Mainstream Conservatives Never Wanted To Win

It has only been ten days and look what President Trump has already accomplished:

There’s a lot more that we could add here: slamming ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis, making Chuck Schumer cry crocodile tears, repeatedly labeling CNN, BuzzFeed and The New York Times ‘fake news’, reaching out to Vladimir Putin to end the Second Cold War with Russia, triggering the opposition to the point where they have embraced self-marginalizing tactics like political violence, mass hysteria and dressing up like vaginas and pretending to be dead in public streets.

Rod Dreher is handwringing again:

“But they (we) can’t do that unless we have in our minds clear principles on which we cannot allow ourselves to compromise, or rather, to be compromised. We have to be prepared to lose with honor than win with dishonor, because we fear a judge greater than the voters.

The astonishing audacity and recklessness with which Trump has begun his presidency is a bad sign. For me, it is not so much what he has done (though I do object to some of it) as it is the reckless manner in which he has done it. As every well-raised Southern child knows, manners express morality. Yes, manners are artificial, but they embody a social code that governs the conduct of people who live under it. True, it is always better to do the right thing than to work unrighteousness under the cover of minding one’s manners. But as Brooks points out, there’s something crude and vicious about the way Trump goes out of his way to provoke, to rub the noses of his opponents in the exercise of his power. In Trump’s case, manners express the man.

In other words, we know what kind of president Trump is going to be by the way he has carried out his executive actions so far. He does not consider himself bound by law or custom. He is a law unto himself. …”

Ah yes … “crude and vicious.” Dreher’s head must be spinning.

Why is it crude and vicious? President Trump is already doing exactly what he said he would do during the campaign. He doesn’t consider himself bound by the Republican custom of betraying their own voters to cater to wealthy interests who want things like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and unlimited Third World immigration. We’re already seeing an amazing display of virtues like loyalty, courage and fortitude that we are not accustomed to seeing from our spineless Republican leadership.

Winning is not the way “conservatives” are accustomed to doing things in Washington. It strikes them as audacious and reckless because they are so weak and cowardly:

Why do you think they never conserved anything? They were pushovers.

It pains me to say it, but Rod Dreher has written an entire book called The Benedict Option which turns the cowardice, meekness and weakness of contemporary evangelical Christianity into a comprehensive strategy of cultural and political surrender. Just imagine where the Right would be right now if we had Dreher and the “Benedict Option” instead of President Trump.

Unlike his critics, President Trump has a sense of honor, which is one of the main reasons the Alt-Right was so attracted to his candidacy. We liked him because he WASN’T a conservative. He defends his name and reputation. He doesn’t back down from fights. He isn’t intimidated when he is called mean names. He doesn’t consider confrontations to be bad manners. He feels a sense of obligation to his supporters. He doesn’t care what a bunch of worthless pundits are saying.

It is worth contrasting what President Trump has already accomplished with the billions of dollars and millions of votes that was squandered on Conservatism, Inc. over the course of several decades. What do you think would have happened if ¡Jeb! or Marco Rubio or Egg McMuffin had won these presidency? Do you think we would have had all these amazing victories? I don’t.

President Trump isn’t a “True Conservative.” Judging by what he has already accomplished, maybe “True Conservatism” isn’t the way to go. What would Congress look like today if we had fewer of these “true conservatives” like Egg McMuffin, whose previous job was Chief Policy Director for the House Republican Congress, and more congressmen, senators, governors and state legislators like President Trump? What if the Right had fewer “true conservative” pundits and intellectuals?

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  • Are you any relation to that jewish guy on 60 Minutes named George Wallace?

    Do you go the same synagogue as the jewish faggot pedophile Jason Kessler?

  • Dreher says we should rather lose with honor than win with dishonor.

    I would agree, except for the fact that our foes are not prepared to lose with honor.

    They aren’t prepared to do anything with honor because, to them, honor is part of the CISHETEROPATRIARCHALWHITESUPREMACY they seek to destroy. Or rather, invert.

    Dreher sums up the problem with conservatives in particular and whites in general: insisting that our side play by a set of rules [that can only work when everyone plays by those rules] when our foes are clearly playing by a wholly different set.

  • I’ve begun to suspect Dreher is being influenced by some kind of money or pressure to take the positions he’s been taking. At this point, he’s openly accepted all of the premises of the Alt-Right while still advocating a more or less Liberal line against us and Trump. I don’t know how stupid he is, but I can’t imagine he doesn’t know, deep in his heart, that he’s on the wrong side.

