A Woman’s Touch

Editor’s Note: Recently the Economist had a brief article on women and the Alt Right. Radix Journal’s own Cecilia Davenport was quoted, however, the results were a bit…economized. We’ve taken the liberty of reproducing Ms. Davenport’s full answers to the magazine below:

The Economist: I’m wondering if you might be able to tell me a bit about what attracts you to the alt-right/white nationalist movement. What about the movement’s politics speaks to you?

Cecilia Davenport: I was originally drawn to the alt-right long before the Trump phenomenon or the internet troll fever of the past two years. I think I was searching for an intellectual movement that genuinely challenged the status quo of liberal modernity, so when I encountered some of the thinkers who shaped the ideas of the alt-right early on, I was taken with this whole new world of ideas that opened up.

It appealed to me on philosophic and aesthetic grounds primarily, and still does. For example, pre-modern philosophy—Plato, Aristotle, the ancients—always struck me as being more real, more sensible, more sane than anything neoliberalism has created. But I also never deluded myself that we could return to some kind of golden age located somewhere in the past. The idea of archeofuturism—a term coined by Guillaume Faye of the French New Right—resonates with me. There are certain unchanging principles, aspects of nature, of human beings, that are eternal. But they can be recast in new circumstances, new worlds. Though man has a nature, he has an incredible ability to shape and adapt to the world around him. It is possible to move forward without losing sight of what is real.

E: I’m also interested in understanding women’s place within the movement. For instance, what is the movement’s view about women’s roles in American society? Does it encourage feminism and female leadership & empowerment? Why do you think there are so few women in today’s alt-right movement?

CD: There are a variety of views about this on the alt-right; it’s important to note that not everyone has exactly the same views on the value and role of women in society. I think most people on the alt-right, men and women, agree that the sexes are morally equal but materially very different, and further, that we aren’t just ghosts in a machine, that our bodies are coextensive or incarnate with our identities.

Men and women are made to fulfill separate yet complementary roles. Biologically speaking, just like we assert that race is real, sex is real: and is, in fact, the most fundamental distinction in humanity. I’ve never met a man on the alt-right who wanted less for their women than happiness and fulfillment—but we believe that feminism does not make women happy or fulfill them. I thought this long before I discovered the alt-right; I was heavily influenced early on by conservative thinkers such as Allan Bloom and Harvey Mansfield, so it was a major point of convergence.

I think most men and women on the alt-right agree that a woman’s unique ability to have children and affinity for child-rearing is nature’s highest role. At the very least, alt-righters want women to have the option to stay home and raise a family if that’s what they want to do. This is not only unpopular in modern society, but often mocked as a valid choice. Furthermore, our economy is set up to prevent the vast majority of couples from being able to make that choice: it is very difficult for most American families to survive on a single salary, if not impossible. I would argue that in a healthy society, this would be possible for every family. All we want is the freedom to pursue our own happiness. Along these lines, the policies advocated by Ivanka Trump about maternity leave for all American mothers, whether working or at home, was one of the best pieces of domestic policy I’ve seen proposed in my lifetime.

As for female empowerment, there’s nothing that has made me feel more empowered in my life than supporting and being supported by a strong man. I think that men and women are better off when we stop fighting nature and allow our distinct identities to shine through, working together as a team. Again: just like race is real, biology is real. Why do so many fight it?

As Richard Spencer and others have explained, it’s true that women are less likely to join a vanguard political movement than men are. That said, I don’t actually think there are “so few women” in the alt-right. Personally, I know of at least a few hundred. Think of it this way: just as the polls in England couldn’t encompass the Brexit vote, and just as the polls in America couldn’t pick up Trump voters, the usual methods for looking for women on the alt-right don’t work. I’m a bit unusual with my blogging, twitter presence, and conference attendance. You see alt-right women a lot more at private gatherings. Most women keep to the shadows a lot more, which is to be expected, I think. Married women especially want to shield their children from the harm that could befall them if their political views were known. Men are, by nature, more likely to take risks: and there are real risks involved in being active in this cause.

