Swan of Tuonela – Finnish Nationalism and Thoughts on American AltRight

Swan of Tuonela is a Finnish nationalist and Vlogger.

Swan joins us for an interesting conversation on Finland, nationalism, and multiculturalism. We begin by discussing the origins of her name. Swan tells us that it derives from Finnish mythology, and proceeds to explain how the folktales and fables from her homeland are quite different from those of other European countries. We discuss Swan’s red-pill process, which began when she started questioning the migrant crisis. This leads to a discussion on Finnish nationalism. Swan tells us that most Finns are opposed to mass immigration, but that the nationalist scene in Finland is defined by a plurality of groups which don’t always get along. We discuss the mainstream media in Finland, which is, unsurprisingly, working against the interests of indigenous Finns. Our show also covers migrant rape in Finland, LGBT organizations, Russophobia, and much more.

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Dean A Martin
It sounds like you have similar problems of a divided nation also. Our enemy should not live in our own country, because we are not allowed to bomb them or kill them when they threaten and attack us. They always vote against the native people of the country. It’s not good to mix races in a country. Every race should be accountable for their own crimes and should live in their own country. God knew what he was doing when he divided races. He said that we would not get along, and should stay with our own people. You can’t… Read more »

It’s great to hear about what’s going on in Finland, especially from Finnish peoples.

Gubbler Chechenova
Mao invoked ‘rebellion’ to ensure obedience. He roused up the cult of rebellion among the youth to attack his rivals so as to consolidate his own power and to get even with those who had slighted him following the disaster of the Great Leap Forward. Even though the party had remained loyal to him even after the debacle, it wasn’t enough for his ego. Any slight or diminishing of his authority meant grievous outrage. It’s how megalomania works. We see similar reaction from the GLOB with the Trump victory. Their megalo-ethno-mania simply cannot handle any re-balancing of power if… Read more »

This is an excellent post and deserves more exposure


How pleasing is the manner of this woman from the Finnish countryside.