Violence, Censorship, and r/AltRight

It has been a banner day for the Alt-Right. In between the mob violence at the MILO event at UC Berkeley and the censorship of r/AltRight at Reddit, we’re being repressed:

“Reddit, the enormous online community-run forum, announced on Wednesday night that it was banning the white nationalist subreddit r/altright, due to “posting of personal information,” otherwise known as doxxing.

“Reddit is the proud home to some of the most authentic conversations online,” a statement provided to The Daily Beast by the company read. “We strive to be a welcoming, open platform for all by trusting our users to maintain an environment that cultivates genuine conversation and adheres to our content policy. …”

Might as well own it.

I sat down and wrote out an article about the success of r/AltRight this evening. I was unaware that Reddit had banned the community a few hours before. Then I sign into Twitter and notice that the MILO event at UC Berkeley is spiraling out of control into antifa riots. It is all over FOX News. It is the top three trending hashtags on Twitter. Millions of people are watching these leftists lose their minds.

Milo Yiannopoulos doesn’t even claim to be Alt-Right, but he is treated no differently than if he really were one of us. These people assume he is Alt-Right. There’s nothing we can do about censorship on social media, but maybe we can parlay all of this censorship and repression into a romantic image. We’re dangerous. We’re edgy. We’re outlaws. We’re the Proud Goys. In contrast, we could say that mainstream conservatism and libertarianism are, you know, boring and non-threatening.

The Left is trying to shut us down because they are losing. We’re the real opposition on the Right. They’re not afraid of the likes of Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson or Egg McMuffin.

Hunter Wallace
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    • Some people are intrigued by censorship.

      Others are curious or even outraged by it. ‘How dare you try to hide this from me!’

      Censorship is a self-defeating strategy as the illiberal Left are now discovering…

  • What is the new sub over on reddit? u/Greatapeniggy was banned also. I have been following him since coontown. Now im at a loss.

  • Those Leftists can’t hold a conversation because r/altright had incredibly good arguments for what was posted. I would always lurk over there and I loved every bit of information that I could find there. We’ve followed the rules to a T and yet we were still banned, mods would remove/ban anyone who called any means to violence whether it was fictitious or not, no racial slurs, nothing, but apparently those blatant double standards don’t work for places like r/Communism or r/Socialism. The most blatant aspect however is the anti-white rhetoric on the majority of those types of subreddits among others as well and I’m hoping that people will soon wake up as soon as possible because it’s very disturbing.

    How disturbing is that? The indoctrination of people is quite telling, they say it themselves that they’re trying to repress the truth with things that they believe is downright evil, so have an open mind and understand where the r/altright is coming from, because I’m sick of anti-racism(whiteness).

  • This is all the result of poor political strategy. Marketing oneself as a troll leads to naught but rioting plebs and pitchforks.

    • lol at how wrong you are, this is a big win for us

      Normie cons are paying attention to this, learning about the left and “anti-fascism”

  • I was there, in Berkeley, and I can confirm that the police were doing absolutely nothing. In fact, one of the large groups of riot police were inside a building just standing there. When the rioters began lighting that mobile light trailer on fire, police didn’t even attempt to deal with the situation. By the end, there was a literal party, being put on right in the center of Sproul, with music and everything. The Communists were essentially allowed to freely destroy and ransack their surroundings. Absolutely horrendous display by the cucked Law Enforcement (UC Berkeley Police and Oakland Police [Berkeley uses Oakland Riot Police in some cases]).

    • the police aren’t even cucked, they’re just following their incentives, doing their job

      in cali, liberals create those incentives, and prevent the police from helping us

      • they take money from the bad guys and protect them from justice while keeping real americans between the lines. some are dumb, most are traitors, few are with us

    • You kind of don’t want to start that. If we do, you know they will too. At least in CA we’re outnumbered, and, it’s easier to fantasize about than to expose yourself to. Getting doxxed is one, very bad thing, but contemplating getting killed / wounded makes you stop and take stock.

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