E: Finally, what did you make of Donald Trump’s statements about and treatment of women? (I’m referring here to the audio tape about grabbing women “by the pussy,” the multiple allegations of sexual assault, calling women “pigs,” his statements like, “It doesn’t really matter as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass” etc.) Why didn’t his sexism deter you from voting for him (assuming, in fact, that you did vote for him)?

CD: It didn’t bother me because I think there were much bigger issues at stake in the election than how Trump spoke to or about other people. I think women care a lot more about sparing those they love from dying in unnecessary wars, or being subject to violent assault by illegal immigrants, or becoming marginalized in a country their ancestors created for themselves and their posterity.


  • Is that a young Brigitte Bardot or Cecilia Davenport in the picture? I understand she (Bardot) isn’t exactly PC either.
    “[S]he generated controversy by criticizing immigration and Islam in France and has been fined five times for inciting racial hatred.” (Wikipedia)

    Allan Bloom’s ’87 book was a big influence on me as well. I just wish there had been an internet as we know it today and an Alt-Right back then.

  • Respect of women is essential. It begins with respecting our mothers, and I do not see why women cannot play a leading role in the white pride movement.
    As long as it does not include
    the Misandry (Male hating) Feminist Amazonian Woman that is the byproduct of liberalism

    • Yeah they’re not new. They’ve been practiced for thousands of years. Feminism, homosexualism, etc has only been practiced for the past 50 years or so. And it’s failing miserably.

        • He is obviously talking about how minorities are paraded around as something the majority should be overly concerned about.
          You know exactly what he means by feminism too don’t you? In reality you know that modern feminism has nothing to do with equality, and everything to do with repressing what is good about white men.

          • He’s obviously an idiot who doesn’t have a clue about history.

            And no, modern feminism is the same as prior feminism, which is that women should be given equal opportunity as men, period.

          • You’re an idiot.

            Modern feminism has nothing to do with equality actually.

            The wage gap doesn’t exist, the male suicide rate is sky-rocketing, family courts are biased against men.
            Women have every opportunity men do in our time.

            Did you know a woman has spent more time in space than anyone that has ever worked at NASA? NASA employs entirely on merit… wonder why this isn’t promoted as something wonderful?

            You know why? Everyone with half a brain understands that equality is actually here.

            3rd wave feminism doesn’t want equality, it wants to treat women as irresponsible children without the ability to make adult decisions.

            Modern feminism has nothing to do with equality.

          • Cognitive Dissonant is a brilliant name for the attitudes you express. It must take some serious cognitive dissonance to believe the trash you do.

    • Many aspects of it are new, many aspects of it our very old indeed.

      Putting our people first is as old as time, the way we’re going to do it is going to be different.

      Isn’t it obvious this movement isn’t quite like anything you’ve seen before?

  • Proglodytes are defined by hysteria and rage.

    And it’s understandable why. They have no depth, no core identity, no core values. This is especially true after the so-called ‘left’ gave up on class issues. As problematic as Marxism was, its core theme of Worker Power did have compelling argument. Also, as most people through history were poor or working class, it had a binding effect on lots of people. Also, it bonded intellectuals with the masses of workers.

    But once the Proglob took up identity politics, there are lots of divisions among their ranks. Nothing holds them together in the positive sense.

    Even when communists got rid of the capitalists, they could be pro-worker.

    But the Proglob has nothing Pro- cuz they are so divided and shallow & thin. Since Trump ignores ‘gender politics’, there isn’t a colorful homo argument against him. Also, the Proglob wanna put that in the backburner since a movement filled with prancing fruits looks weak. Progs could luxuriate in such decadence when Obama was at the helm. So, the Progs are now thugs or Prugs. But what are they so angry about?

    After all, Trump is against the globalist oligarchs. Progs should support that. Trump is for workers. Progs should support that too. Trump is for less intervention and less imperialism in Middle East and peace with Russia. Progs should support that too if they want peace and stability. But they have been inculcated with the notion that the ‘Right’ is eeeeeevil.

    So, they are bound by little more than hate as they have no compelling issues they really stand for.

    They profess to love Muslims, but Islam is against everything they stand for: decadence, degeneracy, feminism, punkism, narcissism, etc.

