Jamelle Bouie: Government By White Nationalism Is Upon Us

Jamelle Bouie is always a reliable source of laughs:

“Before the election, when Donald Trump was still just an unlikely presidential nominee, a conservative under the pseudonym “Publius Decius Mus,” wrote a remarkable essay in support of Trump. The pseudonym alone gave a glimpse into the writer’s thinking. The real-life Decius was a Roman consul who sacrificed himself to the gods for the sake of his embattled army. And in the same way, our internet Decius called on conservatives to embrace Trump—to back the vulgarian who mocked their ideals—for the sake of saving the country as they knew it. “The ceaseless importation of Third World foreigners with no tradition of, taste for, or experience in liberty means that the electorate grows more left, more Democratic, less Republican, less republican, and less traditionally American with every cycle,” he wrote, hailing the real estate mogul as the only figure who understood the stakes, who would beat back these “foreigners” and preserve America’s democratic tradition as Decius saw it. Not a tradition of pluralism, but one of exclusion, in which white Americans stand as the only legitimate players in political life. A dictatorship of the herrenvolk. …”

In his latest article, President Trump, Steve Bannon, Steven Miller and Publius Decius Mus are White Nationalists who represent the latest iteration of the “dictatorship of the herrenvolk.” This means nothing less than “government by White Nationalism is upon us.”

As with everything Jamelle writes, this article says more about his own mindset than his subject. Even if you tried, you couldn’t find even the most innocuous statement in support of White identity in anything Bannon, Miller or Publius Decius Mus has ever uttered or written. I mean something as harmless as “it’s okay to be proud to be White” or “White people have interests too.”

If Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Publius Decius Mus are White Nationalists, they must be deeply undercover. They must be hiding it. Their commitment to White Nationalism must be implicit. There is nothing in their language that reflects explicit White Nationalism. There’s no talk of the Jewish Question, a White ethnostate, White identity or anything of the sort.

MILO is a Jewish homosexual who boasts about having sex with black guys. He is a troll who bathes in blood. He is proud of his clothes, not his race. And yet, Jamelle Bouie believe MILO is “a racist and misogynist provocateur who delights in Nazi iconography and other fascist kitsch.” Multiple commentators on the Left have insisted that a gay Jew who has sex black guys is a racist and White Nationalist. Jamelle goes even further and implies that MILO is a Nazi.

Anyway, you can read Jamelle Bouie and Ta-Nehisi Coates and see how we have arrived at the debacle at Berkeley. Everyone who isn’t a leftist is now a Nazi, a fascist, a white supremacist, or a racist redeemer who wants to impose the “dictatorship of the herrenvolk” on pure, noble, innocent People of Color who are merely fighting back in the tradition of Nat Turner and Django.

Yes, it isn’t true, but that’s the perception. That’s the feeling that exists among “The Resistance.” Trump is Literally Hitler. Bannon is Goebbels. The Republican Party is the NSDAP. Trump supporters are Nazis. We’re basically living in Nazi Germany and another Holocaust is imminent.

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  • wah wah wah. hey MSM get over it.
    even logical Canadians realize Trump is
    the solution to anti white sentiments in North americans.

    with so many of our youth brain washed by hip hop it is the last kick at the kitty for us real conservatives in North America. I can’t wait until the first meltdown at a MSM studio.
    how long until CNN gets hit with a targeted attack? not soon enough if you ask me.

    fuck all this negative hype. time you americans took your streets back from the hordes of spoiled little babies who are disrupting society.

  • I actually think Bannon is an old school Paleoconservative Buchanan clone. That’s as close to an “our guy” as we could hope to have in the current year.

    • With one notable exception — Bannon is an ardent Zionist. Pat Buchanan is called an “antisemite” because he doesn’t think Israel should drive our foreign policy.

  • The definition of “American” in this country will have to change to reflect white-nationalist values. Just because you occupy space in this country, that doesn’t necessarily make you an “American,” especially if you view Israel as your backup country in case your living situation here becomes untenable. That gives you perverse incentives to treat the United States as a throwaway because your heart lives elsewhere.

    Frankly I think we need to revive the ancient Athenian concept of the resident foreigner by call certain classes of residents in this country “metics” instead of “citizens.”

  • Again, we on the alt right can only wish the current administration was what its detractors say it is. Of course it is no such thing. But if Democrats can recognize that making the country less white is good for their political position, why is it unreasonable for Republicans to conclude the same thing — that a less white country gives the advantage to Democrats — and so oppose making the country less white?

    • The Republicans surrendered to the Democrats long ago. They don’t stand up to the left at all, they hardly attempt to even slow them down. They simply lay down and die.
      They don’t challenge their ideals. They basically circlejerk with the left over everything except minor taxes, and abortion is the absolute pinnacle of their “passion”.
      They’re puppets, no different in the end.

      If you need any specific examples at all, look at the Republican “support” for Trump. They literally went on national TV and said “Vote for Hillary”.
      People think “Steve Bannon” and “MILO” as “White Nationalists”. These people can’t even imagine Viktor Orban.

      • Yes, nearly all Republicans are useless. They would rather commit suicide than be called racist by Al Sharpton. Trump is hated because he doesn’t back down when the left throws a hissy fit.

  • “Pure, noble, innocent People of Color who are merely fighting back in the tradition of Nat Turner and Django.”

    Black people have been told, and honestly believe, that they have no agency in their own lives. Everything that happens in their lives has been done to them by “da white man.” And, of course, “da man” is a malign influence who is only interested in oppressing them, keeping them down.

    • A lifetime in the Detroit metro can confirm that this is true, but only in the lightest sense.
      These degenerates literally hold absolutely zero accountability for any actions they, or their kin, commit. When they finally displace every White man in the area, as it has happened in multiple areas, they still hold the white man responsible for a black man robbing a 7-11 and getting tackled by a black cop, and sentenced to prison by a black judge and black jury. He was innocent. It’s the white man’s fault for inventing stores, printing money (yes I am very aware paper money was not invented by white man), selling him a gun and bullets, making laws, courts, and judicial branches, and building prisons.

      • You are talking about ghetto blacks, a phenominom created by public housing degenerate blacks all in the same neighborhood, where the hero becomes the biggest hood on the street. Many productive blacks have issues with whites, Jew taught, but we have that problem with everyone. Jews have mind controlled the world – protocols 12-5

    • If we stopped trying to school most blacks, their lives as adults would turn out about the same. And we would get the added benefit of keeping black kids away from the propaganda in schools about the ancestors’ slavery and the evils of white racism.

      Imagine if we had a couple generations of illiterate blacks who didn’t know their history and hadn’t received leftist indoctrination about it.

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