Dr. Kevin MacDonald & Dr. Andrew Joyce – Leftist Violence in Trump’s America

Dr. Kevin MacDonald has a Ph.D. in Biobehavioral Sciences and is an expert on Jewish influence and identity. He is also the editor and chief contributor of The Occidental Observer, an online publication that focuses on White identity, White interests, and the culture of the West. Dr. Andrew Joyce is a scholar, speaker, and writer with academic expertise on immigration, ethnic and religious conflict, and philosophy. Andrew sits on the editorial advisory board of The Occidental Quarterly and is also a regular contributor to The Occidental Observer.

Kevin and Andrew return to Red Ice for a fascinating discussion on escalating Leftist violence, Trump’s presidency, and much more. We begin by looking back on Trump’s first two weeks in office. Kevin discusses the hysteria on the Left, while Andrew tells us that he is pleasantly surprised to see Donald Trump deliver on his promises. We talk about the Trump administration’s plans to cease monitoring “White supremacist” organizations, and instead direct its counter-extremism efforts towards radical Islamists. Later, we switch gears to consider the increasingly violent nature of the Left and the future of civil unrest in America. We discuss the recent riots at UC Berkeley, Black Lives Matter, and Inauguration Day violence. The first hour also covers the petition to ban Trump from the UK and the specifics of his 90-day travel ban.

In the members’ hour, we begin by discussing the Left’s silence over Trump killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We observe how the Left, which has historically been concerned with economic issues and workers’ rights, is now more concerned with pushing an anti-White agenda. Kevin traces this back to the Frankfurt School, whose thinkers became disenchanted with the White working class after it supported Hitler in Germany. We discuss how this led to Jewish intellectuals becoming increasingly distrustful of White populism – a trend that continues to this day. Later, we talk about Jared Kushner, and consider whether or not there is a group of “rogue Jews” surrounding Trump who wish to take America in a different direction – for the sake of both Israel and America. The members’ hour also explores Trump’s statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Steve Bannon, and the problem with excessive individuality in the West.

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  • If millions of Americans kept on illegally invading Mexico and if Mexico wanted to build a wall to stem the tide, would anyone denounce Mexico’s demands on America to stop sending illegals and its resolve to enforce border security with a wall or other means?

    I think not.

    So, why is it a problem when the US wants to secure its own borders?

    Oh yeah, pile of scrap iron in the semblance of a woman in the NY harbor says the US is all about welcoming invasion. We should consult a pile of steel(with Jewish poetess as ventriloquist) than our good sense?

    Someone should draw a pic of Statue of Liberty as dummy doll of ventriloquist Emma Lazarus.

  • Antifa is a Janissary force.

    They are mostly whites trained to attack whites.

    Antifa should be called Procuck.

    But why should something like antifa be surprising in a world where whites are scapegoated for EVERYTHING?

    ‘Homophobia’ and diseased homos(did white patriots force homos to bugger one another and spread HIV?), ‘misogyny’ and rape culture(who owns rap industry and porn enterprise), ‘racism’ and dead negroes(who are really killing all those negroes?), ‘Islamophobia’ and desperate Muslims, etc. (Did the Alt Right control foreign policy that wrecked the Muslimworld?)

    Scapewhiting is what PC is all about, and Antifa or Procuck has come under its spell.

  • Asylum seekers, America and the “Modern World” – My take.
    As an American the problems of America are mine to solve. The solutions to these problems and the benefits of America are, by and large, due to the efforts of my ancestors, peers including whatever I have done.

    As a nation America has gone through a revolution (American Revolution) in order to free ourselves from a Monarchy. We fought a terrible “civil’ war in 1861 to 1865 where over 650 thousand soldiers died or were killed and another 400 thousand civilians were killed or died. It was one of the bloodiest civil wars on the 19th century.

    Since then we as a people have struggled against all forms of institutionalized injustice (Segregation, women’s rights) to poverty etc and every major problem faced in any nation including faith and race intolerance, now endemic in so many other nations.

    Due to the collective effort of Americans we have created one of the most successful and powerful nations in the history of mankind. Part of that is we solve our problems and come up with solutions.
    Seldom do Americans flee to other nations leaving problems in America for others to deal with.
    I expect that from any citizen of any nation, be they Iranian, Mexican, Canadian, French, etc. They are supposed to solve the problems of their own nation, not flee that nation expecting others to do that. That is not much to ask.

    It becomes hypocritical to me when a person who lives continents and oceans away from the US, and shares little in culture, race, language or religion comes to America claiming to be a refugee “fleeing oppression” from his or her homeland.

