We sit and watch other White countries implode, with SJW’s bringing in a new Zimbabwean/Islam cross breed type of system where everyone is dead or wish they were.

    Here is the USA we get to wait, watch, and make sure the mistakes other countries made do not happen here.

    One other good thing I have noticed lately (past few years).. White folks from the North and South are banding together like the brothers and sisters we are, to defend ourselves, our families, our culture, and our future, long before the SHTF.

    Why are ‘refugees’ not fleeing into countries run by blacks?

    • Hey, doof, I may have rued the day Oblamer took office but that black guy ran the place. Lots of damage because of it but, he ran it.

  • I’ve read a bit about this film and program and I haven’t been able to confirm thst it’s anti-white besides the baiting title. For all I know, the show makes these BLM types look dumb or at least no better than whites. If I still had Netflix, I would need more info before boycotting over this show.

    Having said that, I am already boycotting Netkike due to their tacit tolerance for the actress playing a main character on OITNB (which has already been renewed for two seasons that haven’t even been filmed yet) saying in November that she wants to “take out” people who didn’t vote for Hillary with a baseball bat.

    • The more the snowflakes bleat their bile, the stronger we become. Let’um sink themselves. When you react strongly to this bilge, it at least let’s them say they got in your head. Telling someone to get lost or fuck off without an argument is a loss.

    • Yeah, the kike thing really doesn’t make your argument as valuable as you might think. Kinda equivalent to poopie head, these days.

  • You people are so pathetic. You complain when someone is protesting the president because they don’t like what he says, his policies, etc. but yet you cancel you subscription to Netflix just because of one show. Just DON’T WATCH IT. I do NOT agree with dear white people, I think it is BS, but I will not cancel my subscription because of one show, that is pathetic. I am all for free speech on both sides and will fight for anyone to speak on the left or right no matter how far. But this is why I am an independent. You both don’t realize it but you both want to silence free speech of the other side.The people you are against on the far side of you, and the ideas they pose that you are against, are the same exact things you are doing (that you hate so much) just for different reasons. You are both sad and pathetic, and overall, you are NO better.

    • i did cancelled last night. anytime the jew shows his anti-white face, as in movies, tv, ads, or, as per the above….KICK HIM IN THE NUTS.

        • is that your strategy ‘peace’? sounds vaguely like the same ‘strategy’ used these past fifty years. how did that work out for us? jews will use their anti-white propaganda no matter what i say. hide in the closet if you wish, but do not criticize those of us who have come out blazing.

          • If you were coming out blazing, I wouldn’t be reading about it on a forum. You basement jockies are all the same.

  • Dear upper middle class light-skinned black people,
    Did you know them poor dark niggas think you’re basically just white people?

    Yours in LOL,

  • I can see the script now:
    “Sheeit you stoles our teknolagy white bois, now you gon feel the wrath of a kang!”
    “Stop trashing our frat house you stupid social justice warrior! We privileged white males are just trying to get wasted and get some pussy, bro! Racism is bad, and you’re just reverse racists!”
    “Ayo sheeit hol’ up no-you-didn’t wite boi! Muhfuggin Alt-Right nazis!” [Righteous destruction intensifies]

  • I’m not going to boycott Netflix, simply because they have House of Cards, Daredevil, The Punisher, Black Mirror, Frontier and Pesky Blighter’s……..BUTTTTTTT I will boycott this half assed, communist, we wuz kangs, white hot steaming pile of shit, oh look at me I’m offended by white people garbage by the usual crowd of professional grievance mongers, who are more then likely mad because they are unable to succeed at anything in life without identity handouts

    • You can find everything you want on pirate streams if you are content to watch shows on your monitor or can hook you PC up to your TV. Within 24 hours of any Netflix show airing the whole season will be available for streaming somewhere else, and within 48 probably HD torrents as well.

    • Dude, look up an application called Kodi, and “addons”. There are others, but that is the one I use. You will never need to pay for streaming or able again. It even has movies that are in theaters.

      I actually look down upon people that pay Jews for content as filthy low IQ proles.

