19 Rabbis Arrested Outside Trump International Hotel

Is it anti-Semitic to notice?

“About 20 rabbis affiliated with a liberal Jewish group were arrested on Monday night after blocking the street near the Trump International Hotel and Tower at Columbus Circle in Manhattan to protest an executive order that banned travel to the United States from seven majority-Muslim nations.

Although the hotel has been a site of numerous protests since President Trump’s election, few, if any, have involved the arrest of a group of clerics.

A crowd of about 200 people assembled at 88th Street and Broadway about 7 p.m. and then marched toward the hotel, brandishing signs with messages like “welcome refugees” while hitting drums and tambourines. …”

They’ve been doing this for a few months now.

They are fond of calling themselves the “Jewish Resistance.” They’re opposing President Trump in the name of the Jewish community. They organized events to disrupt the Trump Inauguration. These people are organizing through Twitter under the hashtag #JewishResistance.

Again, if you notice what these Jews are doing you will be shouted down as an “anti-Semite,” but that doesn’t change the fact that they are out there doing it. No, it is not a “Jewish conspiracy.” These Jews really are trying to bring down the Trump administration.

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  • Yeah they do suck at politics BC politics=diplomacy and solutons, not nation-wrecking and Bolshevism. Thats the rabbis saying that, not me.They’ve had a plan for at least 2000 yrs called Tikun Olam aka destroying the world. I guess if goy genocide happens the jews will persecute and abuse the robots.

  • This isn’t an anti-Trump march, this is an anti-white march. There have been numerous examples of “refugees” or migrants of many kinds from areas of unrest being banned for a time period.
    Do you remember these protests before? Of course you don’t.
    You don’t remember any of these protests when your black president banned migrants from at least two places I can think of.

    Has nothing to do with the action. It has everything to do with the color of the president that issued the action.

    These roaches will support their own grandmothers being raped as long as it comes down the pike from a “traditionally marginalized group member”.

  • oy vey they sacrificed doing some work themselves to expose that trump doesn’t put them all above goyim law. charge em with terrorism

  • Fits perfectly with Beyond 33rd. Degree Free Mason Albert Pikes plan/prediction for Zionists to bring about a Third World War using Muslims to wipe out Christians. Zionist Jews are an enemy too, wake-up.

    • Personally I agree.I feel no religious organization or church representative no matter WHAT the religion, needs to stay as far out of politics as possible.

  • It’s amazing how many people actually believe that Zionist, populist conservative Steve Bannon is alt right. He’s not a bad guy, but alt right he isn’t.

  • When are those rabbis going to protest against Israel for not letting in Syrian refugees? After all, the Syrians are right next door.

    • Some of them probably are. To the extent that they value Israel it’s safe to do so because it will never be pursued with any fervor by other Jews and especially not Israelis.

        • I doubt Israel has taken on any refugees at all. I’m saying it is safe for Rabbis and leftist Jews to advocate for this for Israel as well because they know it will never actually happen. Subjecting Israel to leftist critique will never gain momentum among Jews at large, nor will it coalesce into an actual political force with all that entails like corporate backing.

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