Federal Judge James Robart Says “Black Lives Matter”

George W. Bush appointed this cuck. It turns out he has worked pro bono representing refugees. He’s one of these judges who believes in empowering the “disenfranchised” through judicial activism.

Note: Just look at him.

Physically, dumpy Robart with his green bowtie is the embodiment of effete conservatism. He radiates weakness. He represents everything we are trying to break from on the Right.

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Robart has all of the symptoms of pathological altruism: * Marries non-White, but has no children * Adopts non-White children * Actively defends non-Whites as distinct groups * Believes non-Whites and their causes are morally superior * Virtue Signals moral and intellectual superiority (aka he’s the better White) Kevin MacDonald noted this pathological behavior was prevalent in Quakers. There are writings from Quakers lamenting they have White children. This was hundreds of years ago yet the pattern is the same we see today. Many of these Cucktian denominations died out because they were extreme egalitarians who eventually had no children.… Read more »

Can’t Trump just write new executive orders which contain provisions that haven’t been challenged?


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Michael Edwards

im nominating him for the redice cuck of the week. its clearly a political decision. the powers of the president are very clear regarding immigration. maybe its for the best to get this clear cut case out of the way as a precedent so trump can start doing some more serious stuff than this small temporary step. lets not loose sight of the elephant in the room either which is legal immigration. by far the biggest problem.

Bantz Raider

Holy shit. Robart doesn’t even mention whether or not blacks are or aren’t committing crimes at the same proportion of other demographics. He’s a leftist. There’s no gray area.

cabra kaboom

According to Reuters: Robart and his wife have no children but have been foster parents to several immigrant children over the years, primarily from Southeast Asia.


True Cuck right thur…


Robart also married a non-White. It’s almost like there is a pattern of behavior…