Norse News – Episode 1 – Sweden’s Titanic Nationalism

Norse News is here! A monthly update on the horrific things that are going on in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. Sweden is the canary in the multicultural coalmine. What happens here will come to the rest of the Western world if we don’t say: Stop it right here!

Norse News is keeping an eye on the North. We give you the latest news and scandals from Scandinavia.
Norse News is a collaboration between Red Ice TV and Ingrid & Conrad.

Stories covered this show:

1. Political Scandal of the month: 2:33
Katerina Janouch, a Czech born Swedish author expressed concerns in Czech television over how Sweden is developing – and gets scolded by Sweden’s Prime minister.

2. The problem with Sweden 9:42
We suffer from Titanic nationalism. Sweden is the “unsinkable nation”. We are so convinced that our society is the best and most stable that has ever existed. Nothing bad can ever happen to us.

3. Sweden Crime Update 16:13
* The live streamed rape on Facebook
* Shopping mall “Nordstan” in Gothenburg deemed a no-go zone
* Does Malmö need military intervention?

4. Latest in Migration Scandals 33:12
Swedish municipality Hultsfred stops welfare to immigrants

5. Idiots in the Media 39:20
Peter Rawet, from the Swedish Television, makes a fool of himself outside the Trump inauguration. You’ve never seen anything like it!

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  • I can also recommend Ake Daun’s Svensk Mentalitet (Swedish Mentality) for those interested. Parts of it are available online in English translation. You never know though. Since the Swedes have fallen the farthest and will be the first to have nothing left to lose, they may be the first to lose it and throw off the chains of modernity.

  • Though there is growing resistance in Sweden, the country is full of emasculated men. Not all but many. And it goes back generations if not centuries. Varldens Modernaste Land explains some of it. I’m not sure if you can get it in English. The Swedish (Lutheran) Church made the Swedish man into a domesticated house cat. It’s all secularized now, but its roots are deep. Therefore, unless there are truely hard times (such as famine)it doesn’t look good for Sweden and Swedes. Tyvarr!

  • interesting Veterans Today has the Alt/Rt pegged as extremists.

    Trump Seeking “State of Emergency” to Limit Rights of All Americans


    This is what happens when White British Identity is Apologetics.

    UK lets in non-whites and hopes they will assimilate. But why would newcomers assimilate to an identity of apology and shame? Who wants to join with White Shame or White Sorry, especially when white progs who run the media and academia encourage you to feel morally superior to whites and blame all the woes in your own nation of origin on whites?

    Sorryness is not a viable identity.

    “I’m black and I’m proud.”

    “I’m Muslim and I’m holy.”

    “I’m white and I’m sorry.”

    When non-whites come to UK, they are awarded instant moral superiority. They come to make demands, and whites must bow their heads and say, “I’m sorry”. “I’m sorry that we can’t you more free stuff. I’m sorry that we can’t take in all your relatives, but we are trying. I’m sorry that not every Briton is as welcoming as us. We still have ‘nazis’ around and we are trying to eradicate them. We are trying!!”

    • To have a British Identity that isn’t White utterly destroys British Identity. It means that anyone and everyone is British. There are only White British. That is the identity. Mongrels are not British. Only when their mongrel nature is bred out, they’re just mongrels but not British. Unless race becomes an immutable part of British Identity, then Britain will be turned into Brazil.

  • Women in top jobs concentrate wealth at the top.

    If two men get top jobs, each can marry a woman without a job, and their earnings can support two families.

    But if women get top jobs, it is likely that a man with top job and woman with top job will marry, and the two incomes will go to just one family.

    Or the woman with top job will not marry and blow her earnings on her own vanity. That money could have gone to support a family.

    The demographic collapse and rising inequality in the West & developed world are proof that Feminomics has been a disaster, so much so that we are told the West must import immigrants from nations without feminomics.

    In the name of ‘equality’, feminomics sap & undermine survivality and vitality of the organism.

  • We are first and foremost organisms. The main purpose of life forms is survival. Survivality, not abstract notion such as ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’, is the main theme of existence.

    We can incorporate temperate doses of idealism into our lives, but life comes first, and life must first survive, and it does so by defense, offense, and continuance(reproduction).

    So, any ideology that undermines survivality is ultimately harmful. It may lead to short term success, but if it dooms the chances of survivality in the long run, it is a failure.

    Most essential are survivality and vitality.

    So, organism must be the ism before all other -isms.

    All lifeforms except humankind exist without any sense of moral imperative. Flowers don’t need moral imperative to propagate themselves. Fish, frogs, lizards, bears, dogs, hogs, whales, sharks, and etc have a life force. This biological imperative is what matters.

    Since the beginning of life to the present, most of life existed and reproduced cuz of the life force written in the DNA.

