Professor Trigglypuff Confronts The Proud Boys

I’m dying … DYING.

Note: Gavin McInnes was pepper sprayed by these tolerant liberals. It’s kind of amazing how they get away with this after what happened to my friend Michael Weaver.

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  • “Why isn’t the state assaulting my political enemies for me??!!”
    “We’re the (((intellectual elite)))! You dirty goyim should doing our political violence for us!!!”

  • This is everything that is wrong with modern education. We need to infiltrate these instituions and if this proves impossible, start our own. These kikes do NOT deserve our money.

  • This is disgusting! I may not like Gavin, I may think most of what he says is fucking disgusting, but that does NOT give me the right to pepper spray him. He is completely within his rights to speak his mind and doing this is a huge violation of rights. If I were there I would have knocked the pepper spray out of that dude’s hand and helped Gavin get to safety. Even though I don’t agree with his very conservative views, he is a HUMAN before anything else. This behavior disgusts me. These people are no better than the people they are against.

  • lol. i just never tire of watching these leftists now that a bit of air has leaked into their previously hermetically sealed world view. four more years!

  • She looks and sounds more like an adjuct professor, the exploited underclass of academia. Chances are the tenured professors in whatever her field is, at whatever school she slave labors at are all Jews who teach one class a year and don’t publish any papers, as they were at my university. The alt-right better serves her interests than antifa does.

  • Fascism is incomparable with Socialism and liberalism.
    Both the words “Fascist” and “Nazi” have been dramatically changed by liberal historians to mean something evil
    Mussolini’s Doctrine on Fascism includes code of honor, duty, law and order. That doctrine on economics includes that in key Corporations vital to a nation government representatives sit with the Board of Directors to ensure that the Corporation takes into account the interest of the people & it prevents the excessive accumulation of wealth by such families as the Rothschild, Rockeffeler, etc.
    (“Fascism and Dharma” by Columbus Falco)
    Needless to say the entire chapter of Nazi Germany has been twisted beyond recognition. One case in point, the humanitarian laws of Nazi Germany towards animals have been adopted by and large by the modern Scandinavian nations.
    (“1937: Before the Chaos” by Columbus Falco)
    What we see among the liberal militants are similar to that of the anarchists or the Red army of Russia.

    As for “White Supremacy” being offensive to liberals it smacks of hypocrisy in the face of their support of “Black Supremacy” and “Black Pride”

  • This proves the Leftist Intellectual class has moved beyond Reason.

    Physical Removal is now the only viable solution.

    • I have thought for some time that the best initial solution after the Transformation is that all the humanities profs should be walled up with the people they love, inside places like Detroit, Balitmore, Selma, etc. It’s only fair and kind to separate them from the people they hate and deliver them into the results of their own beliefs and sacred agenda.

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