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President Trump Cuts Rich Lowry’s Balls Off

He does it with the precision of a surgeon!

Hunter Wallace
the authorHunter Wallace
Hunter Wallace is the founder and editor of OccidentalDissent.com


      • This website is blasting you with ads and making money without providing any original content. Any moron can throw a clip from Fox News, a tweet, and 25 ads on a WordPress page. This is just a money making scam.

        • Leftists always accuse non-Leftists, Whites in particular, of “money making scams”. There is no pay wall. Alt-Right has no federal funding or protection like NPR. It’s very Jewish to project your crimes on others.

          • I’m not a leftist. I am white. Not everything is political. Not everything is racial. In fact, 99.99% of all things have nothing to do with politics or race. This is just a bad website. You’ll have to find someone else to argue left vs. right, white vs. black. I don’t care.

          • It’s obvious you’re completely and utterly deracinated to the point of pathology. Autistic White people like you that posture moral and intellectual superiority never move to a black neighborhood. Invariably, you virtue signal that you’re the better White person than those other Whites. Dopes like you always fight other White people. Your pathological individualism is precisely the problem, and we’re are better off without you.

            Don’t move to a White neighborhood.
            Don’t have White kids.

          • There are no black and white neighborhoods. There are just expensive and cheap neighborhoods. I live in an expensive neighborhood. My monthly rent is probably more than your yearly mortgage payment. I have a black neighbor. He is a millionaire business owner. He’s allowed to live here. You aren’t. You can’t afford it. There is no such thing as white without black. There is no such thing as right without left. Your entire identity is dependent on the thing you hate most.

          • You pretend to dislike the wealthy, but if I pretended to be racist on television, you’d elect me President. Then, I’d use my power to make my wealthy friends wealthier at your expense and you’d worship me like a hero for it. You live in a world where race matters, but it doesn’t. Money matters. Start fighting the right war. Race is just what I use to make you loyal to me and keep you distracted as I take what’s yours and make it mine.

          • You have a point. Whites, especially in the South, voted for Republicans with the expectation that Republicans would protect them from blacks. What Republicans did instead, was to support globalization for the sake of their big political donors. Republicans supported trade deals that exchanged American middle and working class prosperity for international “influence,” and greater wealth for the elite. They supported an open borders policy to further degrade wages for working and middle class Americans, while continuing to enrich the elites. The rise of the altright may be a game changer for the Republican Party. If whites can eventually vote for explicitly pro-white candidates, what use do they have for traditional Republicans?

    • The original context consisted of placing side by side National Review’s cover from a year ago and National Review’s recent cover. It is actually very amusing.

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