r/AltRight Has Been Banned

Update: I’ve just been informed that r/AltRight has been banned. This happened a few hours ago.

It is 2017, gang:

President Trump is now calling the shots in the White House and the Alt-Right is still experiencing a huge surge in interest after a breakthrough year:

“The “alt-right” started 2017 strong.

Donald Trump, hero to the white nationalist movement, was inaugurated as president. Richard Spencer, would-be head of the movement, launched a new website and announced plans for a national tour. And the Reddit channel /altright/, a main congregating point for the largely-online movement, saw 5,000 new subscribers in just one month.

“We started at 11,870 and as of this posting, we have 16,445, wrote the Reddit user TomorrowBelongsToUs. “Keep spreading the word. This is the place to red-pill people.” …”

Congratulations, r/AltRight.

I think it is safe to say that reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. I’ve noticed the same uptick in traffic at Occidental Dissent. We had a stronger January than November.

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We are in a paradigm shift,we must embrace and accelerate it!

Albionic American

Plenty of rough white men in this country support the God Emperor. If they decide to kick the asses of His enemies, like the ones rioting on the UC Berkeley campus, I won’t object.

Commence Tears

comment image

Ed Edgerton

There is a bit of cognitive dissonance here, since “The Sound of Music” is anti-Nazi. (I realize that “Nazi” is a slur.)


That was part of the joke. You didn’t get it?

Ed Edgerton

I didn’t get it. Maybe change the caption to: “I was so much happier without white guilt.”

Hildi H.

It was also written by Jews 🙁


You must open an account on Gab. Expect a twitter ban soon.

Guest as well!


We got shoah’d fam! Feels bad.

Yehudah Finkelstein

The Alt Right will keep going from strength to strength. The intensity and insanity of the Left will be amplified by Trump. The Alt Lite is unable to challenge the Left on their hatred of white people and open support of violence. So the Alt Right will fill the vacuum.