Jason Reza Jorjani – The Iranian Renaissance & Aryan Imperium

Jason Reza Jorjani, PhD is a native New Yorker and Iranian-American of Persian and Northern European descent. After receiving his BA and MA at New York University, he completed his doctorate in Philosophy at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Jorjani currently teaches Science, Technology, and Society (STS) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is the author of Prometheus and Atlas (Arktos, 2016). Dr. Jorjani is also a member of the Iranian Renaissance movement.

Jason returns to Red Ice for another fascinating show, this time on the subject of Iran. To begin, Jason tells us about the Iranian Renaissance Movement, including its history and goals. Jason clears up some misconceptions about the movement, and assures us that its success would only benefit Europeans. We then dive into the history of Iran, starting with the Aryans. We discussing the origins of the very term “Aryan”, and clarify that the Aryans were, in fact, White. Jason sheds light on the relationship between ancient Iran and classical Greece, explaining that the Iranian spirit had far more in common with Sparta than Athens. The first half of our show also deals with a variety of historical figures in Iranian history, including Zarathustra, Cyrus, and Ferdowsi, in addition to touching on many other aspects of Iranian history.

In the members’ segment, we continue our conversation on the history of Iran. We begin by discussing the Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the visionary ruler who modernized Iran but was later forced into exile after a Western-backed coup. Jason tells us about the the Islamist takeover in 1979, and we ponder why Western elites would want Iran to become an Islamic theocracy. We discuss Barack Obama’s betrayal of Iranians, the Arab Spring, and the rise of Isis. Jason explains how to Make Iran Great Again, and outlines his hopes for Trump’s Iran policy. The members’ segment also explores Iran’s place in the wider Indo-European world, and the possibility of an Indo-European World Order.

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  • If at any time Richard Spencer wants to chime in and explain to his readers what the hell he was thinking in conflating the alt right with Iranian racial fantasies, I’m all ears.

  • Any idea of cooperation between White (European) Nationalists and Iranians should be based on honestly, not deception.

    It must be based in a frank acknowledgement of our differences and the fact that we are distinct and separate groups, which may (at times) have similar interests (or not, depending on the situation).

    For example, we might share a strong interest in avoiding a U.S. war with Iran.

    However, it’s misleading to focus on occasional similarity of appearance, when there are real and measurable genetic differences. And it can be misleading to use the word “Aryan”, if it is used to imply that Iranians and Europeans are the same thing. They’re not.

  • The Volga empties into the Caspian Sea right? That was route one for the Vikings into Asia.

  • Turkey is a good, verifiable example of the genetic changes that Islam brings to a country. It was White, European until conquered by Islam. According to some even the Norse god Odin was from there. After Islam what happened to all the White people? A few remenants are all that is left. That being said I met a blue eyed, blond man the other day who was Turkish.

    I think Iran is too far away and too murkey for most of us Westerners to know how White it was or is for sure. Therefore, it is easy to fall for this Aryan/Iranian Nationalism spouted out by Jordani. As though Iran will save the White man in Europe, Australia, the USA and so on.

  • That Iranians could in any way contribute to Western civilisation is simply not true. In Sweden, their overrepresentation in crimes such as gang rape, the drug trade, murders and assaults are profound. They are parasiting on a host civilisation they cannot aspire to ever embed themselves in. The avg IQ of Iran is 85 vs the European avg IQ of 100. Any claims of close genetic relationship must also be disputed, the typical Iranian DNA contains large amount of sub-saharan haplogroups, something which led to the medieval Persian reversal after the extensive sexual mating with black slaves, and since it has been a culture in apathy and permanent decline. They are just a bunch of mongrels. President Trump’s branding of Iran as enemies to the USA and Western world at large is apt and to the point. Altright should endorse this view point and disengage from this sandmonkey

    • Major Haplogroups of Iran are R1a, R1b, J2, and G. Afro-iranians came from the slave trade and are in the south of Iran.

      Your IQ data comes from a book that averages IQ scores and includes 6-12 year olds.

      • The sub-saharan admixture extends much beyond southern Iran, hence the decaying culture and lack of vitality can be observed throughout the country, not only in the south. The historical lowering of IQ towards sub-sahara levels reflects that. In fact, the avg Iranian stands at the same level as blacks in the US, IQ 85. It can be observed, among others, in similar crime rates, primitive expressions of culture and that general lethargy that low IQ people seem to generically share. These sand monkeys can never fit in in an European/US context and must be deported

  • From personal experience I have met a few Iranians who could pass for a Mediterranean type European but most have the Arabic look: huge hook noses, extremely hairy, short and swarthy. I’ve even met a Zoroastrian, a people who are presumably originally Aryan, and does not resemble a European at all. The Kurds, also said to be of some distant Aryan origin, are the same. I’m sure you can pull some European looking Iranians out of the hat, but I think in general these are not White/European peoples.

