ANTIFA Speaks To Infowars

Check this out.

The antifas embrace a philosophy of political violence. They are domestic terrorists. Their worldview can only lead to violent clashes with the police and non-leftists. Simply put, they are an organized criminal conspiracy who believe they have the right to initiate violence in order to silence their enemies. They don’t believe you have any rights worthy of their respect.

Note: Consider how much more radical this is than anything on the Right.

Even if you look at the most violent vanguardists like Dylann Roof or Glenn Miller, they are lone wolves. These antifas are masked gangs, not lone wolves. They engage in terrorism with impunity. They coordinate their activities online in full view of law enforcement which looks the other way. There’s nothing resembling a rightwing “hate group” that does anything like what we saw at Berkeley.

Violence is their calling card. You might say that White Nationalists are racist or bigoted, but only a small fraction of White Nationalists are violent. ALL the antifas are violent.

Hunter Wallace
the authorHunter Wallace
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