    The ONLY organism with morality is the human. And this morality was useful cuz it aided in the biological imperative. After all, if humans acted like apes, they’d be too busy bashing one another like Negroes. So, in order for humans to create social orders where they could reproduce and live more securely, morality was beneficial. So, morality aided biology. It wasn’t something independent of biology but something inherent to the bio-human imperative to survive and reproduce effectively. Humans learned how to create rules and laws that made a stable society possible in which people could have kids and have them grow up safely and securely.

    But then, at some point, humans began to conceive of a meta-reality or meta-truth higher than biology and materiality, and this gave rise to spirituality and religions. And this higher idea was supposed to be the ultimate truth. So, humans should serve this higher spiritual idea EVEN IF it jeopardized their biological well-being. Christianity says TURN THE OTHER CHEEK AND GET WHUPPED THAN FIGHT BACK. Buddhism says DEPART FROM THE SOCIAL AND MATERIAL WORLD AND MEDITATE TO REACH NIRVANA AND DON’T HAVE KIBBLERS.

    But because spirituality was understood to be separate from reality and because only gurus were expected to gain enlightenment, it didn’t affect too many people. So, while monks in monastery prayed and didn’t have kibblers, most people did get married and have kibblers.

    But then, there was the rise of ideology which turned social ideas into Higher Ideas greater than reality. This utopianism is truly dangerous since it is supposed to affect each of our daily lives. And it means worshiping the gods of Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and other crap that may have harmful effect on the well-being of the organisms of a social order.

    After all, seeking equality with Negroes is nuts. Negroes are stronger and will kick white ass. White males will lose out cuz white girls will get jungle fever and use wombs to have negro kids. Negroes will never become ‘good Swedes’ no matter how much Sweden shows compassion cuz Negroes have lower IQ. So, the sane thing for Swedish organisms to do is not send the negroes back, take no more negroes, and boost nationalism to secure the Swedish organism.

    Instead, Swedes worship the ‘moral imperative’ of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion — which are really just cynical BS concocted by the GLOB to fool whitey — over the biological imperative of survivality and vitality.

    So, morality must be part of biology. It must serve biology. But when it gains autonomy and then superiority and command biology to serve it than other way around, it means the organisms may well be doomed. Why? First and foremost, organisms are biological than moral. ONLY humans came up with morality, and its real purpose was to serve biology. But the human mind got conceited and made morality something separate from biological concerns.

    • Modern man has come to believe that life serves ideas and family serves jobs.

      They got it backwards.

      Ideas exist to serve life. After all, no matter what ideas we have, life is life. We seek the best ideas for life, but life has validity apart from ideas. If the Current Ideas are the only thing that justifies life, then most of human history and most of humanity around the had no right to have ever existed since they didn’t share our ideas. If ‘liberal democracy’ is what life is all about, then all those people in communist nations, Muslim nations, and traditional nations have no right to live since they don’t have the right ideas. Now, one could argue that ‘liberal democracy’ best serves life, but life has value beyond ideas. So, even in an illiberal society, life has value as life. So, it wasn’t wrong for people to have families and children in communist, nazi, muslim, maoist, and etc nations. The ideas may have been bad, but life is life. A person’s value as life is the same regardless of what he believes. His life is no less valuable if he is religious than if he is atheist, if he is a communist than a capitalist.

      Also, we can easily get rid of bad ideas and take good ideas. Ideas are easily mutable. We can be communist this week, but next week take on market ideology. So, even though we need ideas, ideas are secondary to life. If 100 people have bad ideas but have kids and if 100 people have good ideas but don’t have kids, the people with bad ideas will prevail since they created life. In contrast, no matter how good the ideas held by the other community, it is finished because it believes ideas alone were enough. But then, is a society really good if it favors ideas over life? If ‘good’ ideas lead to decline and demise of life, they were actually bad ideas from the perspective of life and evolution, the only criteria that matters in the long run. The fact of being trumps the follies of believing.

      And then, there is life and jobs. In the West, we define people primarily as jobs(hirelings with economic utility) than as organisms(living beings with organismic purpose and destiny). We don’t see jobs as serving people in what is most central to life: family. Now, work is crucial, as in an ant colony, but all that work is supposed to serve life of the ant colony.

      Jobs exist to serve people, but we think people exist to serve jobs because jobs serve hedonism, what modern society is addicted to as ‘freedom’. ‘Get paid and get laid’. Bondage to jobs ensures fun, fun, and fun in afterhours. But it’s the kind of consumerist hedonist fun that has no long-term meaning. It’s like you might have a good time at a casino, but once the thrill is gone, it’s gone. It was momentary. Fireworks are not the moon, let alone the sun.