      • “Jews”? Archie Bunker, is that you? Those filthy low IQ proles are lookin’ pretty smart right about now. Who is paying for the content, then, Oh Robin Hood the Anti-Semite?

          • I am commenting on a article about a show called “dear White people” which aims to dehumanize my people. You are not fooling anyone.

          • Everyone has people. They have family and friends. It is the most normal thing in the world and is in no way, shape or form, a “problem”. Jesus, you people are nuts.

          • A random stranger that lives 5k miles away will never mean as much to me as my mother, or my child, or even in most cases my neighbor. Your morality comes out of children’s books and cannot be taken seriously.

          • Yes, I am “narrow minded” for loving my own children and mother above all else. Are you ever going to sit back and maybe rethink this? That maybe you have a warped view of the human experience based on laughable assumptions?

            Or are you just trolling me at this point?

          • Who the fuck doesn’t love their own families above everyone else? The model for the world comes from Christian white people but anyone else who has followed the same moral principles is super OK with me. These principles are not exclusive.

          • This is why my ingroup isn’t “humanity” dummy. They don’t all share my principles, kinship or ethnicity with me.

          • Let me put it in a format you obviously approve. Dear jews, stop being parasites on the unite States and stop making anti white propaganda. Thanks. Sincerely, White people.

          • You are a riot, Alice. At least read your screed to get the spelling right before you post your anachronistic balloon juice. We took care of your kind before and we’ll do it again if we have to.

          • “you kind”, what does that even mean? Perfectly rational human beings that have ingroups, and normal social lives? Your Utopia doesn’t exist and it is best to just get over it.

        • the house of cards is falling down. so busy with ur lies u lost ur ability to see. ull all be wishing u were in auschwitz

      • Many people are unaware of the alternatives, and many others choose not to use them for various reasons.

        If you watch the “Jew content” then you have no right to insult people who pay for it. If no one paid for it, you wouldn’t be able to watch it for free and insult everyome who pays for it.

        • The world would be better off if Hollywood didn’t exist. I am insulting you if you pay for it, and you are White. You are a moron who is paying people to mock you and propagandize your children. You do not deserve to survive the current evolutionary bottleneck.

          • There is little “nice” about Hollywood. It is full of pedos and degenerates. If you want to suck off Hollywood, I recommend a different website.

          • Sweet of you to recommend but this spot seems to need a smidge of cleaning. A metaphorical washing-out-the -mouth-with-soap is what I would “recommend”.

          • Ah yes, advice from the trucons. Cry about my comment on an article, while completely ignoring the destructive forces presented in the article. Let me guess “I am just as bad as them” right?

          • Yes, I was crying. Classic projection. And if you had understood, how I brought up my kids innoculated them from the bad stuff out there. That addresses the content of the article. Now, let’s address the generalisations needed to besmirch an entire ethnic group. It ain’t Armenians or Martians, it’s statist liberals of any ( not germaine ) ethnic background that are the problem. They aren’t like you because they do not celebrate their bigotry…..which kinda makes you worse……and I loathe me some totalitarian-minded lefties.

          • I am not going to indulge myself in your fantasies of race not mattering. All data points to it mattering. You are either a dumb goy White who lives in a 90% White town, or you are Jewish. Either way not only does your dumb opinion not matter, but it isn’t even accurate.

          • You willingly keep yourself ignorant by ignoring the social implications of race. That is why your kind will lose in the end politically, one way or another.

          • Naw, hate won’t do it. We learned from the totalitarians in the last century how to deal with parasitical scum and we will do it again. This Jonestown paranoia will destroy itself, as always, or be destroyed if the infection grows.

          • You have been exposed. Fewer and fewer believe in your “muh race color blindness” every day.

          • See, only the stupid haters care about race. It is helpful, mind you, to get a handle on what was heretofore just white hoods (dems) burning crosses. This gets it in the open where it is much easier to deal with. Sorry, dude, good and bad in every “group”. You are the bad one in my “group”.

