Swan of Tuonela – Finnish Nationalism and Thoughts on American AltRight

Swan of Tuonela is a Finnish nationalist and Vlogger.

Swan joins us for an interesting conversation on Finland, nationalism, and multiculturalism. We begin by discussing the origins of her name. Swan tells us that it derives from Finnish mythology, and proceeds to explain how the folktales and fables from her homeland are quite different from those of other European countries. We discuss Swan’s red-pill process, which began when she started questioning the migrant crisis. This leads to a discussion on Finnish nationalism. Swan tells us that most Finns are opposed to mass immigration, but that the nationalist scene in Finland is defined by a plurality of groups which don’t always get along. We discuss the mainstream media in Finland, which is, unsurprisingly, working against the interests of indigenous Finns. Our show also covers migrant rape in Finland, LGBT organizations, Russophobia, and much more.

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  • It sounds like you have similar problems of a divided nation also. Our enemy should not live in our own country, because we are not allowed to bomb them or kill them when they threaten and attack us. They always vote against the native people of the country. It’s not good to mix races in a country. Every race should be accountable for their own crimes and should live in their own country. God knew what he was doing when he divided races. He said that we would not get along, and should stay with our own people. You can’t change the laws of God. He is the creator. Maybe the world is starting to wake up to the liars and con men . Good luck . Dean A Martin

  • Mao invoked ‘rebellion’ to ensure obedience.

    He roused up the cult of rebellion among the youth to attack his rivals so as to consolidate his own power and to get even with those who had slighted him following the disaster of the Great Leap Forward. Even though the party had remained loyal to him even after the debacle, it wasn’t enough for his ego. Any slight or diminishing of his authority meant grievous outrage. It’s how megalomania works. We see similar reaction from the GLOB with the Trump victory. Their megalo-ethno-mania simply cannot handle any re-balancing of power if it means loss of total control. If the GLOB loots Russia of its half its wealth, no big deal. If anything, how dare those dumb Russians complain. But if anyone takes a penny from the GLOB, what horror!!

    Like Mao, the GLOB stirs up themes of ‘rebellion’ against Trump but only to shore up their own totalist mania for control. They are really trying to use their minions as schlock-troops. It’s not because they see Trump as a threat to the People — after all, Trump is a ‘populist’ who reaches out to the people — but as a threat to GLOB elites. It’s not Trump the dictator they fear but Trump the enabler of People Power. Since the GLOB fears People Power in white majority nation, their sense of moral outrage is that Trump is favoring Americans(meaning whites) over all the people around the world, mostly non-white, who if they were to come to the US, will side with the GLOB to bring over their relatives so that they can partake of the Better Life.

    The GLOB really wants obedience but invoke ‘rebellion’. It is a kind of Obellion.

    Mao’s Red Guards were really Obels whose ‘rebellion’ only served the tyranny of the top dog in China.

    This anti-Trump and anti-‘Nazi’ mania of the GLOB is not a rebellion against rule of tyrant but against the Rule by People. After all, the GLOB fears a People aroused by gentile nationalism, not fellow globo-elites around the world who are willing to collaborate with the GLOB for ‘what is mine’.

    But the barking minions are too stupid due to PC and Amnesia Rays from TV that say US is now ruled by ‘literally Hitler’ who is taking away freedoms. And white progs are so brainwashed into hating their own kind and feeling morally supremacist by leap-frogging identification with the Other that they think there is no greater horror than white nations saying NO to foreign colonization.

    As for immigrants, they are just a bunch of materialists and selfish bungs. Their ONLY reason for wanting to come to America is to have a better life. Okay, that is understandable cuz organism wants better food, air, and comfort, but they should be honest about it. Immigration isn’t about higher principles. It’s about naked material interest. There is NO morality in immigration.

    After all, if all these immigrant folks are into JUSTICE, why don’t they want to expend their skills and talents to help a poor nation or an unjust nation? If the US is rich and just(has rule of law) while their own nations are poor and unjust, they should be using their talent to improve and help their own nations. Why go to a rich nation and use one’s talent to make a rich nation even richer? It’s like helping a rich man while neglecting a poor man.

    Also, if immigrants are fired up by idealism of equality and justice, why don’t they choose to emigrate to poorer nations where their skills, ambition, knowledge, and drive can do some good. If Nation A is rich and powerful and if Nation B is poor and weak, shouldn’t a man-of-justice choose Nation B as his destination because it needs more help in creating an economy and rule of law? If the emigrant chooses Nation A, he’s just looking for a shortcut for personal success by leeching off existing riches of Nation A. Also, if he also contributes to the riches of Nation A, he’s just making a rich nation richer. Where is ‘social justice’ in that? It’s like helping a rich man get richer and getting paid for the favor.

    If indeed all these immigrants are really into ‘social justice’, they should choose the poorest nations as their destinations where they can use their energy, smarts, enterprise, and skills to help them build their communities. After all, Christian missionaries go to poor nations to convert and help the heathen. It would make no sense for them to go to rich Christians and offer help and the Word. The rich Christians are already Christian and doing very well, thank you very much.

    At least the white settlers and immigrants who came to America long ago were coming to face hardship, to make something out of nothing. In EMIGRANTS and THE NEW LAND, we see how tough it was for people from Sweden to make the trek on a creaky ship, to move across to Minnesota on trains and wagons, and to work from sunup to sundown to turn wilderness into farmlands. They came to turn nothing into something.

    But these new immigrants, many of them, just come to take from America. All those Somalis are leeches who refuse to fix up their own nation. Those Chinese pregnant women who come for birth tourism are scum. All those Arab and Russian sharks who come to invest in fancy American property instead of investing in their own nations are filth. They use the US like crooks use Swiss banks.

    When white folks came to the New Land long ago, they came for greater freedom and opportunity, but they also had to make something out of nothing as much of America was still a wilderness. Yet, those people are reviled by PC as ‘racists’ while these newcomers who come to leech off the MADE AMERICA are idealized as what America is all about. I’ll take the characters in THE NEW LAND over Julia Ioffes who came, indulged, enjoyed a fabulous life, but bitch and bitch. Worse, her ethnic ilk engineered the wars that destroyed countless people in the Muslim World but now present themselves as the Schindlers of Muslim ‘refugees’ from Hitler-Trump. I mean what BS. A bunch of poseurs worse than the surrealists, though their logic is political surrealism.

    The white folks who came in the 19th century came to grow the cow. Today, they come to milk the cow.


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