The Left Turns Against The Building Trades

If it were not for “conservatism,” the divorce would have happened a long time ago:

“Days after the inauguration, the leaders of several building trade unions met with President Donald Trump at the White House, outraging those on the left who want organized labor to lead the resistance to the president’s anti-worker policies. The building trades cited Trump’s call for infrastructure investment and their warm personal relationship with him as reasons to be optimistic about his presidency. As reported in The New York Times, Sean McGarvey, president of North America’s Building Trade Unions, stated, “We have a common bond with the president. We come from the same industry. He understands the value of driving development, moving people to the middle class.” Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) President Terry O’Sullivan talked of Trump’s “commitment to creating hundreds of thousands of working-class jobs.” …

This kind of behavior is hardly new. The building trades have long aligned themselves with racist and exclusionary forces. The labor movement’s first major legislative victory in the United States was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which originated with California workers angry about Chinese competition. The trades consistently supported immigration restriction well after the Immigration Act of 1965 reopened America’s borders to the world’s tired and poor. The Congress of Industrial Organizations, founded in 1935 by United Mine Workers of America President John L. Lewis to organize the millions of workers in the nation’s industrial sectors, was necessary because the trades not only refused to allow women, Asian-Americans, African-Americans, and unskilled workers into their unions, but also opposed any effort by other unions to organize them. …”

What do the building trades have in common with the contemporary Left?

The obese, tattooed, blue-haired lesbians wearing vagina hats and screaming in the streets about misogyny? The Black Lives Matter radicals rioting in Ferguson, Charlotte and Milwaukee? The SJW snowflakes having meltdowns on college campuses like Mizzou and Berkeley? The effeminate, condescending Pajama Boy progressives who write for websites like

As Vladimir Putin said, FDR must be spinning in his grave. These people have wrecked the Democratic Party. Consider the Democratic Party used to dominate the Solid South. Traditionally, The Democracy as it was once known united the South with the Northern White working class. Trump’s coalition appears strange, but it is actually a reversion to an older alignment.

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  • fdr was the shilliest shill that ever shilled in the white house. he gave (((them))) everything. the people did not want to be in ww2, he forced it with the lend lease act

  • I have been a Union worker for decades and this is a much needed change!

    I am a capitalist that wants to work and negotiate a fair contract. I have nothing in common with Far Left Socialists, incompetent affirmative action hires, liberal egg heads who think they are smarter then me, and African-Americans trying to get over on welfare by crying about non-existent ‘racism’ (President Obama was Black!) Trump 2020.

  • People who do labor and construction for a living don’t give a shit about topics like intersectionality, feminism, racial equality, diversity. In their world, showing up to work and being capable enough to perform the job is what’s important. The radical shift of the democrats away from labor and towards progressive screechy cat-lady Marxism and snark leaves me wondering why this even took so long for unions.

    The fact that so many blue collar union workers are white men just gives further justification for moving away from the party who’s only unifying factor is hating white men.

    • The left didn’t think this one through. Their precious Muslim immigrants will be needing buildings to blow up.

  • The God Emperor has sided with the Americans who view the United States as an inheritance and an asset that needs careful management to maintain its value, including the men who produce tangible wealth in the form of buildings.

    That makes him the enemy of (1) “American” Jews, who treat the United States as a throwaway because they know that Israel will always take them in if things go to hell in this country; and (2) all the other parasites and rent seekers in the left’s coalition who view the United States as a pile of spoils to loot for their selfish, short-sighted purposes.

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