          • If I follow my racially-conscious friends, Jews are, of course, not a “race” but a religion, although Ashkenazi, like North African and Mediterranean people, are considered Caucasian. The term comes from, of course, the Caucasus mountains in Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan. Iranians are more Caucasian than the Irish. Jews come in all colours, ethnicities and many languages. In other words, who the fuck cares?

          • So you are Jewish. There is a reason why you all scream “anti Semite” and not “anti White”. Because you are not White, you are Semitic Arabs. Even the Ashkenazis. You are not White, and your anti White politics make that all the more clear. You do not consider White part of your tribe because you aren’t.

            There is not reason why a White guy like me should care at all about what you think of White ingroups. You aren’t one of us in the first place.

          • I am not Jewish ( like that matters apart from showcasing your ass-hatery ). The fact that you obsess over this specious nonsense shows how little you know of genetics, even IF that were a pertinent part of any relevant discussion. Small minds need simple tautologies to advance their bigotry and that is all this is. You did not understand when told that Caucasians are represented by Afghans, Iranians and other, in your mind, non-white people. In other words, like it matters, what makes you white? We are all mongrels when it comes to genetics and I dare you to do an ancestry search with your DNA. There is an excellent chance you will find a panoply of exotic genes in that narrow noggin of yours and if you stick to the racist meme, I guess you’ll have to unlove your “people” and take up with your new “people”. ……That’s right. That’s how absurd you are. Your ideas were thrown on the scrap heap of history along with communism and national socialism and while a hateful and bad idea can never be entirely expunged, at least we have learned to marginalise it so it never gains the critical mass it once did. You will never be free to excrete this vile screed without someone pushing you back. Freedom is not free and calling you out is one of the costs. Hate is no way to live, son.

          • The only good thing that will come from America turning into a declining multiracial cautionary tale full of brown third worlders is that it will officially kill off your idiot system of anti science principles forever.

            Iran and Afghanistan may have been Caucasian at one point, but long ago they were conquered and outbred by Arab Semites. the same thing happened in Turkey. Race has gradients, but there are definitive differences when you look at humanity as a whole that effect behavior and culture. Those like you that ignore this will be extinct within two generations.

          • “Outbred”…..You are still a riot. I have no problem if one accepts the principles laid out in the Constitution and while I have acknowledged the superiority of the ideas from the “white” world, any and all are welcome who come legally and embrace those principles. Since our superior place can only hold so many, we welcome the bad parts of the world to try our ideas and guarantee the best results if they succeed. You will find greater peace and joy when you look past that which stunts your growth as a person. I know what I’m talking about, son.

          • They don’t embrace “our” principles you dumb ass. There is a reason the founding fathers only allowed immigration from Europe you foolish little boy. It was because they didn’t believe in children’s stories written by barren cat ladies and Marxist Jews about us all being “equal”.

          • Yes, a lot of people not of your racial purity do, you incredibly stupid person…..Superior to dumbass, in any event.
            I hang with conservatives and libertarians ( if we need labels ), Jews, blacks, other folks you’d be OK with and not a Marxist among them. You need to get out more and read de Tocqueville and others.

          • What, like 5% of blacks are “conservatives”, and maybe 25% of Jews? Without White people American conservatism wouldn’t exist in any meaningful way. The only think whiter than a klan rally is a libertarian conference. You sure are a doofus.

          • Says the guy who thinks meaningless DNA determines political affiliation. It is them or us. The difference is, my us relies not at all on anything other than the idea. Your them relies on specious nonsense like, of all things, skin colour. And, arsepick, my Jewish friends are whiter than me and, I’ll bet, you………, as I said, that makes one bit of difference when shit counts.

          • Yeah, they do, asshole. With words, deeds and everything. Just like real adults and not baby fascists with some unresolved identity issues. In what world ( apart from the unfree parts ) do you think the notion that your version of race will play any part in the outcome? I forgot. You ignore questions you can’t answer and deflect to some racialist’s text you happened upon in the sick ether. sorry, that gives you, even at this level, too much credence. Pay no attention. Interact with your fellow inbreds. We’ve got a world to run.

          • No, they usurp out nations, rape and murder, and suck off the teet of welfare. America and Europe would be far better off without immigrants, or Marxist Jews for that matter.

