When They Fight You

First they ignore you . . . then they laugh at you . . . then they fight you . . . and then you win!
They’re fighting us now.’s YouTube-channel


  • Still think it’s equal parts laughable and pathetic the ruckus the shitlib cockroaches in Antifa made of this. You SUCKERPUNCHED someone, who was talking with someone, whose back was turned. That doesn’t make you tough, that doesn’t make you a fighter, that makes you a cowardly little bitch, who ran like the pussy you are.

  • The only people benefiting from restrictions on political violence are Leftists, and they know it too, somewhere in their minds.

    They all celebrated on their twitters and fb pages the man who dishonorably snuck Spenc a quick blow and fled the scene because they know they could never build up the heart to do it themselves.

    When this happens again, and we demonstrate to the celebrators how conclusively we generally outclass and overwhelm the few leftists with enough balls to fight us, the left will begin receding into cowardly internet snark again.

    Black people will probably be their only violent arm at that point. I.e. dont go into black neighborhoods while they’re fucking destroying it and you’re fine.

  • can someone who admins this site demand some accountability from this page right here, please

    There is absolutely no clue who is behind the site, none of the admins will even comment, only names behind articles not connected to the site. Do you find this acceptable especially with the (((TRS))) false flag?
    The site started up just before did. With Joshua Goldbergs and other Jews heil Hitlering for Jew camera ops, you think we can demand some accountability in the near future?

    By the way, I come here to mention this after 15 comments, unanswered complaining about the lack of transparency

  • The point of showing all these videos of Richard getting sucker-punched (and then walking it off) must surely be to rouse us to action, right?

  • The Paradox of People Power.

    The truth is the Globalist Elites fear the Masses. The rich class fear the masses of workers and middle class. Even if a society is homogeneous, the ruling class is a minority class since most people are not rich. There is always a 1% vs 99% dichotomy.

    This may explain why even the rich native elites of homogeneous nations sometimes call for more immigration and diversity. It reduces the unity of the national masses as the demography becomes more mixed. Consider how the British elites, who used to be on the moral defensive against the demanding white working class, managed to gain the moral advantage over the white working class by posing as the defenders of immigrants against the ‘racist’ white rabble.

    Anyway, the elite fear of the people is even more pronounced when the elites are of a different race or ethnic group from the majority. In the US, Jews are the ruling elite whose identity is distinct from white gentiles. So, Jews fear People Power in a gentile majority nation.

    People Power is most potent in a homogeneous population since homogeneity leads to unity and commonality of purpose. So, paradoxically, in order for Jewish Globalist elites to destroy People Power, they invite MORE PEOPLE to come to the West. It leads to MORE PEOPLE but since the new-comers are non-white(or even anti-white), the huge increase in population leads to fragmentation of People Politics along identitarian lines.

    Diversity leads to divisions that can be exploited by the Jewish elites on a divide-and-rule basis. So, MORE PEOPLE in America means LESS People Power. Now, if all new immigrants were white gentiles, it might boost People Power as newcomers may join with native white Americans. But since most newcomers are non-white, it leads to fracturing of People Power, and that means less People Power because Jewish Globalist elites can cynically play divide-and-rule among the goyim, as they are currently doing with the ‘refugee crisis’.

    Jewish Globalist Elites are into xenopathology because of their nopiophobia. Greek word for ‘native’ is ντόπιος or ‘nopios’. Since Jewish Globalist elites fear the native or established gentile majority population and its potential for People Power, they go into Nopiophobe mode and try to weaken the potentiality of People Power by increasing mass immigration of peoples who are racially, culturally, or ethnically different from the native population.

    Jewish Globalist elites thus gain the opportunity to play divide-and-rule among the various gentile populations. Also, as the Jewish elites morally and emotionally ally with the New Comers as the ‘dreamers’ and ‘noble victims of xenophobes’, the new template for ideal elite power goes from representing-and-defending-the-rights-and-interest-of-native-majority-against-enemies TO championing-the-newcomers-as-the-people-of-hope-while-denigrating-the-native-majority-as-deplorables.

    Jewish Globalists fear an America that is settled and established because such a state solidifies a sense of what America is, which can serve as basis for People Power against the globalist elites.

