America’s Wise WASPy Dad

Judge Neil Gorsuch stands with his wife Louise as President Donald Trump speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017, to announce Gorsuch as his nominee for the Supreme Court.(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Neil Gorsuch is the first Anglo-Saxon Protestant to be nominated to the Supreme Court in my lifetime.1 As with so much with Trump, symbolism is more important . . . more powerful . . . more triggering . . . perhaps more lasting . . . than his actual policies.

In the realm of politics and coalition-building, Gorsuch is a bone thrown to the Bow-Tie Brigade (the “conservative movement”) and the Holy Rollers (the “Religious Right”). Gorsuch is an “originalist,” which means that he would likely vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. He was on the side of angels in the “religious freedom” debates of the past five years and wrote a book rejecting euthanasia.

Evangelical voters (if not all of their leaders) went enthusiastically for Trump, despite the fact that he was not one them. “Movement conservatives,” on the other hand, were overwhelmingly hostile, though over the past three months, they’ve granted Trump their begrudging, suspicious acceptance. With the Gorsuch pick, Trump shored up both camps, for the time being . . .

But the real meaning of Gorsuch is his identity.

Neil Gorsuch is a WASP, and not just any WASP; he’s nothing less than an American archetype. He is handsome, intelligent, and down-to-earth, if not charismatic or scintillating. He is a family man and avid outdoorsman, skier, and fisherman, not just an intellectual but a man at home in the West. I imagine him wearing an Orvis blazer or Patagonia fleece vest underneath the dark robes of the Court.

The late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is seen with Judge Neil Gorsuch. Source: CNN.

The surname “Gorsuch” has a funny ring to it, but it derives from a hamlet in Lancashire. Neil Gorsuch was raised Catholic, but he is now Episcopalian. The Church of England was known by its detractors as the “Tory Party at Prayer.” It is a national Catholicism, which avoids the extremism of Geneva while maintaining the high culture of Rome. Episcopalianism, the Church’s offshoot in the New World, is thus the religion of America’s rightful ruling-class . . . or rather a ruling class that would have been rightful if it hadn’t begun loathing itself and mistaking its transcendence for what was, in fact, its suicide.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker once joked that he was “aggressively normal,” by which he meant “boring.” Gorsuch is truly normal, not in the sense of “average” or “mediocre” but as an expression of a norm or ideal.

Until last spring, the Court was comprised of four justices generally considered conservative or originalist (Samuel Alito, John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, and Antonin Scalia) and five that were moderate-to-liberal (Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Anthony Kennedy, and Sonia Sotomayor). Three of the nine are Jewish; the remaining six are/were Catholic. Dramatic over-representation for both groups! All conservative judges are Catholics; all Jewish Justices are liberals. The last Protestant Justice, the moderate John Paul Stevens, was nominated by Gerald Ford, and succeeded by the left-wing Jew Elena Kagan.

The Supreme Court exists as a kind of inner sanctum of the Establishment. Though jurists of Left and Right claim to possess “timeless” or “true” judicial philosophies, the reality is that institutions like the Court exist to rationalize and legitimize—always post facto— government power and major social and cultural trends.

Conservatives remind us of how the Authors of the Constitution never would have imagined a right to an abortion in the Constitution, which, of course, is true. But then the Founders would have been horrified by the notion of women and Africans voting . . . interracial marriage . . . no-fault divorce . . . midgets given equal rights . . . and much more.

“Originalism,” the favored legal philosophy of the Beltway Right, is thus a kind of naïve—or willfully blind—conservatism. Instead of maintaining a social world and hierarchy, “originalists” fetishize old documents. Patting themselves on the back for their “correct” interpretations of rights and liberties, they forget how much they’ve lost.

Sonia Sotomayor famously remarked in 2001,

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.

Sotomayor presented herself, not as some stuffy, out-of-touch WASP, but as new type of Justice, one with empathy, compassion, and an eye towards social justice. At the end of the day, she was really symbol of the Establishment’s approval of the demographic transformation of the American nation, and its acceptance of new members in the most exclusive club of all.

But it is, contra Sotomayor, an Anglo-Saxon who can properly claim to understand the law in his very bones—to understand, not merely words, but what they are meant to defend, uphold, and rebuke . . . and when and where the laws should be broken.

