Gavin McInnes Spills The Beans On FOX News

FOX News is afraid of the Alt-Lite.

I’ve seen that fat black guy on the Greg Gutfeld Show. I watch Tucker Carlson and sometimes Hannity, but that’s about it now.

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  • Ezra Levant’s little clowns promote degeneracy as the sine qua non of Western Civilization. Our age old struggles, our history, traditions, superstitions, cults, our culture – everything was but a stepping stone to our identification with the butt plug. Like Obama, Milo fights for his right to suck black dick. Like the Hollywood demons Gavin hopes to join, cursing, pornography, schaudenfreude, farting, trash pop culture is his repertoire. In the course of expelling the Muslims and retaking our lands, unconsciously we will be transformed into higher men for whom this Piss Christ consciousness will no longer suffice. No one fights for their right to party.

  • Richard Spencer had it right. Breitbart and the Alt Lite (Milo, Gavin, Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson) are the new Fox News/Right Wing Establishment. WE-the Alt Right, are the new Breitbart/Envelope Pushers. The good news for us is that the left is apoplectic about Trump and they are unable to distinguish the Alt Lite from the Alt Right. So we get to keep pushing the envelope without having to take all the flak. The Alt Lite provides useful cover.

  • Gavin is a mixed bag. Half of his videos are great commentary and the other half are recycled cuckservative talking points. Hopefully now that he isn’t tied to Fox News he can stop cucking.

  • Lol Gavin talking about political correctness when I think he purged people from his ProudBoy Magazine because they are race realist.

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