    Therefore we should only be concerned with how Iran does or does not serve our interests Good luck to them, but they are not one of us any more than the Hindus are because White Aryans used to rule them.

    • Religion doesn’t change someones appearance. Zoroastrians in India have South Asian appearances. Keep in mind Iran is composed of multiple tribes, Iranian and Non-Iranian.

      Northern Iran has a high population of “European” looking people, we have historically fought against the Arab invaders and have been very nationalistic. I will say that darker people who came from Iran aren’t really interested in these “Aryan” movements from my experience.

      • It does with Islam as Islam was created as and is a diabolical plan for Muhammad and his people (the sand negros) to spread their seed to the entire planet. A plan for the worldwide genetic conquest of mankind by a lower race of sub humans. It was quite ingenious of a sub human to come up with such a plan which leads me to believe dark forces were guiding his every move, especially his communion with the so-called Gabriel. If it was an angel he communed with it was certainly the fallen angel.

        Back to our world; any nation (including Iran) that was conquered by Arabs had their gene pool altered for all history by the mass sexual abuse of their women by the conquerors.

        This bodes ill for Europe. The admixture has already begun with the polygamous invaders planting their seed not only through assault but through willing copulation in the wombs of the low IQ, drug addled, and degenerate trash among us.

          • That is more likely if you are a member of a minority separate from the Muslims. Are you? But like I said, I’m sure you can pull some White/European Iranians out of your hat but as for the nation as a whole, that is not my understanding and experience of Iranian people. Also many Iranians are of Central Asian descent or are mixed with them. Hardly White/Aryan/European, and more like Attila the Hun.

            Well now we know what bee you have in your bonnet; you’re an Iranian with Aryan fantasies. There is no doubt Aryans were there but they were there as conquerors of a swarthy, hairy, muddy people. How many White/Aryans remained outside the native population pool in the last 5000 years? Well, it couldn’t be many. Like the situation in India.

            Best of luck with whatever you want out of Iranian nationalism/aryanism but it is not the business of us White/Europeans unless it serves our interest.

  • Why should we provide an echo chamber to this LARPer and his ideas? why should we care about Iran and Iranian Renaissance?

    We must the secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

    • Because they want us to fight Iran for Jews, obviously. Jorjani is giving you a racialist goy friendly explanation to do so. Please note, Jorjani comes from wealth and a family in close proximity to the shah power structure before the revolution. He just openly admitted he wanted the country returned to the way it was before.
      Finally, My dad is from Croatia but I don’t spend all my time worrying about Croatia and lobbying for political action on it’s behalf. Also, Jorjani is a dual citizen. Does anyone else recognise the problems of dual citizenry in this country in regards to Israel?
      Obviously, Jorjani is Iranian in his mind and entitled and probably works at an NWO think tank presented to you as fake resistance which of course red ice is not about to expose

  • Jason explains how to Make Iran Great Again

    How about explaining why any European would ever want to bother doing so?

  • There is a certain boldness in Jorjani’s revisionist take on the Greco-Persian wars, but that doesn’t make it any less absurd. Miller’s framing of the conflict as one between ‘freedom-loving’ Greeks and the Persian forces of slavery is hardly a fictional innovation. This was the way Herodotus himself characterized the conflict, as I’m sure Jorjani himself knows. The reason Herodotus saw it this way, and the reason most Westerners have always seen it the same way, is fairly obvious: Athens was a democracy defending itself against a monarchical empire. I mean, damn, this is not that tough a nut to crack.

    Miller’s anecdotes about the Greeks’ aversion to bowing and their contempt for oriental luxury are also true. Jorjani might have preferred a more nuanced portrait of each side, and that’s fine, but you really can’t get around the fact that Athens was a democracy and Persia was not. And honestly, between his supposedly nuanced revisionism of the Greco-Persian wars and his entirely unnuanced reading of Homer, Jorjani comes off as someone with an axe-to-grind.

    • Athenian Democracy isn’t anything like what we call democracy today. It was a hybrid between an aristocracy with the layer of abstract institutions you see in modern, democratic states. The idea was rule by law, isonomia, rather than the simple propertarian patrimony of a true aristocracy but none the less the ruling cohort was by no means representative of a population of people. The Athenians did not call their system own Democracy.

      The idea of Greece being about freedom and Persia being about slavery has more to do with the latter being an imperium with subject foreign populations ruled over by local satraps. That neighboring people unrelated to the Persians owed them protection money for the former’s virtue of being militarily superior.