Gorsuch isn’t this type of leader, to be sure. For the time being, he can act as America’s wise, WASPy dad—an avatar of the ruling class of days gone by.


  1. Dubya’s ill-fated nomination of Harriet Miers doesn’t really count, as she was such a preposterous candidate, her nomination was withdrawn within a month. ↩︎
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  • He isn’t a WASP though, Richard.

    Look at his mother’s wiki (Born Anne Irene MCGILL in Casper, Wyoming, she was one of seven children of Joseph John MCGILL, a surgeon, and Dorothy Jean (née O’GRADY).

    At the bottom of her wiki: Categories: American people of Irish descent.

  • Judge Antonin Scalia was a great judge
    the dominance of 3 Jewish Judges and (now) 5 are Catholic Judges. If Neil Gorsuch becomes Judge he brings with him the Protestant values of our Founding Fathers who wrote:
    The Declaration of Independence
    The Article of Confederation
    The Constitution
    and since then all the major documents that has shaped our Government and influence other movements (French Revolution) to documents “Rights of Man” (France)

  • Why are we celebrating the SCOTUS nomination of an establishment Conservative Episcopalian who lives in Boulder, CO, perhaps the most SWPL town in America?

    • Hopefully we get this Goruch guy on there…

      Then Ginsburg & Kennedy die. President Trump can then remake the Court into a 6-3 rubber stamp for his policies.

      This is like a stepping stone to a brighter, Whiter, future where Operation Wetback 2 can be implemented…

  • “The Diversity Cult is nuts.”

    It is time to call Immigration to the West ‘colonization’.

    Immigration means the arrivals of peoples in manageable numbers with the consent of the majority settled population. Implicit in the arrangement is the agreement that the immigrants will come with gratitude & appreciation and will respect the established system & culture and try to assimilate to the extent possible. The US used to be about immigrants. When too many arrived, the flow was stemmed. Also, newcomers were expected to assimilate, and the US favored the kinds of immigrants who would assimilate best. As for those who were not easily assimilate-able, they were allowed only in small numbers. And if they chose not to assimilate, they still acknowledged the primacy of the majority culture.

    But now, the US and EU have become about colonization. The US in current state is a Nation of Colonists. These massive flows of newcomers are coming to take over, displace white communities, dictate terms, demand special privileges & protections, pile abuse on white heritage, insult & even attack whites, and celebrate the demise of whites with taunting contempt.

    In anti-Trump rallies, non-whites are brazenly attacking whites with fists, sticks, and hammer.

    These are colonists, not immigrants. And they don’t request to be allowed in on the promise of gratitude and loyalty. They demand to let in on grounds that it is their RIGHT to enter America and do as they please. In their minds, the US must accommodate them.

    So, not only must America invite them but welcome them and serve them.

    How did this happen? To an extent, we can’t entirely blame these colonists. After all, some, or even many, do arrive with a sense of gratitude and respect. But they soon lose respect because America no longer has a center. When America was a white nation, assimilating to white norms was the template.

    But the US is now billed as nation of Diversity, which means there is no Core America. Much of American Culture is celebration of black thugs who sexually own white women on TV shows. White males are featured as pussy & weak if good and evil & hateful if strong. (Or whites can be tough against fellow whites. ‘Good’ whites whupping ‘bad racist’ whites. People don’t respect good weakness and evil power. Good whites must be weak or turn race-traitor. As for white power with racial agency, that is featured as the worst evil.) At any rate, there is no strong white archetype for white identity and interests. No John Wayne.

    Even white people don’t defend whiteness but remain at a moral disadvantage. A lot of white kids are decadent and trashy. Schools and media make evil seem like a white thing. So, colonists lose respect for White America fast. And their kids who attend schools are made to feel that the US belongs more to themselves than to whites since US is billed as ‘nation of immigrants’ and ‘nation of diversity’ whereas whites are reviled as ‘racist’ all throughout history. So, white ‘sin’ has disowned white claim on America that now properly belongs to Diversity according to PC. And plenty of whites also came under this indoctrination, and their main identity is virtue-signaling that they are as ‘good whites’ invitinmg their own displacement to atone for ‘white guilt’.