    They seem to be animated by an entitled sense that THEY stand for ‘progress’ and ‘justice’. They seem angry that Trump stole the thunder of the classic left. They can’t face this fact cuz it would be to triggering and traumatic, the realization that they are just bratty dupes and fools of the globalist oligarchs. I think they would be less angry if Jeb or Kasich won. Then, progs would see the current president as just a typical tool of oligarchs. But Trump won by going against oligarchs who funded Hillary.

    Trump’s coup wasn’t only political but ideological. He reached out to the workers and lower classes and won. Compared to Hillary and rest of the field at least, he was anti-war.

    The Progs just can’t face it. They feel entitled as the ‘aristocrats of justice’.

    They will one day have to face the fact that they flushed away the good themes of leftism with their adoption of stupid homo stuff(which Trump also appropriated, albeit without the fanfare), their silence on Obama’s wars, their support of Hillary who called for New Cold War, and their entrenchment in elite circles. Also, Progs were supposed to be the vanguard of revolutionary thinking, yet they are just tiresome Red Tards and teachers pets spouting cliches stuffed into the heads by privileged professors and corporate media and Hollywood.

    Since they have no depth, no substance, and no meaning, they can only remain relevant with violence, rampage, trash talk, vandalism, and street theater. They are like action movie that is all action, no story and character. All sound and fury…

    People with sound ideology, values, and religion have meaning in their lives even in silence and solitude. They are in contact with the deeper currents of spirituality, history, and culture. But Progs have no such deeper current. The only current they know is the Current Year. Like the self-righteous delirious Red Guards who had no use for all of Chinese history & heritage and only found value in the Little Red Book as the sum of all truth, progs only have faith in their passion of the moment. But as it lacks depth and meaning, it’s like flaming gasoline. Once it burns up, there is nothing.

    In contrast, deeper ideologies are like coal or wood that burns on its own for a long time.

    Progs have lots of slogans about ‘justice’, ‘diversity’, ‘equality’, and ‘inclusion’, but when we apply them to real situations, especially in a much divided place like California, they mean nothing. After all, Ca became a totally prog state and purged all conservatives from all seats of power. But except for Silly Valley and Hollywood, it isn’t looking good. (Also, if Silly Valley or Hollywood moved to some other state, it would do just as well or even better.)

    In some ways, this desperate violence by progs is an admittance that they are in trouble. A college campus like Berkeley is very divided along racial, ethnic, and ideological lines(as identity politics has spawned endless fractions of insipid identities, even based on little more than hair dye color, tattoos, and piercings). Without KKKrazy Glue, they are a mess. Without Trump(imagined as Hitler) and conservatives(imagined as Nazis) to rail against, they got nothing going for them. And how funny that a state that is so proggy depends so much on ultra-oligarchic-capitalism of Silly Valley and Hollywood to fund their dementias.

    And maybe Jews found some respite in this. After all, BDS is going nuts in CA. Progs are increasingly siding with Palestinians against Zionists. But if Trump is ‘hitler’ and if Jewish celebs in Hollywood embrace those poor poor Muslims(as fellow holocaust victims against hitler Trump), maybe the progs will be less angry at Zionists(at least for the duration of Trump presidency)… but maybe not… as Trump did the Putin-Pivot and got very close to Israel.

    Enemy of your enemy is my friend and enemy who is your friend of your enemy is my friend is your enemy or friend. Or whatever.

    California Politics will grow weird. Asians are dominant in academia, but they lack agency and the will to forge a new path. They just follow in footsteps of Jewish, black, and homo politics. As such, they will dominate academics but not provide meaningful leadership. (Also, as Asians may be seen as the target of resentment and envy by browns and blacks due to yellow over-representation in college and elite jobs, they value the dab of KKKrazy Glue. A way for successful yellows to signal to Diversity, “hey we are on YOUR side, fellow people of color. Don’t attack us! Let’s go get the white nazis!!”) Jews will remain influential but will grow increasingly confused as their diverse minions condemn Israel and conflate Jews with ‘white privilege’. Mexicans will dominate demographically, but they are mediocre in elite fields. They provide the votes and some thug force, but they won’t be leaders either. Also, most of Mexican politics is tribalism and reconquista. What do they care about negroes and others? Blacks are spent force in Ca except on Lakers and pop music scene.