    • Refugees generally do not want to flee their countries, never to return again. The majority of refugees want to regroup and return if possible. This idea that refugees want to relocate to another country and live out the rest of their lives there, especially to a far away country such as America, is a globalist lie used to excuse the repopulations of majority White nations by predominantly male minority anti-White rape/murder gangs.

      Not sure why someone like Angela Merkel would want to rule a pile of shit instead of a powerful White nation, but she has bought into the idea.

  • We are first and foremost organisms. The main purpose of life forms is survival. Survivality, not abstract notion such as ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’, is the main theme of existence.

    We can incorporate temperate doses of idealism into our lives, but life comes first, and life must first survive, and it does so by defense, offense, and continuance(reproduction).

    So, any ideology that undermines survivality is ultimately harmful. It may lead to short term success, but if it dooms the chances of survivality in the long run, it is a failure.

    Most essential are survivality and vitality.

    So, organism must be the ism before all other -isms.

  • The Seattle shooting at the Milo event was in self-defense. An antifa attacked a ticket holder and the the ticket holder shot him in the stomach. It was the 2nd attack he’d suffered. It was captured on dozens of phones and security cameras. Police made no arrest.

  • I counted 32 Antifa Jews or likely Jews arrested on Inauguration Weekend among the 231 people arrested in DC! That’s right, Jews were way overrepresented as Antifa rioters. 2 percent of the population, but 14 percent of the rioters. Download the Excel spreadsheet and see for yourself!

  • The Trump administration should have Sean Spicer do a press conference where all he does is stand at the podium and read out the immigration policy/legislation of non-white nations from around the world. (China, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Japan, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Venezuela, etc., etc.) POINT OUT THE DOUBLE STANDARDS!!! Repeatedly and explicitly, as double standards deeply offend White people’s sensibilities. “Moderate” liberals will also be susceptible to this logic once it is coming down from up on high. Finish it off with a brief statement about existing US immigration laws and explicitly read the full text of the law giving the President the authority to exclude aliens:

    “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the
    United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by
    proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all
    aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of
    aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

    I understand that given the current character of the global political and corporate establishment, Trump has to be very careful who he takes into his inner circle and who he takes advice from. But sometimes I worry that he needs more backup in this regard, as during the campaign, and to a lesser degree, during his time in office so far, I have seen him miss obvious opportunities to call the opposition out on blatant hypocrisy and lies. There are some very intelligent people posting on alt-right websites, and I KNOW our enemies are reading and monitoring this activity. Isn’t there anyone on our side reading these websites and using them as “crowdsourced” intelligence?

    Spicer, and Trump himself, if necessary, should use the bully pulpit to repeat and hammer home the existing law quoted above. It is plainly worded and unambiguous. How can some lowly judge overrule this existing law, plus the power of the Presidency? REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT the text of that law for the next 3-6 months. Have Spicer do it in a press conference, have Kellyanne Conway go on CNN and do it, have Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson do it on Fox. DON’T BE QUEASY ABOUT USING THE PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUE OF REPETITION, TRUMP ADMIN. Beat the enemy into submission through repetition of this legislation.

    On a side note, I came across the following:

    “8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

    (3)Security and related grounds

    (D)Immigrant membership in totalitarian party

    (i)In general

    Any immigrant who is or has been a member of or affiliated with the Communist or any other totalitarian party (or subdivision or affiliate thereof), domestic or foreign, is inadmissible.”

    This could easily be used to eject large portions of the Chinese and Latin American invader populations. MANY Latin Americans are openly involved in communist organizations. The Chinese might be a bit more subtle about it, but you know damn well many of them are loyal communists.

  • Trump’s “ban” was a backstab. he should have banned every country with a muslim majority/plurality

  • Some people worry about Theodicy but what about Negrodicy?

    THEODICY: “How can an infinitely good, infinitely powerful god permit evil?”

    How about Negrodicy? How could a wise cosmic being create a bunch of jive-ass lunatic sheboons who have chimpouts all over the place?

    Every race seems capable of sanity and civilization if given a chance, but the Negro spells hell on earth. Look at Haiti and Detroit. The Negro is antithetical to higher spirituality. Negroes turned Christianity into boogie woogie.

    DNA shows that the human species can roughly be divided into Sub-Saharan blacks and everyone else. We see same pattern in the USA. Despite political, ideological, and cultural differences among whites, Asians, Hindus, Muslims, Arabs, Mexicans, and etc, they can still get along on a neighborly basis. But Negroes spell trouble for everyone else, even for themselves. Look at Negroes in New Orleans after Katrina. Just looting and sitting on their ass looking for HEP. Doing nothing for themselves, acting just like Haitian blacks.