    • Of course he is. All these cuck magazines like American Conservative and National Review are not profitable. The money comes from ((( donors))) who expect to have their agendas supported.

  • These are the sort of guys who would have refrained from nuking Japan and sacrificed a million GIs instead in order to be honorable.

    • I agree, but to go off topic for a moment, I’d just like to point out that “one million GIs” was a postwar rationalization, not something that was ever seriously expected by military planners. It seems more likely to me that the decision was influenced by the entry of the Soviets in the war against Japan than by concerns about possible casualties.

  • Trump has delivered some goods, but the selection of Neil GorSUCK to replace the esteemed Antonin Scalia is a huge letdown and possibly damages the Court with another Robertsesque Cuck for decades to come.

    GorSUCK would have been there for nomination when Kennedy retires in a year or two. It would make more sense to replace a milquetoast Reagan Conservative with a Judge whose Mom was in the Reagan cabinet. Instead we get GorSUCK replacing Scalia, and I bet GorSUCK will prove traitorous on key decisions just like Kennedy and Roberts.

    Trump should have nominated William Pryor. Why do Republicans keep nominating pussy Judges? GorSUCK even has a glowing NRO endorsement, tells you all you need to know. The left plays to win with judges like Sotomayor, and Kagan.

  • Point of order, goy. Trump is a conservative, in the vein that existed before William F Buckley hijacked the term to describe his orgy of classically liberal economics, open borders, muscular foreign policy sperging. Low taxes, low taxes, low government overhead, detached foreign policy, closed borders, and nationalism on steroids is very reminiscent of the Buchanan paleocon movement. If we could get him to start punching left at the fag movement, he’d be one of us……or Steve Bannon

  • Mainstream Conservatives never wanted to win. They just wanted to be liked. Now, thankfully, some are beginning to acknowledge winning is a good thing and maybe surrendering all the time was a bad thing. Really just happy some seem capable of cognition and learning. Had my doubts ..

  • I always thought of the old mainstream conservatism (what we now call cuckservatism) as controlled opposition. I don’t think most rank and file cuckservatives would be that way if they hadn’t been indoctrinated into this way of thinking by years of watching Fox news and listening to talk radio. In other words, the impulse to put aside white group interests in favor of reaching out to nonwhites comes from the conservative establishment, originally.

    The new mainstream conservatism is civic nationalism, as exemplified by Trump. At least, we hope that it is the new mainstream conservatism and that cuckservatism is on its way out. As refreshing as Trump’s politics are, we should not assume that the elites (who have brought us 50 years of white demographic decline and racial replacement) have just given up on keeping a lid on white identity politics. Trump is surrounded by Jewish advisors. I doubt that their plans include allowing white racial consciousness into the mainstream. We will have to wait and see how things play out.

  • Jews have been in revenge mode. Given the Narrative of WWII, they are hellbent on destroying Europe, especially Germany.

    The influence and pressure applied by NYT and globalism(largely funded and steered by Zionists) can destroy entire nations. NYT and Soros are pushing the Kosovo-ization of Europe.

    Look what ‘good’ Jewish advice did to Sweden, UK, and Germany. And when Hungary and Poland says NO to this gift of demographic invasion, the GLOB condemns then as ‘illberal’ and ‘undemocratic’. These are the same people who are cheering the punching out of ‘nazis’ who can be just about anyone they don’t like.

    And look at all the horrors caused by Wars for Israel. 100,000s dead in Iraq, Palestinians living under Occupation still in West Bank and losing more land, and total mess in Libya even after the Gaddafi got rid of WMD, what little he had of it. Worse, the GLOB is even willing to work with ultra-Islamic Saudis, crazy Jihadis, and Alqaeda to undermine secular modern Arab Assad. The GLOB even worked with neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Over there, they were for Neo-Nazis punching out the democratically elected government.

    But since everything the GLOB does has institutional and legal protection since the GLOB controls the government and courts, you won’t see the likes of Clinton, Bush, Obama, Netanyahu, Nuland, and Albright face the international court for all their aggression and warmongering.

    Now, I’m not saying Muslims are good or that I want Sharia(though it is better than Whoria and Gayria). But those who point to Muslim terror need to look at the other side of the equation: The Muslims are on the move and acting angry because the West, much of it controlled by the GLOB, has been turning the Middle East and North Africa into a hellhole.

    When you stir up a hornet’s nest and then complain about getting stung WITHOUT mentioning that you messed up the nest, you’re not being honest.