    Jews prefer the notion of America-in-constant-flux due to massive immigration of diverse peoples because such a state renders difficult the meaning of what is and isn’t ‘American’. Such uncertainly weakens national People Power since we are told ‘America is always in the process of re-inventing itself’. In other words, the elites are always re-inventing America so that the masses of Americans will never be certain what they are and what they stand for. Vagueness doesn’t lead to Power. It’s like a cloud of dust doesn’t have the gravitational pull of a solidified mass. Jews prefer that gentiles be lost in a state of anxiety and uncertainty.

    Paradoxically, the only permissible CERTAINTY is that ‘America is a Nation of Immigrants’. But that is an Uncertain vision of America. If America is always coming-into-being with the mass arrivals of newcomers, what is it really? Such confused narrative puts America in a state of neurosis, even schizophrenia, because its Official Certainty is really an Uncertainty. The official narrative says America is MOST CERTAINLY an UNCERTAIN nation.

    Given our psychology, human nature abhors a vagueness. Yet, the meaning of America is now so vague, therefore so confusing and un-fulfilling to Americans. But then, the genius stroke of the globalists was to turn this vagueness into a kind of faux-clarity and faux-certainty. Since people crave some kind of certainty, they’ve been presented with the principle of certainty of uncertainty. So, America is most certainly an uncertain nation that is always changing and coming into being only to change again. Flux is its only constancy… though the purpose of such narrative is to make permanent the power of the ruling Jewish elites.

    Perhaps, what we can hope for is something like Diversity of the Elites. The US used to be wasp-ruled, and now it’s Jewish-ruled. Maybe greater diversity among elites will put Jewish elites under pressure from contrary visions, narratives, interests, and agendas. Playing divide-and-rule among the elites is more difficult than playing divide-and-rule among the masses. But it’s not impossible. Already, there are signs that some non-whites rising to elite status are not with the Zionist program. Keith Ellison who is rising to elite ranks in the Democratic Party isn’t partial to Jewish Power. In Kurosawa’s YOJIMBO, the hero exploits the ‘diversity of elites’ as he pits one elite against another.

    If elites gain power by playing on divisions among the People, the People may gain power by exploiting the divisions among the elites.

  • This damn issue about ‘refugees’.

    These refugees ought to be called ‘refugees from globalist imperialism’.

    That way, it will be difficult for the Prog-Glob-elitists to feign compassion as saviors of these people. THEY are the ones who fomented the wars(in cahoots with Neocon Globalists) that turned Middle East and North Africa into a horror-show that led to the Refugee Crisis.

    The First Nakba led to the destruction of Palestine, resulting in Palestinian refugees expelled into Lebanon and Jordan.

    After the Cold War, we had the Second, Third, and Fourth Nakba.

    Second Nakba destroyed Iraq and led to massive Iraqi Sunni and Christian refugee migration into Syria.

    Third Nakba destroyed Libya and led to massive African ‘refugee’ invasion into EU.

    Fourth Nakba involved the US working with its proxies, Saudis and Qatar, to foment war in Syria, leading to massive Syrian refugee crisis.

    These people-on-the-move are Refugees from Nakbas fomented by Anglo-Zionist Globlism.

    So, if patriots say, “We don’t want refugees”, they’ve put themselves in a morally defensive position whereas the pro-refugee go on moral offensive with their ‘compassion’.

    But if patriots say “Stop creating these Refugees of Nakba”, they gain the moral high ground by ACCUSING the globalists of causing all these Nakbas that reduce Arabs/Muslims into Refugees without a home.


    Is America a Nation of Inheritors or a Nation of Immigrants?

    If America were to ban all future immigration, it is still what it is. It is America with the people already here. Indeed, even if America had banned all immigrants since 1965, it would still be America.

    But suppose we say America is essentially a Nation of Immigrants. Suppose we get rid of all Inheritors and only allow new Immigrants. That would not be America.

    America has remained America DESPITE the mass invasion since 1965 because of the Inheritor Population that still made up the majority. But as they majority vanishes, America will just become the Third World.

    We need to change the core definition. America is a Nation of Inheritors.

    • Refugees really want to return to their own countries ASAP (the ones who are not terrorists). It has been exposed that most of the real refugees sent to the U.S.A do not want to be here as a first choice. This indeed is a war against globalism that the true refugees are being used for.