      The Greeks were obviously big into abstraction and believed firmly that people invented themselves. That the invented, arbitrary quality of a people was more important than their nature. The organizing principle of their society was the Politeia which doesn’t have a precise English translation. A meaning can be teased out in comparison to their concept of resident foreigners and barbarians who had no Politeia.

      The denizens of a city who were foreign ethnics were said to have a mere patris. A common father which engendered their sense of common belonging; patriotism. They were merely a race of people, which was a lesser status than those races of people who also had a Polis. Race was a foundation with nothing built on it. The Politeia is like an ethny but even more all encompassing as it is descriptive of the constitution of a people in the non-documentary sense. It is a totalitarian conception of a race of people’s being at every level of society.

      The Greeks practiced slavery to a fantastic degree in terms of percentage of the population. What they would have objected of the Persian system was the mastery taking place on the level of the State, and would have viewed it as rapaciousness fully unleashed. Regardless of the luxury of the center of Persian life, the rulers of that society would have been viewed by the establishments of the Greek city-states as a kind of barbarian whose lusts were not under their own control.

      Now, the view of various Greek philosophers was I’m sure quite different and the system of Hellenism eventually adopted by Alexander via Isocrates is almost certainly directly inspired by the Persian worldview. I’d say that while the Greeks were very admirable and something about them resonates with our race-soul their worldview was also somewhat naive.

      It evolved over a very long period of time where technology and population density grew slowly. There is a golden mean between pure idealism and pure materialism. Babylon was the most densely populated and heavily trafficked part of the world for most of known history. Larger populations, a larger cohort of foreign residents and merchants operating under a single ruler and law will unleash certain Faustian potentials. The society is less fragile and unlikely to be upset by exogenous shocks and so will be more prone to conflict, having less to fear as even big losses are potentially manageable.

      In Persia it’s the story of wealth ruining the man, except in this case a wealth of lives for a ruler to spend at least according to the Greek worldview. We see the same scenario under Napoleon who realized the Faustian potentiality of a modern state that his aristocratic forebears had been sitting on. As this potential is realized in terms of raw masses of people and improved military technique and technology the natural sphere of influence of a state increases wherein you are brought into conflicts which are not just with cities filled with cousins squabbling over who will farm what land, growing one and diminishing the other in coming generations.

      Even if the Greek project had not been aborted by Alexander and later the Romans it seems obvious that eventually one City-State would have dominated the rest and the Polis model would have collapsed on its’ own.

      • Athenian Democracy isn’t anything like what we call democracy today.
        It was a hybrid between an aristocracy with the layer of abstract
        institutions you see in modern, democratic states.

        That was the state of things when the Persians first invaded. By the time the Persian threat had retreated (a couple generations later), Athens was a much more radical direct democracy, though at this point it was also on its way to becoming an empire.

        The idea of Greece being about freedom and Persia being about slavery
        has more to do with the latter being an imperium with subject foreign
        populations ruled over by local satraps. That neighboring people
        unrelated to the Persians owed them protection money for the former’s
        virtue of being militarily superior.

        Yeah. In other words, the Persian subjects were “slaves” according to a certain abstract way of thinking. Sort of like how an American might say that an unarmed populace are slaves, though plus a few degrees.

        Of course it is well known that Athens was teeming with slaves, maybe a third of the population, but the Athenians themselves were not slaves.

    • He comes off as a larping nutjob. That’s the most obvious and immediate conclusion to draw and I have to seriously question the political acumen of anyone who fails to draw it. *cough*RichardSpencer*cough*

      • I just assume taking a break from Mideastern intrigue for a while. But if Iranians want to light a flame for Zoroaster, they have my moral support.

  • Can anybody post the second half? Red Ice TV doesn’t interest me for a full subscription but this interview was interesting as fuck.

  • Fascinating conversation.

    Jason, have you ever explored the connection between Gobineau, the noble father of Aryanism, and Iran?

    He was one of the first “alt-right” thinkers to implicitly advocate for a
    spiritual reunification of both Western and Eastern Aryans.

    He is worth being rediscovered and reinterpreted for the XXI century – in a suprahumanist and archeofuturistic manner.

    • He is worth being rediscovered and reinterpreted for the XXI century – in a suprahumanist and archeofuturistic manner.

      That’s awesome to know. We can all larp so much harder now.

  • I know Jason Jorjani is involved in the site, but I don’t really see the point of all these “Indo-Aryan” perspectives.

    The fact is that Iran is lost as a vital state and society until it stops being Islamic.

    • Agree with re: not seeing the point of this sort of thing. Iranians aren’t European, never have been.