    Feminists in Ca? Right, Hollywood and Porn industry that uses women as ‘commodities’ in alliance with feminists. But what about slut feminists? Oh yeah, they are the pink pussy army allied with… Muslims and Sharia. All these ‘intersectionalities’ are shallow and lacking in meaning. They are all threaded together by thin web. If someone pulls the string cleverly enough, it all unravels. Diversity precludes depth since no one is supposed to offend anyone. Such culture of sensitivity means no power, idea, or meaning can gain substance because anything of real worth and power seeks gravitational dominance around which all else is supposed to revolve. Diversity is planets without a sun. Even as they revile and attack white power, it is the gravitational force of White Power that holds all those planets together. So, they attack the only thing that makes their coalition together.

    The perils of too many identities in a movement that is about common purpose and equality in the most unequal state in America.

  • Well done Cecilia. Articulate and solid points are very important in this age, and women these days are more likely to listen to a woman than an evil white man.

    I fear too many women are more defensive of their socially-acceptable image than their own children in this degenerate landscape. They have absolutely no concern for the world beyond their death, or the world before their birth. I’m always thankful to see the exceptions.

  • Awesome! Propably the best interview i have ever read by a mainstream outlet where a woman on our side defend our views in a masterful way.

  • I found her description of archeofuturism and its attraction as a bridge between the Western past and the Western future (hopefully), to be profound and on point. It certainly reflects how I feel and what I think.

    As Mr. Rage points out, the wisdom, eloquence, and strength of neo-reactionary and alt-right women makes them far more valuable than their far more numerous, bloated harpy counterparts.

    • On your second point, we need to be cautious about this. There is a (biological) tendency for women to join movements because they are simply engaging in hypergamy: they sense the Alpha-ness, strength and status of those on a vanguard, so they insinuate themselves into the movement, without necessarily even understanding it or agreeing with its principles. I am not putting someone like Davenport, who is obviously based and has a very sophisticated understanding of people like Faye along with the eloquence to summarize his views, but of the “hundreds of women” she knows “in” the Alt Right, I’m sure there is no small number of social climbers and fan girls who should not have any place in its leadership, vanguard or organization.

      • The women I’ve seen attracted to transhumanism seem like airheads for the most part. And usually past their sexual prime.

      • If some wealthy single men come out openly as supporters of the Alt Right, and if they attend white nationalist public gatherings, then the gold diggers and adventuresses will start to show up as well.

    • Our current visions of technologically advanced societies in “the future” assume the childish utopianism about diversity, like The Expanse on the SyFy Channel.

      No wonder strife has broken out across the solar system in this series. The colonization projects fucked up by replicating Earth’s diversity problems on Mars and in the asteroid belt. Rationally you would want to send only wholesome, conservative, intelligent, competent white people with normal sexuality on these colonization missions just to remove racial and sexual animosities as a cause of failure for the colonies.

      • Sounds reasonable to me. Those non white groups that managed to reach the stars themselves could of course send their own people instead, assuming they weren’t landing on white peoples’ colonies. Though, somehow I am not holding my breath for the great Ugandan colony on alpha centauri 😛 Your analysis of the expanse is indeed credible. Notice how no one trusts each-other in that universe, even when they find themselves on the same side. I doubt that would have been a problem among the denizens of ethnically homogenous colonies, with blood and cultural ties to bind them. I want to see a scifi universe in which human ethno-nations from Earth compete for resources in space. All this “earth federation” “terran alliance” crap is old and stale.

  • Bravo for sticking it to the Economist. It’s a sign of our growing strength that articulate women are finally speaking up for sex realism.

    Davenport’s critique of feminism reminds me of a stanza from my poem Lace on Logic

    How strange that soft should dominate
    And muscled spin cocoons.
    Inverted structures mar the land
    Amid utopic ruins.


    keep in mind, it’s not the quantity of our women (numerous as they are), it’s the quality of our women. i would take ten of our happy, healthy women over a thousand of their fat, ugly, screeching hags any day.

    • I’d be more welcoming if she was at home raising European babies instead of shitposting about how BASED the alt-right is.
      Given her twatter is rife with demands for others to have children, with no mention of her own, I’m again inclined to saying the best thing a woman can do for ‘the movement’ is STFU and reproduce.

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