      The conceit of freedom had misled us. Sure, we want to be free in the sense that we don’t want Big Brother telling us what to do or sending us to the Gulag for saying the ‘wrong’ thing. And we want choice of which spaghetti sauce to buy.

      But freedom isn’t the end-all of life. Freedom is a means to a purpose. After all, animal may enjoy running around freely and having fun.. but all said and done, it has to gain security, sustenance, and continuance via reproduction if its DNA is to survive.

      So, in the end, freedom must choose something that bonds the person or organism to a core purpose. We want freedom of choice, but we must make the right choice, and that narrows choice down to what is essential. If every individual chooses not to have kids and just blow all the money on good times, it can be defended along libertarian grounds. But it will be the end of the species.

      So, freedom’s ultimate value is not in and of itself but the hope that free people will use their freedom wisely and responsibly.

      Since the main purpose of life is life itself, humanity needs to make choices that best serve the survivality and vitality of life. Jobs exist because people need to learn and earn to make family life possible and because humans just serve other humans in a world of division of labor. Everyone lives through other people. Doctors live through their parents, teachers live through their students, and etc.

      But all said and done, we are life forms, and life forms must continue after we die. And that means we need family. Freedom without purpose is a childish thing, and the Bible says we need to put away childish things. Freedom with purpose means we must freely give up our freedom to fix on that purpose. That’s the paradox of freedom. Freedom gains true value ONLY WHEN we freely give it up in our commitment to a purpose. So, if one wants to study medicine, one has to give up one’s dreams of becoming astronaut, general, actor, lawyer, athlete, and etc. One must become bonded to medicine. If one chooses to have a spouse and kids with that spouse, he or she must bond himself/herself to that family.

      We can’t do everything or have everything(and most things are dumb anyway). So, if a woman decides to have a family, she has to give up something. The question is WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT and WHAT IS THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE OF LIFE? Is the ultimate purpose of life to have fun or have a job and get paid to blow it in a casino? Or is the ultimate purpose of life to continue as life by procreation? Life’s main duty is to life. After all, each person was created as life through life processes — parents — and didn’t spring forth from a book or movie.

      Now, this doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be fun and other such stuff, BUT there has to be an hierarchy of what is truly important in life. Choosing to have a family and choosing to go to Las Vegas & have fun are not of same value. But according to consumer-capitalism, the highest value is just the individual choice as consumer.

      This is sold as freedom, but is it really? To afford this freedom, one has to be stuck-at-work, which is a kind of bondage. It is this bondage that gives us money to be ‘free’, but free for what? Consumerism says the ultimate meaning of freedom to pursue fun and emulate trashy vain and narcissistic celebrities.

      Something is out of whack in our world.

      Isms serve the Organism. We have forgotten that.

      We think Organism serves Isms. Take the -ism of Diversity. This nutty ideology is destroying the European Organism(aka white folks) via massive invasion, but PC-addled European organisms have been infected with the -ism virus that says they must serve the ideal of Diversity EVEN IF it endangers the European Organism.

      Any species that acts like this will be dead in no time.

  • when swedes finally get control of their country–and they shall–they must make sure that NOT ONE of their traitors escape judgment. NOT ONE. if they escape to other countries–the US or israel, for example–they must be tracked down and brought back for punishment. their hatred of sweden is so great that they want all, not just a few, but all, swedes dead. the traitors’ punishment will fit the crime.

  • As long as Sweden is part of the European Union she does not have control of her borders. Of the 50 odd agencies of the European Union, 3 are devoted to asylum seekers.

    EU laws supersede the laws of her member nations and they share in the responsibility of refugees entering Europe from any transit point. Example would be if a thousand refugees from Senegal enter Italy then some of them will be sent to Sweden.

    The European Union has been around for 60 odd years. She has
    -4 Presidents (all appointed, none elected and few know them by name)
    -9 major institutes with a total of around 14 institutes (that number could have grown this year)
    -50 agencies with thousands of regulations. They are on top of the regulations and laws of the governments of the EU member nations. In combination the EU is most likely the world’s largest Bureaucracy.

    If the EU develops her own military there will be 5 Presidents (who are appointed)

    Unless Sweden leaves the EU like England (or the growing nationalist movement in France led by Le Pen) Sweden will remain subservient to Brussels (Headquarters of the EU)

    “European Union. The Rape of Europa” By Columbus Falco

  • Sweden is totally in hands of the New World Order neocons and globalists. No sovereignty whatsoever. Thus becoming a world’s garbage basket.

    • lot of people are preparing for the big meltdown, with food, water medicals and weapon , not all so many many are going to be wasted.

  • The Swedish police should be preparing for war.

    Come to think of it, the Swedish military should be preparing for war.

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