    Much of this transformation owes to Jews taking power as the new elites and fundamentally altering the Narrative of America. The Narrative has been turned upside down. America went from a nation where newcomers came with gratitude and sought acceptance by the majority to a nation where newcomers arrive as rightful royalty for whom the red carpet must be rolled out to them.

    With immigrant-rooted Jews as the New Elites of America, the new template is Jews-as-top-immigrant-Americans leading the future immigrant-Americans to overtake and displace white Americans.

    This is colonization pure and simple.

    Consider Israel. Jews first arrived as immigrants who tried to assimilate to the reality of Arab domination. But under British power that ruled Palestine, Jewish immigrants soon turned into Jewish colonizers. (Similarly, the colonization of America by the Third World is happening under the power of Jewish Globalist Imperialism, the supreme power over America. If not for British rule, Jewish immigrants couldn’t have entered into Palestine in big numbers. Without Jewish globalist rule, the US and EU wouldn’t have allowed so much invasion by the Third World.)

    At some point, Jewish immigration turned into Zionist colonization. Jews were no longer arriving to be a part of Palestine. They were coming to dictate the terms to the native population.

    White people need to know something fundamental about human nature which is a part of nature. Nature quickly senses weakness and seeks to exploit it for easy gain.

    Consider a Big White Moose. It is big and powerful and nearly invulnerable. It feels so confident and fears no one. Its self-image is one of invincibility.

    One day, a weasel goes to the Big White Moose and says, “Mr Moose, I’m so hungry and thirsty. Can I just nibble on just a little piece of you for food & sustenance?”

    The moose figures, oh gee, why not? After all, it’s only a tiny weasel. So, the moose feels magnanimous and lets the weasel have a piece of it. The weasel bites off a tiny bit of the moose around the joint. Weasel eats a little flesh and drinks some blood. It wasn’t pleasant to the moose, but it was bearable. But there is infection on the wound, and it won’t heal. And the wound begins to fester. And since a part of the joint was gnawed, the moose begins to hobble a bit.

    Now, if the setting only had the moose and the weasel,it’d be no big deal.

    But the setting has lots of hungry animals, some desperately hungry.

    The weasel calls out to them and says he had a delicious meal of moose flesh and blood.

    So, others also come to the moose and ask to eat and drink some of him. The moose, still feeling big and strong, complies, but as time goes on, more and more of him has been torn off. Gradually, the pain becomes unbearable and the loss of blood has made him weaker. Also, all those bites led to infections and puss.

    At some point, the moose figures the feeding must stop… but by then, he no longer has the strength to say NO. All the other creatures see that he’s a vulnerable wounded beast to gorge on. And he is eaten alive while the weasel looks into his eye and giggles fiendishly.

    No matter how big and strong you are, you need to worry about vulnerabilities than bask in invulnerabilities since there is no such thing as an invulnerability. Every system, however powerful, has vulnerabilities. And a sign of weakness, though seemingly insignificant initially, will fester and grow into more serious weaknesses, which serves as a signal to all the predators and parasites that an easy feast is in the offing.

    When America allowed the first fatal bite with the 1965 Immigration Act, it doomed itself to be a beached whale to be feasted on by the world.

    But white Americans, satiated with too much fun and food, failed to see the dangers. They had so much that ‘not sharing’ seemed a bad sport.

    It’s like hungry animals in the wild all about the fight and survival.

    But well-fed animals in captivity don’t much care about their turf being taken over by other animals since their stomachs are full and have security & comfort provided by people.

    Little do they know that the arrival of more and more animals will eventually lead to their displacement while the human masters ready them for the glue factory.

    In our time, ‘white supremacism’ is a myth. The reality is White Submissivism.

    America and the feeding frenzy:

  • I found this piece rather informative. I would disagree with it a tad. First, the Founders of America had more in common with the “extremism of Geneva” than with “national Catholicism”. (Yes, I am a 5 point Calvinist, of the Baptist strain). I am glad that a WASP has been nominated to the supreme Court, to at least give us token representation. I did not know that Gorsuch was raised a Roman Catholic; the previous article I read on him did not mention that. I did enjoy the next to last paragraph, which argued that only an Anglo-Saxon could truly understand the law that his ancestors formed; I would extend that to include Celts also. Overall, a good article.

