President Trump Threatens To Defund UC Berkeley

It has been less than two weeks:

In terms of education policy, this has to be at the top of our agenda. We have to confront the Left in their cultural citadels like UC Berkeley, the University of Washington and Mizzou. As a practical matter, that means defunding public universities which fail to expel students who engage in mob violence and which have campus speech codes that repress free speech.

That’s also just the start. We need legislation to shutdown these leftwing hothouses, diversify the faculty and ensure that rightwing groups have the right to organize at public universities. How can we break the grip of political correctness on college campuses?

We need comprehensive education reform.

Note: UC Berkeley receives $2.9 billion dollars in federal research funds.

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Communist and Marxist ideology is allowed on campus. Fascist and NatSoc ideologies must be allowed. Nothing less


Don’t threaten, do. Trump needs to drop the hammer on them and bulldoze ANTIFA.
I swear he’s too nice sometimes.


The lefties in charge of UC Berkeley refuse to defend free speech that isn’t anti-White and anti-USA, but they’ll go out of their way to defend anti-White hate speech and anti-USA hate speech. CUT THEIR FUNDING!!!!! And, do it now. We have to start someplace to clean up the sewers that many universities have become.


On the bright side Antifa seems to have already started the Beta Uprising from the look of those rioters.

rick rage


these bastions of marxism receive public funds. demand from your rep that all tax-dollars be withheld until all jews and white marxists cease their filthy brain-washing of our kids. DRAIN THE UNIVERSITIES!


also these institutions crush real post hs education. if ur not with them ur going to get undermined one way or another

Albionic American

I just can’t wait until U.S. Marshals stomp into Governor Brown’s office with the Federal warrant for his arrest for inciting insurrection (18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection), slap the irons on him and haul him to the police van.


Laws against rioting absolutely have to be enforced to the fullest extent of the law. If the police just stand by like they did in Berkeley antifa will seize on that weakness. They ought to have used rubber bullets, and if that didn’t stop the riot then they should have gunned them all down.

Hildi H.

I get the feeling that they’re waiting for critical mass where any action taken against Antifa will be completely legitimate and can be sustained long term.


Forget Berkeley. The whole state should be defunded.


Let California secede, find their own water, fill up with illegal immigrants, fund their own research and universities, subsidize their own businesses, manage their own infrastructure, suffer earthquakes and mudslides without federal help, and then come under the rule of people who don’t want authority or wealth.
And they get a wall too – between the US and California, but not between Mexico and California. Maybe Mexico wants another state…


and lose our coast and navy bases? not that simple. kick em out then invade non citizens now that we can do

Alex Harris
The guaranteed positive effects of a Calexit: -Cali’s 55 electoral votes are taken out of play, and millions of “liberal” (read communist) popular votes. (20 million?) This would pretty much guarantee Trump his second term, and possibly Republican victory even after Trump’s two terms. -The rest of the nation is no longer subsidizing all the vile crap that goes on in Cali. The potential positive effects of a Calexit: -“Liberals” from around the country retreat to their newly minted utopia, while true Americans leave and shore up Republican power in other parts of the country. This is not guaranteed to… Read more »

An Obama administrative decree turned transgender belief into a civil right. Trump can do the same for political opinion. Turning civil rights laws against the left would be epic.