The Feral Left Absolutely Loses It At Gavin McInnes New York City Event

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the tolerant Left.

Again, I ask you: what does any of this have to do with liberalism? Reason? Tolerance? Freedom of assembly? Jesus Christ, look at these snowflakes. We’re the fascists? I’m the bigot?

Do you know what we need here? Some anti-psychotics, a rubber room and a straight jacket! To be honest, this is what happens when parents don’t spank their children!

Hunter Wallace
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  • Cucks are like Cannon fodder for the Far Right. These idiots deserve to be beaten if they continually cuck out.

  • There is a special place in Hell for the effete college administrators that allowed these anti-white, anti-free-speech ideologies to proliferate throughout our universities. When we can’t even debate our ideas in public anymore, they leave no other option but violence– the only thing they really understand.

  • Alexander Dugin speaks out against the West and against white people, so please remove the pro Dugin ad on this site.

  • Just fast-forward me to the point where an Antifa gets kidnapped, locked in a NEETs basement somewhere and kneecapped with a nail gun.

  • Spanking put a strain on my relationship with my parents. You’re playing russian roulette with your future adult son’s or daughter’s desire to be around you. Not a good idea.

    • I was spanked as a child by mother and father, but it was kinda rare. Mostly for situations were I was doing something really bad, or dangerous (e.g. trying to cross the road without looking both ways). As an adult I know it was just tough love.

      • No, but I had to dramatically curtail the time I spend around my fam. I don’t want that for others. I’ll concede that if frequent spanking was the only mistake they made, I’d probably be fine with them. It was, of course, a combination of things that led me to keep my distance.

      • This is where I see some overlap with the alt right and dindus. Every dindu I’ve talked to about childhood was beaten pretty regularly. It plays into the hyper-emotionality dindus are known for as well as comments such as this. Have a nice day :).

        • Yeah, it couldn’t possibly be the tens of thousands of years in a radically different climate and introgression from different hominid species contributing to biologically distinct brains.

          Niggers have to be the way they are from upbringing. Sounds like some Anarchist bullshit to me. Maybe you should adopt some niglets and raise them among your own children and show us the uniform results of “peaceful parenting”?

    • Spanking doesn’t work for every child, but in some cases it is the only thing that does work. I think the problem is, we try and put our personal experiences up front and say “look how it made me” and then try to make everyone else act or not act a certain way based on that one experience. Every child is different, every situation is different, every parent is different, and every relationship is different. One size does NOT always fit all.

  • I love Anti-Fa so much I want to marry it.

    Think, people. Antifa is attacking all the Alt Lighters – liberals like Gavin McInnes and freaky Zionist Jew neo-cons like Milo. Antifa is attacking average Trump supporters with extreme violence. Many of those Trump supporters probably consider themselves “liberal” or at the most “libertarian.”

    Antifa are tagging graffiti that says “Liberals Get the Bullet Too.”

    So – how is this not the BEST thing ever? While the fake “Nazi” LARPers and the idiot trolls were whining about Milo and Gavin for being “Alt Lite” and doing their best to DRIVE AWAY regular normal Whites …

    … Antifa are driving normal Whites further to our side.

    LET Milo and Gavin whine about “Nazis.” LET Milo and Gavin “counter-signal” White Nationalism. GOOD – let them. Encourage them! They will still get attacked by Antifa. They will still get called a “Nazi.” They will still get called a “racist.” And so will everyone who isn’t a hard core Communist/Zionist Antifa fanatic.

    All actual White Nationalists need to do is sit back and let the Antifa and the Alt Lite fight it out. If we fight, we’ll get arrested, we’ll get demonized, we’ll get investigated by the FBI.

    So, let the Alt Lite take the heat. Let the Alt Lite take it to “muh streets.” They are far closer to the Trump people and far more mainstream than we are and the media can’t demonize them quite so easily.

    We should just sit back and say, “we told you so.” We should just wait around until the normies start asking questions and we can tell them:

    No, they are not “liberal fascists.” No, they are not “against racism.” No, they are not “against Trump.”

    They are Anti-White. They hate White people and want to genocide all of us. It doesn’t matter if you are a conservative, or a liberal, a Republican or a Democrat. It doesn’t even matter if you voted for Trump or not. Even if you voted for Bernie Sanders – that makes you a “Berniebro” – a “Brosocialist” – a sexist and a racist.

    Hell – even if you voted for Hillary Clinton – that makes you a “White Woman Feminist” and you have to shut up because you have white privilege and you’re still a racist.

    By the time the Antifa is done, we’ll have the majority of White people coming to US to get the facts on what is really happening.

    If you see an Antifa in your neighborhood – give it a hug. Buy it a beer. Donate to its cause. Because Antifa is the best friend we actual White Nationalists have ever had.

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