      • True, but they’ve been uprooted from their nations because of Zionist-led US wars on Middle East. So, they have to go back, but WE have to stop invading their nations. We must come back in order for them to go back.

  • We live in some whackjob world.

    America no longer defines itself by the people it has but by the people it doesn’t have(or should have).

    It’s a ship-o-holic nation. A shop-o-holic woman loses interest in the things she has bought. She is fixated only NEW things to get. It’s the BUYING that she’s obsessed with while neglecting all the things she already has. Or imagine a cat lady who neglects cats she already has and just has to get more.

    America is into shipping more and more new people while neglecting the needs and problems of people already here. Ship more people and skip on the Americans. (This need for more immigration is sort of a belief that Current America is a moral and social failure. The narrative assumes that people who’ve settled in America have lost that Magic Feeling. They’ve grown lazy, spoiled, and finicky. So, in order for America to grow and be appreciated, it has to bring in new people. But if America turns settlers into such worthless rot, won’t these new comers become spoiled rotten Americans themselves? In which case… more and more will have to be let in to keep the ‘dream’ alive. America takes in ‘innocent dreamers’ and corrupts them into materialist amnesiac hedonist scum. So, we need more innocent newcomers. If this Narrative is true, then it is American Culture and Values that must be changed since they turn Americans into spoiled rotten idiots who lose the Dream that can only be kept alive by new comers. On the one hand, America is proud of its Kim Kardashianism, but on the other hand, it is ashamed of it. America says, “Look, America is a free country where you can anything, even act like a total whore into self-piggery. Come to America and enjoy all this freedom.” But it also hints, “Americans are such lousy, lazy, narcissistic pigs over-gorged on self-aggrandizement and piggery. They’ve lost the value of family, hard work, diligence, and sacrifice. So, we need YOU immigrants to bring those virtues to America.” But then, the promise of America is turn the daughters of immigrants into Kim Kardashians.)

    And this template has infected EU and other parts too.

    In a way, this is what happens when a people are cut off from their roots and identity.

    For a long time, Americans looked BACK to the beginning and to the origins in Europe. They felt a deep connection with Western Civilization and to the founding of America and the legends and tales of founders and settlers. So, there was no need for NEW people for America to have a meaning and identity.

    And even when more immigrants came, their whiteness made them easily assimilate-able to the settled people. And they too were inculcated in the Foundation and Creation Narrative.

    But at some point, this narrative was reviled, demeaned, and discredited, especially by the near-total emphasis on Slavery and Genocide. Also, the rise of youth culture and pop culture made Americans lose interest in the past and deeper sense of culture.

    So, America came to be defined not by what-was but what-will-be. Americans lost a sense of connection to the past and were connected to the future. As this future was associated with immigration, it was no longer defined in terms of what-is-good-for-Americans but what-is-good-for-future-Americans.

    Terminology is powerful. When a nation is defined as ‘nation of immigrants’, even sane normal people become so fixated on that conception that limits on immigration seem ‘un-American’ when, for most of history, it seemed like the Most American thing to do as no nation can long survive as a racial or cultural entity with endless invasion.

    Nationalists must argue that

    1. Refugees were caused by US neo-imperialism controlled by the Globalism. The GLOB would have us believe nationalism is nasty for lack of compassion. But it is globalism that is vicious for having violated the national sovereignty of Middle East nations, fomenting wars, and creating his horrible refugee crisis. Globalism is the most murderous force in the world.

    2. The New-Americanism is an insult to all nations of the world. (Emma)Lazarasan Supremacism says the US is the only good and free nation while all other nations are prisons, hell-holes, and pisspots. This view says anyone living outside the US is stuck in a worthless place.

    3. If America is an idea, it should be exported through AmeriKits than have people come to America physically. After all, what good is a ‘universal idea’ if it can only work in a particular land? If America has magic dirt that makes success possible, then export some American Dirt to, say, Somalia. Maybe Somalia will become America in Africa then.

  • I googled Bissonette and Synagogue and got a lot of hits.

    Quebec has a fairly large Jewish community. Bissonette may not be a very goyische name. Any Francophones know what’s the deal with that name?

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