    Maybe Negrodicy can argue that the Negro is the biggest challenge for the human species to overcome. Negroes are Satan’s chillunm, and they exist as a test that humanity must overcome in order to be free and truthful.

    Negroes fool and tempt the other races.
    Even though the essential core of Negro is savagery, apish-ness, destructiveness, and law of the jungle, they have developed traits that fool non-blacks into thinking and feeling different. Negroes can be colorful, and this can seem charming and vibrant to non-blacks. Negroes got them boombox voices that non-blacks might mistake for the authoritative voice of godliness when, if fact, it’s just the howl of the gorillian. MLK myth is largely based on his voice. “I HAVE A DREAM… fo’ some booze and ho’s after I fool whitey wid dis speech n shi*” Negro idea of soul is different from other races. Soul for non-blacks means depth, meditative states, inner beauty, the peace within. For blacks, it means Da Soul Train, boogie-woogie chimpout. It means being funky like a monkey.

    The sacralization of the Negro is the new idolatry, a parody of true religion. The idea that we should be worshiping some nappy headed fools just because they can howl like gorillas is sheer nuttery. So, why do people fall for this?
    It’s because God is Power, and so people figure that since Negroes got the most powerful voice, they must be closest to God and conveyors of God’s message.
    But God’s eloquence isn’t about howling like animals. His eloquence is flows in the undercurrents. When God spoke to Job, the words were ‘silent’ but deep. God doesn’t need to shout to be heard. God didn’t say to Job, “Listen you mothafuc*a, did you make all them watermelons and shi*? You aint built all the cadillacs!! You aint built all the colt 45, beer or gun!! You aint built all them fuzzy dice!! Who you think you be?!”
    So, to measure God’s eloquence in terms of sheer volume is stupid. After all, monkeys can howl louder than Negroes, but we don’t mistake it for divine truth.

    No, true spirituality is about the deep wellspring of God. God’s whisper is deeper and ‘louder’ than the loudest hollerings of all the Negroes that be. God is truth and doesn’t need to holler like an animal to send His message.
    Christianity used to be about silence and the truth heard within that silence.
    It’s like the Endo Shusaku novel SILENCE where the priest finally hears Jesus’ words within the sounds of silence.
    For the Negro, truth is volume. Whoever can out-shout others hold the truth. This is savagery. It is jivery. It is truth-by-intimidation. It is what has become of black debating styles at colleges. A bunch of Negroes have no use for logic, facts, or reason. They just scream and holler, as if volume = truth.
    Same thing with BLM. Even though they are so divorced from truth(that negroes kill negroes and non-negroes), they think they are right cuz they scream the loudest. Truth isn’t established by volume.
    We saw how this could go wrong for Italians and Germans too. Mussolini had charisma, to be sure, but truth cannot be based on oratory. Hitler was even louder as a speaker, and he could be spellbinding, but what did he do in the end? He mesmerized Germans into fighting a crazy war that killed millions. Evil.

    Because Negro is the loudest creature, he represents the false notion that volume = truth = word of god. If this is true, then rappers must be the biggest truth tellers since they holler the most. But when two negreos face one another and scream about how “I f***ed yo’ mama, ni**a”, what kind of truth is that? Rap is crap.

    But we can see how the false god of black volume-nity is a temptation to mankind. Mankind just realize that this is a false god cuz truth isn’t measured by who can scream the loudest. If that were true, a man hollering 2 + 2 = 5 would be truer than a man saying 2 + 2 = 4. Volume-ism is destroying the West. Cuz of pop culture’s emphasis on Extreme Expression and modern ideology’s addiction to mass spectacle, so much value is determined by volumnity. Display of power is equated with force of truth. But in fact, power can be used to spread BS. Take the ending of PULP FICTION. Sam Jackson talks up a storm… but it doesn’t mean anything except “I got the gun, so I talk, you listen.”

    If the Negro tempts us with volumnity, the Jew tempts us with wittery and the homo tempts us with fancery(fancy-ery). Jews are clever and funny, and as such fool us into thinking that humor = humor. So, if Jews mock something and make us laugh, the object of ridicule must be false since it has been hit with wit. Now, we all like humor and funny stuff, but wit isn’t same as truth. This goes for Bill Buckley as well. It’s been said Buckley won a lot of debates, but it was through wit, not truth. So, he scored more points but did little for conservative discourse since he evaded the core issues and just relied on wise cracks and one-liners. Today, Jews like Jon Stewart and their cuck puppets like Colbert used humor to mock lots of truths. But anything can be mocked. Even Einstein’s theories can be mocked with humor. It doesn’t make it untrue.
    As for homos, they tempt us with style and design and whoopity-doo fancy stuff. Homos make us feel that the fashionable is next to godliness. We are so into celebrity stuff and the image that a lot of people think divinity is about homomania. We even see homo flags in churches — totally vile.