          • Go to Israel and preach open borders there if you think it is such a boon to the natives. Jews have their own ethno apartheid state and it looks like it desperately needs diversity.

          • Do you not know the difference between legal and illegal immigration? ( Where the fuck did your inbred “people” come from, pray tell? ) Read Black Rednecks and White Liberals and you’ll find out where uneducated blacks in America learned their poor manners. Much like Germany, where the Israelis learned THEIR manners. Hard to blame them, no? I’m sure you’ll find a way. Hey, this has been great, really, but I must go teach another child some manners. You play amongst yourselves, as small a crowd as that may be. And whatever you do, DON’T share your toys with the funny-lookin’ kid who just moved into town. He won’t want to hear what you have to say anyway. :}

          • My kids grew up with all the liberal bs but since I was/am a good parent, they have the healthy disrespect required for a life in the new millenium.

          • There’s the difference. I do care about other people. Their skin tone and ethnic origin is immaterial.

          • No you don’t. If you actually cared about anyone you would oppose this destructive propaganda. Even if you are a race blind cuckservative you should understand the harm this is going to do to race relations.

          • Who says I don’t oppose it? It is mellenial claptrap. Let’s make up our minds, here. Race blind, race relations, wtf? I choked with laughter when I read that you thought anyone but you is worse for rr. The “other” is all about that. I’m starting to think you guys are having us on but I see the shit coming from the left so, not surprised.

          • My ideals are simply a reaction to the way the real world works. Not how it works in the truecon fantasy. I would be a lot more understanding of people like you if you said race “shouldn’t matter”, as opposed to “it doesn’t matter”. The first one is a subjective opinion that I can respect, the second one is grade A delusion.

          • You are being disingenuous by half. Of course it matters to a lot of people. You are living proof. And, in my world of conservative blacks, Jews and whatnot ( ’cause we don’t give a shit about something as juvenile as skin tone…Let’s move on, shall we? ), we love to take on the far-more-numerous-than-you liberals who have and still can do more serious damage to this place you claim to love than the fringe you belong to ever could.

          • Race is more than skin color. You say that I am fringe, yet from where I am standing the people who actually believe that race doesn’t matter are the fringe. Essentially the only people who believe that are conservative Whites. Everyone else has their own ingroup and identity based heavily on race.

            As for you personally, if you are not white I don’t expect you to support White identity. If you are White than you have been hoodwinked into disavowing your own tribe, while everyone else practices tribalism. good job on screwing yourself.

          • “From where you stand” is a place the bigot has stood for all human history and always will. I care about content, not specious shit like race. Take any two people on the planet and their DNA ( since skin tone isn’t the be-all for you ) is more alike than any two breeds of dog. We are basically all the same except how and what we were taught and how we play with others. I am a trust-but-verify, some-people-just-need-killin’ kinda guy and I will take no shit from SJWs who you so resemble but are too narrow-minded, bigoted and stupid to see.

          • No, we are not all “basically the same.” If we were all basically the same than Europe, Africa, and Asia would have developed “basically the same” culture, architecture, values, etc, etc. At the aggregate humans are very different in verbal and spacial IQ, testosterone levels, social preferences, time preferences, and trust levels.

            Again, you have a very basic understanding of humanity. You should travel abroad more.

          • Four continents. You? Basically the same as in shit out the same hole, need water and light to live, love their children and die identically. If any if those cultures come to the West and adopt the principles laid out in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, all is good and eugenics theories of inferiority are proven bunk.

          • Eugenics is not “bunk”. Jews like you don’t like to talk about it, because it makes your parasitic ways in European societies all the more apparent, but genetics matter.

    • Get a Mi Box or Load Kodi + Fusion on any windows PC. I watch any and everything I want for FREE.

  • Is there that much money in hate promotion? Will misplaced minority angst actually become a catagory?

    Can you imagine the contraversy surrounding “Dear Niggas”? There’d be an abandonment of the airing by advertisers in legion but I hadn’t heard hide nor hair of this until the artical.

    This is just the new normal.

    Anyone wanna help group-fund my pet project “Hey Hymie”?

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