      On the other hand, I kind of take the opposite perspective re: the Iranian regime.

      I’m no expert but it sort of seems like the current Iranian regime has done a decent job of walking a path somewhere in between full retard Islam and the destructive degeneracy of the West.

      Sure, they talk some crazy shit sometimes, but they seem to have played pretty it smart in a hostile world, while at least limiting their exposure to the destructive insanity of the West. Maybe they benefit from posturing the way they do.

      I dunno, it seems weird for the Alt-Right to be ideologically pro-Assad, pro-Hezbollah, but wanting regime change in Iran.

      Seems more rational to support them the way you do any non-Western country that acts as a geopolitical counter-weight to ZOG’s excesses.

      And to encourage them to stay well away from Western culture, which is currently both insane and evil.

      • I don’t see anyone on the Alt Right clamoring for regime change in Iran. My point is that Jorjani’s “Iranian Renaissance” can’t happen until Persians embrace their past and remove all Islamic influence. That would include cultural steps like replacing the Farsi Arabic script with the Latin alphabet, something Ataturk did in Turkey to help make Turks proud of their own identity apart from Arab Muslims.

        You are correct that Iran has walked about as fine a line as possible for a Muslim society, embracing aspects of modernity and traditionalism. This may be due to Shia eschatology, which holds Ali will return at some point during the End Times. Since Shias believe it is Ali who will return and make the world in Allah’s image, they aren’t as batshit crazy as Sunnis, who attempt to recreate the Caliphate. Also note that Assad and Hezbollah are Shia, two other Muslim regimes that seem to be most compatible with the West (but importantly, they are incompatible with the Jews).

        • “My point is that Jorjani’s “Iranian Renaissance” can’t happen until Persians embrace their past and remove all Islamic influence.”

          It’s clear you didn’t actually listen to the podcast.

          • Jews aren’t worth discussing in Jorjani’s world view just evil Muslims. Does anyone see an orchestrated effort to get us to fight goyim wars for Jews going on?

          • yea, misdirection occurs in all forms. Hopefully you don’t know that cause otherwise you are part of the problem
            Anglin attacks Jews while never outing a Jew false flag. That’s called leaving the Jew glasses on when gazing on events of the world
            go study protocols 12-5

            5. If already now
            we have contrived to possess ourselves
            of the minds of the goy communities
            to such an extent
            the they all come near looking upon the events of the world
            through the colored glasses
            of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses;”

            Anglin keeps the glasses on and sells the intentional misdirection to his low IQ white audience. Do your homework and you will see Anglin saying tyhe exact opposite four years ago, to great a gulf to evolve naturally but easily accomplished when you have no moral compass and are reassigned to a different audience

          • I’m pretty sure jsigur is McZOG. 99% of his commments will be directed against WNs.

  • The Iranian Peoples – who make up 61-65% of Iran, depending on the source – are Indo-European Peoples; specifically ethnic Persians (who are 51%) as well as Kurds and Lurs. Farsi, AKA Persian, is an Indo-European language. It’s unfortunate that the Arabian desert cult of Islam has driven a wedge between our Peoples. There should be far more collaboration between the Aryan Iranian Peoples and the West.

      • ‘Muh Ayran White Supremacy’…said Matt Hale before betting said by the FBI for 40 years in prision. ‘Muh Ayran White Supremacy’ said Bill White before being set up by the FBI for 27 years in prison, ‘Muh Ayran White Supremacy’ said all the Ayran Nations members before most of them went to prison. See the pattern? Spencer’s cell is probably being decorated right now, in a super-max on the fringes of Ohio. Lots of people exploit Ayran Traditions for money, and it doesn’t work. And White Nationalists are too thick to know what they are supporting, but saying ‘Aryan’ to them makes them wilt at knees because of their homo-erotic crush on Hitler. Plus most of the users here are kids, so they have no knowledge of all the crap in white nationalist circles.

        • Weren’t those ppl you named ops. Matt Hale didn’t say the word Jew in his last book supposedly from prison where his mother fund raises 24/7 for his retrial. Excellent comment by the way with acute clarity

          • I think White was an op after the first arrest as part of a ‘deal’. Generally speaking there is at least one ‘op’ in every movement. Bound to be one here, and probably more. Generally the one with the dumbest ideas trying to provoke reckless acts is the op. Though a reckless act for the Alt-Right is probably just more (yawn) frog memes.

    • There’s good and bad people in every race culture and group. That’s the human race. Don’t point fingers.

    • I find your cultural arguments for this new Persian empire quite intriguing. I just think its odd how this movement perpetuates racism in America, but argues against it for countries aligned to Russia.

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