    This is why Trump was right to point out the bad policy of Bush and Obama in messing up the Middle East. If he’s gonna do a Muslim ‘ban’, he needs to push this point harder and harder. It’s the only way to gain the moral highground. He should shame all those Progs feigning sympathy for ‘refugees’ for their silence when Obama was messing up MENA and creating the refugees in the first place.

    Tons of Jews were in the anarchist movement and threw bombs and plotted assassinations. And tons of Jews were involved in communism. Jews in a communist network even supplied Stalin with nuke secrets(far more grievous than pressure cooker bombs). And so many in the Jewish community insisted on the innocence of the Rosenbergs, just like the circle the wagons around Roman Polanski and Jonathan Pollard who really should rot in jail for what he did.

    And when Jews didn’t get their way prior to creation of Israel, Irgun carried out terror bombings. And today, even mainstream Jews are cheering the violent attack on Richard Spencer and running articles about, “gee, should ‘nazis’ be punched?” with the wink wink suggestion that “Go and punch Trump supporters.”

    Even now, the biggest opposition to Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ isn’t coming from the Muslim community. It’s coming from the Jewish Community that is invoking the Holocaust and etc. The very Jews in Hollywood who’ve been pushing Zionism and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians forever are now posturing as friends of Muslims as victims of Trump. Never mind those refugees exist in the first place because of US policies steered by the GLOB.

    And Andrew Bacevich wrote, during the Cold War the US was almost never involved in the Middle East. But after the Cold War, most US wars have been ONLY in the Muslim world. Well, which group came to total power after the Cold War?

    Muslims have problems and issues and need to stay in their own nations. But the reason why the US has such crazy policy has NOTHING to do with Muslims. Americans have far more to fear from the GLOB.

  • When Emma Lazarus called out to the huddled masses in the 19th century, there was a good chance that many of the poor and wretched in Europe were indeed people of innate ability who weren’t given a chance over there and could thrive with opportunity and freedom over here. They were wretched by circumstances, not by genetic inheritance. Back then, most of the world was poor and backward, and this was true of the West as well.

    Since then, all the world has had ample time to modernize, develop, and build working economies. That includes the Third World and post-communist nations of Eastern Europe. So, there’s no more excuse to remain wretched. All the world has access to the same technologies and ideas and international trade. If some nations made progress while others didn’t, the difference surely owes a lot to genetic differences.

    So, if some nations are still filled with wretched people, there’s a good chance that they are wretched by birth. (It certainly doesn’t help that Muslims are into cousin marriage.)

    At any rate, if the GLOB insists that the poor nations are filled with an abundance of wonderful, energetic, enterprising, and resourceful people who can do so much for America, our reply should be, “the US is already very rich, very powerful, and overly abundant with talented people. So, don’t help the US. Don’t do it any more favors. If you have talent and energy, be patriotic and build your own poor country OR be generous and go help a poorer country by emigrating there. Coming to the US and adding to the American economy is like giving a rich man more money and doing him more favors. Take your talent to poor nations that can really use your energy and vision.”

    Besides, why should the US hog all the talent? We need to be Spread the Talent around to make the world more equal. The US shouldn’t monopolize all the global talent.

    It’s like the NBA is already filled with top players. It doesn’t need more talent. If you got talent, build your own national team that can really use your talent. Why should talented people around the world do all the favors for America, already the richest nation in the world by far? Why add more to the nation that already has too much? Why not add to nations with less? Their talents will be far more precious and valuable to poor nations.

    It’s like, if a city has too many doctors, it doesn’t need any more. So, excess doctors should serve other towns and communities.

    • Emma Lazarus was a communist and a Zionist, who wanted an ethno-state for her own tribe while calling for the death of every Western nation through mass immigration. She showed her gratitude for the the people who took her and her family in by heaping scorn upon them and agitating to overthrow their government. She should have been hanged. Her shitty poem should be tossed into the ash-heap of history.

    • AmConMag was my gateway to the racial right. I used to make a trip to the local book store every month looking for the latest edition. I eventually got a subscription. It was a lifeline to political sanity. I cancelled my subscription when it was taken over by Ron Unz and it took a pro-immigration stance.

      • Same here. I had utter contempt for Bush and the Neocons. I thought the Iraq War was monumentally stupid. AmConMag showed me that that was a strain of thought on the right that wasn’t just Pro Israel Jews and their useful Idiot goys wearing flag pins. Buchanan and Taki actually made me Right Wing, then Spencer went to TakiMag and started planting the seeds for the Alt Right.

    • Their cucking is so extreme that it’s not unreasonable to wonder whether people like Dreher represent a leftist/liberal strategy of defeating the opposition by leading it. It amazes me what a pack of thoroughgoing faggots they are.

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