    The Negro also tempts the non-black races with muscle, booty, and the dong. The animal beastly side of us is into sports, and this means that people come to near-worship black athletes are demi-gods. Also, the sexualization of culture means that women’s lives revolve around their booties than hearts, minds, and wombs. It’s about the pornographication of the mainstream in a culture where even young children grow up looking at Nikki Minajg’s ‘twerking’ butt. And the Negro dong has led to cuck culture among white boys who worship the negro doing doing their women.

    So, maybe there is a meaning to the existence of Negroes. They are the mockery of all that is truly godly. As such, people are fooled and seduced by their false-goddery because blackness mimics and parodies godliness. Via physical and aural volumnity, they offer a parodic mockery of godly power, and senseless non-blacks fall for this false god.

    For mankind to rise to a higher level, it must rise above the Negro and keep the Negroes in their own separate world of chimpouts and sheboon-ish acts.

    • That clip of “Jungle Boogie” is interesting. Black culture was so much more “civilized” back then. However, knowing what I know now, I can’t help but view that clip as an act of cultural, spiritual, and racial aggression against my people. That was an earlier stage of the black spirit being “liberated” from the guidance of the white man. Music and dance can be a type of cultural, spiritual, psychic conquest. Don’t partake of alien cultures! Don’t internalize the rhythms, patterns, and movements of your enemy. His spirit will invade your mind and soul, lower your defenses, then your body will become vulnerable.

      Look at how black dance evolved:

      Now tell me that isn’t a war dance. And the fitness level required for this type of dance, and the quick movements can translate into fighting skills quite easily.

      Get serious NOW, white man/white boy. Get fit IMMEDIATELY. Get combat skills IMMEDIATELY. Get organized and study tactics to overcome mobs/larger numbers. Flush all the alien cultural and spiritual influence out of your mind and soul. Purify yourself spiritually. No porn, no wanks, stop being indulgent in all areas of your life. If you are a music lover, limit your listening. If you are a movie buff, limit your viewing. Anything you feel an urge or compulsion to do, in terms of engaging in the pleasures of this world, is an opportunity to strengthen yourself spiritually. Just as you train your muscles by struggling against resistance, you train your spirit by resisting your base urges. Look to our history, and how our ancestors behaved when we were healthy. Learn from it, and start to live it.

      • true, white men must get fit. But white man cannot beat negro one on one as the negro is faster and tougher.

        white power comes from unity, organization, discipline, cooperation.

        we need to organize and form meaningful groups and networks.

        Jews are 2% of US population but have dominance. Why? Organization and networks.

        • I agree with you about unity, organization, discipline, and cooperation. However, I disagree that the negro is physically superior in a one on one fight. List off the great champions of the UFC, and you will see this.

          Champions who held the title and defended it multiple times

          White champions: Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Matt Hughes, George St. Pierre, Fedor Emelianenko, Frank Shamrock, Ken Shamrock, Chris Weidman, Pat Miletich…

          Black champions: Anderson Silva, Jon Jones… And… (*Crickets*)

          The average black right now is in better shape than the average white because blacks live on welfare (they are literally sucking OUR life energy), they have a violent culture which includes a lot of fighting, and all they aspire to is being a “baller”. Whites are more focused on education, supporting ourselves and millions of welfare leeches through our jobs, and many of us have fallen prey to the constant stream of emasculating propaganda directed at us by Hollywood and the MSM.

          Whites have better focus, determination, and willpower. That is also visible in tennis. Tennis takes sustained focus, concentration, and the ability to stay “in the zone” for an extended period of time. Blacks are faster on their feet, and they should be able to hit the ball as hard or harder than whites, so why don’t they dominate tennis?

          And if we were spiritually healthy there would be no contest.

  • Good to have more podcasts and interviews here. This site needs more great content like this.

    I would suggest a weekend News recap podcast to replace the dear departed Fash the Nation.

  • Interesting conversation, but really, what’s the point in having Kevin MacDonald on if you’re not even going to touch on the JQ? And no, I don’t have access to the second hour.

    • Kevin MacDonald is an expert on evolutionary psychology. He understands how evolution has molded our brains and what implications there are from unconscious choices, such as Whites choosing Trump vs extreme ethno-masochism (Antifa, Black Bloc, et al).

    • KMac and Joyce had more to say than the Punch n Judy show you wanted.

      They identified the #Triggering that Trump has set off. Look at DC and Berkeley. The left have a day of action for the 20th February.

      When Trump has his Reichstag Fire moment who will doubt it was some sniveling Jew in a Black Bloc custume setting the incendiary?

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