  • Excellent! Hopefully Trump will get to replace Ginsburg with a Southern Baptist, who wears camo under his robe.

  • Neil Gorsuch is the first Anglo-Saxon Protestant to be nominated to the Supreme Court in my lifetime.

    Souter (confirmed in 1990) was a WASP.

  • He’s more like the responsible big brother, prematurely grey but the big bro who stayed in school.

  • forget the race crap. Germans, for all the ethnic proximity to the Swiss Germans, even the Englrsh, the Dutch, the Danes have never been able to develop a proper democracy on their own. The one they have now was imposed by the Anglo-saxons.

    Germans may yet become the most solid democracy in the World but a few centuries have to pass yet.

    Jews as d culture they did not produce democracy either, it was the Greeks. none of the three “monotheist-absolute truth-god is supreme” religions is compatible with democracy.

    democracy mean men are ruled by human made laws, not god’s.

    communism is a monotheist religion without formdal god but with absolute “truth” as per Marx holy books that show the way to the promised land of milk and honey. this is why so many formally atheist Jews and Christians are liberals. A crazy idea in my opinion, but obviously seductive to many.

    I prefer to keep perfecting common sense-centered anglo-saxon greek inspired democracy.

    • “A crazy idea in my opinion, but obviously seductive to many.” Marx
      would’ve made an excellent used car salesman. Just kidding, he didn’t like to work.

      • Selling used cars ? is actually fun.itsa pure sales job. One of my favorite films is a comedy with Kurt Russell as a down out salesman who saves the lot he works on. Used Cars.

    • Democracy isn’t going to get Americans out of the mess that is the United States. The demographics have already been ruined.

      We’re just waiting for the non-white generation to grow up and start voting.

      In the event that we survive whatever is coming, we’ll have to reflect on how “our values” let it happen.

  • Anglo-saxon is not a race, it is a culture. The English are a mix of Celts, Anglos, Saxons, Romans, etc. Anglosaxon culture is the modern continuation of ancient Greek thinking, the guys who showed the world Reason, not the Christians or the Jews.

    A black is an Anglo-saxon if he holds the values that sustain anglo-saxon based democracy.

    Forget the race thing, it only gives ammunition to the enemies of anglo-saxon culture, democracy, etc.

    • The term “anglo-saxon” is clearly a descriptor of a specific tribal lineage. It’s a cultural identity, yes, but one rooted in ancestry. I think anyone in the world can learn democratic values if they want to (though they shouldn’t, necessarily) — but only an anglo-saxon can be an anglo-saxon.

    • all human behavioral traits are heritable

      HBD is real and it matters

      You can’t replace Americans with 70 IQ Africans and expect the society to remain the same, even if they “assimilate” to “our” “culture”.

  • May this choice work out for Trump. My good wishes.

    Just wish to point out that Bill Kristol and gang are very happy with Gorsuch’s appointment. That, for starters, is not a good sign. I hope I am proven wrong.

    There is a general problem with the American religious right. It completely sold itself out to the (((Bush+Neocohen))) crowd earlier. Its the most cuck’d part of Trump ‘coalition’ (if there is one). This is the piece in the jigsaw we will have to keep an eye on. The (((religious right))) looks upon the Jewry as the elders in faith, the chosen, the Jerusalem people (Athens-Rome is not their thing).

    And, at all costs, we have to prevent any slide in Alt-Right leadership to neo-conservatism. The acceptance of Alt-Light+ Gavin McInnes+Ann Coulter etc raises that risk.

  • The Gorsuch pick is about as good for our people as anyone we could have realistically hoped for. He will uphold good immigration policies. If Trump does end birthright citizenship for the children of illegals, we will probably need Gorsuch and at least one more appointment like him.

  • I like this guy. We have similar backgrounds, which is weird. Best of luck to him.

    It has just been reported that Gorsuch organized a student club called ‘Fascism Forever’ at his Jesuit prep school. We’ll probably hear all about it tomorrow.

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